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Hm... a bit about me. I am a former I.B. student (recently escaped to college, yay!!). I write as a hobby, but I prefer to beta rather than write. My muddled story ideas are (usually) better left in my head than crowding the pages of the fanfiction website.

Below is just a wrap-up on my tastes. Perhaps this will allow insight into myself and my stories.

Books: I am pretty diverse in as far as what I like, but I find I prefer Action Adventure stories, spy novels, a few of the old classics, and the occasional fantasy epic. My favorite authors have thus far been Cussler, More, Pike and Tolkien. I am not able to read as often as I would like in college, but I do reread the Silmarillion and Utopia whenever I get the chance. n_n

Music: Again, diverse... I like practically everything but pop and spanish polka music. I am a bit out of the loop as far as the new stuff is concerned but my old favorites remain as such: Aquabats, Godsmack, Matchbox 20, Techno Irish/Bagpipes, Outkast, Amr Diab, Animals, BoA, Billy Joel, Bryan Adams, Linkin Park, Queen, Eels, Deep Forest, Hisham Abbas, and anything by Danny Elfman. I am currently into Lebanese and Egyptian music (both of which can be found at oghnia(dot)com).

Songs that I usually listen to about once or twice a month: Wala Ala Baloo (Amr Diab), Passage in Time (Authority Zero), Pepper (Butthole Surfers), Forest Hymn (Deep Forest), Ma Fina (Katia Harb), Suteki Da Ne (Rikki) and I, Don Quixote (Richard Kiley, Original 1965 Cast).

A few other tidbits: I love cats, math, and the Japanese language. If it were not for the rigorous schedule of my Engineering major, I would be in Japanese classes every semester for the rest of my college tenure. I had even signed up for the course next semester, but was forced to drop it in order to enroll in Physics. Because of this, I suppose I shall have to learn Japanese in my free time (if and when I have any).

Okay, now for the update on what's going on with the stories: no new chapters will be added to any of the works. In fact, I have deleted the Dragon Ball fiction in order to concentrate on the Lord of the Rings work (and random beta-ing projects). I am currently trying to un-Sue Mei, but I am encountering many troubles in doing so. But it is my prototype fanfiction story and I will have to see it through.

Your faithful and true fan of literature,


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