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Konnichiwa! Watashi no namae wa Ayaka desu. Hajimemashite, minnasan!

I am a 13-year-old girl. Many people call me clumsy, weird, stubborn, short-tempered, stupid, a genius (though I agree most with the stupid one) and many other things. I live somewhere in England and I won't tell you where 'cause I for one do not like to be stalked.

When I'm older I want to fall in love (ahh, every girl's dream... ) and want to live in the land of the rising sun (Japan). I wish to be an amazing manga-ka like Arina Tanemura-sensei and Yuzu Mizutani. If I can't be that I want to either be a planetary scientist or a sensational pianist like Ludovico Einaudi and Yiruma. Ahh, I love Nuvole Bianche and River Flows in You ... Oh wait! I forgot - ASSASSIN!! Sorry I'm a bit mad in the head... please don't hate me for it TT.TT

I really like Anime and Manga. My top list is...
-Gakuen Alice,
-Full Moon Wo Sagashite,
-Fruits Basket,
-Mamotte! Lollipop, and Modotte! Mamotte! Lollipop,
-Shugo Chara!, and Shugo Chara! Encore!,
-And I just started reading Bleach which looks pretty good.

My Favourite Couples:
-MomijixMomo (brotherly/sisterly love)
-NarutoxSakura (Hinata annoys me, Sasuke is an idiot and evil (and isn't that fit now he's grown up) and SasuNaru is... err they are not gay =/)
-KuukaixUtau (I like KuukaixYaya too)
-NatsumexAoi (brotherly/sisterly love)
-SanaxNanaka (from myself; yourself)
Ehh... sorry that's a lot of couples --sweatdrop--

I am not a major gleek (as I used to be for about one week) but I find the series ok and interesting. To be completely honest, it's a bit cheesy and high-school-musicy for me, though I do like it ^.^

I am learning Japanese =) ...ichi, ni, san, shi, go, rokku, nana, hachi, kyuu, ju...
I have arachnophobia (uwaah! scary spiders TT-TT)
Everybody says I live in my own little world (it's better than reality so why not?)
I am terrified of abseiling (not scared of heights though - I leaned off the top of the Eiffel Tower with no worries and want to sky dive)
I have the very unique skill of being able to trip on flat surfaces.
I can play the violin and the piano (I don't squeak as much as I did last month so I must be improving =))
I like to tie bows in peoples' hair (weird obsession)
I like smiley faces =) =) =) ^.^
I am meant to be doing science homework whilst writing this.
My mum is going to be very mad at me later for not doing homework (I get good grades anyway so why bother)
I am one of the biggest procrastinator in the entire world (quite an accomplishment actually)
I like to debate with intelligent people about difficult topics.
I dislike (hate.) people who live to please.
I dislike (hate.) people who are friends with you one minute then act like you're dirt when someone "cooler" comes along.
I dislike (hate.) people who throw tantrums just because they don't get their own way.
I love to which the sky at all times - in the day, at twilight, at night when the stars are twinkling at their fullest...
I broke my keyboard yesterday and someone told me I needed a kettle to fix it =/
I got nightmares when my mum told me that Edward Cullen was actually evil to stop me reading Twilight (I had a horrible image of Edward's
face twisted with thirst and blood dribbling out of his mouth standing right outside my window at night. uwaah it was scary)
I still love Twilight despite that .
I think that the movies ruined the books of Twilight (stupid Robbie P...)
I love to climb trees and love to find spaces in nature which are "mine alone to keep"
I better go before my mum comes back =/

Sayonara, minnasan!

PS. If you are reading this PLEASE PLEASE read and review my first ever fanfic about Tsubasa and Misaki (from Gakuen Alice). It is called I'll Wait For You In A Field Of Forget-Me-Nots and is a tragedy/maybe a hint of romance.

Note for all (if any) of my readers: I am sorry about spending months to update (which I have now done!) but as well as being a procrastinator, I am also a perfectionist so I have been improving and improving my story all the time (I still don't think that it is perfect =( ). I have thought about quitting the story, but I do love the idea - even if the execution of the idea maybe isn't the best in the world. So please read!! (I sound kinda desperate don't I =/) MORE RECENT NOTE: (08/23/10) I am sorry but my computer has a major virus and has had it for about 2 weeks - I can't do anything on it! It still isn't fixed but hopefully will be soon so I can put up the third chapter =) (I'm stealing my sister's laptop to write this. It doesn't happen often and she will be mad when she finds out =/ )

(damn I hate writing the dates American way - I am English people!!): Yeah... Anyhoo! I have released the chp.2 - Chapter 1 -
Memories Like Flint That Sparks a Fire
from the story I'll Wait For You in a Field of Forget-Me-Nots. Please read!! For me?

~Ayaka Midnight~

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