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Hi, everyone! I'm HoneyxKaoru, possibly the one fan of this Ouran High School Host Club! I know that it's strange, but I love this pairing!

Have you guys saw my avatar? I know (or at least I think) that the bottom Kaoru pic is actually Hikaru. I'm trying to change that, though. Annoyingly, it cut of part of Hikaru/Kaoru, as the mouth was actually shown. I guess that it doesn't matter, though.

So, if you guys want to get to know me...

Name - Rebecca, but ignore that if you're a stalker.
Age - I'm not gonna tell you!
Nationality - Scottish, but what's it to you?
Favourite colour - Blue.
Favourite song - Fireflies, by Owl City.
Favourite Website - www.animorphsfanforum.org
Favourite OHSHC pairing - Isn't it obvious? HoneyxKaoru!
Favourite person - My mum!
Favourite anime/manga - Ouran high school host club! Duh!
Favourite book - Animorphs
Favourite teacher - Miss Wallis! You rock!

Honey and Kaoru should be a canon pairing. They belong together. Open your eyes, people!

Favourite OHSHC Pairings

HoneyxKaoru (These two belong together. The oldest, yet smallest, and the youngest. It's every manga lovers dream)
KaoruxHikaru (Twincest rocks! Everyone loves it!)
KaoruxKyouya (Don't ask me why, but I have a soft spot for this pair)
KaoruxTamaki (This pair belong together. The world is mad, I know. Get with it.)

Favourite Animorph Pairings

JakexTobias (I like slash, alright!)
JakexMarco (Don't know where this came from)
TobiasxMarco ()
RachelxTobias (My first canon pairing! Yippee!)

Favourite Alpha Force Pairings

PauloxHex (Odd is my middle name)
HexxAmber (Normal! Yahoo!)
PauloxLi (So sweet!)
AmberxLi (Odd...)

Favourite Fruits Basket Pairings

KaguraxKyo (Anyone get the feeling that I like Kyo? :P)
HatorixAyamexShigure (It just...rocks)

Ouran High School Host Club Thingy!

1. Hikaru
2. Tamaki
3. Kyouya
4. Chicka
5. Kaoru
6. Honey
7. Haruhi
8. Mori

1. You find 1 making out with 3. What's 8's reaction?
Mori wouldn't care. What Hikaru and Kyouya shudders do in their spare time doesn't affect him.

2. 5 and 6 declare themselves a couple. What's 4's reaction?
Why has that idiot of a brother messed up again?

3. 2 and 7 get into a big fight. What would 1 do?
Cheer them on.

4. 4 and 6 kiss. Each of their reaction?
Honey would think that his brother actually likes him, and Chicka would murder himself.

5. 3 and 8 get married.
OMG! These two aren't meant to be...

6. 5 and 6 find themselves in a pot of hot lava. What do they do?
Honey would burst out crying and Kaoru wouls try and comfort him. Aww!

7. 3 get's his lives dream. He has to marry 7.
I don't see Haruhi being too pleased...

8. 1 and 8 kill each other.
How would Hikaru be able to kill Mori?

9. 4 finds his/her mum making out with 6's mum.
How is that possible?

10. 5 murders 7 and 8. What is 2's reaction?
NOO! Tamaki would kill poor Kaoru...

I'm working on some HoneyxKaoru fics - you should look out for them. I promise that they'll be good! :D

I have a fic that I have just wrote chapter one on, and chapter two is in production. It's cute, and all about Honey and Kaoru! Yahoo! My favourite! I'll post it as soon as my 2 day waiting limit is freed...

UPDATE : I am currently going through a Fruits basket faze, and really want to write about them. If you guys haven't saw the manga or anime, I suggest that you do. It's awesome! I've also posted chapter 2 of Strangest love and now I have KyouyaxKaoru just posted. I hope that you guys enjoy!!

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