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Does anybody read this at all?
Okay, just in case...

Hmm, what to write here?

Anyway, on to what this is for, shall we?
English is not my first language and I do not reside in Britain, yet I wrote in English for the simple reason that more people tend to read it. Since nobody has as of yet complained about my grammar or choice of words, I suppose it's quite acceptable. God bless spell-checkers.

And for those who are indeed interested in knowing what kind of person writes fics like the one(s) I write... Here's about me:
I'm twenty-five, female, law student--a hopeless procrastinator though--and obsessed with thinking up stories, although rarely actually writing anything down. *goes all Dobby and hits herself--with her trusty Harry Potter cup--for being so lazy*

And now you're asking yourself: Where the hell does this absolutely raving mad person live?
Hmmm... I'm not saying it in here. It's for me to know and for you to find out *grins*. I want to be the mystery woman from nowhere and anywhere ;-)

By the way, no matter how embarrassing this might be, my pen name is from Jedi Knight. Yes, there was a time when not a day went by without watching at least one Star Wars movie or an hour or two of playing Star Wars computer games... Those were the good old times...

The enhanced version of DSBC is now being posted. Enhanced because it now refers to my latest work-in-progress HP novel in some minor points.
Note to everybody who's read the old version of DSBC already:
The chapters were split up and edited thoroughly. New quotes for the new chapters and a few new scenes were added, and I'm still trying to kill a few insistent typos...

The complete thing will be about 300.000 words long.

I had some sort of prequel in the works that turned however very much AU due to JK's stunt in OotP of killing off someone vital--which is why DSBC is slightly OOC in the respective chapters too. But don't let that stop you from reading DSBC! It already took away my enthusiasm for continuing to write that prequel. Maybe it will be finished some time in the future. Then I'll repost it. Big promise.

Technical stuff:
1. Please READ and REVIEW. The big two Rs. *begs* That's a reader's first priority when he or she has finished reading a chapter. Acknowledge that the writer has hardly eaten or slept for weeks to bring his/her characters to the fanfiction screen--not to mention that they can't remember their best friends' names anymore ;-)
2. You may leave anonymous reviews (only if you're very shy), but please do not abuse that feature for leaving behind spiteful commentaries without using your own name to go with them. (I've been told that this happened before.) I'd hate to use a flamethrower on the wrong person ;-)
3. Before I forget: It's not rated R for nothing. I mean it. Blood, death, destruction, violence, sex, dreams, nightmares... You name it. If it's not in it, it's at least mentioned or implied once or twice. And if that's not the case I thought of it at least. ;-)

I thank all my reviewers! And you, of course, you that you've bothered to read this far. Respect! *thumbs up* ;-)

Please do check out my favourite authors and stories. Read and review them, too--but AFTER you've read and reviewed my stuff. (A girl has to set priorities.*winks*) Deal?

Thank you.


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