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Hey All:

I'm not new to writing for an audience, but I am new to creative writing. I spend most of my time kicking myself for getting lost in my dream world when I have "more important" things to be doing. So I decided to channel my distractions into something familiar and more productive--writing. I hope you enjoy my little excursions from responsibility as much as I do.

Sidenote: Shemar Moore and Adam Rodriguez are still beautiful specimens of blessed mankind. For those of you who have visited this page before :)

UPDATE, 3/7/11:

Hey, folks! I've received many messages over the last several months telling me how much you miss my writing. You can't imagine how much I miss my writing!! Life has rewarded me over and over this year. I am mega-grateful for the fullness of my life, but I am also mega-ready to have time to write again!

For those of you who have stuck with me since I began publishing--thank you! Take heart, and keep reading. Nothing I write here will ever go unfinished.

Trying to eke out some updates soon. Idiot's Guide is a priority. We'll get there!

As always, thanks for reading, and let me know what you think!

UPDATE, 7/8/10:

1. I recently added a homepage to my profile. The site is still being updated, and it contains the same work I have published here; however, I have also published some unique resources I've developed as I've written my stories: family trees for both Eric Delko and Calleigh Duquesne, and a comprehensive timeline of important CSIM dates and events, from 1957-present.

In everything, I differentiate clearly which details constitute my original work, what is strict CSIM canon, and what facts are self-contradictory throughout the show’s eight seasons. The timeline, especially, will be a continual WIP, as I hope some of you will play unofficial fact-checkers for me! I'm excited to see what all I can do with this new creative forum.

2. Within the next few weeks (I'm biting my lip as I say this...), several of my stories will be seeking sweet denouement. 'Idiot's Guide,' 'Hanging On,' and 'Caution to the Wind' will be among that number. I’ll also try to update some of my other works. We’ll see how crazy things get.

3. As of today, 'No Rules for Friendship’ is on indefinite hiatus. My idea wagon’s a little backed up at the moment. Have no fear, I promise to never start something I don’t finish. Just need a little break.

4. I put my extended vacation to good use several weeks ago, and now I’m chomping at the bit to publish a few of the stories I started writing. Three of them are near completion, ranging thus far between 10k and 25k words. As far as shorter stories go, I’m working on at least four other pieces, also near completion. Look for some of these to start trickling your way at some point.

5. I sat down today and plotted out (shocking, because I never do that) a story which makes my heart flutter even in its infancy. When I eventually clear these other projects from my drawing board, I’ll start publishing. Thirty-plus chapters planned, spanning two years and…well, I can’t give it away. Sigh.

6. I wanted to put all this down in ‘writing’ so y’all can help keep me accountable! My free time is rapidly dwindling with this new job. And I think I need new reading glasses…Anyway, keep checking back for updates.

UPDATE, 6/27/10: I have officially changed jobs, moved cities, and done away with my cable. We'll see what happens with my writing! Life never fails to surprise. It's funny that way...

If you ever get the urge, don't hesitate to send me a note: Thanks for reading my stories!

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There are no rules for friendship. It must be left to itself. We cannot force it any more than love. William Hazlitt.
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