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Author has written 8 stories for South Park, Big Time Rush, Fanboy and Chum Chum, and Harry Potter.

First of all, I'm a sixteen year old girl struggling with a bad Big Time Rush addiction. Seriously, the first time I saw the ad for their show, I was like, "Oh this looks interesting." And it did look interesting to me. After a couple of years watching Drake and Josh, or iCarly, I needed something new. I wasn't really all that interested, but when I watched an episode, I was cracking up. Sure the jokes were sort of corny, but they were corny in a way that you laugh so hard. They play on physical harm, sarcasm and what not to bring out humor, and we all know humor can come from conflict. It's what I like about the show.

Secondly James Maslow. Need I say more? The guy is smoking! And what's more, he's just five years older than me!

It's not a crime to dream getting married to him now, is it? Didn't think so.

Anyways, James is my favorite character. Sure he can be conceited and whatnot, but he can be a good guy when he needs to be. Especially in Big Time Crush where he acted all overprotective with Katie, effectively ruining his own date. It just goes to show he doesn't always care about himself. And he also cares about how he looks, unlike some other guys who just throws on a t shirt and jeans not caring if the girl will find them attractive or not. And one more thing, he's HOT. And I love his freakishly girlish screams. Hilarious.

Logan, is my second favorite because he has common sense. He knows what's right and what's wrong, but he's not a total kill joy. He likes to take a risk. I like that about some guys. Smart, sensible, but not afraid to take a risk. And, he's cute. Hahaha

Carlos and Kendall are tied actually. Carlos is hilarious and cute, while Kendall is a great leader, and they are both good looking.

I want to think of them however, as a great group. Like, Buy one take three promos at the store. You can't have one without the other three. It's just impossible. I love how their friendship is strong, and despite all the problems they face, they manage to make it through. I like that about the show. And, really, they're hilarious.

One more thing, I'm a slasher, but I like het pairings sometimes.

Slash pairings I love:

Jagan (James + Logan) why? Well, like I said, James can be conceited, so he needs someone with common sense to keep him grounded. Logan needs someone to protect him, and I think James can be that guy. I know Kendall is the leader guy, but James looks stronger, and he's more lovable. Also, BIG TIME SNEAKERS! That episode just oozed pure Jagan, giving me, a total Jagan fangirl a fangirl moment. They look good together. So, I ask myself. Why not?

Kenlos (Kendall + Carlos) Carlos can get into accidents a lot, and he's very childish and adorable. He needs someone to hold him up when he's feeling down, and someone to always be there for him. Kendall is loyal. He'll never abandon Carlos and Carlos can help Kendall act like a kid again. And really, it steps over boundaries. An american and a Latino, together, it just destroys the stupid status quo most people show. Other than that, they are just adorable together. So cute. :D

Kogan (Kendall + Logan) Well, just like I mentioned with James and Logan, Kendall can be someone who would protect Logan. They work well together as a team, but what can Logan do for Kendall? He can act all cute and lovable, but in a way, I believe Logan is just to uke for Kendall. They don't really balance each other out, but they do look cute together.

Jarlos (James + Carlos) It's adorable! Do i need to explain? :D

Slash pairings I don't like:

Kames (Kendall + James) There's just something about two dominant ones being together. They clash. Really, they do. Who wears the pants in the relationship? Who's the girl? See where I'm getting at?

Cargan (Carlos + Logan) Same explanation. There's just something about two submissives being together. It clashes.

Het pairings I absolutely adore:

KenJo (Kendall + Jo) They look cute together...but they look like siblings. Either way, it's cute!

Lomille (Logan + Camille) Oh yeah, that chemistry...it burns me hahaha

Jachel (James + Rachel) Also known as Sunblock Girl, I can't believe the producers haven't gotten them together! It's just cute. :D

Carphanie (Carlos + Stephanie) My absolute favorite!!! You know.


"Okay, I have to touch my llama now. Bye." ~Logan (Big Time Crib)

"James and I still disagree." ~James (Big Time Guru)

"How cute. They're going to see Kiss and Tell. The hottest make out movie of the year...WHAT????" ~James (Big Time Crush)

"I have two dates! So that's why they call it a double date!" ~Carlos (Big Time Crush)

"Bad Things. Baaaaaaaaad Things." ~James (Big Time Fans)

"I'm Freakin' Out!" ~Kendall (Welcome Back Big Time)

"I need to get new friends." ~Logan (Big Time Audition)

"Turn that, and I predict ninety percent chance of bodily harm. And I'm talking about us. Not them." ~Logan (Big Time Audition)

"Get this out of here before it destroys the rest of my studio!" ~Gustavo (Big Time Audition)

"And we do not want to live together in an attic with gout." ~James (Big Time Girl Group)

"I'm way better looking than you." ~Jett (Welcome Back, Big Time)

"I believe in the doodoos in my pants." ~Logan (Big Time Terror)

"No! But this nice lady is sending her crew over to give us a free estimate on aluminum sidings!" ~Carlos (Big Time Audition)

More quotes coming soon! hahaha

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