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Author has written 6 stories for Ghostbusters, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Paul, Criminal Minds, and Avengers.

Hey, my name is Mattie and I am a Washingtonian (no better place to live than the Evergreen state!).

I am in love with the following actors: Dan Aykroyd, Robert Downey Jr., Johnny Depp, Gene Kelly, Jack Nicholson, James Garner, and probably more...I enjoy falling in love with old men...and even some dead ones

The following people who inspire me: Gilda Radner, Madeline Kahn, Better Midler, Steve Martin, Kristen Wiig

on this site, I originally started with Ghostbusters. From there I developed my Sherlock Holmes story that has gotten nowhere, and I have just recently started (update 2/21: FINISHED) a Paul fanfiction, which has gotten very good reviews. I'm very proud of all of my stories.

I do my best to update as much as I can, but when I have lack of inspiration, or technical problems, or no time, my updates will become more erratic. Just please be patient.

UPDATE 2/21--

Why hello there! It seems like Paul has finished and some of my other stories haven't. And that's only because the creative juices on other things have been running through my veins like a cross country race.

Criminal Minds has stormed its way into my brain and, as of now, I can't get it out, except through story.

Thanks to everyone whose been there with me throughout the journey with Paul, it was greatly appreciated and I love everyone of the people that Favorited, or story-alerted or reviewed--I was overwhelmed at how much you love it.


Linda Sedgewick (Ghostbusters)--

age: 26

story: Daughter of Sedgewick Hotel owners. She comes off as bratty sometimes because of her rich upbringing, but she tries her best to break away from that and seem nice and acceptable. She also gets quite annoying sometimes, but she never uses any excuses for why she acts. She accepts herself...sometimes. She is Ray's love interest. She finds him fascinating and incredibly cute (obviously). She is best friends with Dana, and convinces her to go to the Ghostbusters for help.

Matilda Rogers (Sherlock Holmes)--

age: (still deciding...but around--) 29

story: Friend of Watson, from childhood. She read medical books, hoping to be a doctor, while in college. She was there to become a teacher. When she received the news that Watson was "quitting" his current job with Holmes to get married to Mary, she made contact with him, seeing if she could train to be the new "Watson" while Watson was off doing his own business. She's shy and is scared easily, she tends to jump and scream at many things, making her quite unbearable sometimes. Over the time with the group, she gains some courage, but she can only handle so much.

Anya (Annie/Anne) Cormorant (Pirates of the Caribbean)--

age: 28

story: Long time friend of Elizabeth and Will, who started out as the child obsessed with pirates. Over the course of her life, she was disciplined to be a lady and forget about pirates, while Elizabeth began to fuel her own fire of curiosity. When Jack Sparrow shows up out of the blue, and Elizabeth gets kidnapped, Anya sets out on an adventure with Jack, Will and the crew to get back her friend. She is in all 3 (now 4) movies, and I consider her a Jack Sparrow love interest. She is thick-headed, stubborn and sometimes whiny. When Barbossa comes back from the dead, Anya attaches to him like he is a father figure, especially now that he runs the program. She tries her best to stay tough in worst-case scenarios.

Amanda (Paul)--

age 26

story: While hitchhiking her way up to Wyoming to see her family for her birthday, Amanda is caught my two red necks who have no idea what to do with her. When they stop for a bite to eat and leave her in there unlocked truck, she jumps out and conveniently hitchhikes with two English nerds in an RV. They agreed to give her a ride to the closest town, but when a mysterious black car crashed in front of them and they discovered an alien, she became more of a captive to keep the secret of the alien safe. She is hard-headed, somewhat prejudice, and proud. Amanda isn't very accepting of Paul, but treats him as nicely as she can. She does her best to converse with Clive, but finds it easier to speak with Graeme, who is seemingly turning into a brother figure to her. Luckily, she has become good friends with the two of them and is willing to help, as long as she gets home.

Rory Underwood (Criminal Minds)--

age 26 (at the beginning of the story)

story: Having grown up with an accused father and a mother who loved her but could barely be there for her, and a brother who was gunned down by an accuser of her fathers, Aurora Underwood thought she would be plagued by her family history and would therefore never get anywhere in life. When she got into high school, she discovered that she was interested in the FBI and police work in D.C. Working hard to prove how good she could be, she went to the only university her scholarship would allow--University of California Irvine. There she worked up to a PhD in Criminology and moved herself across to D.C. to get a job with the FBI. Rumors she had slept with many people to get to where she was getting at a young age almost stopped her from getting any further, but she trudged through it and didn't let her fathers past become her future. She worked hard to become an Agent and was glad to join Jason Gideons team after he offered her a job once her undercover work at a Burlesque Hall was finished. From there she gained great friendships with all her teammates, especially Dr. Spencer Reid.

Joni "Scotty" Accion (Avengers)--

age 20-something

story: After getting a degree in Neurobiology, Scotty went off on a tour of Europe and the Middle East with a group of friends, all in the name of fun. For no apparent reason besides that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, Scotty was taken by a group of terrorists and held prisoner with Yensin and Tony Stark, whom she developed a crush on. In an attempt to escape with Tony, she was critically injured. Tony managed to save her, but ruined her life in the process by giving her cyborg components. Afraid to let her use them, Tony has not told her how to turn on her internal weapons that he had designed her with. Constantly changing her opinions about Tony for ever-changing reasons, they have a very sarcastic, love-hate relationship. When she leaves Tony's company to join the Avengers, she gains the skills she's always wanted. When the Avengers initiative becomes necessary, she meets Bruce Banner and develops a crush.

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Similar Differences reviews
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