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This Bio has now been updated. Finally. God, what was I thinking. Anyhow:

I am most definitely female, and I am now a college student in the Philippines. I'm actually an animation student at the College of St. Benilde, yay. Anyhow, I do like anime, and video games, and sci-fi, and fantasy, and a lot of things. Clearly, I like bleach. I am also a huge Doctor Who fan. What else can I say? I like Indie stuff and touchy feely movies that warm your heart. Like the Bridget Jones Diary... or something. I do like classic literature, of the romantic variety. I mean come on... Mr. Darcy? Mr. Rochester? Captain Wentworth anyone? Egads, what else should I say. I feel like this paragraph is going nowhere real fast.

I feel discombobulated.

Stories for the Poll:

My Best Friend's A Ghost:

Rated T

Ichigo has always been able to see ghosts and because of it, he's treated as the school's number one punk. He has a crush on the school idol Orihime and it would seem to be forever unrequited until he meets her. Rukia is his recently departed classmate. They meet again and because of an accident, she gets bound to his soul and is now forced to help him with his problem or she would never be reincarnated. There are five rules for reincarnation candidates. 1: No killing, 2: No cursing, 3: No permanent possession of a body, 4: No backing out of the candidacy test, 5: No falling in love.

Two Can Play That Game:
Rated M

Rukia is used to manipulating men as she pleases and Ichigo is used to having his way with women. These two meet in a battle of wits, passion and seduction. The problem is, She's his new professor and He's her new student.

Trade Mistakes:
Rated M

Rukia was forever scarred in a summer romance back in her youth. She loved him and he left her. Seven years have passed and she has a moved on, a new life, a new position and a great boyfriend. She gets a promotion and her new boss is the very man who had left her all those years ago. The problem is, she's falling for the man who broke her heart... Again.

(Tentative Title)- written way before Rukia showed up in chapter 459 so don't blame me...
Rated T

Five years have passed and Ichigo is still living normally. Aizen escapes and a powerless Ichigo is brought back to Soul Society as the one and only hope. He and a select few comrades jump back through time to stop Aizen before he gets his hands on the Hogyoku if they can do it that is. Can they right the wrongs or will the future repeat itself? Pairings still included.

*Note That The Poll Will Be Closed At The Release Of Chapter 30 Of Coffee With A Dash Of Showbiz

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Random Corner:

So technically speaking, I made this corner to rant. I don't like judging things until I have the opposite's perspective so in other words, i decided to give IchiHime a shot to try and understand why a faction of the bleach fans are so in love with the pairing so I tried a few fanfics... It didn't turn out as good as I hoped, it was all cheesy romance and whiny confessions and Rukia is just a 'friend'... I still don't understand, their relationship is just too sweet. There's no spice in the relationship at all it makes me want to puke at the cheesiness of it all but sometimes cheesy is good. Sometimes... WTF. So after fuming over that I decided to take the fan's perspective by looking for reasons as to why it will be Ichihime and it sucked. I'll even quote some:

1 orihime loves ichigo

2 rukia has a kind of depressed attutide sometimes to be with ichigo

3 did u see how fast ichigo goes to rescue orihime everytime

4 renji likes rukia do you think he will let ichigo have her

5 kubo is not goin to let orihime be alone while rukia has everything (byakuya, renji, and all her soul society friends

6 i know orihime will get the confidence to confess because in naruto hinata confessed to naruto and she has a shy personality like orihime

7 ichigo's sister karin even likes orihime better than rukia


Fine, I know Orihime loves Ichigo and that I can respect. I can understand her if she can't bring herself to kiss him even when he's asleep. I beg to disagree with number 2, depressed attitude!? They're saying she'll make Ichigo feel down cause she's gloomy!? Kubo himself said she was a ray of light for him for crying out loud. I dare anyone to say that light is depressing. Renji would fight for Rukia that much I know however, you can't simply dismiss how Renji wasn't able to see that Rukia didn't want to go and become a Kuchiki and immediately go to Gotei 13. Then there was that gap where they weren't really the best of friends now. No shit, the renji we have now won't simply let Ichigo have her but I'm sure renji will know when he's lost to Ichigo. Renji isn't that big of an ass. Orihime isn't alone, she has friends like Tatsuki, Chad, Uryu, Rukia and etc. Rukia isn't also close to everyone in soul society, her closest friend there is Renji but everyone is else isn't as close. Ichigo would never leave his friends alone even if he was married to Rukia already. Orihime isn't exactly the shy type, not Hinata shy. It's only natural to be shy around the guy you like. But to others, she isn't shy at all. I think Orihime is rather brave actually. Please... Karin likes Orihime better? When did that happen? A girl like Karin likes some bouncy happy person like Orihime? If it's Yuzu I could understand but Karin? Hell no. I think I remember the scene where they might've gotten the impression that Karin preferred Orihime. When Rukia decided to stay at Ichigo's place during the Arrancar Arc, Karin told Yuzu and Isshin that they should only be worried if Ichi-nii brings someone like Orihime home and not just Tatsuki and Rukia. I almost forgot, Ichigo always saves his friends quickly. He'll always do it as fast as he is allowed to. He saved Rukia late because his enemy was Soul Society and he had to learn Bankai or he would've failed miserably. I'm sure ichigo needed more power ups when he decided to save Orihime. Though he got stronger as he went through Las Noches and he had a chance of winning this time. Doesn't matter, he saves his friends anyway.

I saw one IchiHime say that Kubo said that Ichigo and Rukia have nothing going on. I won't really deny that but the same could be said for Ichigo and Orihime. Officially, orihime's love is one-sided. However, Masakazu Morita said that you can't explain Ichigo and Ruka's relationship. Its's just Ichigo and Rukia's relationship period. It goes deeper than words.

To RukiIchigo fans:

Ichigo and Rukia are very good friends.But i think Orihime understands Ichigo more than anybody else.


Are you kidding me? Orihime understands Ichigo more than anybody else? If Orihime understands Ichigo so well then why was it when Ichigo was so depressed( don't know what other word to use) over his inner hollow she wasn't able to cheer him up. I don't think she knew about his problem very well either. It was Rukia who brought him from his slump. And in Aizen Sosuke's words: "Admiration is furthest from understanding" thanks Aizen for that lovely quote.

Oh also I forgot to mention, try your hardest to look closer at Ichigo and Orihime when their alone, you might see Ichigo blush. In one to the epsiodes, can't remember which one it was, but I think I saw Ichigo blush around Inoue. He's really nice to her, and remember how depressed he was when Orihime went missing, was said either dead or tratior. Ichigo was about to kill Yamamoto. Ichigo had lost his fighting spirit, but when he was sure she was alive because of his hand being healed, he decided he'd go after her, either he's dead or alive, Orihime will come back alive. All Ichigo wanted was for Orihime to live because he cared so much for her. Remember when Rukia went missing Ichigo wasn't that despressed but he did want her to live,...just so he could kick her ass, knock some sense into her head, and/or insult her. LOL

But still Orihime and Ichigo make a good coule.]

1. They care too much for each other. (Many signs are shown, just gotta look closly.)

2. They put their friends needs before their own.

3. They both lost someone, and they understand each other alot because of that fact.

4. Also,...who's the biggest IchiHime fan?

Answer: Rukia, Renji, Tatsuki, Isshin, Karin, Yuzu, Chad, the Vizard, Matsumoto, Hitsugaya. (Matsumoto because she knows the look Ichigo gives Orihime. Hitsugaya because he see's both of their potentiol, and because he's seen them work together, and their a great team, and Ichigo, and Orihime both helped him.) Misaki (if she was still alive, but I think she's seen him with Orihime.), Keigo, Mizuru, (Think that's how you spell it.), Urahara, Yuchiora, Jinta, Tessia, and Ururu.

Who's the biggest IchiRuk fan

Answer:...Uryu, Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, Aizen, and...thats about it.

There are many more IchiHime fans that IchiRuki fans in Bleach, so I do respect IchiRuki, I just not a fan.


If memory serves me right, Ichigo had his hand healed before Yamamoto claimed Orihime was either dead or a traitor. Need i also remind that Ichigo was also about to kill Byakuya and Aizen over Rukia, the same expression of the allegedly, I'm gonna kill Yamamoto and Ulquiorra face. I've seen Ichigo's 'depression' and that wasn't depressed enough. Would you like it if your friend was labeled dead or a traitor? Of course you'd be furious and since you believe in your friend, you rescue them of course. He wasn't depressed about rukia because if he was depressed, Rukia would've gotten mad at him for getting depressed over her. Another thing is that ichigo believes in rukia that's why he didn't worry much because he was confident that he would indefinitely save her even if he was against Soul Society. I believe Ichigo was also in this so called state of 'depression' after he was spared again right after Rukia was taken away by Byakuya and Renji. Throughout orihime's rescue, Ichigo would get mad when it concerned Orihime. I didn't see much actual conversations between Orihime and Ichigo. It felt like just a rescue for me and she was scared of him with his mask. I don't think Rukia was scared of him with mask, she didn't even flinch and she didn't even mind. Why? Because she had no reason to fear this power because said power is a part of Ichigo. Throughout the Rukia Rescue, their bridge conversation said a lot about what they thought about each other and you could see Rukia look alive and not depressed and regretful. When she was imprisoned, she spoke of Ichigo a lot. I'm afraid If I continue this rant, it'll be longer so I'll keep the last bit brief.

Rukia is definitley the one for Ichigo, There would be rentatsu, Isshin already considers Rukia a third daughter, how can he be pro IciHime after that? Karin and Yuzu think of Rukia as a sister and I think they know Rukia better than they know Orihime. Chad, I don't think he has a say in this much because I can't remeber his opinions... or if he made an opinion related to this topic. The Vizards? I don't think I can say no to that. Shinji just might agree because none of the Vizards really know Rukia. Matsumoto? I can see her going for Ichihime... Hitsugaya? He is definitley IchiRuki. Toshiro may believe that Orihime is a great person but I think he sees Ichigo saving Rukia far more often than Ichigo saving Orihime. Masaki? It's not right to add her into the IchiRuki IchiHime War. Keigo and Mizuru? please, they have suspicions about Ichigo and Rukia. Uruhara and Yoruichi and Kinta, tessai and Ururu helped Ichigo save Rukia. For Orihime, they opened the way to Hueco Mundo. Done. One Last Thing... More IchiHimes? Are you kidding me? I've seen polls, ichiRuki is always the majority.

Favorite Anime/ Manga:

Mahou Sensei Negima!- It's my all time favorite, I never get tired of it and it used to be number one but since chapter 459 of Bleach it has fallen to number 2

Bleach- I love Bleach a lot! I used to not have permanent an anime who would stay in my number two, then Bleach came! I believe making fanfics for Bleach is uber fun! Now Bleach is number one... Kubo, I adore you for making one of my many dreams for IchiRuki come true

Hayate no Gotoku- It's an Otaku's bestfriend.

Future Diary- Known as Mirai Nikki. I love the psychotic theme of the manga! It's so demented and bloody and awesome!

Heart no Kuni no Alice- Known as Alice in the land of hearts. I love it! All those bishies in one manga, kyaaa I'm in heaven. I love all of them except for the dude name Mary Gowland.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama- Of course! Why the hell not?

Gundam 00- EPICNESS!!

Macross Frontier- I love it!! And I can't stop singing! Kimi wa dare no Kissu wo sure, Aatashi sore to mo, Atashi Anata no Oto Dokun Dokun Dokun Kikoete kuru yo Dokun Dokun Dokun Watashi no namae o, hitotsu ageru

Watashi ni XX Shinasai- It makes me go kyaa

Kyou, Koi Wo Hajimemasu- You're missing a lot of things if you have never read an inch of this manga.

Soul Eater- This anime/manga is just simply EPIC

Cardcaptor Sakura- one of the animes of my childhood

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles- Its's a CLAMP's masterpiece.

Favorite Author/Book:

NISIOISIN- I love Ishin-sensei's books, their genius! When I read the first volume of Zaregoto Series, I loved it after a few pages!

Hunger Games- Hell yeah! Can't wait for the movie!!!

Harry Potter- Can't say no to this series

Chronicles of Nick- Pretty interesting, I read the teen friendly spin off while my Mom reads the very adult friendly main series.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Series- It's actually quite nice.

Favorite Anime Pairings:

Ichigo and Rukia- They're so perfect! I love them together, I love the love hate relationship thing. They're so perfect!

Renji and Tatsuki- I don't know why but I like them together. It's like best friend to best friend.

Momo and Toshiro- Their so cute together! Who cares if she's devoted to Aizen? Toshiro will do something about that.

Rangiku and Gin- OMG! I love that pair!!

Ulquiorra and Orihime- It has to be them, there's no other.

Hayate and Hinagiku- I love that pairing so much, I squeal whenever they're together.

Misaki and Usui- Of course!

Naruto and Hinata- They are obviously meant for each other

Natsume and Mikan- Hell Yeah!

Ruka and Hotaru- This pairing is simply the best in GA

Setsuna and Marina- Are you kidding me? If you suggest otherwise you must be blind...

Feldt and Lockon(Neil)- We all know she loves him but I bet he loves her too. hehehehe...

Lyle and Anew- Oh my gosh! OMG, I looooovvveeee that pairing... Squeee...

Ranka and Alto- They were meant to be... What bout my staaaaar

Soul and Maka- They're the best couple in Soul Eater. Those who say otherwise might get a maka chop...

Favorite Anime Guys:

Ichigo Kurosaki- Of course, He's Ichigo Kurosaki! I love him more in his Final Getsuga Tensho form ehehehe...

Byakuya Kuchki- Hell yeah! It's Byakuya, the hottest guy in soul society. It's a fact, seriously! Ask the Shinigami Female Association.

Toshiro Hitsugaya- And why hell not!? Seriously, He's one hot captain (kyaaa).

Soul Eater Evans- He's so awesome, Especially in the pinstripe suit with the red dress shirt.

Negi Spriengfield- Of course, he's the cute boy genius

Nagi Spriengfield- Negi's father, is obviously awesome

Takumi Usui- It's THE Takumi Usui

Blood Dupre- OMG it's the hot mad hatter!

Boris- Cheshire cats can be cute too

Julius- No need for words, he's the best

Ace- My knight in shining armor

Gilbert Nightray- Who the hell doesn't like Gil. I sure do wanna be his master.

Xerxes Break- I'm a sucker for mad hatters. His insanity enchants me...

EDITED in 2014: What the hell was I thinking, writing all that crap up there. Is that even me? facepalm. I do not fangirl like that– Ermagherd is that Sousuke my bae

Just kidding. I still have my baes. Like Yamazaki Sousuke or Kogami Shinya. But I'm more subdued now. No more weabooing for me, I am on the straight and narrow now.

And that's it, feel free to look forward to future stories.

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