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Author has written 4 stories for Teen Titans, and Frozen.

"If there's a book you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, you must be the one to write it." - Toni Morrison


Not too much to say about myself. I'm the quiet, shy girl sitting alone, reading ...or writing.

A possible story involves Raven and her friends, as normal teenagers, in high school. Raven lives with her abusive father. I want music to help her show her emotions. I know I know there are other stories like this. I just want to put my spin on it. This is just something I feel like writing, letting it out of me.


Sorry it's taking me awhile to update. -_-' I get occasional cases of writer's block. I can think of somethings for future chapters, but I get a little stumped on this one.

Sooo, I've gotten myself in a bit of a bind. It seems that each chapter of SAM (Songs About Me) starts with some lines of a song. I like that idea. I'm just baffled with some of the chapters. Could I have the song at the end of some chapters? I'm afraid if I put something at the beginning it will give too much away. I don't know-- if I put some lines about ...finding true love, a wedding and getting married ... you'll know Rachel or somebody's getting married. (Just an example; I don't think that's happening.) Grrr, I don't know. All this thinking and creating is giving me a headache. 9_9*


Auggh!!!! I am so frustrating. I can get distracted so easily. I should be focusing on chapter 5 or maybe thinking about 6. Instead I'm thinking about chapters 10 or 20 or 482. (>.


I apologize for taking so long to update. Not only is it raking longer to write this story (writer's block-boo), but I'm having internet problems (double boo!) I'm having trouble getting online. Sometimes as soon as I get to a site I want, I loose the signal. UGH!!!!! Very frustrating!!! p.s.-it cut out 3 times while I was doing this >[ (Make that 4 times. *screaming at computer*)

I am not giving up on 'Songs About Me'. I have put too much energy into this to stop now. I am writing whether or not I can get online. Please be patient with me. With any luck, you'll be able to read something soon. *fingers crossed*

Thank you in advance to those who are still interested and are sticking with me.

Umm, that's about it for now.

Oh, it looks like S.A.M. is turning out to be closer to 30 chapters. Yay!!! =D


-_- Beware of dangerous plot bunnies.

Even though I should be focusing on S.A.M., I still get ideas for other stories.

  1. Teen Titans - AU - Rachel abused at home - "Songs About Me" / "Musical Expressions Reflected"
  2. Teen Titans - AU - Raven is ill. (true or false)
  3. Teen Titans - Raven discovers powers
  4. Teen Titans = The Bride of the Water God-ish
  5. Teen Titans - Barren land
  6. Frozen - Elsa centered story - "Frigid"
  7. Frozen - Anna centered story
  8. Frozen - based on original concept of movie, Elsa 'evil'
  9. Teen Titans mixed with Frozen
  10. Teen Titans mixed with Wicked
  11. Frozen mixed with Wicked
  12. Teen Titans mixed with Frozen mixed with Wicked

I realize most of this doesn't make any sense to anyone. They're just ideas. I may not even write some or all of them. Then again, if I can figure them out, I just might write them.


I am NOT giving up on S.A.M. I have a few things to work out but I'm not giving up. I just REALLY want to write other stories. I hope to have S.A.M. finished by or in the new year.


"Musical Expressions Reflected", is a rewrite of "Songs About Me". It's "Songs About Me, 2.0".

I had no plan to do this but someone pointed that songfics are against the rules. I didn't think of "Songs About Me" as a songfic. I didn't use whole songs in my story. Yes, I used a few lines at the beginning of each chapter. I used those snippets of songs to reflect the mood of each chapter. I thought of those pieces of songs as quotes. Apparently, that still counts as a songfic.

I won't deny that it's frustrating. Currently, there are more than 120,000 stories with "song" in their title or story description. There are more than 57,000 "songfics". I know some of those are original pieces but I'm sure many of them have song lyrics. Right or wrong, I feel a little picked on. Ugh!

Anyway, I didn't want to do another version of "S.A.M.". I have too many ideas, too many stories to write. While I could simply alter or remove the lyrics, I've decided to rewrite this story. This takes me from writing the last chapters of "S.A.M." and future chapters of "Frigid". Some things I want to change and I hope I'll fix some mistakes. Many of the chapters will stay the same. A few chapters will change considerably. There may even be some new chapters.

I don't claim to be a talented or superb writer. Sometimes, I feel like some of my writings are better than average. Other times, I'm certain I'm writing nonsense; I feel lucky to know how to write my own name.

Writing this story for six and a half years is too much time and energy into "S.A.M." to let it disappear. This story will not simply disappear. That's why there's now "Musical Expressions Reflected". I know I didn't need to change the title but "Songs About Me" is a song. I didn't want that to somehow be against the rules. Besides, I don't want to risk someone confusing the stories. I hope that doesn't cause any confusion.

I hope the changes I've made are satisfactory. I hope I've improved as a writer. Most of it all, I hope you enjoy this new version.

P.S. I also have a (some) story (stories) on Fictionpress.com.

sigh* There are TOO many story ideas!!!

OK, now that's all, folks. I have a lot of work to do.

See ya later. Enjoy.

-Rae of Sorrow - @}--;--

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