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*IMPORTANT NOTE* - In a recent chapter of FRAGMENT, I mentioned that I would attempt updating every Friday or Saturday. Notice that I said I would "attempt", in the actual note I said it would be my goal, but I made no promise. Unfortunately, something like that is not a promise I can make because unfortunately it's not a promise I can keep. Sadly, I never wrote it, I had meant it more as a contract with myself than an actual notice for the readers.

I'm sure many of you haven't batted a lash at my lack of update but for those of you wondering "Why aren't you updating" the answer is simply: I don't have anything to update. I haven't had much success working on it, and then, of course, I made the New Year's Resolution to focus more on my original writing and attempt to get some things published this year (you know, work on building a writing career, which has only been my dream for the past fifteen years) so my attention has been severely divided.

Gasp, does this mean I'm abandoning the fic? No. I've said it before, I'll say it again: I will finish FRAGMENT, if it kills me. However, it does mean that my goal will not be met.

Here's the thing; I don't write well when I'm stressed. People asking where an update is stresses me out. Therefore, don't bother me for updates if you ever want to see one again. If you want to write to me just to make sure I'm still alive, that's fine. If your message sums up to: Where's my update. That's not fine. And its very much ineffective. I recommend you not do it. Thank you, now leave me alone.


What do you want to know about me? I used to write fanfictions under different pennames years ago. Those stories are still up but I won't tell you where or what they are called so don't ask.

I am way too old to still be writing this stuff, or so my cousin would tell me if I admitted to her that I started another fanfiction profile...

No. I'm not that old.

My penname is Numbuh702 because I plan on only posting KND fanfics under this profile and because my area code is 702. If you know where that is, goody for you. :P

I love to write. It is my greatest passion in life. If only I could focus on my original material more then maybe one day I could get published or make a career out of it. Apparently I suck at it though, so that dream is flushed. Oh well.

I am a writer, an artist, a cartoonist, a scientist, a photographer, a dancer, a dreamer, a lover, a fighter, a procrastinator, a hippie with a shotgun, an animal lover, a student, Greenpeace soldier, a nag, a prick, and a prima dona. Don't mess with me, I got a temper and a large lexicon capable of delivering a serious digital smackdown. I hate poetry (probably because I can't write it...).

I don't do "fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants" writing. Most every story I do is almost entirely planned out from start to finish. Meaning, I don't want your plotline suggestions. Write your own fanfic, leave mine alone. Unless I ask for it, in which case, bring it on.

I love reviews and people who review. The longer the better! I can't really complain about the people who don't review, however, as often or not, I'm one of them.

I come off as cold and maybe even sarcastic at times but I don't mean to. Especially when I'm writing I'm very honest or blunt and usually I think of certain things as compliments that most other people don't. If I message you and you're not sure about how to interpret my words, don't assume the worst, as that will never be the case. My words have the nicest intent you can draw from them. I also like to joke around and pretend to be clever or witty, it's not to make fun of anyone, it's just me being bubbly (a state usually brought on by large doses of caffiene, lack of sleep, too much telly, or some mixture of all three).

No, I don't want to read and/or review your story. Don't ask. If I haven't yet done it that means I'm not interested or haven't gotten to it. The quickest way to turn me off of your story; bump it in a review for my own. Because seriously, that's just rude. If you want to private message me and I've read/reviewed a previous story of yours to positive effect, then I might be interested, but don't hold your breath. The reasoning for this is mainly because I'm a harsh critic and, like I said, I'm honest. I hate being forced into a position of possibly having to tell someone that their work is not very good. So really, don't ask me to read and review your writing unless you want my honest opinion. If that is what you want, however, then I'll gladly review your work!

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