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Hey, it's me, Wanda Ginny Greenleaf, my wonderful readers. (I changed my name in the name of my new favorite literature - Marvel Comics, Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings!) Welcome to my profile.

November 17 2014

Ehehehehe...(rubs back of neck) so it's probably pretty obvious at this point that I've left my stories hanging for now. I'm really sorry about that. I can't say much...but a lot of things have been changing for me, some for the worse too. Nothing life threatening, just...proving difficult to deal with. I haven't been able to write much lately...it's like there's a huge block in my mind thanks to all the other things that have been going on, oppressing all my plot bunnies. So currently my stories are on hold...but I'll try to get at least one updated before the new year starts. Thanks for sticking with me, and I'm sorry you have to wait.

Random Stuff About Me:

I'm a huge bookworm. Currently I'm enjoying (the kind of enjoyment that comes with a great deal of pain) Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, the Mortal Instruments, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the Kane Chronicles, The Hunger Games and 1632, though I've also read Warrior Cats, The Lord of the Rings, the GONE series, The Twilight Saga (mostly for snark), and several lesser known series that half of you probably haven't heard of. I'm also a movie buff; anything from the Marvel Cinematic Universe will immediately get me on board; I am an utterly huge fangirl of Tom Hiddleston and Robert Downy Jr, Loki and Tony being my absolute favorite characters with Thor coming in a close second. Also, Buffy the Vampire Slayer kicks ass. I saw the Mortal Instruments movie and I really hope they get enough money to at least make the City of Ashes and City of Glass movies. I'm a loner, I'm definitely socially awkward to a certain extent, I have some weird tastes, I mope sometimes, I hope to write some actual novels after I get out of high school, and I can't wait for high school to be OVER.

I'm a big anime fan to. I was introduced to the medium through Sailor Moon, which is still far and above my favorite despite a few quibbles I have with it (coughDariencoughOuterScoutscough). I enjoy Soul Eater, Naruto, Tokyo Mew Mew, Death Note, the anime version of Shaman King, and I hope to soon acquaint myself with Code Geass. Unfortunately I have yet to sit through some of the genre defining series such as Neon Genesis Evangelion or the Madoka Magica series, though I have found the latter on Netflicks and hope to binge watch it when I have a free moment.

I also enjoy comic books, a lot despite the frustrations that pop up from time to time. I'm more of a Marvel Fan then a DC fan mostly thanks to that pointless and cheap reboot that started back in 2011 and the fact that the Marvel Heroes feel a little closer to home then the DC ones (not to say I don't like some DC heroes, I'm just not liking their new direction). My favorites (a few carrying over from the movies) are Iron Man, the Scarlet Witch, Magneto, Loki, Black Panther, Cyclops, Wolverine, Thor, Superman, Wonder Woman, X-23, Hawkeye, Nightcrawler, Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, Green Arrow and Captain America just to name a few.

I enjoy a variety of video games. I'm currently playing through Pokemon Red (yay for going retro! Plus, I like destroying things with the hacked crit scale), but other games include the Megaman series as a whole, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Bejeweled, Spectrobes and Beyond the Portals, Super Mario Bros, Assassin's Creed, Resident Evil, The Darkness and Prototype. The stuff I enjoy can vary from sweet, fluffy and triumphant to dark, morbid and bleak. I admit I'm not a very deft hand at an X Box controller, but my 3DS is in my hands almost constantly these days.

As you might have gathered, I'm an enthusiastic writer, but my attempts to write my own novels have fallen a bit short these days. It's not that I don't have any ideas - I do - but writing them down is tricky, and an exercise in frustration and patience. Anybody who says writing a book isn't that big a deal has clearly never tried to.

If there's ever a time when there seem to be a longer period of waiting for an update, it's because I'm seriously stressed out over something. When I'm stressed it's impossible to think and I'm just going to apologize ahead of time, because it looks like high school has a lot more in store for me before it's finally finished. Or it means I have a lot of homework, which is also possible given how the year's gone so far.

I'm a tomboy and I love cats. I enjoy some morbid stories, like Elfin Lied or Monster, mostly for the psychology of it. I do enjoy when powers work as metaphors for other things, until it goes overboard. (hi, mutant hysteria, could you go away? Please) I also love comicbooks, but I'm red-hot steaming mad over most, if not all of the executive decisions that DC comics has made ever since they decided to throw away forty years of stories and history for the sake of appearing younger and hipper. This is frankly coming off as a desperation move to up sales to combat the runaway success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Totally Irrational Fangirl Complaints about my Favorite Books/Comics/Stuff

Game of Thrones: I stopped reading Game of Thrones books from start to finish after Storm of Swords. The story is addicting, and I still read the chunks of the books dedicated to Dany, Arya, Tyrion or Jon, but there's only so much upsetting trauma I can take. (fuck Walder Frey and Tywin Lannister. Seriously, fuck them.) It's probably intentional that all these bad things are happening and the story can get so frustrating, but I dunno - I could use a few victories along with the slew of depression and death. Plus, I despite Littlefinger's apparent Karma Houdini warrant and his apparent invulnerability. And there's everything else, but people far safer then him have died and yet he survives like a damn cockroach. Ugh!

Warrior Cats: I never read the fourth arc all the way through - it kinda lost me after Dovewing got introduced. Plus, while I think it was a poetic touch that the main series begins and ends with Firestar, he's also my favorite and I don't like that he dies and is replaced by Brambleclaw, AKA Gary Sue that everyone props up as wonderful. (seriously, Graystripe should have been deputy again if they HAD to kill Firestar). Plus, I don't get the whole second death thing in the Starclan/Dark Forest thing - how do you kill spirits/souls??? Also, I HATE who Onewhisker/Onestar turns into in the third/fourth series! He was one of my favorites and they turned him into a complete ass! Agh! Eh, if I write fanfics, they're probably canon alterations in the first two arcs and maaaaybe the third.

The Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices: Again, I will mainly focus on the first three books. Sebastian kinda felt like a voodoo shark during books four and five (though book six was a suitably epic note to end on.) I also have an irrational dislike of Tessa thanks to her attitude during Clockwork Prince and her excessive references to Wuthering Heights (chalk that up to another person who missed the point of those books...) and her romance/marriage to Jem (plus his randomly gaining immortality at the end of the series) felt incredibly rushed to me, and very unlike the passion-fulled Clace romance from the main series.

Marvel Cinematic Universe: I frickin despise Odin. I think he's a cowardly, hypocritical, cold-hearted, senile, self-centered old man. Expect that to come up A LOT in my stories. Plus, I don't like the conclusion to Agents of SHIELD, which comfortably settles down into blindingly black and white morality and conveniently absolves SHIELD of any immorality by blaming it on big bad HYDRA. (though I admit I do like that twist. I had actually entertained it before and was kind of blown away by being proven right.) Also, if one of your villains (do you have to ask who?) is often more likeable then the main character...eh...either you're doing something wrong, or your framing who's the protagonist wrong. I'm also pissed that they killed off Frigga. Wow! There goes the only other Asgardian I entirely adore! Damn it Marvel, don't go back to Fridging! (I have a few problems with Thor now and then, though that's not to say I hate him.)

Am I the only one who thinks that Tony gets more flack then he deserves? Don't get me wrong - he can still be an arrogant berk who makes irrational decisions - but people around him seem to entirely ignore how he changed after his kidnapping! Steve is particularly infuriating in this regard; he says that Tony's not a hero for not wanting to thoughtlessly martyr himself when there are perfectly clear third options to take, and the movie's clearly on his side - except - why should you lie down on a wire to let people cross when you can cut it?! There are people who want him to come home too you know! It's not immoral to want to get yourself out as well as the guys you're looking out for! And it's like whenever there's a problem, Fury and the others totally ignore that Tony tore apart a terrorist syndicate, took down a lunatic using his technology while buying time for his expo to evacuate, has dealt with a ton of emotional baggage but hasn't let it break him, shut down his weapons development and in general has saved thousands of lives! Geez! Show him some frickin respect, Steve! I would have expected you of all people to know better then to say 'we have orders, we should follow them'. Gee Steve, didn't you have a few unpleasant encounters with people who said something similar back before you were frozen!?

I could bitch about Black Widow not getting her own movie while Ant-Man's getting one (in which Janet gets fridged - damn it Marvel, you're doing so well, don't fuck up now!), but I have been (somewhat) pacified by the announcement of the Captain Marvel movie and Wanda appearing in Age of Ultron (DC, on the other hand, has no such excuse.) I will, however, complain that more female or colored leads should be getting greenlit! C'mon, did I have to wait this long for just one or two? (Jessica Jones on Netflicks! Squee!)

The Hunger Games: This seems to be split into two factions - those who hate Mockingjay and those who don't. Me? I hate Mockingjay. I hate that it kills Finnick, one of its most interesting characters, just for shock value. I hate that it kills Prim, tearing away what made Katniss's conflict in the first book so compelling and what she's been fighting for all this time because LOLZDARK!! I hate that it goes the stupid 'lesser of two evils' route despite the fact that all we have to show for the Rebellion being EVUL is the word of President Snow, who's most likely LYING to save his own ass! And I hate Peeta. UUUUGH. Telling me over and over that he's the most wonderful thing since sliced bread while simultaneously have him be absolutely useless is not going to convince me! Why couldn't Katniss's love for Prim and Rue be reason enough for her to be the Mockingjay?

Random things that annoy me in fanfics.

Harry/Hermione. It can be executed well in a handful of fics I've seen but most H/Hr fics I read not only demonize Ginny (who I like a lot, as you might have guessed) but pretty much anyone who isn't Hermione, who's suddenly a perfect paragon of goodness goddess in human form while Harry becomes an asshole who treats people badly. It really bugs me for those reasons because those traits make the fanfics unpleasant to read. (gears up for rant mode) I don't get where everyone's getting this whole OMG HERMIONE IS LIKE HARRY'S ONE TRUEST LOVE idea anyway. When they meet, they don't initially get along. Hermione provides support for Harry, that's true, but she never does it with any indication that she has romantic feelings for her. I don't see any of this supposed subtext when they have scenes together, I see one friend helping another. Can a boy not have a platonic friendship with a girl when he's young? Does making your first friend be a female automatically entail romantic feelings? Because if that's so, I'd be dating a boy I met back in Junior Kindergarden. A guy and a girl who meet and share a connection aren't required to have a romantic subplot! In fact, I'm glad JK Rowling didn't make them the official couple. It's just so easy and so cheap and it does a disservice to both of them as characters to force them into something like that! This is such a tired concept, and I think that the mindset of guy who supports me at times = truest love is actually a dangerous assumption to make and can result in an unhappy relationship. Honestly. Sometimes people are just friends, nothing more. And really, I can only see Harry and Hermione as friends, especially considering their characters. Hermione strikes me as someone who's providing a familiar/sisterly love that Harry had been denied as long as he lived with the Dursleys, all through her behavior towards him throughout the series. This kind of love is equally as important as romantic love! They have a bond, but it never reads as that type, and I feel like those who insist otherwise are projecting due to the long-held assumption that the male hero gets the first female he gets to know. Besides, Hermione holds a lot back from Harry at times, and she never really opens up to him about personal issues that she's faced, such as being Petrified or isolation back before she came to Hogwarts, unlike Ginny who talks to Harry about being possessed in book five. Not to mention, at times she can be bitchy, aggressive and condescending of Harry's beliefs of a current situation (ie not believing Draco was a DE in book 6) And at this point, Harry is an abused orphan who doesn't know what love is like. By the time he finally understands what romantic love is like, he still doesn't develop feelings for Hermione which I think just drives home the point that they're simply not compatible that way. Also, implying that Hermione has to be somehow validated by Harry also leaves a bad taste in my mouth because I don't like the implications of that. Why exactly does Hermione -have- to be Harry's love interest? Hermione is her own person. She's wickedly smart, she knows things a lot of people don't, she learns fast although she is flawed in that she's tunnel visioned and relies too much on what she thinks are hard facts. She's interesting enough in her own right. Why would someone like that need romance to rule what she does? I really hate seeing Hermione get mutilated or turned into a damsel to incite a poorly executed romance with Harry, which is yet another big sticking point I have with this pairing. Most H/Hr stories that I've read make Hermione submissive to Harry. She rarely fights or does much of anything outside of research. A lot of the H/Hr fics I've read love to blather on about how awesome Hermione is but don't let her actually do anything, she's often forced into the role of a helpless damsel, she's nothing but emotional support for Harry with occasional moments in the limelight. And that's just insulting to her as a character. So no, I don't see Harry and Hermione being romantically involved and I won't ship them. (breaths out) I wanted to get all that off my chest.

Also, to anyone who wants to parrot the 'new interview' at me, I'm happy to inform you that the people writing the interview did some very selective editing - Rowling did not say that Hermione should have ended up with Harry. She just said that Hermione probably shouldn't have ended up with Ron the way she did.

Bad Grammar. I admit I overlook spelling mistakes sometimes and have to go back and correct them (due to not having a beta), but fanfics where the sentences run on, periods are in weird places and generally looks like it was written by a five year old? Yeah. Poor literacy is a huge pet peeve of mine especially since I enjoy writing and reading so much.

De-Powering female characters: I hate it when a strong female character is reduced to the role of 'weeping love interest', especially if it's in the name of making a non-canon ship possible. I hate it even more when she's turned into a 'possessive psychopath' so her love interest has a 'reason' to turn to some other chick. It's a nasty stereotype of female exs, loaded with double standards and leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Harry in Azkaban Fics: For starters, the premise is a ripoff of Count of Monte Cristo. Secondly, Harry is always a borderline sociopath and becomes unsympathetic fast, almost everyone at Hogwarts is suddenly evil, and they're often badly written.

Constant Mary Sue Accusations: God almighty! I'm so sick and tired of putting a female character in an important role and immediately getting people yelling MARY SUE! It's especially galling when you consider that men in similar positions aren't given a second glance! I mean, fuck, really? Luke is the force sensitive savior of the galaxy who became a jedi with a year of training and that's fine, but Lena Duchannes being one of the most powerful Casters ever? SHE'S OBVIOUSLY A SUE BECAUSE A GIRL CAN'T BE THAT POWERFUL WITHOUT BEING PERFECT.

Depicting Xander Harris as the greatest thing ever: Guys...really...I admit I don't like Xander as much as the next person, but why are there so many stories where he's retconned into being the savior of worlds and greatest thing ever, even more then Buffy? Especially when it ignores his visible entitlement issues when it comes to romance.

Evil/Stupid/Slut/Theif Ginny and Molly: I am so. goddamned. sick. of. seeing. this. Really. There are no words for how much these two plot devices drive me me nuts. They might as well create their own cliche one-note villains to fill this little habit. It's a symptom of lazy writing and childishness and it basically spits in the face of the original book, usually for the sake of propping up Hermione/Daphne Greengrass/insert girl here as Harry's OMG ONETRUEST LOVE, to which I direct you to the above rant. Ginny used to have a crush on Harry's BWL image. Note the past tense. After the Chamber of Secrets she began to see Harry as just Harry, and grew to have feelings for the boy, not the legend. This is a perfectly natural progression of character. Lots of people complain that we don't get to see any of it, but I think evidence of Ginny's growth is apparent in her attitude in Order of the Phoenix. The supposed 'obviousness' of Harry being drugged with a love potion keyed to Ginny actually doesn't make any goddamned sense in any canon context. Firstly, Ginny is a nice girl. This much is obvious. And yes, it is obvious that she cares about Harry. And by this point it's clear she thinks he's never going to look her way, so she might as well start dating. She has absolutely no incentive to use a love potion on him. Also, to the complaint that they hooked up to fast - it happens in these situations! It's truth in television. They were emotional teenagers who had just discovered their feelings in a time of war - there's a tendency for people to hook up young and fast in those situations. While obviously they're not old enough to do it yet, a lot of young soldiers purpose to their sweethearts or sleep with them before they go off to fight a battle they might not return from. We're given a G-Rated version of that with Harry and Ginny's hookup. Also, the sheer double standard of calling her a slut for having dated Dean and Seamus before she hooked up with Harry - nevermind the fact that Hermione also dated two guys - Victor and Cormac - before moving onto Ron. You don't see her getting slutshamed!

And I just love that people bellow "Mary Sue!" over Ginny because she's pretty, popular and talented, braying that she has little presence and that Harry 'didn't notice her' - all the while eagerly propping up/shilling girls with even less dialogue and less presence, some of whom Harry has never spoken to in canon, often with all the same traits they criticize in Ginny!

Also, Molly Weasley. The treatment of her reeks of classism and projecting. She can be loud, but she's raised seven kids for god's sake, of course she's loud! Molly is never shown to be anything other than caring and loving towards Harry as though he was her own son, so the very idea of her drugging him or stealing his money is laughable.

Overly Helpful Goblins: This plot device has become increasingly common, and somehow the Gringotts goblins are being treated like Tolkien elves, which is starting to wear on me very quickly. (incidentally, this goes for elves in other books too - I'm looking at you, Inheritance Cycle) Somehow, I don't think the Goblins give one whit about human affairs outside of handling their money - it is stated so in canon. So why, exactly, are they suddenly so concerned about people 'betraying Harry'? Yes, they shouldn't be discriminated against but I'm tired of reading fics where they turn Harry into a God Mod Sue or make him super rich or solve half the existing problems is just tedious, makes absolutely no sense and a cheap shortcut. There's no indication in canon anywhere that they have the powers to do things like that. And the idea that they just 'punish' everyone involved...god. the goblins don't operate like that! I don't care if Harry's the last Potter, the bank director wouldn't make a million accommodations for him!

Ancient and Noble House of Potter / Marriage Contracts: For this, my only question is...why? The Seven books were all about pointing out how screwed up and unheroic the 'noble houses' were. Pureblood society was breaking down. Also, what is the point of giving Harry a million houses that he's descended from? Also, Marriage Contracts are a part of this - James defied tradition to marry Lily, why would he create a marriage contract for his son? If I'm going to say something positive about James Potter, it's that he wanted nothing to do with the messed up rules of pureblood society. Having Harry take them up completely backtracks on that and makes it pointless! Plus, this plot device is usually mixed with Evil!Ginny, which I also hate with a boiling passion. Also, something I say about Canon!Harry is that while he has his faults he's perfectly aware that the entire goddamned universe does not revolve around him, which these fics seem to forget! I can see Harry reluctantly taking up Head of Houseship in a gambit to take advantage of a badly-made system to protect as many people as he could and push for new laws, but I've yet to see one of these fics that does that as opposed to stroking Lord!Harry's new ego. And the whole thing reeks of classism - so Harry's better then everyone because he has the right ancestry? Doesn't that undermine the point of the whole book? We're supposed to hate on Lucius and Voldemort for promoting 'pure blood makes right' and then cheer on Harry when he basically says the same thing? Double Standard! Broken Aesop! Also, the utterly disproportionate responses that Lord!Harry dishes out to the people who 'betrayed' him sends him right into Voldemort levels of villainy in some cases, and either way his total lack of remorse for any of it makes him just as disgusting, and it's behavior you'd expect out of Draco Malfoy!

Slash fics with misogyny: Uh...guys...two guys/girls can be in love without labeling their canon/teased love interests as 'sluts', 'whores', 'homewreckers' and the like. Trading one prejudice for another isn't any better then your average token homophobe. I enjoy slash fics when the girls are treated as human beings...not the ones where they're made into the Ultimate Evil for the sake of drama.

Couples I support

Harry/Ginny (yes I like her a lot! Yes, I think there is actual substance to their relationship! Yes, I think she's an interesting, balanced character! Yes, I think they work well together! This is my favorite HP pairing, she doesn't deserve the demonization she gets so often!)

Harry/Luna (I like their interaction and I think they could have been something more if Ginny had never been interested in him. I don't like that in the Epilogue Luna gets shoved off on some guy who never appeared in the series instead of someone we see her interact with)

Harry/Daphne and/or Astoria (I enjoy the concept and the fact that it's a handy way to show some actual heroic Slytherins [Snape doesn't count because he's complicated] also the fics I've read with this are a lot of fun.)

Hermone/OC (frankly as I mentioned above I don't think most of the HP guys that we meet are the right kind of guy for Hermione in the first place, so this is the happy alternative)

Lavander/Parvati (this idea walked into my head when I read about how close they were, coupled with the fact that by the end it kind of feels like all the main characters are paired up in heterosexual rows, so its interesting for the characters and a deviation from the norm)

Jean Grey/Wolverine (Marvel, I like Cyclopes, but I don't like what you've done with him recently, especially in Avengers vs X Men. Besides, I always wanted to see this dynamic)

Nightcrawler/Scarlet Witch (It's really cute. I don't mind Wanda with the Vision but Wolverine and the X Men made this one really appealing for me.)

Peter Parker/Mary Jane Watson (Joe Quesada, there is no curse on Elfish, Entish or the tongues of men in any universe that could sum up how much I hate you for One More Day. Peter and MJ belong together. End of Story. No creator's pet that you could ever dream up would be better for Peter then Mary Jane. They're perfect for each other, and I never say that lightly)

Steve Rogers/Sharon Carter (I really do adore Sharon's character, especially when she's with Steve. The two of them are good together, even with the baggage of her being related to Peggy)

Tony Stark/Pepper Potts (the dialogue between these two whenever they're on screen together is hilarious, honestly, and Pepper is really fun to watch on screen. I wish Iron Man 3 had given her a suit instead of totally wasting a perfectly good character in Tony's antagonist)

Bruce Banner/Betty Ross (there's something just so sweet about this relationship, both between Betty and Bruce and how protective the Hulk is of Betty. The emotional weight these two share is absolutely adorable. I really like Betty as a character, too.)

Thor/Jane Foster (I think Jane gets a bad reputation, she's not nearly as flat or irritating as many female supportive characters have been in her position. Besides, their interactions are so cute!)

Loki/Tony Stark (okay fine, this idea stole its way into my head, and now it won't leave me alone. Even just a platonic relationship between these two is as plausible as it is hilarious and interesting [provided Loki's sane at the time] and I'm working on an alternate universe where Tony was born a girl [among other things] and they hit it off quite well [snickers])

Loki/OC (...What? A girl can dream. And hopefully make interesting, three dimensional original characters for this kind of story)

Loki/Wanda Maximoff (This may be entirely irrational, but for some reason I like the way it looks in my head)

Loki/Bruce Banner (They're both 'monsters' who are not accepted through not fault of their own. They would have a lot of middle ground and empathy for each other.)

Black Panther/Storm (I agree their original hookup was very awkward, but I grew to really love these two together and I will pretend they stayed that way [in fact, I'd much rather pretend Avengers vs X Men didn't happen considering the huge amount of Character Derailment all around])

Zero/Iris (I wish she hadn't died :( )

Jace/Clary (I love Jace so much!)

Alec/Magnus (Cassandra Clare wounded me when they broke up in CoLS)

Remus/Tonks (Remus deserves happiness! And I love Tonks!)

Sirius/OC (as long as said OC is interesting and their own character. The Dangerverse is a good example of someone doing this well. Poor Sirius could use something uplifting after years in Azkaban)

Severus/Lily (I love The Moment It Began, and it's also good as a posthumours tragedy. Poor Snape)

Aragon/Arwen (this is literally one of the first romances I ever saw on TV as a little girl, and it stuck with me)

Legolas/OC ([falls on knees] I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I KNOW this is a subgenre full of Mary Sues but if there was at least one partially interesting one I will go and read it! I can't help it! I love Legolas so much!)

Superman/Lois Lane: (for the love of god DC just get these two back together, I don't see him with Wonder Woman at all. How'd you even come up with that idea? Seriously!)

Oliver/Sarah Lance (As far as I'm concerned, Laurel became a massive, self interested bitch after the first season, and she was pretty grating even before that. Sarah as the Canary is basically Dinah from the comics with a different history, and I really like their chemistry. [sticks fingers in ears, singing over people trying to tell her that Sarah dies in season 3 of Arrow])

Sansa Stark/Sandor (I'm a sucker for beast and beauty romances, and though I should have known better then to expect George RR I'll-kill-everyone-you-love Martin to let it happen it's still my favorite Game of Thrones couple, even if its nearly impossible given the setting)

Tyrion Lannister/Daenerys Targaryen (I'm interested in the possibility of this. Frankly, Tyrion could use something good after all the crap he's been through, and I just think the dynamic would be fascinating to watch)

Robb/Talisa (Walder Frey and his brood need to go and die in dragon fire. Seriously.)

Jon/Ygritte (Say it with me - you know nothing, Jon Snow. Well...he does know one thing, doesn't he Ygritte?)

Serena Tuskino/Seyia Kou (I really don't like Darien. I just don't. He's a millstone, a jerk, and incredibly cliche to boot. Not to mention they scream DESTINY!, the minute a problem comes up which just goes to show you can't force OTP. I much prefer the more emotionally expressive and empathetic Seyia with Serena)

Wanda Maximoff/Vision (remember when I said I wasn't a huge Vision fan? Well Paul Bettney made me a goddamn liar because Vision is amazing and these two are utterly adorable in their moments together!)

Clint/Laura Barton (I was surprised to see her but she and their kids are utterly adorable! I love it and the depth they give Clint)

Pietro Maximoff/OC (...don't judge me. [mine!])

Couples I am Neutral On

Harry/Susan: (eh, why not? I could see it as long as we avoid the Lord!Harry pitfall)

Harry/Tracey: (similar reasons to Harry/Daphne(Astoria))

Ginny/Luna: (it's cute, just not my first choice)

Ron/Luna: (eh...maybe with a lot of character development on Ron's side.)

Natasha/Clint Barton: (I suppose I could see it given their interactions in the movie)

Natasha/Bucky: (I prefer it to Nat/Clint due to more exposure to it, but I'm not quite as emotionally invested in it, though that may change soon)

Tony/Bruce: (generally I prefer their platonic interactions, but I could see it happening if they swing that way [or if one is female])

Steve/Natasha: (it's an interesting concept, and they had great chemistry in CA: TWS)

Serena Tuskino/Raye: (sure, why not?)

Robb/Jeyne: (Jeyne doesn't have a whole lot of character, but it's potentially interesting)

Loki/Darcy: (I could see that being really funny, just not my first choice.)

Couples I hate

Any incest pairings: (dear god, no! Just no! Why would you do that?!)

Thor/Loki: (way too much like incest. They grew up brothers, people)

Steve/Tony: (Yeah, no. They're not compatible and its everywhere. Not interested)

Ron/Hermione: (constantly being at odds with someone does not equal romance. Their relationship would end up mutually destructive [Hermione gives it as good as it gets, folks. Remember the birds?])

Harry/Hermione: (I direct you to the above-mentioned rant. Even if it could be done well, I am permanently soured on it)

Draco/Harry(or Ginny): (Nope! nope nope nope! They hate each other, and it would be even more destructive then Ron/Hermione)

Snape/any student: (age gap, people! Statuary rape is a crime!)

James/Lily: (I really, really, really hate James Potter. See below as to why)

Cersei/Anyone: (crazy evil bitch doesn't do romance. She uses people)

Joffery/anyone: (I don't hate any GoT character enough to condemn them to that)

Ramsey/Theon: (pass the brain bleach, please!)

Serena Tuskino/Darien: (no, screaming DESTINY!, whenever Darien wrecks the relationship isn't going to convince me they're meant to be, reincarnation romance be damned. And that's a big thing for me to say, because usually I like this sort of thing)

Katniss/Peeta: (Peeta is not snow white. He is an incredibly creepy boy who used the Games to invoke Stockholm Syndrome in the girl he was obsessed with, is a complete detriment to Katniss's efforts, constantly needs to be saved and should NOT have married her at the end especially because he still had fits where he tried to kill her!)

Natasha/Bruce Banner: (This one falls in the WHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYY department. Why was this even necessary!? They had zero chemistry in the first movie and their subplot is completely phoned in. Not to mention they use Natasha's traumatic forced sterilization at the hands of the Red Room purely to facilitate their romance, which is just awful. How insecure is the heterosexual agenda if they need a token romance in every movie!?)

Crossover Pairings

Hermione/Tony (I would like to see someone experiment with this idea, because I thought about the similarities and the differences between their characters and if done right I think it has the potential to be quite interesting)

Loki/Harry (oh, like Harry's 'saving people thing' isn't going to kick in when he [she if your writing fem!Harry] meets someone like Loki. It would be just what the prince needs.)

Loki/Daenerys Targaryen (I can totally see this. I want an AU fic where Loki takes the Chitauri to Westros and helps Daenerys win back the Iron Throne. Then they can rule together and be awesome and ethereal and actually do something about the ice monsters coming to kill everyone)

Loki/Serena Tuskino (What drove Loki insane? Lack of love. What does Serena have in overabundance to the point where its her power which can be used to vaporize opponents? Love. He teaches her confidence and rulership, she teaches him love and self respect. I love it)

Boromir/Andromeda Tonks (Nimbus Llewelyn's excellent series of fics starting with 'The Wizard in the Shadows' brought this up in Snippets, and after a little while I became a shipper. Seriously, check the guy out. He's witty, clever and pretty cool)

Clint Barton/Dinah Lance (feel free to blame JLA/Avengers for making me ship this one in alternate universes. Given that Clint's pretty much the only person who's ever been a member of the JLA and the Avengers, I think it works out nicely. For what its worth, I think Clint and Oliver could have an awesome bromance under better circumstances as well)

young!Clint/Katniss Everdeen (I don't like Peeta. I just don't. I always found him incredibly creepy in how he manipulates going into the games as a chance to get Katniss. I hate the fact they end up together in the end when that was the last thing that should have happened, especially given that their 'relationship' was entirely false and used by each side as a means to an end. I, however, think Clint and Katniss would be a fabulous duo if they were around the same age)

Harry/young!Kara Zor El (Somebody with strength, confidence and great empathy would be a great fit with Harry if he and Ginny don't get together. Kara would stand with him through the worst and waste anyone who threatened him)

Harry/Serena Tuskino (for similar reasons to why she and Loki would work well together, plus Voldemort is enough like Chaos that I imagine one blow from the Silver Crystal would totally obliterate him, no creepy suicide required)

Some Thoughts on Harry Potter

Ginny Weasley: Yes, I love her. Yes, she is a good character despite what the more militant H/Hr shippers seem to think. Especially when you realize there are other ways to read her character post Chamber of Secrets that could potentially make her even more interesting then Hermione. (specifically, one angle that I'm thinking about for a later fanfic, is that after the Chamber Ginny becomes a Death Seeker). She's feisty, fiery, powerful, and from the sounds of it a good leader in her own right. Yes, she will be in many of my stories. Yes, I think they're substance to her and Harry's relationship that goes beyond her original crush on the legend. I will defend her from bashing - don't expect me to engage in that. Don't like that? The door's that way. Fair warning.

Ron Weasley: Good, bad, I admit I don't really notice. Ron just never grabbed me very much as a character, I don't know why. He was always...kind of there, if you know what I mean, like some sort of required third wheel. He just seemed kind of bland to me, which might have made his more negative traits stick out more. I have certain reasons why I don't think he's good for Hermione (or her for him for that matter), but for the most part he'll be in the background of my stories.

The Deathly Hallows: I liked this when I first read it. But after I came back to it several times, I realized that there were more things that I didn't like, though they're different things then most, it seems. Firstly, the biggest one of my complaints...the way Harry has to walk into the forest and die. What defeats Voldemort? Courage, justice, honor or a noble sacrifice in battle? No. A glorified suicide. That's all it is. And that leaves me feeling kind of sick inside because I don't see how Harry committing suicide was supposed to save everyone. That and the way his parents seem to encourage it doesn't seem heartwarming. It's creepy! Harry is implied to have great power, but that's tossed aside to have him just walk into Voldie's wand and expect that to solve everything. That's not how dictators work, it feels unsatisfactory regarding Harry as a character and just exists to deliver a handfisted message about Death - one that I think the books would be better without. Voldemort is better as a power-hungry tyrant - not as some whimpering coward who's done everything not out of bigotry or sadism but because he's afraid of dying. Really? That's the guy we've been afraid of for the last six books? That just defangs him. Granted Voldemort was never the most intelligent big bad out there but at least his raw cruelty was threatening! Also, the Deathly Hallows themselves seem kind of forced into the narrative at the last minute (to the point where I can't help but wonder if they were in the original draft of the book) and I really don't get their purpose in the overall story arc.

My next complaint is that the first part of the book makes dramatic deaths for characters we've hardly seen, but later in the pointless bloodbath several beloved characters are killed off screen and barely warrant so much as a mention. That's insulting to the characters we've come to love and is part of the aforementioned handfisted death message. One death is a tragedy, two deaths is a nightmare, but thirty-two where you could have five just crosses the line twice into a twisted comedy. These guys deserve better then that. Especially Colin, Remus and Tonks. There was no point to that boodbath at the end - it stopped being dramatic after the first ten names and started becoming ridiculous. It read like someone was saying, "oooh, gotta remember that war is senseless and brutal - okay, who gets the axe?" You'd think that Remus would at least deserve a death scene, or that Harry would have at least one father figure left alive. (that and I don't like the scene where he's run away from Tonks because he thinks the baby might be a werewolf - really, it just feels shoved in at the last moment and could be removed and it would be better for the character) And like I said above, if killing all these people is a 'realistic' war, then there should be realistic consequences! Like us seeing George be forever traumatized, or seeing Teddy calling for his mother when someone opens the door to give Andromeda the news, or the PTSD and emotional hell Harry must be going through after loosing one of the only people he has that was close to a father. But nope! None of that, it's given five pages and then he moves on. At least Sirius's death gave Harry some visible trauma afterwards! I think Tolkien did this much better, and he only killed three major characters - Boromir, Theoden and Denethor.

Dumbledore: Ah, Dumbledore. I don't like you very much, I confess. You can't be both the Infallible Chessmaster and a flawed human being, and yet I can't remember a single instance in the books where you made a serious misjudgment (outside of Sirius's death, and really, his apology for that made no goddamned sense to me either) regarding anything. Really? So the Great Albus Dumbledore is literally never wrong? For the love of god. It also bothers me because of your sit-and-do-nothing-until-the-last-dying-second policy, which is really inapplicable in any similar situation but only works because Voldemort has the mentality of a six year old. I admit I'm harder on you then Snape because you get no criticism from any in-universe character, despite being just if not more damaging of your students in the way you handle them. I can't help but wonder if you were very kind to Harry over the years to ease your conscious of the fact that you were preparing him to die.

Albus Severus Potter: ...really, Harry? What did that poor kid do to you and Ginny to deserve to be named that? Also, I thought that by the end of the last book Harry had learned to stop living in the past. Evidently not.

James. Potter. Rowling, you wrote him as a Draco Malfoy with black hair. Am I supposed to find that sympathetic? The only images of him that we get are him being a bullying Gryffindor version of Draco Malfoy, and no one...and I mean no one has ever truly called him out on that bullshit. He is bloody venerated by everyone except Snape. God forbid the man be a little bitter over the fact that someone who made his life a living hell got everything he wanted handed on a goddamned silver platter and no one has ever called him how cruel and dehumanizing his 'pranks' were. Sure, Lily did it for a while, but then she succumbed to the 'everyone must love James Potter' aura the guy apparent generates and marries him despite it being perfectly clear he was just driving her away from her best friend. Frankly, I find the fact that she married him disturbing! Where I come from, if a guy keeps pushing the idea of dating you despite you firmly saying 'no' multiple times, stalks/harasses your male friends who are close to you (and offering to 'stop' if you agree to go out with him) you are highly recommended to get a restraining order. Those are warning signs of a frigging stalker/potential rapist, and THAT'S! NOT! ROMANTIC! THAT IS DISTURBING AND LEGALLY WRONG!

We've condemned Draco Malfoy for six books Rowling, why wouldn't we condemn someone who acted the same way, Harry's dad or not? And his head magically deflated later in time to hook up with the girl he deliberately drove away from her best friend? No! No! It does not work like that! As a sibling of someone who was ruthlessly bullied unless I see some actual repentance and understanding that he was wrong to do those things from that asshole, he will be nothing but a bitter taste in my mouth. I've seen what bullying is like, and nothing's worse then a bully getting away with no real consequences. Also, James wasn't a head auror. He was unemployed. Rowling said so. He just lived off his parents money. Hmph. I won't just accept that he 'got nicer', I want to see it. Otherwise, I can't read his passages without getting really angry.

Thoughts On Thor - Or Why Thor, Loki and Frigga are the only Asgardians with a moral compass

I was working on The Scenario (one of my planned stories) and at some point I was ambushed by a whole bunch of Fridge Logic about the original Thor movie. It got into my brain and seriously altered my enjoyment of the film. Mainly, Thor's behavior in Jotunhim was an act of war. Yes, he deserved an answer for the intrusion in the weapons vault but he attacked unprovoked and slaughtered a huge number of them. Odin banishing him wasn't about putting him in time-out, it was part of a peace treaty to ensure continued peace between them and the other realm. Sif and the Warrior's Three broke their oath to him when they went behind his back to retrieve Thor, blithely ignoring the fact that this would restart the war and yet they're supposed to be the 'good guys', while Loki rightly pointing out that he can't do this is supposed to be proof of his descent into power-hungry madness instead of making him the only sensible person out of the entire main cast.

But Loki's mental breakdown was entirely Odin's fault to begin with and he didn't do anything wrong. Yes, nearly blowing up the Jotun realm was bad, but with Thor back with all his powers (meaning that Odin never intended to honor his part of the bargain with Laufy to begin with) the Jotuns would have retaliated and brought another bloody war into the kingdom. While it was a terrible thing to have to do, what he did saved billions of lives.

And instead of thanking him, they consider him a monster and he gets turned into a generic James Bond villain via brainwashing (I refuse to believe the lumbering thug in the Avengers movie was him behaving with his full mental capacity). so the too-busy-bickering-to-save-the-friggin-world heroes can pull themselves out of a situation they stuck themselves in head first ([I mean really, if the freakin' world was in danger, you bet your ass I'm working with random strangers to stop that even if they're a bunch of complete tools. You'd think they'd save the dick-measuring contests until after they weren't all in mortal danger, but noooooo...])

...Yeah, there goes any capacity for me to feel even the slightest bit sympathetic towards any of them.

Comic Books, Marvel and DC - Things that Bother Me

Marriage: Why can't anyone stay married? This is really starting to get under my skin especially since DC has just arbitrarily decided to cancel the wedding of Batwoman to her girlfriend. I can't decide whether the writers are just lazy beyond belief because they can't come up with interesting plots that include married couples, or insulting that they believe that everyone who reads their comics are a bunch of singles who don't have any idea what a happy loving relationship looks like! They keep saying that the fans won't be interested in married characters because apparently that ages them fifty years or something. Except that people were furious when they keep breaking up relationships that have already been established, exhibit A? Spiderman and Mary-Jane! They had been married for twenty years real time and both characters were still perfectly interesting! Maybe we want to see characters continue to grow as they move into different stages in their lives, because it opens up a path for new stories to be told. I keep feeling like the executives don't want our icons getting married because they want to be able to fall back on the same generic plots they wore through twenty years ago that everyone's already gotten tired of seeing but reads anyway because that's what they've gotten used to seeing! Getting married doesn't destroy or age a character, it moves them into a different part of their lives where they will bear different responsibilities and have different freedoms! So no! I don't like that they broke up Barry Allen and Iris or Lois Lane and Superman! (and pairing him with Wonder Woman makes no goddamned sense to me either, it just feels like pandering to the vocal minority of the base that rabidly ships it; and doing a disservice to Diana by making her a Superman supporting character instead of treating her like an independent member of the Trinity) I want my favorite characters to get married, and I'm the one buying the comics!

Editorial Mandated Stories: Listen closely, editors. You are not writers. You cannot keep interfering with the guys penning the stories if you want to keep up good quality work! I haven't read an editorially mandated story that I haven't hated. (Civil War, Avengers vs X Men, the DC Reboot as a whole) Because Editors aren't story tellers, and they should just leave the storytelling to the writers!

Civil War: I did not pick up a comic book to read obtuse political battles. Why would anyone who picked up a comic book want to have obtuse political rhetoric shoved down their throats? I hate the way Tony is derailed into a pseudo Nazi and then the writer's insisted that was totally in character (when in reality there is nothing more of an opposite of what Tony Stark is then that). I hate the fact that the writers couldn't decide on who we were supposed to root for. I think the entire idea is incredibly stupid and I am very nervous as to how the MCU is going to tackle this trainwreck.

The Many Returns of the Joker: Again. I don't know if the writer's are simply too lazy to come up with new villains for Batman to face (or up the ante with the many interesting ones that he already has) or if they're far too attached to their little pets to want to let them go, but the Joker is beginning to wear on me. Don't get me wrong, the Joker is a good character...at first. But when you keep watching him get away with horrible crime after horrible crime you have to wonder why that idiot bat won't just make an exception and off the bastard, because there's no way Arkham Asylum can hold him for over five hours, and the people who keep suffering are the citizens who end up mutilated, murdered and have other horrible things happen to them! Now whenever I see the Joker in a comic book I just get angry, and not in a good way. And I freely admit - when the public started seeing the Joker as a sympathetic murderer in the Reboot, I ragequit Batman. If that's Gotham's perspective, they can save their own asses.

Women In Refrigerators: There's a lot of controversy swimming around comics over their portrayal of women, and I agree with a lot of it, because female superheroes are greatly outnumbered by their male counterparts. They're also often the first ones to get depowered, captured, stuffed in a fridge or have other horrible things happen to them...because they're women, (and often despite how genuinely powerful they really are) and the men have to come in and save them. This isn't the forties anymore, damn it! I thought we had gotten past this!

One More Day: The very existence of this thing enrages me beyond anything else. It was a brutal assassination of Peter's character; Peter never would have done what he does at the end with Mephisto if he were his actual self. This is one man forcing his fan fiction on the rest of us as Company Canon. I hate that he split Peter and MJ up and I really hate that stupid Sue he introduced as her replacement. (Carlie Cooper sucks)

Superman/Wonder Woman: They. Reduced. Freakin. Wonder. Woman. To just some pretty girl. on Clark's arm. Who only seems to care about their relationship. WONDER. WOMAN. No. Just...NO. (screams a long string of obscenities that could be heard on Mars)

Where the fuck is Wonder Woman's solo Movie?!: No, DC, I'm not interested in your excuses. If you can make Batman and Robin and Superman Returns, you can take a stab at making a Wonder Woman movie. Hollywood, if you're willing to waste thousands of dollars on movies like Waterworld and Battleship, you can risk some on a Wonder Woman movie. Marvel made a movie that had a main character that was a goddamn talking raccoon and it made tons of money; you have a badass amazonian princess with a rich history that could easily fill a movie. Why does Batemo have eight movies and Superwhiner six and yet Wonder Woman doesn't have any?! Where the hell is the justice in that?

(thank god I'm getting a Captain Marvel movie, at least. Once again, Marvel is on point, DC pitifully undershoots.)

The Megaman Timeline - a bit more streamlined, Capcom? Please?

Maybe it's just the runaway thoughts of a young writer, but can't someone please fill in the giant gaps in the history of Megaman? There are dark holes between Megaman Classic and X, X and Zero, and Zero and ZX...and apparently some pretty awesome stuff went down in those time periods! Except we don't get to see any of it! Come on, and anime adaptation of the Elf Wars is something I'd pay good money to see! What happened when X was first woken from his dark slumber. Had the Maverick Hunters existed before that? Did Zero wake up before he did? And how the ever-living hell did humanity finally manage to pull itself out of the wreck it had been in the last three hundred years to form the mostly-functional and happy society of ZX? There are so many questions we aren't given answers to! I want to see all of this stuff! It sounds really interesting!


Aside from Ashe and Aile, there aren't a lot of female fighters in Megaman. I mean, there's Roll (for laughs) and Iris (for tears), but that's a pretty low number. But then again, Megaman always had a small cast and I do love X, Zero and Axl, so this doesn't bother me all that much.

Omega Zero!

How the ever-living hell did someone invent a machine god? Even Sigma didn't do as much damage to the world as Omega did! Even the Oroboris didn't pull this kind of crap! I want to know more about this machine maniac!


I love Pokemon! Currently I'm playing through Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness for the millionth time, but these games are so addictive I can't help it! I finally figured out how to get a Glaceon too. My favorite region is definitely Hoenn; Pokemon Ruby was the first game I ever played as a child and thus Hoenn is my backyard. I have planned novelizations for FireRed, SoulSilver, Emerald, Diamond, Black, and Y, after which the protagonists of all will meet at a special tournament. It allows me to expand on and weave together the mythos and various legendaries into a (mostly) streamlined story, and allows all my handpicked teams to face off against each other.

I...am neutral on the Pokemon Anime. I think it's good, but it suffers from the fact that Ash a) isn't allowed to get any older, b) isn't allowed to win any of the championships, c) none of the older friends (Misty and May) appear again, d) Paul doesn't get suitably destroyed for bullying his Chimchar and e) doesn't have a darker tone after all these seasons. Personally, I prefer the Pokemon Special manga.

Out of all the Pokemon games, my favorites are the Mystery Dungeon ones. I was pretty sad when in Gates to Infinity they took away the interview at the beginning, shortened the number of Pokemon to choose from and didn't have any female choices. I think the best one is Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky, but I do think Red/Blue Rescue Team gets overlooked in retrospect. They're both pretty epic and both have some emotional moments.


If you don't have a major project to do, I'd like to see some of these come to life (because I gave myself way too much to do). PM me if there's one you're interested in taking on. There's no time limit either!


Based off my new story 'The Boy Who Could Not Die'. Harry's body is the container for part of the soul of Lord Voldemort, but this has unexpected benefits. After all, Horcruxes can only be destroyed by Basilisk Venom, The Sword of Gryffindor, or Fiendfyre. Because he himself is a horcrux, Harry can only be killed by these things. When he is around seven/eight years old, something happens at the Dursleys that exposes his apparent invincibility to them. You can decide how they respond, but in the end Harry shall develop an utter confidence that he is invincible and loose the fear of everything.

Harry is aggressive, reckless, and possesses Deadpool-esque insanity (minus the fourth wall breaking). This hides away his fears and insecurities thanks to the Dursley's emotional abuse and fear of what he is. At one point, he rescues a girl/boy of your choosing by absorbing a would-be deadly blow and scaring off the attacker. This person shall eventually become friend/confident/love interest.

A horcrux person is

1 - incapable of physical injury. No exceptions barring the above mentioned horcrux destroyers.

2 - can go for long stretches without food or water, but they are still required in order to maintain energy and wakefulness. Without them, Harry would eventually get so tired he'd be unable to remain awake.

3 - physical capabilities are slightly above the norm due to the body being sturdy and muscles never ripping/pulling/getting sore.

How Dumbledore responds to this revelation - Dumbledore can be anywhere on the manipulative scale, but Harry being invincible isn't part of his grand design. If very manipulative, it will make him look for other ways to control Harry; primarily through friends and emotional bribery.

No bashing of Molly or Ginny Weasley. Ron or Percy, however, are fair game, as are anyone else in Hogwarts.

Harry must fight the basilisk, and be injured severely for the first time ever. The fallout of this is yours to decide.


Set pre Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and The Red Pyramid. When Ra was forced into the heavens by Isis, he left behind several concentrated amulets of his power. These amulets would turn demigods from half human hybrids into fully-blown gods, individuals who could replace the old gods and change the future of the world. This, in conjunction with the Prophecy of the half blood who would either save or raze Olympus, caused the gods to send more dangers out against Camp Half Blood/New Rome/The House of Life in an attempt to either find the amulets or destroy any child who may become the next gods.

Hades and Artemis have other ideas. Due to coming to an understanding at a certain point, Artemis sends her hunters out to find the amulets and send them into Hades's realm. One of them reaches Bianca, but Zeus catches sight of several huntresses with two amulets and hits them with the master bolt, causing their amulets to fall to the earth.

There, Percy and one other demigod of your choosing finds them and gains said incredible power.

Guidelines are as follows:

1 - all gods barring Artemis, Hermes and Hades may be bashed. Zeus in particular must be an all powerful child throwing temper tantrums.

2 - Zoe Nightshade may have an expanded role regarding the amulets.

3 - Percy may be shipped with anyone, but Annabeth is recommended due to her foresight

4 - Luke shall try to use the amulets for Kronos

5 - sympathetic depiction of one of the 'monsters' or 'enemies' from Greek/Roman/Egyptian mythology (Medea, Arachne, etc) who eventually come to help the heroes in their struggle against the old gods.

6 - there should be a connection between Apoptosis and Kronos

War of Five Regions

A minor dispute erupted into full-scale conflict when Kanto and Johto came to blows after a world tournament between the Gym Leaders. Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova were pulled into the embroiling conflict due to ancient alliances, while Kalos choose to remain neutral and a home for refugees. In this chaotic and bloody time, Ash Ketchum discovers the true meaning of a Pokemon Master - one who can calm conflicts...one who is chosen by the legendaries.

Unfortunately for him, he and May are trapped on opposite ends of the conflict. While May struggles to keep Max safe and find a way to protect her home in Hoenn, she discovers something that Kanto would kill to protect - sending both her and Ash spiraling towards the final conflict.


1 - many epic battles are required, spanning from LittleRoot to the League in Unova. All locations are welcome to be used except for Kalos, which is neutral and will not be involved in fighting until Yvetal is awakened by all the death that has been wrought, at which point they fight to contain him until Ash returns.

2 - Ash and May are a thing in this story, and their inability to fight each other must be important

3 - the gym leaders are on a sliding scale of accepting the war eagerly, secretly remaining neutral and helping refugees and political prisoners escape, or pacifists who have to flee to avoid conscription and help Ash in his journey later. In Kanto, Lt Surge is Eager, Koga is Neutral, and Erika is pacifist. In Johto, Clair is Eager, Pryce is Neutral, and Jasmine is Pacifist. In Hoenn, Brawley is Eager, Winona is Neutral, and Tate/Liza are Pacifist. In Sinnoh, Byron is Eager, Cadence is Neutral, and Maylene is Pacifist. In Unova, the Straighton Trio are Eager, Leonra is Neutral, and Drayden is Pacifist. The rest are scattered across the scale for you to choose from.

4 - N has some involvement; the Team Plasma members loyal to him are working underground to save battered/young Pokemon from battlefields or from being used as weapons.

5 - The Champions have some reservations about the war, Lance especially senses that something is up but must fight to protect his Region. By the third act, they will have come around; Lance and Cynthia in particular should be helping Ash as he goes to confront Yvetal.

6 - Giovanni, Ghetsis and Lysandre must be in some way responsible for the war. Giovanni and Ghetsis have their own selfish/miscellaneous motivations, but Lysandre wanted purely to resurrect Yvetal to wipe clean the slate (ie kill everyone who isn't part of Team Flare)

7 - AZ should have some plot importance

8 - Conflict between Ash's various travelling partners when they stand on opposite sides of any given battlefield.

9 - Any number of legendaries can be involved, either protecting their home haunts or assisting Ash in his attempt to end the war. Mewtwo in particular should be a force to be reckoned with, while Latios/Latias are Ash's most consistent helpers.

10 - Pokemon should make use of their creepy/unsettling Pokedex entries (Hypno and such) or just take their powers to the next level during conflict (Charizard and such)

Changed Worlds

This can be for Harry Potter or the Avengers. The Infinity Stone that alters space and time acts up when Thanos reaches out his clawed hand for it, sending itself and several others into a different time and place. In Harry's case, he ends up in a world where purebloods think they rule but muggleborns are belligerent, where people who were friends are suddenly distant and hostile, and there's a girl who looks like a shadow of his mother with his scar. In the Avengers Case, Thor and Steve find themselves in a world where Thor's actions in his past have proven to cause devastating consequences for the eight realms, while Cap discovers that HYDRA has a few other secrets he never faced in his time.

Guidelines for Harry Potter:

1 - The Ministry must be more competent but more corrupt. Things like using Imperious and Obliviate to take advantage of muggle women are considered legal for the pureblood elite, the justice system is heavily slated against muggleborns or half bloods (depending on their status) muggleborns aren't allowed to have jobs in certain places, etc.

2 - Hermione is an pure blood who is spiteful, haughty, bitchy and a major antagonist (just for the sake of variety - it always seems to be Ron in these stories)

3 - the Blacks were a newblood family while the Potters were the inbred, in fighting mess. Sirius was the one that married Lily while James was the 'best friend who rebelled against twisted family'. Lily died in the first war protecting her children, James was believed to be responsible by the Ministry due to the attack supposedly happening after Voldemort's death. Bellatrix is close to Sirius and a pivotal character.

4 - In this world, Harry has a younger sister named Dahlia. Dahlia must not be a sue, but she must have some importance to the Voldemort plot. Also, she and Ginny are a thing.

5 - The Weasleys are in the Malfoy's place in the hierarchy, but due to Arthur secretly being fascinated by muggles he and his family do their best to subtly fight against the Ministry.

6 - Upon Voldemort's resurrection, the muggleborns collectively snap under all the mistreatment they've received over the years and proceed to go French Revolution on the Ministry. Harry is faced with the decision of whether or not to support them; what he chooses is up to you.

The Avengers Guidelines

1 - Thor being returned after his 'banishment' was seen as an act of war by the Jotuns, who attacked in retaliation. Loki's Jotun heritage was discovered during one of the battles, and despite being the one who was nearly singlehandedly responsible for many victories he was forced to flee to Midgard to avoid execution. (think Tyrion after the Battle of Blackwater Bay) The eight realms were forced to fight over Thor's petty actions and Odin's refusal to uphold his end of the bargin with Laufy

2 - Odin is a self-righteous hypocrite and all-around terrible ruler. How bad he is consciously can vary, but his Cersei-like raising of Thor has directly resulting in a devastating war.

3 - Both Tony and Bruce are girls in this world. Tony/Talia is NOT shipped with Steve, though any other ship with him is valid. Talia can either go the FrostIron route, hook up with Rhodey, or be more...flexible (bisexual).

4 - Midgard, due to being the only native realm not at war, has seen a stream of refugees from other realms hiding among the population. Steve and Thor have to navigate how their affects day to day life with SHIELD.

5 - Natasha is the Winter Soldier, and both she and Clint were enslaved by the Red Room before Fury rescued them, so they are loyal to him and him alone. When Fury discovers the HYDRA infiltration (which had been supported by his predecessor) he breaks away with a number of loyal agents and forms the Avengers with Steve, Thor, Loki, Talia, Betty, and Wanda/Pietro if applicable.

6 - No bashing of Frigga, Jane, Fury or Pepper. Everyone else is fair game.

7 - Some involvement with the Guardians is possible and welcomed. Fury converses with the Nova Core at certain points to deal with Earth/Terra being part of the general acting universe.


In Westeros, the smallfolk have had quite enough. First, they suffered through the Mad King's Reign. Then they had to put up with a king who didn't know what he was doing, allowing conniving and selfish nobles to exploit them further over their petty feuds. But this bastard king, a selfish little monster who ordered their children slaughtered, was the absolute last straw. Riots turn into full blown revolution when Joffery Barantheon is dragged down by a raging crowd and stabbed to death.

1 - all the smallfolk must be in rebellion. After killing Joffery, they storm King's Landing. Despite heavy casualties, they overwhelm the Kingsguard by sheer numbers and take over.

2 - Sansa manages to escape because Sandor dragged her out of the crowd and took her north after Joffery was killed. Tyrion was spared the impromptu mass execution in the Red Keep due to being found by Tysha's relatives, who know what Tywin forced on him and his daughter.

3 - Cersei and Tywin Lannister must have a very, very terrible week. Poetic justice is done onto the Lion who is brought down by the sheep they thought had no mind or agency of their own.

4 - either Robb or Daenerys shall take over the Iron Throne by the end. Robb is a candidate because the Starks are known to be very kind and just towards their people, while Dany is probably the most empathetic noble in Westeros and not insane like most of her family (however, there is a caveat if Dany is chosen - the smallfolk shall insist she marry someone outside of her family due to not wanting another Aerys)

24 Hours

A flexible challenge, admissible for Harry Potter, the Avengers, or...any series, really. Lives have been lost, terrible decisions made, mistakes that caused suffering for those who never deserved it. Now, one person - the last person you would ever expect - has to turn back the clock. But it's no leisurely event - they will have to launch themselves through a gauntlet of terror, violence and power, every second counting, to avert the hell that had come upon them.


-The Anchor/Time Traveler is Petunia Dursley for Harry Potter and Loki for the Avengers.

-The Clock is an old piece of magic that the traveler comes across while looking for a way to change the world's fate.

-There is only twenty-four hours before the spell breaks and time unravels, causing this particular stream to break apart and for certain people to simply stop existing. Unless all the requirements/changes have been met, the timeline won't be able to right itself after such spectacular changes.

-A few objects can also be transferred through time, such as a dagger or a portkey, but they have to be small and not ostentatious.

-Keep a sense of panic, desperation and ticking time. No time for angst here!

-Try to keep bashing to a minimum, however it's not banned.

Live. Die. Repeat.

Lily Evans was a mutant. She never had a name for the gift she had, even once she had entered the wizarding world. But her power was that whenever she died, she could throw her memories back to herself earlier that day, over and over and over, until she can find a way to save the people she loved. Escaping Voldemort's clutches with Harry, Lily flees Britian as a fugitive dark creature, roaming the world until she meets Magneto. The older mutant takes Lily and her child in to his brotherhood; and when Voldemort attacks them early on Magneto destroys his body in the battle (no horcruxes! Tommy should have known when to cut his losses!). Harry is raised by Lily and Mystique while learning about his innate mutation (whatever that may be, within reason - no Godlike!Harry, please) with 'uncle Eric'. And then Harry is called back to school...


1 - having Lily and Harry around has softened Magneto somewhat - he's less inclined to give normal people death sentences, but he's also quite protective of both of them.

2 - James died because Lily couldn't find a way to save both him and Harry. Sirius and Remus are both at odds with her over this once she meets them again and reveals the facts around it.

3 - Mutants are considered 'dark creatures' by the Wizarding Government, so Harry has to bear some of that prejudice along with the nasty 'i survived Voldemort's rage' thing. Though due to the circumstances of his survival, he is NOT the boy-who-lived. there is no boy who lived in this universe.

4 - while she is still quite empathetic, living with the Brotherhood and experiencing some of the less welcoming of humanity has made Lily more guarded and pragmatic then she was beforehand. Not to mention the number of time she has died will make her rather jaded. This may be interpreted as Slytherin aspects if you wish, because she raised Harry to be similarly cautious.

5 - Movie X-Men continuity only. No MCU in this particular fic, because that would make it bloated.

I Will Never Be Yours

What if Lily, quite firmly, never chose to marry James Potter due to who he was? What if Harry Potter, so important to the future of the war, was never born? Lily Evans finds herself an outnumbered protector of nonmagicals caught in the crossfire of the war against Voldemort. What will she do to be free of the dark world, so her children could live in peace in the future?

1 - canon divergence number 1, Severus died in the Shrieking Shack. Sirius, riddled with guilt, kidnapped Remus to save him from the death sentence and fled seeking atonement. They are not part of the story.

2 - Lily refused to ever get involved with James, who she viewed as a potential stalker thanks to the 'I'll stop bothering him if you date me' thing he pulled. Hence, Harry is not born and the prophecy has only one target - Neville.

3 - the many harassed half bloods and muggleborns decide to form their own side of the war, given the Order's strictly reactive policy and the pureblood dogma that exists even outside of Voldemort and his minions.

4 - Lily joins this force and discovers the truth of the horcruxes while spying on the Order for them.

5 - Lily's birthday must be moved to July if its not already there. The prophecy was misinterpreted (because Trawley is not as good a Seer as others). What does that mean? You decide the extent of it!

6 - Muggle weapons can be used, but try not to make them an end-all-be-all solution. Because that's a little too easy.

7 - end the war with a three way confrontation between Dumbledore Voldemort and Lily.

Good luck, and may you stand tall even if you're alone.

Galaxy Lost

What if Serena Tuskino was not a happy, normal, well adjusted girl when Luna presses her into the lifestyle of a Sailor Scout?


1 - violent, distrustful, nihilistic Serena who doesn't believe in true love, justice or much of anything. She could be a street girl, from a broken home, or something similar.

2 - the other girls should be given correspondingly difficult lives, allowing them to still find equal ground on which to trust each other.

3 - make them more violent. No 'Moon Tiara Action', more like 'Moon Tiara Scythe."

4 - Serena, given her attitude, isn't one to believe in 'destiny', so she often does things just as she believes they should be done. This puts her at odds with Darien and the Outer Scouts quite frequently

5 - Given that Serena is more confident and decisive, don't have her bow to the Outer Scout's every whims. Make her a queen.

Upcoming Stories

Creation Theory: There are those who are chosen to do great things. Sometimes the universe needs heroes and villains, hope and despair, redemption and seduction, men and monsters. People become lost in the multiverse when a massive creation wave displaces them. Slowly, groups form, alliances are created, futures are changed and worlds are recreated. Mega Crossover including Harry Potter, The Avengers, Sailor Moon, Avatar/Korra, Batman, Star Wars, Pokemon and more. Plenty of pairings both canon and crossover. Sprawling Epic.

How I Spent My Vacation: HP/Avengers crossover, DH and Thor2/Age of Ultron AU. "You just violated every law of physics, including conservation of mass!" "...You personally witnessed and fought aliens that came down from the sky, and you think I'm the weird one!?" Ginny Weasley just wanted a break from the exhausting, traumatic war that ruined her old world. However, her 'prime tourist spot' is destroyed by a homicidal AI with daddy issues, forcing her to fight again - except this time she has some strange metahuman friends. How will this war end? Ginny/Pietro, Hermione/Loki, Bruce/Betty

24 Hours: time travel story with a twist. Loki is at the end of the line, and his last, desperate measure could easily go wrong. Once he activates the spell on an old clock, he will be sent back to Thor's coronation - but there's a catch. He has twenty-four hours to take measures to prevent the invasion, and to remove the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos's clutches forever. Every second counts.

The Illusion of Stability: "...should we ever perceive it, we shall all go mad from the revelation and escape back into the safety of a new dark age.” -Call of Cuthulu, HP Lovecraft.Magic and mental illness never played nice with each other. A Bipolar and traumatized Clara Potter comes to Hogwarts, having long despaired, her magic exploding in irrational bursts whenever her emotions swell. The more she experiences, the more she deteriorates, until one day the man who killed her mother pushes her too far. Perhaps she was meant to be Cuthulu. AU, powerful!damaged!fem!Harry, no pairings, lots of death

Barracuda: Companion piece to The Illusion of Stability. Life is an amalgamation of sudden accidents, coincidences and chaos. Retaliation, fun, games, stories - at some point they all started blurring together. That black and green matter in the back of her mind might just give her the strength that she needs to break free of her chains and her straightjacket and have a little fun. The personified insanity of Clara Potter wants to play. AU, M rating, dark/gory/violent/disturbing, Jokeresque!insane!fem!Harry, character bashing.

Russian Roulette: Luna finds the reincarnated princess of the moon in one of the worst places possible, ingrained in a lifestyle that would make the lowest pits of the Negaverse tremble. A different moon princess rises to face the invaders - and she is taking no prisoners. Dark re imagining of Sailor Moon, some suicidal themes, danger seeking Serena, Serena/Seyia eventually

The Carnageverse: Earth 6886 is in trouble. The rise of metahumans has resulted in violence, riots, and attempted exterminations on all sides. Many different worlds have come together, and the choice becomes clear - adapt, or be destroyed. Peter Stark returns from captivity with more then just a suit of armor. Anna Marie's mutation claims the life of the fallen prince of Asgard, creating a new champion for the nine realms. Maria Murdock wages a one-woman war on the streets of Hell's Kitchen with the aide of Elektra. Renee and Victor von Doom plan to take over the world and change it as they did Latveria after a bloody coup. Teenagers Bruce Banner and Betty Ross are on the run from SHIELD after a bombing of Harlem transforms them into something even mutants cower in fear from. Welcome to a world where everything is bloody and violent, but heroes still stand tall. AU Marvelverse, mixture of comic and movie canon, gender flips, violence and more.

What's Dead Should Stay Dead: Evil dead crossover. Harry Potter was very young when he escaped a hellish nightmare that required institutionalizing, causing him to be moved from Europe to a better treatment centre. When investigating what remained of the blood wards and the Dursley's house, Dumbledore stumbles across The Book of the Dead. Foolishly, as he did with the Hallows, he reads from it. The students of Hogwarts end up paying the price. AU, crossover, Ginny is central character, minor/major character death, blood/gore/violence/body horror, M rating.

Today, Tomorrow and Forever: A two parter, crossover between X Men and Avengers continuity. Riley Dane's mutation was a simple defensive mechanism - whenever she died, her thoughts were thrown back to the last moment when she was safe, so she could act differently and save herself. But the ability to alter time is never used easily. OC centric, but plenty of mutants and Avengers are awesome and involved, time loop story, violence, OC grows stronger throughout the loops.

Frank Castle vs Death Eaters: The infamous Punisher, in a moment of exhaustion, stops in a certain are of Little Whining to get his bearings when he spots an obease man bullying and abusing a small, fragile boy. Naturally, he gets involved. Taking the boy under his protection was easy - wizards could dish out pain, but they couldn't take it. There would come a day when every wizard in Britian would freeze in terror upon the sight of a white skull emblem. crossover, violent/dark/bloody, M rating for some torture implemented.

The Scenario: Jane Foster just wants her life to go back to normal after the Battle of Manhatten, where she nearly lost the closest thing she had to a father. Refusing to research for SHIELD, she instead turns to the phenomenon she discovered a few months afterwards - strange temporal distortions that were surrounded by bizarre accidents and disappearances. Deciding to investigate, Jane pays a nearby outcast Carrie Richter to show her around the areas. However, she ends up stumbling on something much more horrifying then even the Chitauri. Horror based, evil dead inspired, part of a series

Under My Bed: He was my little secret. I thought he was imaginary at first, but when I got a bit older we started really talking – talking about feeling ignored, talking about friendship and trust...talking about caring about other people and yourself. Then I walked into a movie theater and saw an advertisement – where my friend was standing tall as the antagonist. Well...I couldn't bear to let that happen. Even if I had to defy the All Father and the Jotun King, I would do everything I could to save him - even fall in love again. Dark self insert, parental neglect, guardian angel shtick

Second Chance: Megaman Zero AU, ignores ZX and Advent. Iris is rebuilt in Neo Acadia in an attempt to replicate her systems to create stronger, better fighting machines. She eventually escapes her imprisonment and is rescued by the Resistance, shortly after they awaken a similarly amnesiac Zero. Can they be together, or are they doomed to loose each other again? Zero/Iris, Axl will return

Lost Axl: Axl, one of the three great maverick hunters, has spent years in a capsule, lost out of time and space, is finally uncovered many years in the future – just in time for more trouble to come his way. For one thing, the guy he looked up to as a big brother and a mentor has amnesia and doesn't recognize him, and there's this freaky clone of the reploid he looked up to as a father that has made it his business to 'retire' reploids for the sake of some selfish humans. Certainly everything's gotten much weirder then when he was last awake. Megaman Zero AU, ignores pesky Z4 ending

Transformed: You know, I'm a cat person. That doesn't mean I want to BE a cat! Well, I did when I was little, but I never wanted to be a FERAL cat! After my last victory/death, I woke up as a kit in Thunderclan. By the time I'm of apprenticing age, I'm sharing a den with a certain orange cat. So, between inter-clan love, battles over territory, and the rise of Mr Cat Hitler, I'm going to have to find my place in this new world. self insert, dark/violent/all the stuff you associate with Warrior cats. First and Second series only. (and second series only tentatively part of the plan)

Peace: One morning, I died. Then I woke up as a pony. Well, I suppose there's nothing for it but to try and make a new life here, try and stay out of trouble. Yeah, how long was that going to last - I mean, why should Twilight be the only one to ascend to alicornhood when her friends were just as important? Now I just have to try not to fuck things up. The keyword being try. self insert, light and fluffy but darker elements will be imprinted.

Dinah's War Games: What if Ginta wasn't the one summoned to MAR by the Gatekeeper? What if, instead, they got a cold girl with brittle bones? Dinah is morbid, death obsessed and lives in the clouds. MAR may be a second chance at life – but only if she can defeat the Chess who strangle it. But will her darker thoughts consume her as she fights in a war? Dark, sick!protagonist (for the prologue) violent

Inverted: Steve and Natasha end up in a terrifying situation after the events of the Winter Soldier. An accident with experimental technology sends them to...New York? But its not the New York they remember – a copycat Captain enforces a dystopian regime lead by the worldwide iron fist of SHIELD. All their allies and friends have become enemies – forcing them to turn to a motly resistance made up of people they considered their enemies. dark AU, Dark Avengers, violence, minor/major character death, good!anti hero!Blonksy, straitlaced!empathetc!General Ross, badass!magnificent bastard!Loki, brainwashed!Tony, HYDRA!SHIELD, dystopia retelling, inverted!Loki/Natasha

In Which Tony Adopts and Fury Thinks It's A Terrible Idea: Tony's manwhore personality was bound to come back and bite him eventually. One of his past trysts dies in an accident, leaving a ten year old girl behind for him to take care of. This goes about as well as you would expect. Tony/Pepper, Bruce/Betty, fatherly!protective!Tony, motherly!badass!Pepper, supportive!Bruce and Betty, HDYRA better not kidnap Reyna if they know what's good for them (so of course, they do it)

The 56th Hunger Games: Dahlia Throne was a district three girl, selected to be thrown into the apathetic world of the games as punishment for her forefather's failed rebellion. However, the knife-wielding girl is determined not to loose herself, and the ultimate decision she makes lays the groundwork for Katniss Everdeen's rebellion. Backstory, explanation of the capital's decisions in the first book, dark, femslash and child death.

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Harry Potter and the Emerald Trance by DrizzleWizzle reviews
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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Rated: T - English - Mystery/Romance - Chapters: 7 - Words: 22,973 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 14 - Updated: 20h - Published: 4/18 - Phoenix W./Nick, Apollo J., Miles E., OC
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New Mexico was not the first time Thor had been a mortal. It was only a refinement of the technique. What if James Potter had been Thor, incarnated as a memoryless newborn? On his death, Odin removed his memories as James, due to grief. In Harry's Third Year, a (mostly) reformed Loki restores them. Harry now has a father, a family and a heritage that is going to change the world.
Crossover - Harry Potter & Avengers - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 66 - Words: 620,621 - Reviews: 5588 - Favs: 4,664 - Follows: 5,312 - Updated: 7/2 - Published: 1/11/2013 - Harry P., Thor
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Game of Thrones - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 9 - Words: 19,685 - Reviews: 88 - Favs: 120 - Follows: 185 - Updated: 4/29 - Published: 2/6 - [Sansa S., Viserys T.] Daenerys T.
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Game of Thrones - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 19 - Words: 68,308 - Reviews: 163 - Favs: 205 - Follows: 226 - Updated: 7/1/2014 - Published: 8/20/2012 - Daenerys T., Jon S.
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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 13 - Words: 37,008 - Reviews: 187 - Favs: 436 - Follows: 590 - Updated: 10/20/2013 - Published: 5/18/2011 - Harry P., Hermione G., Ginny W.
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