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Hey, it's me, TheGirlWithFarTooManyIdeas, my wonderful readers. (I changed my name because it is apt. Very, Very, Very apt. I get a lot of ideas and they come out all at once. I can only ask that you be patient with me!)

Random Stuff About Me:

I'm a huge bookworm, I love tv, I love video games, I like comics, I like going to beaches and lakes, I like watching the stars, I like animals (particularly the small cute fuzzy ones!) except for the bugs (unless its ladybugs and butterflies!) I like music, and I would like to have more friends.

Anime I Like:

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (one of the quintessential...and who's hype for R3?!)
InuYasha: (my gateway into anime in general)
Gundam SEED/0079/0083/War in the Pocket/Wing/AGE/Unicorn/00/Iron Blooded Orphans: (again, one of the greats, in all its iterations)
Gargantia and the Verdent Planet: (newer one, shiny and doing something different. Highly recommended for new viewers!)
Sailor Moon: (my other childhood gateway)
Tokyo Mew Mew: (occasional guilty pleasure)
Your Lie in April: (When you want to cry)
Darker than Black: (I need my assassin fix)
RWBY: (So much cool action! So many amazing weapons! So many badass girls! I hope everything's alright for my girls in the future!)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica: (you know every good thing you've heard about this show? It's all true. If you haven't watched it yet, you're a sad person and you're not allowed to talk to me until you have. I'm serious. Go. Watch it NOW.)
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: (Nanoha, you're an inspiration and I love how your solution to everything is MORE FIREPOWER. This is a GREAT girl power anime and you should go watch it too! Really! Off you go!)

TV Shows I Like:

Power Rangers/In Space/Lost Galaxy/Time Force/Mystic Force/Dino Charge (we all need some cheese, sincerity and giant robots in our lives)
Once Upon a Time (hits on all my love of fairy tales, modern day twists, retellings, redemption and romance)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (again, a gateway, though I'm not as fond of it as I once was)
Once Upon a Time In Wonderland (it brought something to the main series that was new. Too bad it didn't get renewed)
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (come and get me!)
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (cancelled far too soon and replaced with inferior crap to mimic the movie)
Voltron: Legendary Defender (a newer one, but it's got my attention as a sorta Gundam/Power Rangers mix)
Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra (first one is my childhood, the second one gave me badass female Avatar who's interesting on multiple levels...and lots of social political commentary to chew over)


I'm a Marvel fan first and formost, though I do love some DC characters like Superman. Wonder Woman is my heroine, Nightcrawler was my secret crush, Spider Man was a childhood pedestal, and more.

Video Games I Enjoy:

Dragon Age: Origins/II/Inquisition: (someone with a childhood love of fantasy {particularly Lord of the Rings}, elves, multi choice pasts/optional routes through the game? All the best characters a series could ask for? Oh yes)
Pokemon: (the bastian of my childhood, and a continued obsession to this day)
Megaman/X/Zero/ZX: (one of the classics, one of the first video games I was ever exposed makes me sad that the Blue Bomber has been screwed over by Capcom so much recently...I mean, all we got was Mighty No.9, and the less said about that the better. I miss Mega Man darn it!)
Mass Effect/2/3: (only thing I don't love to pieces are those damn endings to 3. You know what I mean. Otherwise it's in the same boat as Dragon Age.)
Fire Emblem Fates/Awakening/Echoes(Gaiden)/Sacred Stones: (stumbled onto this series thanks to the tag line of Fates, fell in love, am still examining some of the other games)
Plants vs Zombies: (laugh, set up peashooters and corncobs, watch the massacre!)
Bejewelled: (what I go to when I want to sate my desire for puzzle games)
Spyro: (a game of my childhood)
Tales of Symphonia/Vesperia/Abyss/Berseria/Graces: (I have never fallen in love with a series so fast. I think Vesperia and Symphonia are two of the best games I've ever seen, both among their series and among all)
The Phoenix Wright series: (these games are constantly intriguing with the twists and turns in various cases, utterly hilarious, have more memorable characters than you can shake a stick at, and show the profession of law in the best light possible.)

Books I Enjoy:

Harry Potter: (I actually had to wait to get into this one - I didn't enjoy it until I became a teenager. Funny that)
Lord of the Rings: (the source of my love of fantasy, and my childhood)
A Song of Fire and Ice/Game of Thrones: (still holding out for a happy ending!)
The Hunger Games: (far from perfect, the love subplot in particular can go bite one, but I need more protagonists like Katniss)
The Mortal Instruments: (part guilty pleasure, part fantasy fangirling)
Divergent: (definitely guilty pleasure)
The Selection Series: (an interesting romantic drama with a dystopic background. Handles it in a way that doesn't make me want to punch the characters involved)
Warrior Cats: (a series dealing with the clash of personal loyalties and the greater good, four unique warring tribes, lots and lots of brilliant characters, and they're all adorable cats? Complex moral scenarios, brutal battles, tragic deaths, natural disasters and whims of fate? Yes please!)

If there's ever a time when there seem to be a longer period of waiting for an update, it's because I'm seriously stressed out over something. When I'm stressed it's impossible to think and I'm just going to apologize ahead of time, because I'm just about to enter University and that can chew up a lot of time. Either that or I'm tired, distracted, or dealing with something personal. I try to keep updates consistent, though, so if I go for a long time without updating expect several stories to get new chapters all at once.

I'm a tomboy and I love cats. There's that too.

Also, Mobile Suit Gundam and anything associated with it is brilliant. But I'm pretty sure you didn't need me to tell you that. So instead, I'll list my favorite pilots, by series.
Gundam Wing: Duo Maxwell (his sunniness and jokester nature are desperately needed in the overwrought naval gazing) Quatre Winner (my dear sweet Desert Prince) Zechs Marquies (his conflict and intensity is a treat).

Gundam Seed: Kira Yamato (martial pacifist, yes please. Don't see why people call him whiny - compared to Shinji, he's positively upbeat. Mind you, I'm talking about the REAL Kira, not that omniscient angel from on high Kira from Destiny) Athrun Zala (handsome, deeply conflicted, troubled and badass - yes please) Nicol Amalfi (similar to Quatre, deserved to live) Dearka Elsman (gets all the best lines, plus the Buster is awesome) Shinn Asuka (violent, unconventional, troubled, hidden heart of gold, more astute than people give him credit for, and criminally underutilized) Yzak Joule (the bad good guy. Took a while to grow on me, but the end of SEED and his events in Destiny won me over) Lunamaria Hawke (I love her sass, plus Gundam desperately needs more girls in the hard hitting suits!)

Gundam 00: Setsuna F Seiei (stoic, layered, determined like you wouldn't believe.) Lockon Stratus/Neil (sweet big brother, tough center, badass friendly sniper.) Tieria Ede (didn't like him at first, came to like him during the second season. Interesting personal conflict, plus he's so sweet once he's softened up) Nena Trinity (may be a bit controversial, but I love her because she's evil/crazy - and women pilots are seriously outnumbered in Gundam)

Gundam UC: Char Aznable (the original Red Comet, from which all Char Clones come. Seriously. Freakin. Badass.) Anavel Gato (confidence is attractive) Banahger Links (the use of empathy throughout his story is probably Gundam's best) Kamille Bidan (took a while to grow on me, but ultimately he's much like what Shinn could have been if he hadn't been screwed out of character development)

Gundam AGE: Asemu Asuno (SUPER PILOT jokes aside, it's rare to see a normal pilot be able to kick the crap out of the Newtype/X Rounder/whatever the psychic pilots are called - and be totally awesome while doing it. And then he went and became a pirate. Yes please) Zeheart Gallete (love him for similar reasons to Athrun. Pity the Third Generation screws him over) Woolf Enneacle (hilarious, badass, radiating personality every time he's on screen, and has a wolf motif. Nearly pitched my computer out the window when he died) Kio Asuno (I feel SO BAD for this kid! Yeah he makes some stupid decisions, but he is a traumatized thirteen year old! I just wanted something to go right for him.)

On a similar note, who plays Tales? Who's your favorite Tales character? Here are my top six.

Yuri Lowell (he nails a mix of likable, snarky, and secretly insecure along with some moral ambiguity that you don't usually see in protagonists of his genre. Easily one of my favorite characters in anything.)

Luke fon Fabre (If Yuri is the best overall, then Luke is second and probably has the best character arc (Yuri's is a bit let down by his game's awkward storytelling), nailing a mix of spoiled and sweetly naive at the beginning before maturing into a messiah archetype who isn't obnoxious (hihi, Destiny!Kira)

Velvet Crowe (Velvet is basically Yuri dialed up to eleven, with less of a sense of humor and just as much awesome. I adore her character arc, her personality, and while I'm not perfectly on board with how her story ends she is always the best part of it.)

Zelos Wilder (morally ambiguous characters have a dubious line to tread when they are meant to be sympathetic; Zelos pulled it off, managing to annoy and anger me while simultaneously endearing himself to me even before I learned his tragic backstory.)

Lloyd Ivring (lower on the list due to not developing as much as others, but in fairness, he didn't really need to - he already had the mindset needed to win the battles that were presented to him once he'd gotten some experience.)

Sync the Tempest (I adore him to bits and pieces and want to hug him, even though doing so would probably get me stabbed. He's my favorite character in Abyss)

Stories Planned for the Future

Dark One (Harry Potter)

The last time Catherine Potter was human, she was battered and left to bleed out on the roadside by the Dursleys - themselves compelled by forces they did not know of. However, chance brought a creature to her side, a creature that showed her more humanity than most humans have ever shown her kind. A Succubus. A creature of lust and dark power. Melia Saranda Converted the dying child, transforming her into one of them - hopefully for the salvation of her race, which has been slowly dying to a curse and the cruelty of wizardkind. Catherine grows up among them, and once matured, she ventures back to the world of her birth to exact vengeance for her family, human and creature...and seek a mate along the way. Perhaps more than one? Succubi are fairly amiable on the topic.

Rating: M (sex and violence)
Other Tags: AU, twisted canon, some character bashing, wizarding Britain is not a nice place, femslash
Pairings: fem!Harry/Luna/Ginny/Flora/OC

Potter Magi Christina Magica (Harry Potter and Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Kyubey saw something in Madoka Kaname that she hadn't seen in a while. Why, the last time he saw a Magical Girl with so much potential...oh, it was years ago - in Britain. He always found it silly that those lower class magic users referred to themselves as Witches - especially when they were so powerless against them. had almost been perfect. The setting was perfect - a war against a soulless wizard, all the hope of a country balanced on one girl - loading her with their karmic destiny. Unfortunately, there was one little thing the Incubator hadn't accounted for...

Rating: T-M (violence, various witch form descriptions, Kyubey being creepy)
Other Tags: crossover
Pairings: fem!Harry/Ginny

Exalted (Dragon Age Origins/II/Inquisition)

The Dalish pantheon were mortal once. Their powers can be passed on to others. Others who suffered enslavement and humiliation, another who longs to break the chains fashioned to them by humans. Fen'Harel passed to a Tevinter slave who's family was sacrificed in a blood ritual to empower his master. Mythal passed to a naive girl who's life was dedicated to their history. The other gods seek hosts while the Fifth Blight ravages Ferelden. Chance brings Sophia Hawke to a precipice history had never reached before - the restoration of Elvhenan and a potential war of retribution against the Chantry and humankind. The Mage Rebellion brings further complications. And some Old Gods and Demons are not content with their work being undone...

Rating: T-M (slavery/referenced abuse, racism, violence and gore)
Other Tags: Massively AU (especially in regards to revelations from Tresspasser), mage Fenris/Leto, Fen'Harel!Fenris, Mythal!Merrill, warrior!diplomatic!fem!Hawke, f!Surana, m!rogue!Adaar, king!Alistar, racial conflict, touch sensitivity, struggles with prejudice
Pairings: Fenris/Hawke, ?/Merrill/?, f!Surana/Leliana, m!Adaar/Dorian

Twisted Timelines, Two Seeds (Gundam Seed/Destiny)

During the Break the World incident, the space sky split open, revealing a subspace highway and spitting out over a dozen mysterious Gundams. The Minerva finds itself playing host to inter dimensional/timeline refugees - many of whom look mysteriously familiar, despite being as strange as their fusion reactor, dark matter armed mobile suits. And since the machines allowed them to prevent the devastation the falling of Junius Seven would have caused, every faction of humanity is after them. Athrun, Shinn and Kira struggle to find a correct answer in an increasingly complicated war - and discover stunning things about the children and the world along the way.

Rating: T-M (war scenes, medical experimentation, discussions of PTSD, Yuuna is a creepy bastard)
Other Tags: pseudo time travel, kids from the future, derailed canon, infighting among the Earth Alliance, Cagalli is less of a dumbass (eventually), significant retcon regarding Ultimate Coordinator process
Pairings: Kira/Lacus - Kira/Flay, Athrun/Lunamaria, Shinn/Stella, Dearka/Miriallia, Yzak/OC, Nicol/Meer, Rey/Meyrin, Murrue/Mu, OC/OC

Stars and Sea (Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2/3)

Alyssa Hawke thought that holding the line in the Fade...being banished to the distant corners...that was supposed to be the end of her, right? Her only regret being never seeing her beloved's face again? But it seems fate is not quite done with the Champion of Kirkwall. She finds an exit to the Fade, dropping her in Horizon - a colony among the stars. And just as she's reeling from all the culture shock (space ships? Omni tools? Showers? What is all this magical yet not magical fuckery?), the Reapers (who are basically the Blight coated in ten tons of armor) come knocking on their front door demanding tribute. She chases them off with magic (and is immediately revered as an angel/goddess/emissary) and draws the attention of a massive human cult, who kidnap (sorry, recruit) her and propose a mission to save the universe. And here she thought dying was supposed to be the end of your problems...

Rating: T (violence, Cerberus being creepy, body horror in places [Reapers and Blood Mages])
Other Tags: crossover, jumps off from ending of Here Lies the Abyss in DA:I, Shepard could not be resurrected, as if Fenris wouldn't follow her into the Fade, mage!snarky/diplomatic!fem!Hawke
Pairings: Hawke/Fenris, Garrus/Tali

Heroine, Champion, Herald (Dragon Age)

Aedan Hawke was sixteen, with the Blight on the horizon at Ostagar, when a streak of bad luck gets her caught as an apostate by the Templars. However, Duncan happened to be in the area (travelling to the battle with Kiara Tebris) and, remembering the talents of Dalish mage Malcolm, invokes the Rite of Conscription. Aedan, eternal outcast, suddenly finds herself thrust into the role of a travelling hero, through the Blight, across Ferelden, to Kirkwall, and beyond - fighting demons, racist nobles, controlling Templars, broodmothers, Archdemons, and one of the originators of it all. She struggles against prejudice, against scheming party members, and against her potential fate. It's a long road ahead...

Rating: T-M (violence, sensuality, racism, body horror)
Other Tags: or in which the DA games have a Shepard esque protagonist, Hawke is younger than Bethany/Carver, half elf!mage!diplomatic/aggressive!Hawke, Dalish!Malcolm, canon welding, AU in places, particularly DA II and Tresspasser, half elves are half elves not humans with extra genes, the elven gods are gods not power tripping mages
Pairings: Hawke/Fenris, f!Tebris/Alistar, one sided Anders/Hawke (rivalry)

Obscurus (Harry Potter)

It really was kind of stupid of Dumbledore, once you sat down and examined his 'grand plan' with any real thought. You'd think with his greatest failure related knowledge of what happens to young magic users, he would have known better than to leave little Christina Potter with her magic hating relatives. Now there's a fifty foot blast radius where #4 Privet Drive used to be, a little girl torn between her own insanity and the insanity of another planted in her brain, wound up like a nuclear bomb with a dodgy, broken timer just waiting to explode. Where will you be standing when it goes off?

Rating: M (violence against minor)
Other Tags: Tragedy
Pairings: Gen.

Ultimate (Gundam SEED and Gundam 00)

The explosion of Genesis catches Kira Yamato, but she finds herself waking up in orbit of an Earth with several elevators connected to the atmosphere. Disoriented and cut off from everything familiar, the young woman stumbles headfirst into an ancient conspiracy aimed at eliminating war - the same sort of war she was unwittingly dragged into what seems like a lifetime ago. Chased into the hands of Celestial Being by the aggressive nation states, Kira's unwanted birthright emerges in full, drawing many eyes as she fights for a quiet world where she can finally get some rest...

Rating: T (war, mentions of non-consensual medical procedures)
Other Tags: crossover, fem!Kira
Pairings: Kira/Setsuna, Saji/Louise

Take A Right At the Interstate [and run over as many Darkspawn as you can] (Dragon Age: Origins)

Elise is a young getaway driver who's only peace and quiet in life is playing Dragon Age. Of course, that only applies when the darkspawn are safely locked in your computer screen, rather than randomly spawning on the road forcing you to take a hard left into Ferelden, Thedas, just in time to catch the Fifth Blight! So she's low on gas, there's no indoor plumbing, every other person she runs into seems to be taken from Game of Thrones, she has a finite number of bullets, oh and the end of the world has legs and is running her way. Good thing she knows how to make chemical fires. Or not good, since Teryn Loghain decided that her proximity to Mariah Cousland (she just wanted to buy/steal some freaking food!) makes her a target too. As opposed to, you know, impending doom. Some people reeeally need to get their priorities in order.

Rating: T-M (darkspawn mothers, violence, sexuality)
Other Tags: character transplant, f!human noble
Pairings: f!Cousland/Allister, Elise/Zevran

There's a Back Road to Kirkwall [try not to hit the Blood Mages] (Dragon Age: Origins/II)

So she drove a car (and an Arch Demon? Her mind is a little fuzzy on that) through the border back to the Land Without Magic (her own boring ass world), nice and safe and not full of darkspawn waiting to eat her. She should just take a light sentence, put it aside as the fond memory of the time she actually made a difference in the world, and go on with life. Right? Yeah, right, that's why Elise has been driving all over the place looking for another entrance to Thedas. This time she'll even come prepared! Or as prepared as she can be when she nearly runs over Alyssa Hawke and her band of misfits halfway on the road to Kirkwall. Oh, and that barrier between their worlds? It might very well pull a 'same matter can't occupy same space' nonsense on everything Elise has come to care about if she and Hawke can't figure out what it is about Kirkwall that makes it a bloody hellmouth, and do something about it. Demons are kind of dicks that way - though apparently not as big dicks as some of the idiots around here.

Rating: T-M (violence, politics, sexuality)
Other Tags: Sequel, character transplant, fem!mage!Hawke
Pairings: Hawke/Fenris, Elise/Zevran, Merril/Carver

Onward, To the Age of the Dragon! [fasten your seatbelts, we're about to bulldoze Corypheus] (Dragon Age: Origins/II/Inquisition)

Well. So they stopped Corypheus's buddies from melting the two worlds together - but damn it, couldn't something be less messy for once? Or at least to an extent that Cassandra wasn't breathing down her neck? With a flood of refugees from the Land Without Magic, Elise has been chosen [re: drafted] as the middle management, getting them and their (less awesome) cars and such settled in their new, skyscraper - free landscape, on behalf of the newly formed Inquisition. As if she had any experience with THAT. Well, at least she has an excuse to flee the room when Queen Mariah names her godmother of her second child. Oh, and Alyssa Hawke is annoyed that Corypheus, true to Elise's warnings, isn't as dead as he seemed - and Fenris will probably kill her if she lets his pregnant wife run off half cocked. Can she really not shove some of this off on the new Herald?

Rating: T-M (violence, politics, sexuality)
Other Tags: sequel, character transplant, elf!rogue!Inquisitor
Pairings: Elise/Zevran, Hawke/Fenris, f!Cousland/Alistar, f!Inquisitor/Solas

Destiny Calls

The ending of the last war wasn't a victory - it was only a respite. A genocidal cult still holds power over the earth; no amount of politicking and peaceful stands could sway them from their hatreds. Would you sacrifice the lives of the innocent to placate them, to place your own peace of mind above the people who depend on you for survival? Will you sell your soul to the corrupting fire of rage and madness in order to put a decisive end to it? "Never loose control. Never let the monster out." A radical rewrite of Gundam SEED Destiny.

Rating: T (war crimes, violence, some sexuality)
Other Tags: canon rewrite
Pairings: Shinn/Stella

Convergence (RWBY and Tales of Vesperia/Beresia/Symphonia/Abyss)

Just before the Vale tournament, RWBY is sent to investigate a mysterious Dust Crystal that was found deep within a Vale mountain. However, they are attacked by a series of strange Grim and a mysterious figure appears, activating the Crystal and saving the team...however, due to the sudden nature of the 'transfer', the girls are sent in different directions to different plains. Ruby wanders Terca Lumireis, her silver eyes and their power marking her a target of a warlord wanting to change the landscape of his world, and a kindred spirit who may lead her to dark places. Weiss looses her hand on landing impact in Midgand; awakening to find the limb replaced with a demonic claw by the corrupted order of Sheperds. Blake falls afoul with the Desians while trying to navigate two strange worlds, and confronts a new yet familiar opponent who desires a better future. Yang finds herself in service to a noble family after crash landing in their back yard and breaking a ming vase, the childish Luke filling the hole left by her missing sister. After four years, the team successfully reunites, along with many new friends and companions...only upon returning home they find their troubles are not yet over.

Rating: T (violence, referenced/lightly described abuse, themes of genocide/fascism)
Other Tags: crossover, pre vol 3 for RWBY, some shipping, brotip/brother-sister(sister-sister) dynamics, team bonding/family of choice, platonic Blake Belladonna/Zelos Wilder and Blake/Lloyd Ivring, big sister!Yang/little brother!Luke fon Fabre
Pairings: Ruby Rose/Yuri Lowell, Yang Xaio Long/Guy Cecil, Penny/Sync the Tempest, Asch/Natalia, Estelle/Rita, Velvet/Eleanor, Lloyd/Zelos/Sheena

Measure of a Replica (RWBY and Tales of the Abyss)

Sync the Tempest, failed clone of Fon Master Ion, desired nothing but oblivion and with it freedom from the Score, from Pain, from his defective existence, from the mockery of the people who forced this half life on him. However, a mysterious Fonic Hymm sends him sprawling into the world of Remnant - where there is no formicy and no Score. In this strange, foreign reality that disrupts his only sense of purpose, Sync wanders Vale; drawing Ozpin's eye with effortless displays of power and a worrying apathy towards the future. Wanting to keep this scarred, ill tempered child from being ensnared by Salem, Ozpin brings the replica to Beacon in hopes of rekindling his faith in humanity...

Rating: T (violence, existentialism, mentioned abuse [Van's treatment of Sync/Luke/Asch, Adam's treatment of Blake] medical drama)
Other Tags: crossover, pre Tower of Rem Abyss, mid vol 2 RWBY, family of choice, emotional trauma/self hatred
Pairings: eventual Sync/Ruby, Jaune/Pyrrha, Ren/Nora, Yang/Blake


Totally Irrational Fangirl Complaints/Opinions about my Favorite Books/Comics/Stuff

Game of Thrones: I stopped reading Game of Thrones books from start to finish after Storm of Swords. The story is addicting, and I still read the chunks of the books dedicated to Dany, Arya, Tyrion or Jon, but there's only so much upsetting trauma I can take. It's probably intentional that all these bad things are happening and the story can get so frustrating, but I dunno - I could use a few victories along with the slew of depression and death. Plus, I despise Littlefinger's Karma Houdini warrant and his apparent invulnerability. There's everything else that's happened during the war of five kings, but people far safer then him have died and yet he survives like a damn cockroach. Ugh!

Warrior Cats: I never read the fourth arc all the way through - it kinda lost me after Dovewing got introduced. Plus, while I think it was a poetic touch that the main series begins and ends with Firestar, he's also my favorite and I don't like that he dies and is replaced by Brambleclaw, AKA Gary Sue that everyone props up as wonderful. (seriously, Graystripe should have been deputy again if they HAD to kill Firestar). Plus, I don't get the whole second death thing in the Starclan/Dark Forest thing - how do you kill spirits/souls??? Also, I HATE who Onewhisker/Onestar turns into in the third/fourth series! He was one of my favorites and they turned him into a complete ass! Agh! Eh, if I write fanfics, they're probably canon alterations in the first two arcs and maaaaybe the third.

The Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices: Again, I will mainly focus on the first three books. Sebastian kinda felt like a voodoo shark during books four and five (though book six was a suitably epic note to end on.) I also have an irrational dislike of Tessa thanks to her attitude during Clockwork Prince and her excessive references to Wuthering Heights (chalk that up to another person who missed the point of that book...) and her romance/marriage to Jem (plus his randomly gaining immortality at the end of the series) felt incredibly rushed to me, and very unlike the passion-fulled Clace romance from the main series.

Marvel Cinematic Universe: I frickin despise Odin. I think he's a cowardly, hypocritical, cold-hearted, senile, self-centered old man. Expect that to come up A LOT in my stories. Plus, I don't like the conclusion to Agents of SHIELD, which comfortably settles down into blindingly black and white morality and conveniently absolves SHIELD of any immorality by blaming it on big bad HYDRA. (though I admit I do like that twist. I had actually entertained it before and was kind of blown away by being proven right.) Also, if one of your villains (do you have to ask who?) is often more likeable then the main you're doing something wrong, or your framing who's the protagonist wrong. I'm also pissed that they killed off Frigga. Wow! There goes the only other Asgardian I entirely adore! Damn it Marvel, don't go back to Fridging! (I have a few problems with Thor now and then, though that's not to say I hate him.)

Am I the only one who thinks that Tony gets more flack then he deserves? Don't get me wrong - he can still be an arrogant berk who makes irrational decisions - but people around him seem to entirely ignore how he changed after his kidnapping! Steve is particularly infuriating in this regard; he says that Tony's not a hero for not wanting to thoughtlessly martyr himself when there are perfectly clear third options to take, and the movie's clearly on his side - except - why should you lie down on a wire to let people cross when you can cut it?! There are people who want him to come home too you know! It's not immoral to want to get yourself out as well as the guys you're looking out for! And it's like whenever there's a problem, Fury and the others totally ignore that Tony tore apart a terrorist syndicate, took down a lunatic using his technology while buying time for his expo to evacuate, has dealt with a ton of emotional baggage but hasn't let it break him, shut down his weapons development and in general has saved thousands of lives! Geez! Show him some frickin respect, Steve! I would have expected you of all people to know better then to say 'we have orders, we should follow them'. Gee Steve, didn't you have a few unpleasant encounters with people who said something similar back before you were frozen!?

Code Geass R2: I feel like the second season isn't as good as the first. My biggest beef is the betrayal of the Black Knights, mainly because of HOW it happens. They listen to f--king SCHNIZEL, one of their sworn enemies (who, mind you, has just NUKED TOKYO), and take his word for it...for some reason...and then VILETTA (hate you so much, bitch!) comes in and says 'yeah you should totally believe him and betray Zero'. F--king Viletta, who shot Ohgi in the back (and for some reason he's still in love with her after that. Man, love really does make people stupid, and crazy!) and was a loyal Knight of Britannia! Why would you listen to them?! That, of course, all leads into the Zero Requiem, and goddamnit but I haven't bawled so hard at the end of a movie since I watched James Cameron's Titanic! Granted, the 'Euphenator' incident proved that when shit went down hill, it went downhill FAST, but at least those other times felt somewhat justified! This betrayal didn't!

Gundam SEED: Destiny: ...(puts head on desk) Uuuuugh. This show had a lot going for it! I didn't mind the fact that there was another war started - it would be like the World War II to SEED's World War I. I didn't mind that Athrun rejoined ZAFT - the way Durandal attacked his psyche and manipulated his sense of guilt and duty made sense. I didn't even mind that some of the big conflicts could have been resolved if the two sides just SAT DOWN AND TALKED TO EACH OTHER, because the Colony Drop probably wasn't leaving people in the mood for talking. But then Stella died. And everything became a COMPLETE MESS! I HATE how Kira has been upgraded from a gentle boy with a good heart to an insufferable messianic saint who's never wrong! I HATE how Athrun is forced to recycle his character development from the first series rather than coming to conclusions independently like I think he could at that point! I HATE how Shinn, a fascinating Gundam Pilot with so much room for development, gets completely short changed and forced out of the protagonist slot for the Hyper-Flanderized Kira! I HATE how Cagalli becomes weak, insufferable, bratty and an actual detriment to the plot! I HATE, HATE Orb's arrogant hypocrisy and how the narrative goes out of its way to protect them when they NO LONGER DESERVE IT! I HATE Rey Za Burrel for how he FURTHER screws Shinn over and leaves the poor boy practically insane by the end! ARGH!

Gundam AGE: I love the generational concept; it was something no one had really tried before and allowed for a huge scale. Second Generation is far and above my favourite and the best written. Then there's Third Generation. (siiiiiiiiiiiigh) I have a high tolerance for things that some people don't like (you can see I love Destiny and like the 00 Movie for the most part) but seriously? Eff the ending to this show. With a freaking rake. If that's what a Happy Ending is supposed to look like, I'd rather go out Romeo and Juliet style. Screw over one of your most nuanced characters (Zeheart) to do so along the way? Screw that too.

The Hunger Games: This seems to be split into two factions - those who hate Mockingjay and those who don't. Me? I hate Mockingjay. I hate that it kills Finnick, one of its most interesting characters, just for shock value. I hate that it kills Prim, tearing away what made Katniss's conflict in the first book so compelling and what she's been fighting for all this time because LOLZDARK!! I hate that it goes the stupid 'lesser of two evils' route despite the fact that all we have to show for the Rebellion being EVUL is the word of President Snow, who's most likely LYING to save his own ass! And I hate Peeta. UUUUGH. Telling me over and over that he's the most wonderful thing since sliced bread while simultaneously have him be absolutely useless AND at times a COMPLETE detriment to her efforts is not going to convince me! Why couldn't Katniss's love for Prim and Rue be reason enough for her to be the Mockingjay?

Dragon Age Inquisition: OKAY. (groans) Touchy topic, oye...I like this game. I like this series; I really, really like it. But the Dalish history...specifically, the " " Real " " history of the ancient elven kingdom ,its Gods, and why it fell...(groans again) Okay, BioWare. You're normally pretty good with these sorts of things. However, your treatment of religion is kinda...(sighs heavily) You did it in Mass Effect too...the whole "The Goddess is just something the Protheans made up"... Let me put it this way - if the elves were based on Jewish culture, then the revelations of Tresspasser are problematic on multiple levels, and I'm not sticking my toe into that pit of acid. But even if you don't touch on that specific history of oppression... *think* about it, because apparently no one at BioWare did. Hey, these people have suffered horrifically with thousands of years of slavery and systematic oppression. But hey, it's totally their own fault, so the Chantry isn't solely to blame! See if they'd just been more humble and assisted the countries that had originally held them as slaves, and were being very pushy (including sending many missionaries to *convert* "heretics") and infringing on their newfound freedom, then the humans wouldn't have retaliated over the accidental death of ONE woman to hold an Exalted March and completely destroy the Dales! Hey, they have this complex mythology and belief system they are so proud of! Don't worry, it's all a pack of lies and misinterpretations, and they should be ashamed of believing in it! ("they were slave markings"...that was low, BioWare) Oh, and their Gods weren't even "gods" at all, they were just mages like the seven Tevinter ones that broke into the Golden City - plus they were evil, killed the only 'sensible' one among them (who's now possessing a white human woman, of course) kept their own people as slaves, and are locked behind the Veil that also stole all the elves greater powers leaving them vulnerable to slavery and all the other terrors. Also, Morrigan has to explain your own culture to you if you play a Dalish Inquisitor and she thinks she's the 'proper' choice to inherit the cultural knowledge kept in the well of sorrows as opposed to...someone who is of that culture. (beat) Because apparently BioWare, otherwise one of the best companies in that regard, didn't notice that they wrote a narrative completely blaming an oppressed people for their own oppression while whitewashing their oppressors.

Tales of the Abyss I'm going to say two words other fans of this game might find familiar - "Akzeruith" and "Murdernise". It took me a while to get into the plot of Abyss, not because I hated Luke - though I did often find him obnoxious, it was clear that he was emotionally equivalent to seven and therefore had the decision making skills of that age at best - but because the attitude of the rest of the party pissed me off so goddamn much! Tear berates him for trusting Van even though she refuses to explain what the hell Van has supposedly done that's so terrible; even if she didn't think he'd believe her, putting it out there is preferable to telling a kid to question his surroundings, then insisting he shut up when he asks you to tell him something really goddamn important! Then there's Jade, who's a dick to Luke and withholds the knowledge that he's a replica for literally the stupidest reason possible ("I didn't feel like explaining", no, not even when we're at Akzeruith on a Closed Score Mission? Really?) yet still expected Luke to trust him. Then there's smug little Anise, who set herself up as a gold digger and acted really obnoxiously around him plus she was reporting to Mohs, so she bloody well knew what was going to happen but doesn't say anything, while insisting that its totally Luke's fault and saying he should die - what a hypocrite! Guy knew what was going on since he was working with Van at that point, still made no attempt to stop it (mercifully he's one of the few people who actively admits his role in this farce) while Natalia, who admittedly had the least reason to suspect something was up, was no help whatsoever in defusing the situation. They all make this parade about Luke earning their trust back, when they never deserved it in the first place and somehow forgot to blame VAN, the one ACTUALLY RESPONSIBLE for it all, dumping ALL the responsibility on Luke (because lots and lots of seven year olds know to be suspicious of their only real parental figure! Of course!) and yet when friggin Anise gets Ion killed through her stupidity (does she really think that the party, at that point in the game, isn't capable of stomping a mud hole in Mohs?) she gets off with less than a slap on the wrist - and proceeds to get Arietta, who's infinitely more sympathetic than her, killed in a completely unnecessary duel because Murdernise doesn't care to explain that the Ion Arietta remembered died two years ago, even having the nerve to tell the grief stricken girl upon being confronted "yeah I got Ion killed, wanna make something of it?" That put Anise squarely on the list of most unsympathetic main characters ever - at that point, Asch and Sync were more likeable than her!

Tales of Vesperia: I love this friggin game. But the villains are SO WEAK! Which is a shame, because Tales is usually really, really good at sympathetic villains (ie Mithos, Sync, Lambda) but the ones in this game are either Hate Sinks (Ragou, Cumore) or their motivations are either buried in a manual somewhere or completely incomprehensible. Alexei could have been a great villain, a dark mirror to Yuri and tragic in the vein of Mithos. He could have had a scene where he chatted with Yuri, outlined the flaws of the empire, and basically say that our favorite vigilante was one mistake away from becoming like him. But instead his plan is nonsensical, (fed up with the empire's corruption - allows Ragou and Cumore to do whatever they want) convoluted (what does anything in the first act have to do with claiming the 'power' of Zaude?), and his importance in the plot ends up playing second fiddle to the Adephagos - which is the point where the game takes a hard turn from Order vs Chaos to environmentalism. Which, to be fair, is handled more competently than most plots of its ilk, but it's such a letdown because the Adephagos can't be personalized, only becomes a tangible threat in the last act, and it serves as a Conflict Killer rather than definitively settling the differences of Yuri, Flynn, Alexei and Duke's ideologies. Killing an unholy abomination is always awesome, but the lack of connection between it and the Order vs Chaos plot makes it a less satisfying conclusion than it could have been.

Random things that annoy me in fanfics.

Bad Grammar. I admit I overlook spelling mistakes sometimes and have to go back and correct them (due to not having a beta), but fanfics where the sentences run on, periods are in weird places and generally looks like it was written by a five year old? Yeah. Poor literacy is a huge pet peeve of mine especially since I enjoy writing and reading so much.

De-Powering female characters: I hate it when a strong female character is reduced to the role of 'weeping love interest', especially if it's in the name of making a non-canon ship possible. I hate it even more when she's turned into a 'possessive psychopath' so her love interest has a 'reason' to turn to some other chick. It's a nasty stereotype of female exs, loaded with double standards and leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Constant Mary Sue Accusations: God almighty! I'm so sick and tired of putting a female character in an important role and immediately getting people yelling MARY SUE! It's especially galling when you consider that men in similar positions aren't given a second glance! I mean, fuck, really? Luke is the force sensitive savior of the galaxy who became a jedi with a year of training and that's fine, but Lena Duchannes being one of the most powerful Casters ever? SHE'S OBVIOUSLY A SUE BECAUSE A GIRL CAN'T BE THAT POWERFUL WITHOUT BEING PERFECT.

Slash fics with misogyny: Uh...guys...two guys/girls can be in love without labeling their canon/teased love interests as 'sluts', 'whores', 'homewreckers' and the like. Trading one prejudice for another isn't any better then your average token homophobe. I enjoy slash fics when the girls are treated as human beings...not the ones where they're made into the Ultimate Evil for the sake of drama.

Couples I support
(OTP stands for One True Pairing)


Harry/Ginny (yes I like her a lot! Yes, I think there is actual substance to their relationship! Yes, I think she's an interesting, balanced character! Yes, I think they work well together! This is my favorite HP pairing, she doesn't deserve the demonization she gets so often!) OTP

Harry/Luna (I like their interaction and I think they could have been something more if Ginny had never been interested in him. I don't like that in the Epilogue Luna gets shoved off on some guy who never appeared in the series instead of someone we see her interact with)

Harry/Daphne and/or Astoria (I enjoy the concept and the fact that it's a handy way to show some actual heroic Slytherins [Snape doesn't count because he's complicated] also the fics I've read with this are a lot of fun.)

Hermione/OC (frankly I don't think most of the HP guys that we meet are the right kind of guy for Hermione in the first place, so this is the happy alternative)

Lavander/Parvati (this idea walked into my head when I read about how close they were, coupled with the fact that by the end it kind of feels like all the main characters are paired up in heterosexual rows, so its interesting for the characters and a deviation from the norm)

Remus/Tonks (Remus deserves happiness! And I love Tonks!) OTP

Sirius/OC (as long as said OC is interesting and their own character. The Dangerverse is a good example of someone doing this well. Poor Sirius could use something uplifting after years in Azkaban)

Severus/Lily (I love The Moment It Began, and it's also good as a posthumous tragedy. Poor Snape)


Peter Parker/Mary Jane Watson (Joe Quesada, there is no curse on Elfish, Entish or the tongues of men in any universe that could sum up how much I hate you for One More Day. Peter and MJ belong together. End of Story. No creator's pet that you could ever dream up would be better for Peter then Mary Jane. They're perfect for each other, and I never say that lightly) OTP

Steve Rogers/Sharon Carter (I really do adore Sharon's character, especially when she's with Steve. The two of them are good together, even with the baggage of her being related to Peggy)

Tony Stark/Pepper Potts (the dialogue between these two whenever they're on screen together is hilarious, honestly, and Pepper is really fun to watch on screen. I wish Iron Man 3 had given her a suit instead of totally wasting a perfectly good character in Tony's antagonist) OTP

Bruce Banner/Betty Ross (there's something just so sweet about this relationship, both between Betty and Bruce and how protective the Hulk is of Betty. The emotional weight these two share is absolutely adorable. I really like Betty as a character, too.) OTP

Thor/Jane Foster (I think Jane gets a bad reputation, she's not nearly as flat or irritating as many female supportive characters have been in her position. Besides, their interactions are so cute!) OTP

Loki/Tony Stark (okay fine, this idea stole its way into my head, and now it won't leave me alone. Even just a platonic relationship between these two is as plausible as it is hilarious and interesting [provided Loki's sane at the time] and I'm working on an alternate universe where Tony was born a girl [among other things] and they hit it off quite well [snickers])

Loki/OC (...What? A girl can dream. And hopefully make interesting, three dimensional original characters for this kind of story)

Wanda Maximoff/Vision (remember when I said I wasn't a huge Vision fan? Well Paul Bettney made me a goddamn liar because Vision is amazing and these two are utterly adorable in their moments together!)

Clint/Laura Barton (I was surprised to see her but she and their kids are utterly adorable! I love it and the depth they give Clint)

Pietro Maximoff/OC (...don't judge me. [mine!])

Mega Man

Zero/Iris (I wish she hadn't died) OTP

Zero/Ciel (pretty much confirmed on Ciel's side, especially thanks to the ending of Z4, though since Zero's feeling are much more ambiguous I rank it just below Zero/Iris.)

Axl/Cinnamon (moe couplet for the win)

Vent/Ashe (serious guy, energetic girl, sassy chemistry) and Grey/Aile (the boy seeking a purpose and the girl who was uncertain of hers until she was reassured...yes please)

Craft/Neige (for the little screen time they had together, I could see how much these two loved and influenced each other. I wish I could have ended more happily)

The Mortal Instruments

Jace Herondale(Lightwood)/Clary Fray(Fairchild) (I love these two so much!) OTP

Jocelyn/Luke (goes without saying)

Alec/Magnus (self evident as well)

Emma/Julian (let's hope this is solved a little less messily than Clace, though that wouldn't make for good drama now would it?)

Game of Thrones

Sansa Stark/Sandor Clegane (I'm a sucker for beast and beauty romances, and though I should have known better then to expect George RR I'll-kill-everyone-you-love Martin to let it happen it's still my favorite Game of Thrones couple, even if its nearly impossible given the setting)

Robb Stark/Talisa Maegyr (Walder Frey and his brood need to go and die in dragon fire. Seriously.)

Jon Snow(Stark)/Ygritte (It didn't end any more happily, but I love it still)

Ned Stark/Catelyn Tully (again, goes without saying...poor, poor Cat...)

Rheagar Targaryen/Lyanna Stark (R/L=J confirmed people! Besides, never liked Robert, and Barristan's recollections make Rhaegar sound like a totally adorable dork. Too bad Aerys had to ruin everything.)

Daenerys Targaryen/Jorah Mormont (Okay, I know I made Ser Friendzone jokes just like everyone else, but please - just give me this!)

Star Wars

Leia Organa(Skywalker)/Han Solo (Two words...or rather, two sentences. "I love you." "I know.") OTP

Kylo Ren(Ben Solo)/Rey (I can't exactly rationalize this like Leia/Han, but these two have electric chemistry. I found myself considering Kylo/Ben attractive and I hope that, in the future, he'll prove to be more like Anakin Skywalker than Darth Vader...there's a jedi truth)

Anakin/Padme (the original star crossed lovers of my childhood) OTP

Jyn Erso/Cassian Andor ([salutes Rouge One] You did good, you two...I only wish you could have lived long enough to see the results of your sacrifices. If only they had kissed before the laser hit...) OTP

Code Geass

Lelouch vi Britannia/Shirley Fenette (Hey look! The ordinary high school girl isn't the absolute bane of existence in this anime! She's actually really sweet and likable, and her affection for Lulu is so adorable and genuine! And a regular, kindhearted presence in his life will surely provide a desperately needed stabilizing agent to his plans. I sure do hope nothing horrible happens thanks to his duel identity as Zero! [sobs in corner]) OTP

Suzaku Kururugi/Euphemia li Britannia ([bawls] Euphy!!! These two were so precious together...a true lady and knight couple. If the world was less cynical, they could have done great things...Star crossed lovers to the end.) OTP

Cornelia li Britannia/Sir Guilford (their interactions were the only times I felt empathy towards Cornelia. Props to that)

Sailor Moon

Serena Tuskino/Seyia Kou (I really don't like Darien. I just don't. He's a millstone, a jerk, and incredibly cliche to boot. Not to mention they scream DESTINY!, the minute a problem comes up which just goes to show you can't force OTP. I much prefer the more emotionally expressive and empathetic Seyia with Serena. He's so good to her!) OTP

Amy/Tiaki and Mina/Yaten (they go hand in hand with the above, and both couple's interactions were adorable)


Kira Yamato/Athrun Zala (it's a beautiful, tragic, star-crossed lovers set up. I love their tender reunions, their struggles, and their interactions both while on opposite sides and when they finally reunite for good. I think if one of them had been a girl, this would be canon for absolute sure.) OTP

Athrun/Lunamaria Hawke: (Savvy, quiet guy, energetic, spirited girl. Once Luna gets to understand Athrun a bit better, rather than by his reputation, I think they would make a lovely pair. No offence to Cagalli, but I am sick unto death of the tsundere romance and besides, I don't think she and Athrun really clicked very well outside of stressful situations.)

Athrun/Meryin Hawke: (If you discount the above, Meryin actually seems to understand what's going on under Athrun's soldier mask and she's willing to help him with it. That's super important and I wish they had more screentime together.)

Kira/Lacus Clyne: (What can I say? Not much, but hey - it's sweet, and Lacus is a great support to anyone she cares about. Sure they hit a bit - okay, a lot - of Shipping Bed Death syndrome in Destiny, but that's probably just poor writing.)

Kira/Flay Allster: (It's an interesting concept; Flay isn't as terrible a person as she seems, she's mostly very fragile...if she'd gotten over her fear of coordinators sooner, things probably would have gone well...poor thing.)

Dearka Elsman/Miriallia Haw (Ah, second love, Han/Leia style snark interaction, screw Destiny for not following up on it. They get married in my headcanon and that's final.) OTP

Shinn Asuka/Stella(r) (...poor, poor Shinn and Stella. He was the first good thing to ever happen to her, and she was a precious person he failed to protect. They deserved a happy ending damn it!) OTP

Lockon Stratus(Neil)/Tieria (You let him in too deep, Tieria...there's no shame in admitting that [winks])

Quatre Winner/Trowa Barton (Everything about their arc after Trowa first brings Quarte out of his grief stricken madness screams shipping to me. Seriously.)

Zechs Merquies/Lucrezia Noin (Everything you could want in a beta romance and more. Pity they never kiss on screen; I would have loved a flash forward to see their kids.)

Asemu Asuno/Zeheart Gallete (Their relationship is the heart of the second generation; Romary is a complete non entity, and Zeheart basically declared his love as he was dying both in the show and in Memory of Eden.) OTP

Dragon Age

Warden/Zevran: (I have a thing for my Spanish assassin elf. Always my first pick. Could never pick Ultimate Sacrifice because that meant leaving him all alone after teaching him how to love again! I will never leave you, Zevran. That's a promise.)

Warden/Leliana: (Particularly f!Warden in this case. Ah, Leliana. So sweet, so optimistic, so compassionate towards those who are distrusted and treated like dirt. A bright light on a dark road. Always make her Divine. It's the happiest ending possible.)

Warden/Alistar: ({giggles} Oh Alistar, you big dork. Pity I have to harden you if I want you to stick around and recruit Loghain into the Grey Wardens, because I vastly prefer your softer side. You're twice the ruler Anora was, proving you can run a whole land on snark alone. Your queen/mistress will be back soon...)

Hawke/Fenris: ({swoons} Fenris, oh Fenris...let me in. I love everything about you; your voice, your beauty, your power, your inner conflict...sorry, but you can't chase me away if you tried. I'd wait for you as long as I had to. If you asked, I'd raze Tevinter from east to west and salt the ashes, spend all my strength snapping the chains of every slave alive. I could never, ever see you as dirty or unworthy of love. Stay with me. Please.) OTP

Hawke/Merrill: (Merrill, you are precious. Never stop being an adorable blood mage who can kill dragons but can't find her own way home. I'll take care of you, forever, Daisy. We can build a new future for the Dalish...I hope there's room for a human in there. {smiles})

Hawke/Isabela: ({laughs} When you're surrounded by people who take themselves so seriously, you're a breath of fresh air Isabela. Even when we're just friends {or 'casual friends'} I'm always glad to have you around. Even though I have to guilt you not to prioritize your skin over Kirkwall. Nobody's perfect here.)

Varric/Bethany: ({clears throat} Varric, look - as your best friend, I feel I'd be doing you a disservice if I didn't say something. I know there's a lot of history with Bianca - you know what I'm getting at - but you don't have to hold yourself to that forever. I see the way you look after Bethany, and I'm happy with it. Then we can be best friends in law, right?! Just take good care of her!) OTP

Inquisitor/Dorian: (oh Dorian...I want more than fun. I can't imagine having a partner just for fun, just to pass the time...I want someone I can laugh with, cry with, lean on, spend my whole long life with. Don't you?)

Inquisitor/Solas: ({deep breath} Solas. Fen'Harel. Var lath vir suledin. You don't have to do this...there has to be a third option. This is a freakin' BioWare RPG. There's got to be one! Let me help you find it. Please!)

Power Rangers

Tommy/Kimberley: (They have adorable chemistry, went through a lot together, clearly depend on each other and that bloody "Dear John" letter is so ridiculously out of character for Kim that it's utterly laughable.) OTP

Jason/Trini: (It's fun. They're fun together. It's a pity that Trini left the show and then was hardly referenced, because she was really fun and I liked them more than him with Emily.)

Andros/Ashley: (Andros was the first leader who had a lot of demons to sort through, most of which were implied [given PR typical target demographic] so seeing Ashley stay close to him and let him lean on her was adorable. You get a strong sense that they appreciate and admire each other.)

Wes/Jen: (the fact that they don't kiss at the end of this show, or during the reunion on Wild Force, is complete nonsense.) OTP

Eric/Taylor: (these two play off each other hilariously)

Tales Series

Lloyd/Zelos: (There's a very beautiful dynamic between these two, which becomes most clear when you realize Lloyd gives Zelos a reason to live. Zelos overcomes all his vices for Lloyd's sake and its very obvious that he'd do anything for him. They have a idealist/jaded soul dynamic that I love in romantic stories. Emil even comments that Zelos worships Lloyd!)

Kratos/Anna: (We may not know much about Anna, and I generally don't like female characters serving mostly as a source of angst (we never even see her face), but the backstory between them is really touching.)

Asch/Natalia: (Asch's emotional wired state notwithstanding, I like their dynamic and I wish that he could have mellowed out a bit in the third act, because you can tell he genuinely loves her.)

Yuri/Estelle: (What? They're adorable! The hug that Estelle gives him when he turns up after apparently dying is one of my favorite moments in the game. I wish that Estelle had a little more character development (I had a mental image where she turned out a little more like Natalia, actually), but even without that I see them working together adorably.)

Yuri/Flynn: (They're clearly each other's most important person, Yuri is always thinking about him and would willingly die in his place, Flynn wants Yuri to achieve his full potential and highly admires him, and Sodia absolutely tries to kill Yuri because she can't stand the fact that Flynn loves him. It's really a crying shame we couldn't see Flynn's reaction to Yuri's "death" or his miraculous return)

Estelle/Rita: (hehe, Rita partially redeemed tsunderes for me through her adorable interactions with Estelle. Rita is always fussing and fretting over Estelle, to the point where it's just shy of being straight up canon)

Velvet/Eleanor: (Can you have Brooding Boy, Gentle Girl with two girls? I think you can.)

Fire Emblem

(M)Corrin/Niles: (Remember when I said I love the idealist/jaded soul dynamic? This relationship is defined by that; Niles slowly letting down his barriers to a kind, compassionate lordling into his damaged heart. It's also where we get hints of how Corrin's own demons actually do trouble him, which I appreciate)

(F)Corrin/Laslow: (This slides from funny, to sad and introspective, to heartwarming, all within just a few lines of dialogue. I really love how Laslow articulates his confession to her; particularly the part about leaving. You just know he doesn't want to ask that of her, because her happiness is so important to him.)

(F)Corrin/Kaze: (What I like most about this couple is summed up by their marriage...for years, Kaze blamed himself for her disappearance, likely spending long nights awake wondering if she was safe or even alive. And now...he can wake up next to her every morning, without any fear anymore.)

Leo/Sakura: (I love how Leo constantly assures Sakura that she is a strong person despite what she believes; she really brings out a softer side of him.)

Silas/Mozu: (He's kinda cute with Corrin, but I have an affinity for how he looks after Mozu, who's lost literally everything, and helps her rebuild part of her life and gain some confidence.)

Azura/Laslow: (I like their supports because they easily bounce off each other, how Azura encourages him and how Laslow admires her. Though his line about being 'a plain mercenary' can be a little funny if you've played an awakening file where he's Chrom's son!)

(F)(M)Robin/Chrom: (Admittedly, the female supports learn a bit too much on tsundere humor for me - up until the confession, at least. I prefer the very sweet and natural proposal Chrom offers her if you don't have S support by Gangrel's defeat. Aside from that...they have a very touching rapport throughout the story, and frankly M!Robin's supports come across as just as romantic, so I'll put them here together.)

(F)Robin/Lon'qu: (They have the BEST supports, Robin trying - in her own eccentric way - to help Lon'qu through his fears in a way that doesn't directly draw attention to them. Plus the confession is adorable.)

Lissa/Lon'qu: (Sucker for the bodyguard romance? Why yes, I certainly am.)

Vaike/Nowi: (I think this is my favorite support of Nowi's, since it delves deep into her sadness over her long lifespan and never once cracks an uncomfortable joke about her looking young. Vaike's comment about her looking at his wedding ring and remembering him years after he's gone actually made me mist up a bit the first time I read it.)

(M)Morgan/Nah: (Perilous quest to get a rare flower? That's one way to impress your crush!)

(F)Morgan/Inigo: (Her messing with him is a laugh riot, he never mentions continuing to flirt with other girls in their confession, and its just all around cute)

Eliwood/Ninian: (That one painful scene aside, I love how their relationship showcases Eliwood's boundless empathy; Ninian clearly isn't familiar with such treatment and her own soft kindness is a clear draw for Eliwood himself.)

Lyn/Hector: (They make me laugh, and they learn things from each other)

Seliph/Tine: (Sue me, part of what I like about this is how Hilda wanted to be the mother of the queen so bad, yet the girl she mistreated fell in love with the rightful prince and became queen after obliterating her with lightning. Hah! Oh, and Seliph and Tine's conversations are cute.)

Ares/Seliph: (the manga put it in my head. Now it won't leave)

Aideen/Jamke: (Another one you can thank a manga adaptation for. Plus rescue romance. I'm a sucker, I tell you.)

Azel/Tailtiu: (Cuteness.)

Couples I am Neutral On

Harry/Susan: (eh, why not? I could see it as long as we avoid the Lord!Harry pitfall)

Harry/Tracey: (similar reasons to Harry/Daphne(Astoria))

Ginny/Luna: (it's cute, just not my first choice)

Ron/Luna: (eh...maybe with a lot of character development on Ron's side.)

Natasha/Bucky: (I prefer it to Nat's other potential lovers from the movies due to more exposure to it, but I'm not quite as emotionally invested in it as some others listed above.)

Tony/Bruce: (generally I prefer their platonic interactions, but I could see it happening if they swing that way [or if one is female])

Steve/Natasha: (it's an interesting concept, and they had great chemistry in CA: TWS)

Serena Tuskino/Raye: (sure, why not?)

Robb/Jeyne: (Jeyne doesn't have a whole lot of character [honestly in the books she feels more like a plot device to facilitate the Red Wedding, but it's potentially interesting)

Loki/Darcy: (I could see that being really funny, just not my first choice.)

Cullen (DA:I): (Well...he's sweet, and it's nice and thought through. I guess I'm just not as crazy about Cullen as everyone else seems to be, and I would choose Solas first. However, you do get a rare happy ending with Cullen, so there's that.)

Lloyd/Colette: (I like Colette a lot, their romance just seems a little...ordinary. Cute and sweet, but kind of paint-by-numbers JRPG hero and his love interest interactions)

Couples I hate

Any incest pairings: (dear god, no! Just no! Why would you do that?!)

Thor/Loki: (way too much like incest. They grew up brothers, people)

Steve/Tony: (Yeah, no. They're not compatible and its everywhere. Not interested)

Ron/Hermione: (constantly being at odds with someone does not equal romance. Their relationship would end up mutually destructive [Hermione gives it as good as it gets, folks. Remember the birds?])

Harry/Hermione: (I direct you to my endlessly repeated rants about them just being friends and their characters being better for that. Even if it could be done well, I am permanently soured on it)

Draco/Harry(or Ginny): (Nope! nope nope nope! They hate each other, and it would be even more destructive then Ron/Hermione)

Snape/any student: (age gap, people! Statuary rape is a crime!)

James/Lily: (I really, really, really hate James Potter. Here's a problem when writing a character who goes through an arc in the backstory -- When his only significant page time is acting as unlikable as possible, it does NOT leave a good impression on the reader.)

Cersei/Anyone: (crazy evil bitch doesn't do romance. She uses people)

Joffery/anyone: (I don't hate any GoT character enough to condemn them to that)

Ramsey/Theon: (pass the brain bleach, please!)

Ramsey/Anyone: (seriously, you people scare me!)

Serena Tuskino/Darien: (no, screaming DESTINY!, whenever Darien wrecks the relationship isn't going to convince me they're meant to be, reincarnation romance be damned. And that's a big thing for me to say, because usually I love this sort of thing)

Katniss/Peeta: (Peeta is not snow white. He is an incredibly creepy boy who used the Games to invoke Stockholm Syndrome in the girl he was obsessed with, is a complete detriment to Katniss's efforts, constantly needs to be saved and should NOT have married her at the end especially because he still had fits where he tries to kill her!)

Natasha/Bruce Banner: (This one falls in the WHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYY department. Why was this even necessary!? They had zero chemistry in the first movie and their subplot is completely phoned in. Not to mention they use Natasha's traumatic forced sterilization at the hands of the Red Room purely to facilitate their romance, which is just awful. How insecure is the heterosexual agenda if they need a token romance in every movie!?)

Viletta Nu/Kaname Ohgi: (This is less about chemistry than how Viletta turns Ohgi into an idiot and facilitates the Black Knight betrayal, yet they STILL get one of the happiest endings when she did nothing to deserve it! God damn it!)

Shinn/Lunamaria: (Um...what? Seriously, this was so tacked on and rushed I have nothing to say. I don't hate Lunamaria - I'm actually quite fond of her - but no to these two being together. I'd rather ship her with either Athrun, Kira or MAYBE Rey Za Burrel)

Tommy/Katherine: (really, why? Why was this a thing? Katherine was just an off-color clone of Kim, [they were more distinct from each other when Katherine was evil!] so why not just bring Kim back?)

(DA II) Anders: ({crosses arms} Okay Anders. Let's get one thing straight. I do not deny that the Circles need change. I agree that mages are oppressed and that a lot of Templars are bastards who want medals for refraining from murdering babies in their cribs. I even accept that it probably wouldn't change without some sort of violence. But here's the f*king thing. YOU USED ME! You pretended you needed lied directly to my face, had the balls to make a PUN out of your plan to murder dozens of put me in a position that would loose me everything I had in Kirkwall, possibly forever...and then you wanted me to kill you so you could ascend into some sort of celebrated martyr. You weren't even sorry. Well...the only thing I'm sorry about, is that I couldn't feed YOU to the spider in the Fade in Inquisition. Get. Out.)

(DA:I) Sera: (Sera, do you know what a boomerang is? Good. You're something of a boomerang, Sera. In which, I mean despite suffering from prejudice and knowing the pain it causes, you have no problem inflicting it on someone you claim to be attracted to. I am Dalish. That is part of who I am. If you can't accept that, it means you never loved me to begin with.)

Some of My Favorite Quotes

"Never Tell Me the Odds!" -Han Solo, The Empire Strikes Back.

"I do need all of you. Please. Help me." -Princess Serenity, Sailor Moon season 1 finale

"I won't let fear compromise who I am." -Paragon Shepard's defining quote when destroying the Collector's base, Mass Effect 2

"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings." -Optimus Prime is best leader, Transformers: Dark of the Moon

"You were going to destroy were going to end the're not the one to make that decision! This is my life, my story!" -Ashe to Master Albert, having just defeated him in the final battle of Mega Man ZX Advent.

"I, Lelouch vi Britannia, do command you all...DIE!" -Lelouch vi Britannia aka Zero lets me know how I'm going to love his character, episode 1 of Code Geass.

"Grandpa, you're just controlled by hatred! You're no savior!" -Kio Asuno finally telling off Flit, episode 44 of Gundam AGE.

"I wish I had the power to erase witches before they're born. Every single witch, from the past, present and future! [...] I don't care what I become. All the magical girls who believed in hope and fought witches...I don't want them to suffer and cry anymore. I want them to be at peace. And if that goes against the laws of the universe, then I'll just rewrite those laws. Now! Grant my wish! Incubator!" -Madoka Kaname shows her messiah credentials, episode 12 of Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

"Puny God." -Hulk disputes Asgardian superiority, The Avengers (2012).

"YOU! SHALL NOT! PASS!" -Gandalf the Grey makes a stand, Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

"I never cared about justice, and I don't recall ever calling myself a hero. I have always fought for the people I believe in. I won't hesitate...if an enemy appears before me, I will destroy it!" -Zero cements himself as my favorite hero ever, just before destroying Wiel/Ragnarok, Mega Man Zero 4.

"You shouldn't have killed my mom and squished my walkman." -Peter Quill secures his position as my favorite Marvel hero in Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2.

"I already have. You know how I felt? [rips Ultron's heart out and crushes it in her hand] It felt like that." Wanda Maximoff to Ultron, Avengers: Age of Ultron

"Dormammu! I've come to bargain!" -Doctor Strange punches out Cuthulu, Doctor Strange (2016). And shortly thereafter... "They should really put the warnings before the spells." ...points out negligent OSHA on magic spellbooks.

"If no one else shall defend the world, than I must!" -Diana will not put anything above doing what she believes is right; Wonder Woman (2017)

"JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?" -Kamina overwhelms everyone with the force of his fighting spirit, Tegen Toppan Gurren Lagan.

"A Dragon is not a slave [...] I am Daenerys Stormborn of the House of Targaryen, blood of Old Valyria. Valyrian is my native tongue." -Dany takes advantage of being underestimated, Game of Thrones Season 3.

"You're right, I often think about home. I miss my books. And my armchair, and my garden. You see, that's where I belong. That's home. [...] And that's why I came back, don't have one. A home. It was taken from you. But I will help you take it back if I can." -Bilbo Baggins expresses what's most important, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

"I am Carter Kane, Blood of the Pharaohs and Eye of Horus. And now Set - Brother, Uncle, Traitor - I'm going to crush you like a gnat." -Carter Kane merges with Horus, The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid.

"Oh what a day! What a lovely day!" -Nux shows he has a different idea of what a lovely day looks like than I do, Mad Max: Fury Road.

"We are not things!" -The Wives reject the place Immortan Joe has forced on them, Mad Max: Fury Road.

"You are NO LONGER my MASTER!" -Fenris delivers several years of retribution on his former master, Dragon Age II.

"We have never discussed what happened between us three years ago. [...] I felt like a fool. I thought it better if you hated me. I deserved no less. But it isn't better. That night...I remember your touch as if it were yesterday. [...] I've thought of the answer a thousand times. The pain, the memories it brought was too much. I was a coward. If I could go back, I would stay. Tell you how I felt. [...] ...Nothing could be worse than the thought of living without you. [...] If there is a future to be had, I will walk into it gladly by your side." -Fenris completely melts my heart, and Hawke's, in his romance path, Dragon Age II.

"Before us stands the might of the darkspawn horde! Gaze upon them now, but fear them not! This woman [the Warden] standing beside me is a native of Ferelden, risen to the ranks of the Grey Wardens! She is proof that glory is in reach of us all! She has survived despite the odds, and without her, none of us would be here! Today, we save Denerem! Today, we avenge my brother King Cailan! But most of all, today we show the Grey Wardens that we remember and honor their sacrifice! For Ferelden! For the Grey Wardens!" -King Alistair shows that he's got what it takes; Dragon Age: Origins

"For Frodo." -King Aragorn of Gondor gives a simple but effective rally; Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

"I've gathered every Frey who means a damn thing to me, so I can tell you of my plans. Brave men...{...} Butchered a woman pregnant with a babe. Cut the throat of a mother of five. Slaughtered your guests after inviting them into your home. But you didn't slaughter every one of the Starks. That was your mistake. Leave one wolf alive, and the sheep are never safe. {...} When people ask you what happened here, tell them the North Remembers. Tell them, that Winter came for House Frey." -Arya Stark proves that the Karma gods will not be mocked forever; Game of Thrones Season 7

"It doesn't matter what you deserve. It matters what you believe. I believe in love." -Wonder Woman/Diana Prince holds on to humanity and tells the God of War where to shove it; Wonder Woman (2017)

"You say that like I'm giving you a choice." -Alistair won't let his beloved go; Dragon Age: Origins

"I think you're royally tough to kill. And utterly gorgeous. Not that I think you'll respond to simple flattery. But there are worse things in life than serving the whims of a deadly sex goddess." -Zevran vocalizes what he likes about the Warden; Dragon Age: Origins.

"Just what the hell are you doing? What happened to advancing as a knight and fixing the Empire from within? You've been nothing but a damn puppet on Alexei's strings. Don't you dare tell me that the Don and Belius died for nothing more than that! He was there working alongside you the entire time, Flynn! How could you possibly not know?!" -Yuri chews out Flynn for his sharp drop in intelligence, Tales of Vesperia

"Oh brilliant blade of coldest steel, rend the infinite darkness, and crush my enemies into nothing! SAVAGE WOLF FURY!" -Yuri unleashes his Mystic Arte, Tales of Vesperia

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Tales of Vesperia - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,196 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 19 - Published: 12/19/2017 - Estellise H., Flynn S., Yuri L., OC
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"I don't mind waiting for you, Mir." He smiled at her. "I learned a lot about love when I met you...You have my heart, and you always will, but your happiness is more important to me than anything." She felt tears at the edges of her eyes, and she wondered how she could have gotten so lucky. "Oh, Dearka...thank you." Post GS pre GSD fluff oneshot.
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Collab with DanaCardinal. My day was going pretty normally right up until I came home and found my Maximoff bobble head toys had been replaced with the real deal. And then my best friend started hanging out with the God of Mischief. I kept wishing for a more interesting life - well, I gotta say, you should be careful what you wish for. T for swearing and some violence. ON HOLD
Avengers - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Adventure - Chapters: 4 - Words: 8,431 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 40 - Follows: 43 - Updated: 3/20/2016 - Published: 1/24/2016 - Loki, OC, Wanda M./Scarlet Witch, Pietro M./Quicksilver
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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Horror/Suspense - Chapters: 20 - Words: 43,686 - Reviews: 369 - Favs: 856 - Follows: 581 - Updated: 2/19/2016 - Published: 2/9/2015 - Harry P., Ron W., Ginny W. - Complete
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People always rant about how awesome it would be to be a Potter. Well, not me. For me, being a Potter meant constant fear and pain, having the whole world placed on your shoulders, being hated and feared because some asshole couldn't kill you as a baby, and it meant being a sacrificial lamb for a hateful world. But with what I know, can I change the rules? Dark self insert.
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Drama/Tragedy - Chapters: 15 - Words: 39,486 - Reviews: 342 - Favs: 1,011 - Follows: 1,212 - Updated: 2/3/2016 - Published: 4/4/2015 - Harry P., OC
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Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Humor/Drama - Chapters: 6 - Words: 12,219 - Reviews: 290 - Favs: 1,438 - Follows: 1,754 - Updated: 8/20/2015 - Published: 2/13/2015 - [Harry P., Ginny W.]
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The world has been at war for a thousand years after the Great Cataclysm. The Armies of Gallade, Venasaur and others have been fighting for what remains of the world while Mystery Dungeons slowly become more omnipresent, causing pokemon to go missing and die. But one day, a Shinx fleeing from an army discovers an Eevee with no memory other then her name and that she was once human.
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Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 12 - Words: 42,310 - Reviews: 583 - Favs: 3,284 - Follows: 2,345 - Updated: 3/27/2015 - Published: 11/29/2013 - [Harry P., OC] - Complete
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