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Welcome to my profile, there is not much to see or do here.

My fanfiction will be mostly, if not all, about ContestShipping (DrewxMay, ShuHaru etc.) from pokemon. However, i do support pokeshipping.

To make things more realistic (Drew does have a lot of fans remember) i also use AdmirationShipping (DrewxBrianna), BelleShipping (DrewxDawn), she does have a cheerleader outfit you know. She would be quite obsessive over Drew), HoennShipping (BrendanxMay), AdvancedShipping (AshxMay)

Other shippings include:

PokeShipping (AshxMisty), EgoShipping (GaryxMisty), (AshxMistyxGary love triangle), AgainstShipping (PaulxZoey), PenguinShipping (KennyxDawn), GracefulShipping (WallacexWinona), ChosenShipping (SilverxLeaf)

If i were to concentrate a story on the Sinnoh Saga, then these shipping would be in it, despite the fact that i am not that fond of it:
IkariShipping (PaulxDawn) (I actually cannot see this happen >.>), PearlShipping (AshxDawn) (This wrecks PokeShipping majorly!), TwinleafShipping (BarryxDawn) (I still cannot see the hyper Barry with Dawn)
And of course PenguinShipping and AgainstShipping because they are alot more logical. Why?

PenguinShipping seems more natural and obvious. Dawn has flirted with Kenny in the past too.
AgainstShipping is too. Zoey cannot be easily battered down by Paul's comments and would be determined to make him right. But then again tha could mean that FlipShipping (DrewxZoey) could happen...

The only yaoi shipping i support is a one sided ColdCoffeeShipping (PaulxBarry) with Barry harboring the feelings, though they are not that romantic, they make him stalk Paul all the time because it is downright funny.

I also like Ouran High School Host Club, (OHSHC), with my main ship being KyouHaru.


Tall Grass

The Johto Grand Festival is done and gone. May decides to go back to Sinnoh, this time to actually compete for the Sinnoh Grand Festival, not just a mere ribbon, from say, the Wallace Cup. As agreed, she is going on her journey with Brendan and Wally, childhood friends of hers. But what if she gets one more grass head than she expected?

Story Concepts


Next Project: Stand by me

AU. This is a darker school fic. Romance/Hurt/Comfort

Drew had a nice and wealthy life. May had a pleasant life too. But within the walls of the School, not everyone is happy. Some were kidnapped as children; and one of these kidnapped children is the son of the leader of the Yakuza group, Team Rocket. Some have crushes that if revealed, would make the person haboring the crush outcasts. Together, the ones who are happy and sad will bond to get themselves into the world.

Main Characters: Shuu/Drew, Haruka/May, Kasumi/Misty, Hikari/Dawn, Satoshi/Ash, Shigeru/Gary,

Supporting Characters: Nozomi/Zoey, Shinji/Paul, Wakana/Brianna, Yuuki/Brendan, Kengo/Kenny, Jun/Barry, Kotone/Lyra, Kenta/Jimmy, Marina, Kazunari/Khoury, Koki/Lucas, Leaf, Silver

Shippings: Contestshipping, Palletshipping (Onesided. Ash only loves Gary), ColdCoffeeShipping (Onsided. Barry only loves Paul), Pokeshipping, Againstshipping, Belleshipping, EgoShipping, PenguinShipping, IkariShipping, PearlShipping, HoennShipping, AdmirationShipping, QuestShipping, JohtoFestaShipping, OldrivalShipping, ChosenShipping, FortuneShipping

How Many Times the Charm?

Drew is a popular coordinator, to point the obvious. However, with their teenage years behind them, Drew now settles into the position of Hayden Holdings, his family company in LaRousse City. With his charm, he can woo any woman he wants, within reason of course. But what if the only woman he wants is the impossible May? Slight OOC, but you have to remember they are adults. May is now more sharptongued (her practice with Drew was worth it) and Drew has become more arrogant.

Special May

Title based on the anime/manga Special A. Drew has always been May's rival and she is always determined to defeat him though it seems impossible. But little did she know that she stirred other feelings within Drew's heart. Not totally based on Special A, just the general rival concept which is actually quite IC dont you think?

At the Beginning

Ash was never there. Brendan was never there. She never heard of Ash, and Brendan was just the son of Professor Birch to her. She started on her journey alone, and joined by a green haired boy she was nearly not destined to meet. Together they see the other side of battling: Contests and realize why they were destined not to meet as rivals in their contests, but at the beginning. Title from the song from Anastasia. Not a songfic.


Aligning the Planets

After Cyrus was dragged into the Distortion World, Saturn took charge of Team Galactic, a now more secretive group as Saturn did not have the full intentions as their ex-leader. Mars, far the loyalist Commander to Cyrus is in mourning as she harbored an innocent crush on Cyrus. Saturn however realises how much he cares for her. If only Jupiter wasn't after him! Poor Charon, maybe he is the only hope for Ginga-dan.
ConjunctionShipping and JovianShipping love triangle. Mentions of BetelgeuseShipping.



May is a cheerful and friendly girl, with a side helping of being naive however. She is always willing to help other people. However, some people make her lose her temper, mainly Drew. However, she cannot get too angry and her anger is at the stage of being simply cute while she is angry, making Drew willing to make her mad once in a while though he quells it with a rose or two.

Future May/Haruka

May is still a very helpful and encouraging woman. However, she is no longer naive. She can control her temper well, however, her temper is more fiery and she can get rather angry at times. It no longer classifies as cute of course, but Drew deems it hot. Sometimes she takes over the Petalburg Gym, though Max is the leader there. Other times she helps with Drew in LaRousse.


Drew is rather arrogant, though sometimes he shows a hint of kindness through the criticisms he utters. He nearly always keeps his cool and that is nearly always with Solidad who he sees as a motherly figure, even if Solidad defeated him in his first contest, which is certainly different than Harley's approach to things! He has a crush on May which has developed over a few years.

Future Drew/Shuu

The Drew in the future is quite similar to the Drew of the past. He is rather arrogant in nature and he has a right to be. He has power over his father's company in LaRousse (Hayden Holdings), giving him alot of money, and he has millions of women still chasing him. Though the second one may not be beneficial. He keeps his cool in the public, though in private his mask comes off more easily, though he is still arrogant. He more readily gives out hints to May though.


Harley is over dramatic and takes things very seriously. He enjoys making cookies often and tends to hate those who claim that his cookies are 'not half bad' or lower. He has since forgiven May however because she is such a good friend. Many people believe he is gay, to the dismay of Solidad who has a crush on him (Festival Shipping).

Future Harley/Harley

Harley's girlish ways have died down a bit. But they still linger. His voice is lower of course but is still high. He is a high class chef who still specialises in desserts, though he does indulge in a bit of savory work. He does not seem as gay and is a lot more friendly and serious.


Solidad is someone you can rely on. Even if she is a Top Coodinator, she always gives hints to her friends. She is the shoulder you can lean on and acts as a motherly figure to Drew and May. Sometimes, Harley calls her the 'mother' of their family, which, in reality, Solidad doesn't really care because she harbours real feelings for the gay purple haired coordinator.

Future Solidad/Saori

Solidad is pretty much the same as she was as a late teenager. However, Drew and May have become more mature in their ways as they have gone up through their teenage years. With Harley also matured, Solidad has learned to realise her feelings may not be in vain.


Brendan is a cocky trainer who knows what he wants and he knows he will get it. He is determined, though he is not naive like Ash. He knows that he cannot rely on one move or Pokemon, though sometimes he becomes reckless and becomes like Ash. Unlike Drew however, he gets enraged easily. His childhood friends are May and Wally, though May has gone on her own little journey a few months after he and Wally left. His father is Professor Birch. He knows Gary Oak as he is Professor Oak's Grandson. He also knows Lucas because he is Professor Rowan's assistant. However, he and Lucas have battle before. His Rhyperior against Lucas' Magmortar.

Future Brendan/Yuuki

Brendan is still cocky, though he is less immature. He has become a good help to his father, even if he wanted to go out on a journey at first. He uses his time on the road to help his father. He is very responsible now and is similar to Gary, though the two have their differences in personality, with Gary still a bit taunting, like how Gary calls him 'Brendy-boy' just as he has called Ash 'Ashy-boy'.


Because of an extreme case of asthma in his childhood, Wally bears a feeble yet friendly aura around him. He is not overly energetic unlike Brendan or May, unless there is the presence of a green thing. He adores green because it is the color of fresh leaves which deliver him fresh air. However, he, like his fellow green haired teenager Drew, bears a facade. He is actually rather good at seeing relationships because he is not dense.

Future Wally/Mitsuru

His lungs have finally finished recovering, and his demenor is more independant. His obsession with green had died down to normallity and his facade has been removed. He visits his cousin Wanda and her husband quite a bit.

Contestshipping Offspring


The daughter of May and Drew, it is easy to see why she is called Rose. At the age of ten, she can easily be seen as a tomboy and is quite different from what her mother was like when she started out. She is confident like Dawn, but because she is a tomboy she is not fussed about her clothing, and nor does she go on emotional breakdowns. Looks similar to the Isshu Female Character.

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