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Author has written 7 stories for Bleach, Metroid, Transformers/Beast Wars, Star Wars, Soul Eater, and Dark Souls.

Hello there everyone, I'm Darkdemon619.

Some things about myself and my tastes in Fanfiction:

-I will admit, I love fluff stories. Romantic stories that have alot of fluff and love in them. Personally I can live without lemons, I don't hate them but I feel that you can have a good romantic story without a lemon in it. I just can appreciate a story more when I can really fell the love between two characters instead of just seeing them 'do it' over and over again.

-Bashing is something I can live with as long as you leave the character in their original format. I mean do not change a character in order to bash them. If they are a jerk in their original media, then make them a jerk when you bash them. But if they are not jerks, then do not change them in order to bash them, work with what they are and find a way to bash them that way. I don't think its worth it if you have to make a character OC in order to bash them.

-God characters get kinda annoying from time to time. I like to see a character have a challenge when they fight, not completely destroy someone that should be a match for them. When you have a character start as a weakling or average person and then suddenly become VERY overpowered, there better be a damn good reason for it.


Jack/Karas' Motorcycle form: (Jasper's Guardian).

Notes Concerning Stories:

A Reiatsu Unleashed:
-When I started this series...I knew very little about Bleach. Oh sure, I knew some characters and some basics about the world...but compared to now? I knew jack shit about the series. I knew a hell of alot more about Galen, and that was because he had only one game about him at that point! I knew very little about Bleach back then...and how did I expect to make a story about Galen becoming a member of the Gotei 13...if I didn't know more about the series? That dosen't work...but now, I know a hell lot more about Bleach, so I can plan a head more concerning the story.

End of an Era: The Hunt:
-Oh god this one...you know, when I originally wrote this I wanted to make it into a series. All about a pair of OCs I had created with barley any thought and with a plot that had a few details...set in later chapters. I honestly have no idea where to go with the present version. It needs to rewritten. With a new OC or hell, a present character in the Halo Universe (Noble Six? He is a blank slate for the most part) and with a actual plot that involves more then just hunting down some brutes and other left over Covenant.

Current OCs:


Robert Nazo

Race: Shinigami/Spirit.

Zanpakuto Name: Shisha no Saiban (Trial of the Dead)

Sealed State: Baishin (Jury).

Appearance: Similar to a standard katana, although possesses a slightly longer blade with a dark hue to its metal. On the dull side of the sword it also possessed a row of small spikes (similar to shark's teeth) that start at the very bottom of the blade and stops around 1/3rd the way the blade. It has a round oval tsuba and dominantly black handle with blue highlights.

Zanpakuto abilities in sealed form:

Judgement Cut: Activated by concentrating and focusing spiritual energy into the sword (while sheathed). Once enough energy is gathered the user can create a quick energy slice at a distance by swinging the blade and returning it to the sheath. The density and overall number of the slices depends on how long energy was gathered while the blade was sheathed.

Shikai: Sōdo' jajji (Sword Judge)
Release Command: "Descend into Darkness, Rise from the Abyss."
Gesture: Wielder plants the sword into the ground and engulfs the sword in their reiatsu. Can also be done by simply scratching their palm over the blade as a shorter version of the release.

Appearance: Transforms the sealed state into a large long sword/claymore.

Shikai abilities:

-Steel's Shadow (Suchīru no Kage): Engulfs the blade with a thick red Reiatsu that enables the blade to cut through nearly anything expect another Zanpakuto and or defensive kidou spells. The user will be able to cut through more powerful spells and techniques with more experience and power.

-Steel's Light (Suchīru no Raito): By swinging the blade, the wielder can unleash the previously mentioned ability as a powerful attack in the form of a ark of Red and Black energy which can be used for both a projectile and close range attack. The attack can be charged for a more affective version of the attack, but that can lead to a backfire that may wound the wielder.

Bankai: Sonzai Shikei Shikkō (Existence Executioner): (Has Not Achieved Yet.)

Engulfs the user in a thick cloud of Black Reiatsu. When it clears the user is now suited in a open black short jacket that goes to his waist while his body is covered by a series of white bandages. Covering the jacket's shoulders, the man's hands, and feet are a set of medieval armor.

This includes a set of gauntlets, gloves, boots, and shoulder-pads along with a large metal executioner helmet (a Crusader helmet with moveable jaw with sharp teeth). The helmet is also retractable. There are also two new swords adorning the wielders back (Duel versions of the sword's sealed form).


-Death's Noose (Shi no Nawa): The wielder can transform his gauntlets into a combination of a claw and a cannon that are connected to his arms via a constant regenerating chain. Using these, the user can propel these devices towards the enemy as a projectile weapon. They can also be used to enhance the user's physical combat in close encounters (using Reiatsu, the user can also charge up these devices for a more powerful attack), and the chains connected to these devices can also be used to restrain or trap foes.

-Tombs Cargo (Haka-ryō): Death's Noose also have the ability to fire a series of black and red energy blasts from the mouth of the cannons. They can be charged for a more power single shot or the two swirling mechanisms on the side of the cannons (represented by three red orbs on each side) can fire the shots in a rapid fire setting.

-The Bankai also possesses all the previously mentioned abilities from both the shikai and sealed state, although more enhanced.

Zanpakuto Spirit:

-The spirit wears a white version of a shinigami's kimono with a white trench coat as well. The spirit also wears the armor that is normally worn only in bankai at all times, his face rarely ever seen without the Executioner helmet. What little of his appearance that is seen is the eyes, which normally appear bight red with a touch of green on the side.

-The spirit is known to be a bit sadistic and also commonly known to ask his partner to 'Break' his foes, normally by shattering their necks and spines (Similar to when a noose breaks a man's neck when they are hanged). But the spirit is naturally protective of the wielder and those he cares about, often wanting to behead (like a Guillotine) those who either threaten them or those who betray their trust.

Inner World:
-A dark world filled with cages and chains, the world acts like a prison for those who invade it and are a part of it. In the center of the world is a small little city, about the size of New York. This is where the wielder's personality and most treasured thoughts are kept. And when the world is invaded or the wielder's mind is violated or hurt, the chains and torture devices invade this inner peace and is bound in agony, representing the wielder's rage and pain.


With the first fifty years of his life in the Soul Society missing, Robert knows little about his past as his memories are scattered somewhat. This happened quite a long time ago when he and the few people he knew were caught in a hollow attack, one of which left Robert with an infection within himself and the only survivor. With this as one of the only things he knew in his life, Robert chosen to join the Shinigami Academy.

(What happened to him in his first fifty years would be explained later in the story, as well as the things that would come from it.)

His time in the academy was slightly worse than most. He was often made fun of due to already having a Zanpakuto and or the scars of his body. One of the few upsides was the meeting between him an Toushiro Hitsugaya. They started a decent friendship between the two of them, but due to Hitsugaya's early graduation they were never able to form a deep bond. After a slightly faster than average time in the academy he graduated in good standings in the class.

Eventually he was welcomed into the Tenth Division and was quite surprised to see Hitsugaya was now the new Captain of the Squad. After a short time of being a seat less officer, he quickly become the squads third seat right below Rangiku and Toushiro themselves. He now spends his time doing the various missions assigned to the squad, filing monstrous amounts of paperwork, and even defusing the countless situations brought upon the division by its very own Captain and Lieutenant.


Robert has brown choppy hair, a little short on top. Has light blue eyes and fair plain skin. He has a large scar down the right side of his face and multiple others covering all over his body (all but two of these were caused during the missing fifty years of his life, so he has no idea where they came from). He has a fairly average build, nothing too buff but he is athletic.

Robert wears a average Gotei 13 uniform, but he also has a large shoulder pad on his left shoulder. He wears his Zanpakuto on his sash like a normal shinigami.

Other skills:

Fairly skilled in both Kidou and Hand to hand Combat skills. He is not a master in either of them, but he is useful in both subjects.

Shunpo is a adverage skill for him, he can keep up with a lot of the other users, but of course he still falls behind the much more skilled masters of the art..


Robert is a fairly nice person. He is casual with his members of his division and the other shinigami around the Gotei 13. Although Robert is extremely respectful to his superiors, he still can be fairly normal around them if they are not working (although a few of them are exceptions like Kenpach Zaraki). The only people who can cause a negative reaction with him are people who really annoy him (Pranks are good ways of doing this).

In battle, Robert is normally a calm person, trying to not let his emotions control his movements. But when something impact-full happens, Robert's anger can cause something to erupt in him, making him lose his focus and make mistakes.

Robert can also be a deep person, understanding other's problems and helping them with them. He can also be a shoulder to cry on if needed. Although with these, Robert can also can be the opposite when its him on the line. He tries to hide his problems and negative emotions, usually causing someone to pry into his emotions if they want to help him.

Robert also has a fluffy side. He loves animals and has a soft spot for little fluffy animals (like cats and rabbits). Although he does tend to keep this under wraps for the most part, mostly around his male comrades (who he would calmly deck in the face the moment they saw anything).

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