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Author has written 2 stories for Inheritance Cycle, and Harry Potter.

"Any self-respecting writer will hate anything they've written that is more than five years old."

-- Paraphrased quote from somebody I can't find. Probably Poe. It's always Poe.

I can't honestly believe I made this account over six years ago. Either way, it's about time I got back into the swing of things.

I'm currently working on a fic for Dragon Age, which passed the 40k mark a couple weeks ago. In order to ensure I give all none of you the consistent upload schedule you deserve, I'm not going to start posting it until it's done. I will finish it though, I promise.

Let's hope it doesn't take me six years this time, yeah?

...I said back in August, fully intending to eventually show that pile of rubbish the light of day. I've decided to do a rewrite, because I've been reading lots of the material from other writers here on the site and I honestly can't believe the level of quality some of you can produce. Holy... uh, moly. I know it's probably a bit silly for me to do a rewrite when I have forty thousand words written, but if you saw it I think you'd agree too.

Look at me, I'm inconsistent! Wee!

Even if you disagreed, I'd still do it, but you get the idea. I figure a better story for everyone is, well, better in the long run, yeah? Maybe I'll even post some of it before I'm completely done. You never know.

Also, if you have any doubts about my writing abilities, just look at what I wrote six years ago in Ebrithil, and then compare it to now.

Yeah. I hate it too. I swear I'm not that bad anymore.

However, that was then. This is now. I've got a smattering of new fanfiction ideas and I'm probably going to abandon them all because I'm spineless, but just in case, plans!

That Dragon Age Fanfiction I'm totally not going to abandon, honest:

In general, it's time-travel plus a little bit of wish fulfillment, but I'm rewriting the ever-loving Sheogorath out of it because I want to make it stand out from other time-travel fics where the protagonist is so comically overpowered the final battle is a foregone conclusion from the outset. Not sure how I'm gonna make that work seeing as this protagonist is drastically overpowered, but, uh, fingers crossed?

Hermione Granger and the Boy-Who-Died:

This is my pet fanfic, from my pet fandom. It's a fanfiction that doesn't ship Harry and Hermione written by an author who reads Harry/Hermione fanfictions exclusively, from the mindset of that kind of shipper. It's a story about politics, and tropes, and intrigue and confusion and honestly it's got so many plot threads even I'm confused. But it's been consistently worked on for a very long time, so I thought I'd post a prologue of sorts for you and then get the rest written before I posted more so you'd know you had a complete story in the works.

I hate it when a promising story goes nowhere.

Some Bogus Mass Effect Time-Travel fanfiction:

Yeah, you know how Mass Effect 3 made everybody lose their minds, and not in the good way? Well yeah. I get bored sometimes.

Maybe something to do with Star Wars, maybe:

This is not the fanfiction you're looking for.

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