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Author has written 8 stories for My Little Pony, Yu-Gi-Oh, Ojamajo Doremi, Anime X-overs, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica/魔法少女まどか★マギカ.

Name: Do you actually believe I'm going to give that away to the public?

Location: Do you actually believe I'm going to give that away to the public?


About me:

I am Kadaj5 and I think I'll specialize in Dark Fics and deconstructions as well as recursive fanfics. Hey, I've got some level of sadism along with several evil tendencies. I like using "Break the Cutie" and "Corrupt the Cutie" just to see what it would do to the other characters. Basically, when I do a fic, then more than likely, it's going to be a Dark Fic. I don't like parodies that involve copying the script verbatim and only changing the names; seriously, people call that "creative writing"?

I try to do research on the fandoms I write about so as to minimize OOC and character derailment. Since it didn't work so well on my first fic, I'll just have to try again.

I will delete my fics if I come to view them as lackluster and meaningless.

My Self-Insert #1: Real name unknown. Goes by the alias "Kada". He usually wears a black shirt and blue jeans, complete with grey shoes.

He is also a very, VERY rare male Puella Magi (a Puer Magi, for those who want to be proper) with a dark orange motif. This form has a pair of shoulder guards (the left one having the Soul Gem), fingerless gloves (the left having a built-in card holster), heavy military boots, shorts, and an open vest. All articles have black trimming. Powers in this form rely on note cards to do things: Teleporting, trapping people, objects, and familiars (cards containing familiars can act as a substitute Grief Seed, though less efficient), and using them as barriers. Magic isn't powerful, so there is a need to rely on trapped weapons (including weapons stolen from other Puellae Magi) and efficiency is very low. His wish granted by the Incubators was more=or-less for him to have a slew of abilities. This caused his main ability to be power copying, which he can use against any Puella Magi (or any variation of them). He had fire powers at one time, but that has since fallen out of use.

I've heard and seen many excuses from various writers with an alarming frequency and, quite frankly, I've grown rather tired of them. So I've decided to make a list of how many times I've heard certain excuses (and their variants).

"Don't like don't read": 32

"I'm happy with it": 22

"It's my story and I will write it how I want it": 6

insert angry/stubborn rant here: 48

"But I worked so hard on it!": 6

"Everyone else is doing it too!": 21

"Go after someone else!": 22

"You can't tell the difference between inspired and copied?": 5

"The [insert stolen material here] is necessary for the work!": 7

"I'm honoring/advertising for the owner by using their work!": 5

I'm aware that I'm taking a page out of DBZA Frieza's book, but it's just too tempting to resist.

Favorite things

Anime: Naruto, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-OH! (including GX and 5D's), Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Full Metal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Bleach, Kekkaishi, Durarara!!, Chrono Crusade, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Cowboy Bebop, Ojamajo Doremi, Tokyo Mew Mew, Pretty Cure, Fushigiboshi no futagohime, Pretty Cure, and Dragon Ball Z

Cartoons: Avatar: the Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, Ed, Edd, n' Eddy, Billy and Mandy, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Danny Phantom, MAD, Family Guy, the Fairly Odd Parents, and Robot Chicken.

live-action shows: Stargate SG-1, 1000 ways to die, CSI, Dr. Who, Most Shocking, Most Daring, Forensic Files, and World's Wildest Police Videos.

movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, anything Pixar (except Cars 2), 101 Dalmatians, anything done by Miyazaki, Inuyasha movies, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann movies, End of Evangelion, Rebuild of Evangelion (1.11 and 2.22; will enjoy 3.33 and 4.44 when they come out), Pokemon movies, Independence Day, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Transformers, Dragon Ball Z movies (EXCEPT Dragon Ball Evolution; that one was shit), Wreck-It Ralph.

Video games: Kingdom Hearts, Metroid (mostly Fusion), Pokemon, Super Smash Bros., Final Fantasy VII, X, and X-2, Tales of Destiny, Advance Wars, Earthbound/Mother, Super Mario Bros., Lufia, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

web original: Yu-Gi-OH!: the Abridged Series, Dragon Ball Abridged, Super Mario Bros. Z, Red vs. Blue, My Little Pony: Friendship is Witchcraft, Evangelion Abridged, and the Angry Video Game Nerd.

books: Harry Potter and World War Z

Misc.: anti-Barney humor, seeing trolls/cyber bullies getting owned, good reviewers, good fics, and any variation thereof

Hates: Overpowered Mary Sues, people who make excuses for any reason, ANYONE who has the balls to view themselves as an alicorn without any REALLY GOOD JUSTIFICATION (EXCEPT Lauren Faust; she is the only one allowed to have such a view...many bronies share that opinion), Cyber bullies, anyone who allows their trolling to evolve into cyber-bullying, anyone who lies for the sole purpose of making themselves look big, any poorly done abridged series, people who use mental conditions as crutches, anyone who makes excuses to hide from their problems, and any variations of the above.


Doremi-X: An X-Parasite born as a blank slate due her nearly-sterile "mama's" botched attempt at asexual division. Her true form is just like any other Core-X, albeit pink and slightly smaller. Her favored form is that of Doremi due to it being the first form she ever took. Her favored apprentice form is the Sharp uniform, if only out of convenience; the uniform's appearance seems tattered. No matter which uniform she uses, she always wields her poron in a left-handed reverse-grip.

Personality: Doremi-X suffers from a split personality:

Evil!Doremi-X: Murderous, sadistic, cruel, ruthless, violent and willing to do the most of atrocious acts to get what she wants. If it sickens most villains, then odds are that she'll do it no problem. Has a very rough and cruel-sounding tone of voice. Came about when SA-X inserted a program into her mind when Doremi-X-chan (unwillingly) consumed its remains. The programming activated when Doremi-X-chan saw BSL crash into SR388. Once activated, the programming snapped Doremi-X-chan's personality and directed her to recover her ability to reproduce. The evil personality was a side effect. However, Evil!Doremi-X's personality is hollow from being made in such a manner, so parts of her good personality shine through to fill in the gaps. This has the effect of making her, mentally and emotionally, extremely fragile and unstable. A few words are enough to send her into a breakdown. If the breakdown is severe enough, she loses what little sanity she has and goes into a sadistic rant that doesn't make any sense, followed by losing control of her shapeshifting and turning into a monstrous amalgam of most of, if not all, the forms she can mimic. In that state, she is little more than an unusually smart beast with neither personality in control. Flashes of the good personality she had before the programming come up from time to time. Evil!Doremi-X is intended to be one-dimensional.

Good!Doremi-X: Usually known as Doremi-X-chan. She is shy, timid, and twice as naive as Hana-chan. Has a soft and timid tone of voice. Otherwise, she is just like Doremi, right down to having a fondness of steak. Doremi-X-chan lacks most common knowledge and often comes across as a ditz despite her high intelligence. Unlike Doremi, she is insecure, emotionally unstable and fails in social settings and doesn't know how bad killing others is. Somehow, she survived the programming that snapped her personality. Her evil side is designed to keep her suppressed and she is usually forced to see what's happening. From time to time, she breaks free, as evidenced by a change of her tone of voice. Her naivete, fondness of steak and clumsiness usually show through even when Evil!Doremi-X is dominating. Doremi-X-chan is desperate to be free of her evil half. To that end, she fights for control and tries to help to protagonists in any way possible before she falls back under control.

Abilities: In addition to the usual abilities of a Core-X (minus reproduction due to a punishment for using powerful healing magic on herself), Doremi-X has all of the abilities of pre-infection Powersuit Samus, Ridley, Nightmare, Serris, and the ability to convert her reserves into magic. She gained the latter by consuming a tree that produces magical seeds and worked from there. On the other hand, her magic is the equivalence of a level nine witch apprentice; she just expends more energy to replicate the effects of higher levels. Her magic will not increase in level by just simply absorbing a witch/apprentice or other magic user; she actually has to go through the exams herself. On another note, her reserves of energy is the equivalence of roughly 100 energy tanks from the Metroid series. She can use both hands perfectly. She typically modifies Doremi's form to have ungodly levels of strength, speed, reflexes, and durability. She even adapted a resistance to magic, although she had to do it the hard and painful way.

Status: Out of phase with reality. It is not a matter of IF she's going to return, but WHEN.

Skaj: The Shadow of Kada and my Self-Insert #2. He is based on what my Self-Insert #1 would be if he were a male Veneficus Puella instead of a male Puella Magi. His color scheme is a rough inversion of Kada's; all the blacks are oranges and vice-versa.

Personality: Skaj has a mischievous nature and enjoys trolling his enemies even while fighting them off. Like Kada, he is morally ambiguous; unlike Kada, Skaj is rather easy to read but has difficulty conveying secret messages. He may be in league with my OC self, but his true goals are unclear. Lately, he has been quite bitter, likely from being forced to serve Kada against his will. He can be cruel, but he seems to have a softer side, particularly towards Shadow Doremi...

Abilities: As what can best be described as a Veneficus Puella version of my OC self, Skaj has access to more powerful attacks at the expense of healing. His Grief Gem can be used as a more potent Grief Seed for my OC self; if used that way, then he gains a temporary boost to his power. Like my OC self, Skaj utilizes chains and cards when he fights and to trap foes and weapons and to teleport. His power copying ability works on ANY ability other than Puella Magi (and their variations) at the cost of his sanity (though he still cannot mix different kinds of magic). Weapons he prefers using are rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and mini guns. Skaj's Grief Gem can be used to purify Soul Gems; it even allows him to feed off of negative emotions. This causes those nearby to start feeling positive emotions as their negative emotions vanish. He gains a boost from them and can use them to hasten his regeneration. He can also create giant-sized versions of his chains and spam them without breaking a sweat. If he does this even once, then he cannot regenerate until he absorbs more of the darkness from a Soul Gem. These abilities are all in addition to his natural abilities as a Shadow.

Status: Currently serving as the dragon and personal assassin to my OC self.

Shadow Tourbillon: A Shadow I made for Majo Tourbillon after PrettiWitchiMegChanChi confirmed that she didn't have one. She looks like her Light Half except for the noticeably black dress, midnight-blue hair, and dark blue crystal.

Personality: Shadow Tourbillon is silent, reserved, cynical, and persistent. She is morally ambiguous at first, but her goals are, on paper, noble: Bring Kage Kai, Majo Kai, and Mahoutsukai Kai together and instil peace. How she intends to go about this is unclear, but her power alone would enable her to crush Black Queen with no problem whatsoever.

Abilities: Her magic is a tad stronger than Majo Tourbillon's, granting her access to some of the most powerful spells imaginable. Her millennium of being without her magic has forced her to become skilled in hand-to-hand and good with weapons. With the return of her crystal, she is both extremely powerful and inhumanly skilled. Other than that, she is your standard, garden variety Shadow.

Status: Currently aiding Kada is his plans. She tends to be co-dragons with Skaj but her overall competence usually means she'll be in charge when Kada is absent.

Shadow Isabelle: A Shadow I made for PrettiWitchiMegChanChi's OC, Majo Isabelle. Shadow Isabelle intends to take over Kage Kai just as Majo Isabelle intends to take over Majo Kai. Unlike her Light Half, Shadow Isabelle wishes to create a world where both Shadows and Light Beings alike could co-exist peacefully and generally get along while undoing Black Queen's reign. She wears a black dress just like Majo Isabelle's and her crystal is an onyx sphere. She will occasionally wear a white lab coat when trying to perform her own experiments.

Personality: Shadow Isabelle is a rough, tomboyish jerk with a heart of gold. She appears insane at first, but is actually so sane that she can drive others insane. She hates her Light Half for wanting to take over the world just because. She's relatively snide, but means well and shows a massive concern for those she's working with.

Abilities: She is possessed of a great intelligence like her Light Half, but prefers to use it only to further her goals for peace. She is otherwise a typical Shadow.

Status: Currently working with Kada and designing things to help their goals.

Shadow Ruka: A Shadow of Majo Ruka that I made, Shadow Ruka is a Shadow with a desire to make amends for what her Light Half has done to the Ojamajos. Her methods of going about it aren't very benign, but she hopes the end result will be.

Personality: Shadow Ruka is the heart of Kada's group, typically keeping everyone together and making sure that no ion-fighting occurs. Se is honest and tries to ensure others benefit form her goals as much as possible. She disdains her Light Half's tendency for selfishess and hates it when she goes overboard. Her primary goal is to make sure that the goals of her allies are fulfilled...and is willing to do whatever it takes to make them happen.

Abilities: Shadow Ruka is a standard Shadow in terms of ability.

Original Powerups:

The Dark Seals: A series of black-and-red coins that are meant to serve as the anti-thesis of PrettiWitchiMegChanChi's Seven Seals of Anime. Like the aforementioned Seals, the Dark Seals represent various animes; unlike the Seven Seals, the animes represented tend to be dark, mature, and deconstructive.

Drawbacks: Addiction and possible manipulation. If a user remains in Dark Super Form for too long (i.e several consecutive days), then they risk developing a psychological dependence on their powers. They'll even drive the user into stealing the Dark Seals and causing them to secretly transform using their power. The addiction can be overcome, and once overcame, a person is immune to further addiction and is free to fully master their powers. The wielder is also at risk of being controlled by Infinite Wrath, the Keyblade that has a connection to the Dark Seals.

Future ideas: These will be fics I might be writing in the future; in other words, exactly what it says on the tin.

Puella Magi Ojamajo Doremi: Crossover: Ojamajo Doremi and Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Something has caused the Witches to move out of Mitakihara and into Misora. Doremi and the other Ojamajos have since moved on with their lives. But when Kyubey comes in and asks them to contract, Doremi and the others will have to come back together to make sure it's not a bad idea. That fact that the other Puella Magi are here too only complicates things. Warnings: Violance, language. Anyone can die in this fic.

The X in the sewers: This will be a rewrite of my failed first fic.

The X's return: It has been at least a month since they said their goodbyes. Doremi and the other Ojamajos have since parted ways. But then something appears. Something that seems to know Doremi, Hana-chan and Jou-sama and wants them dead. At the same time, a mysterious witch has also appeared in Misora. Who is she? And why does she seem so familiar? And why does this threat want her dead before everyone else? A sequel to "The X in the sewers".

Ojamajo: Through the Mirror World: A strange Mirror has been unearthed in the Castle of Majo Kai and is quickly revealed to be a portal to another world, one completely inaccessible to the D-Shifter. But when Jou-sama and Majo Rin investigate this realm and fail to return, it will be up to the Ojamajos, as well as the Shadows, to save them and prevent a terrible catastrophe that will leave all worlds in ruins.

Ojamajo: Purity and Taint: After so many failed attempts to take down her Light Half, Black Queen enacts her most insane plan yet: Going back in time and injecting a shard of her own evil into a still-unborn Hana. But when Doremi, Momoko, Aiko, Jou-sama, and Shadow Doremi interfere, the timeline is still altered. But is it for the worse? Or for the better?

Ojamajo: Crisis of the Orichalcos: Sequel to "Ojamajo: the Verz Incident Redux". Five apprentices pooled together their magic and have inadvertently brought the Seal of Orichalcos and it's soul-stealing powers to life! Can the Ojamajos put a stop to them before it's too late?

Ojamajo: Rise of Barian's Force: After the brutal events of the Orichalcos, Doremi only wanted to settle back down and rest. But alas, another Abnormal Resonance has appeared, this one bringing Barian's Force to life! And with it, several familiar faces are driven insane and now wish to evolve the world into a realm of energy or destroy it ourtight! Will they be stopped? And at what cost?

More to come soon.

If you want to use my Original stuff, then you have to send me a PM and ask permission.

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