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Author has written 6 stories for Oh My Goddess!, Parodies and Spoofs, Star Wars, Pokémon, and Warhammer.

I've written some, did NaNoWriMo back in 2007, but strictly amateur. By education, I'm a marine engineering/naval architecture student, so literary brilliance is obviously not my focus...

I enjoy writing fanfiction here. While I'd say my knowledge of Oh My Goddess! is far from encyclopedic, it's probably the anime/manga I know the most about. I'm starting to get into Tenchi Muyo, and I have read a great deal of the Star Wars expanded universe.

In terms of writing style, my greatest influence is probably Michael Stackpole, but I have very much my own style. If you read my stories, you will tend to notice that given the chance, I will not hesitate to include maritime references and terminoloy, especially that involving submarine warfare. I would be quite happy writing about shiphandling and navigation, but seeing as how I haven't found a good series for that, its doubtful I'll do much besides include the odd scene.

If anyone wants to talk Oh My Goddess, Tenchi Muyo, Star Wars, or for that matter, USNA, USN, submarines, or USCG, my (figurative) door is always open. If you show up at my physical door there might be problems. I enjoy reading stories, so I'd be happy to preread/critique anything that involves the above categories, and I'm still available for other topics-though I probably won't be able to give as much help.

As for where Task Force comes from, well, that's just another sea story involving a Marine Corps major and a couple of knives...

Fair winds and following seas,


Story Information:

Roots (Complete): A prequel to Davner's Broken Bow arc, Roots was my first attempt at fanfiction and a fairly decent project. It gives context/backstory to the Ah! My Goddess movie and some of the events in the Anime, adding elements of Military SF and philosophy while diving in to a Historical Fiction background grounded in real events.

They Shall Not Grow Old: An idea-turned-instant-fic, They Shall Not Grow Old is the ongoing chronicle of Keiichi and Belldandy's battle against an unbeatable foe: terminal cancer. As Keiichi is faced with the fact that his lifespan is now measured in months, he and Belldandy attempt to fight back while coming to grips with the inevitable. Will Keiichi recover? Or is he a 'dead man walking'?

Hey, Goddess!: (Complete) Ever wondered just what it would like to spend midnight to six arguing with your friend about your job, your retarded supervisor, and the value of manga instead of sleeping? Welcome to the world of Electronics Technician Second Class Keane and Electronics Technician Third Class Finney, United States Navy: two meager pawns in the game of Strategic Deterrence. Forced to stand midwatch again, the characters of TubeDaze's Hey, Shipwreck! must adapt to a world where angelic wish-granting beings quite possibly exist!

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Once Too Many reviews
It has been said that strife will bring out the best and worst of humanity. Here, on the world of Mercatum Hortu, this will ring true as the Imperial Guard struggles to cleanse an Ork invasion. Here, warriors will feel the exultation of victory and bitter tang of defeat. For this battle will remind them that war is mingled sorrow and glory, and they will fight to whatever end.
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