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I'm really old. I write. I draw an online Inuyasha fan comic called "The Hero in the 21st Century."

OK, others have done it, so I will, too: Here are The Answers for One Tenth of a Picture.

1. Kagome deliberately spoils one of those tender, angsty moments between Inuyasha and Kikyou. We have a feeling that a little reality would act like a big splash of cold water on that relationship...

2. As she has before, Kaede considers pulling out the arrow and freeing Inuyasha from his living death. She thinks better of it and returns home, just before Kagome climbs out of the well for the first time.

3. Destiny has arranged to have Inuyasha reincarnated as Houjou-kun (that's the premise of "The Hero in the 21st Century"), who is supposed to be Kagome's true love. Unfortunately, he doesn't try to approach her until her 15th birthday--and she's already headed down the well, to fall in love with his previous self instead.

4. In the manga, Inuyasha realizes he's attracted to Kagome but is afraid of being betrayed again. When Kikyou is revived, he discovers she didn't betray him. Knowing the soul that animates her now belongs to Kagome, he tries to talk Kikyou into deliberately giving up her "life." She instead tries to pull him off the cliff with her to their mutual death. She (physically) shocks him so that he drops her, and he watches helplessly as she falls, apparently to her death. Why do we feel like if it had been Kagome, he'd have figured out a way to catch her? We think this scene is the biggest source of IY's guilt about Kikyou.

5. It turns out that both Buyo and the Centipede Woman are working for the big cosmic bureaucracy that is Destiny, and that their mission was to make sure Kagome got through the well and met Inuyasha. Buyo's job was to lure Kagome into the well house. The Centipede Woman's job was grab Kagome and get killed in the line of duty, in return for which she would get to be reincarnated. Time travel being what it is, that is in fact what has already happened: she's been reborn in the modern era as Kagome's friend with the hairband (Eri in the anime--the friends don't have names in tha manga).

6. This isn't the Christian "hell," where people go to be punished, it's just the afterlife, where Those Who Have Gone Ahead can hang out and watch the living world on television. Wild Bill Hickok was shot in the back during a poker game, and the hand he was holding when he died--a pair of black aces, a pair of black eights, and another card--has been known ever since as "Dead Man's Hand." In hell, everybody always automatically gets dealt aces and eights, so they don't even count. That's why Kikyou's so shocked. What's happening on "the news" is that Urasue has built Kikyou's fake body, and Inuyasha just spoke her name, calling her soul back from the dead.

7. Destiny got messed up: Inuyasha and Kikyou weren't supposed to betray each other and die. The Agents of Destiny have been trying ever since to fix things. They finally figured out Inuyasha hadn't gone on to hell--because he was a hanyou, Kikyou's seal didn't let him die properly. They've got a plan to get the souls back together, with only 50 years lost. What they're not telling Kikyou is that there are going to be some--complications.

8. Cold, cruel reality. What can I say? Me, I sort of thought it was a now-grown Kagome talking to Houjou.

9. The joke isn't as obvious if you've only seen the anime. In the manga, Kikyou's fake body smells like death. (In the anime, she's cold to the touch, instead.)

10. This supposedly happens after Kikyou has hauled Inuyasha off to hell. Again, this isn't the Christian place of punishment, it's just the afterlife home of the dead.

11. Kagome's mother knows from reading the shrine history that Inuyasha will die at the end of the quest, but Kagome will live. That's why she never worried about Kagome going through the well.

12. Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru share a warm, brotherly moment.

13. Kagome finally tells Houjou-kun she isn't interested.

14. Jaken reminisces about the good old days before Rin showed up.

15. Adult Swim's original commercials for InuYasha said he had cat ears.

16. After falling off the cliff (OK, the FIRST cliff. Lotsa convenient cliffs in this story) into the river below, Kikyou climbs out of the river alive, but without a soul to animate it, her fake body begins to stiffen back into the clay from which it is made. Suddenly she looks up and sees one of the Shinidamachuu--the soul-catching insect youkai--peeking at her. She reaches out a hand and accepts the stolen soul that it carries. "Fallen" here, of course, has multiple meanings--Kikyou has fallen off the cliff; like the bodies on the battlefield, she is one of the fallen in the sense of being dead; but she has also fallen into sin by accepting the stolen soul.

17. The great, tragic, epic love of Inuyasha and Kikyou, once doomed, is suddenly saved, as Inuyasha sends Kagome away and uses the SNT to turn both himself and Kikyou into living humans. And then reality sets in...

18. Pure silliness: Tessaiga (Tetsusaiga) has got to be the ultimate phallic anime weapon, the way it grows and turns red and all that.

19. Somebody put out a challenge to write a story where Miroku gets one of the other characters pregnant. What I came up with was terribly grim and depressing, and I never wrote it out. This is a short version, but I might write the whole thing one day. The companions are losing badly to Naraku; Shippou, Kirara, and Myouga have been killed, as has Kaede, and Kikyou has joined forces with the companions. Sango and Kagome have agreed that if Miroku's time starts looking too short, one of them will bear his child. Once Sango has been killed, Kagome lets Miroku impregnate her. Kagome's baby is still young when the void appears in his hand, signaling to the surviving companions that Miroku has been consumed. Some time later, Kagome is killed. Inuyasha and Kikyou live on and protect Miroku and Kagome's child, and HIS child, and all of their descendents, as the battle to defeat Naraku and destroy the jewel continues for centuries. After hundreds of years, during which dozens of companions have joined the quest and eventually died, Naraku and the jewel are destroyed by the atom bomb that wipes out Nagasaki four centuries after the jewel was shattered.

20. Naraku explains that he's not a bad guy, he's just a pragmatist.

21. After Kikyou's soul catchers find goodies in Kagome's backpack, they're all happy to keep an eye on Inuyasha.

22. Kagome looks into the kitchen and is amazed to see her mother and Houjou-kun sharing a milkshake. Goodness, what did you THINK this was about? What a dirty mind! Shame on you!

23. Inuyasha dies at the end of the quest, but it turns out he's been reincarnated as one of Kagome's schoolmates! It's just a little hard to explain...

24. What if Kagome had been pulled 60 years further into the past, and warmed a different angry heart? No Onigumo means no Naraku...

25. Inuyasha dies at the end of the quest, and is reincarnated in the modern era. Unfortunately, he's been reborn more than 20 years before Kagome. He remembers his old love and looks her up, but he's a mature, sophisticated adult, and she's a teenager. Bad evening--until he realizes she has that good-looking, oh-so-single mother...

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