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Hiya everybody!! My pen-name is ZaraTsubasa, recently changed from Zara the turtle-in-spirit. I really hope you enjoy my stories, because I love being here and love it when you guys read and help me with my work :D

A little about me...

Real name: Sorry, not telling, but you can call me by my penname, Zara

I am a part of the Rubber Animal Revolution Task Force, a group of fan-fic-ers, (X_X) that is alligned against the unspeakably cruel acts of Oroku Saki! (my sincere apologies to any Saki fans out there, if there are any) And we use rubber animals as WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!! (jk, we just use them to clobber Saki) But anyone who wishes to join is welcome to, just pm me or my comrade-in-arms, fellow Saki hater ultimateanime12! SAKI HATERS UNITE!!!!!

I'd also like to take the time to say something to my bestest friend, MillionDollarNinja: YOU ARE THE BEST, MILLY, YOU'RE EVEN BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE OR PIZZA!!! (and we both know that that means quite a lot)

Shout-out to my fellow She-Ninjas!!!!! U know who u are! MillionDollarNinja, waterlily53, and my friend Effie (who shares this account) UR DA BOMB!!!! WE SHE-NINJAS ROCK OUT LOUD!!!! Hiya to u too, sparleybluestar, or Sparky as I know you, u rock!

And to my other friends whisperfang (who I can always count on to help me with the invisible rope trick ;) and has helped me embrace my inner spazz), the awesome-as-heck kisa sohma cookie (who I really look up to) ultimateanime12 (known mostly as Koko, but she shares her account with her sister Lily), and TaiKaze, you're awesome, too!!!!

Stuff in the works:

I'm so sorry, everyone! I know it's been an incredibly long time since I've been here on fanfiction- I don't even know if a lot of you still remember me, that's how long I've been gone, it's probably been at least a year. But I'm going to be taking a lot of these stories and rewriting them from the ground up starting with Animorphs TMNT style, which I've renamed As Worlds Collide. It'll take a really long time, so bear with me please everyone. :)

Allies or Enemies? (formerly called A BlackEyed Angel): This story is next on my list for rewriting from the ground up after As Worlds Collide. I wasn't sure, but I ended up deciding to change the title of this one too. I'm going to rewrite the one chapter I have, and then I've decided to take it in a completely different direction than I was originally planning, which I find really exciting :). It will now have a plot and original characters besides Onyxa, although she'll still be the central character. Hopefully it'll be a much better story when I start revising it.

As Worlds Collide (originally AniMorphs TMNT Style!): Like I said, this is the first story I'll be rewriting from the ground up. First I'm going to be majorly revising the first two chapters, since my writing style has improved a lot since I wrote them, and then I'll continue the story from where I left off. I've got the plot written out up to chapter 11, so hopefully I can get this story back on track.

Wings of True Love: I'm putting this story on hiatus until I can finish revising As Worlds Collide and Allies or Enemies, but those are both huge jobs and they're going to take a long time, so it'll be a while before I can get back to updating this story. My sincerest apologies.

Likes: TMNT!!!! SHELLS YEA! Saturday morning cartoons, anime if it's in English, kareoke, manga, FANFICTION, root beer, Dance Dance Revolution, cheese pizza, watching anime and cartoon music videos, glass elevators, anything sugary, especially bubble gum, riding shot-gun (front seat), I have a passion for music and I love to sing and dance, reading, I find writing and reading crossovers fun, and I especially like co-writing.

Fave cartoons: Although my main show is TMNT, I also enjoy watching Legion of Superheroes, Danny Phantom, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds, Xiolin Showdown, Sonic X and W.I.T.C.H.

Fave mangas: Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, Gohou Drug, Fruits basket, Ouran High School HostClub, xxxHOLiC, Tsubasa chronicle and Kilala Princess!

Fave animes: I haven't watched many, but I've taken a liking to Sailor Moon (when translated to english), Dragonball Z Kai, and Tokyo Mew Mew's english dub, Mew Mew Power.

Dislikes: OROKU SAKI! (a.k.a the Shredder from TMNT) I HATE OROKU SAKI WITH A PASSION, HE'S SO DAMN EVIL!!!! *clears throat* heh, sorry. Anyway, subtitles, (another thing I hate with a passion!) silence, green veggies, (they just taste so wierd!) when people don't give me my alone time, Piccolo from Dragonball Z Kai (I know that Gohan needed the extensive training and all, but GAWD, Piccolo a friggin' CHILD ABUSER! The kid is FOUR YEARS OLD, do you HAVE to push him so damn hard?! GAWD, Pikccolo!!! Ya friggin' meanie!) SUICIDES (as in the running kind. Don't get me wrong, Suicide itself is a terrible thing that should never even be CONSIDERED by ANYBODY, but the form of running called suicides IS CALLED THAT FOR A REASON!!!) and my 1st-7th grade art teacher. Gaaaah, she was annoying. -_-

Fave music artists/bands: CASCADA, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, pink, Nightcore! Nightcore, Nightcore, Nightcore!!! Linkin park, Fall Out Boys, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Panic! At the Disco, and Bon Jovi

That's about all there is to me, really. Please review my stories though, I'd really appreciate it!

My fave quotes:

1) When life gives you lemons, throw them back and yell "I want oranges!"


Make grape juice, then sit back and let everyone wonder how the hell you did it.-unknown

2) I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.-MOI! _

3) You don't know what you don't know.-Whip, 101.9 the Mix (my fave radio station)

4) supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-Mary Poppins (something I say rather frequently XD)


6) YEE-FREAKIN'-HAW!-also Raphael, from, well, TMNT

7) Some see the glass half full, some see it half empty. Me? I just want to know who the heck is drinking my dang soda! -unknown

8) I made a funny! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! -Splinter, the first TMNT movie.

9) Get a Mc Move On! -D'Nozo, NCIS

10) Spoken like a true almost-American.-also D'Nozo, from, well, NCIS...

11) The less you know, the less you fear, and that means I'm not scared of anything! -unknown

12) Have a good liiiiiiiiiife!-Jess, my little sister.

13) You just said I'm not cool. But 'cool' is just another word for 'cold'. And if I’m not cold, I'm hot. I know I'm hot. Thanks for the compliment. -unknown

14) Kids, don't use Formula 1 race cars to chase hedgehogs- Sonic from Sonic X

15) With great power comes the great need to take a nap.- Nico di Angelo from Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Last Olympian

16) Uh-oh, God save the Queen!- Riley from National Treasure

(\ _ /)
(O.o )

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