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Author has written 3 stories for Silent Hill, and Mass Effect.

I am a raptor. And an assassin. I am a bipedal carnivorous therapod. Does that excite you? Fear me, for I may slash at you with my prehensile claw without thinking twice. I am after all, a creature ruled by instinct and desire. I enjoy a good cognac and a fanfic or two. I like the finer things in life; the wind in the conifers, long walks on the primordial Cretaceous beaches, and the sand between my claws. I enjoy evisceration, highly. Email me if this intrigues you, you saucy beast.

As far as personal information goes, I guess it couldn't hurt to give away a few details.



I know there are some concerns - but it will get done because I know how it will end. I am just in the process of getting us there. Oxidation, on the other hand, was more of an experimental piece. It has had me torn for far too long, I should probably just take it down already. I can go two directions with it, and it has literally been bugging me for years. I'm not going to let you guys down on Weightless though. It means too much to me. I am deeply sorry if you are waiting for Oxidation to end. It will get finished, I just have to make a very hard choice and I haven't yet.

Age: 25 (human years)

Sex: Female

Claw length: 8.7 inches (22 cm)

Length (tooth to tail): 23 feet (7 m)

Height: 7 ft (2.13 m)

Occupation: Assassin

Relationship status: Lifemate to human male, best friend of 8 years. (We make it work.)

Likes: Evisceration (highly), raw meat, rare meat, human meat, Sam Jackson's other arm, long walks on the Cretaceous beaches, meat, cleverness, meat, life finding a way, pack hunting, Mass Effect.

Dislikes: 50 caliber rifles with high resolution optics. T-Rex.

Loves: When you are alive when I start to eat you.

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Weightless reviews
A wise Krogan once said that the only stories worth telling are those of love, sex, and war. This has all three. A story of provocateurs, confidants, and unhealthy attraction. Mass Effect Noir. Rated MA. Original content and a touch of AU pre & post ME1-3 concerning the secrets, origins, and lives of Jane Shepard and Garrus Vakarian.
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He is tangible darkness, the death of sunlight, the antithesis of the human conscious; Upon heavy shoulders he carries the pyramidal weight of mans' most vile acts as Atlas carries the world. Even the gods are subject to retribution. PH and OCs.
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