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Presenting - the 'Beyond the Story - Forks' Forgotten Friends' One Shot Contest

It is hosted by CassieWH & SydneyTwiMum

Judges: CassieWH, SydneyTwiMum, ... , ...

We're avid fanfic readers, and came up with this idea and we decided to give it a shot!

Join on in!! It will be fun! :)

What's the contest about?
Funny you should ask that!

We all know what happens for Edward and Bella after graduation in Eclipse & Breaking Dawn.
Have you ever gotten
attached to the secondary characters?

What happened to Angela & Ben? Mike? Jessica? Eric? Even Lauren? Tyler?

Now it's your turn to write their story. You can choose from any of the secondary characters from the Twilight Novels.
Tell us what you think their story is. Did Angela & Ben stay together? What about Mike & Jessica? Is Eric rich?
What about Embry and Quil? Even Leah. It's your choice.

Whats the Rules?

-Entries will need to pass basic grammar, so you must have it BETA'D
-Entries must be between 2500 & 10,000 words
-Entries must be a new o/s written specifically for this contest & cannot be expanded on until winners have been announced
-Entries Rating must be - M or NC17
-NO underage entries (if you're not old enough to read dirty mags, then you should not be entering this contest. 18+)

Entries for the contest will be accepted starting on March 30, 2010. Starting at 12:01 AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) & all entries must be submitted by April 30, 2010 at 11:59 AEST.

Hosts and Judges will reserve the right to change or adjust dates, if necessary.

All Entries must be posted on Once your story is posted, please submit your entry by sending a PM to the 'BeyondTheStoryFFF' account.

All Contest Entries must have this heading :

Beyond The Story - Forks' Forgotten Friends





To view other entries to the Beyond The Story - Forks' Forgotten Friends contest, please view the C2 community.

Winners will recieve a banner made by our very own CassieWH, and pimpage on each of our Hosts & Judges twitters.

Runner up will win a banner and blinkie made especially for
their story.

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