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Author has written 20 stories for Kirby, Legend of Zelda, Misc. Comics, Ranger's Apprentice, Misc. Books, Sengoku Basara/戦国BASARA, Parodies and Spoofs, and Mystical Ninja: Goemon.

Note: So my computer has gotten sick, so obviously both the updating of any stories AND the progress of the novel, Wanderlust, will be delayed. There might be a slight chance it will be up and running by this weekend. We will just have to see. In the meantime, feel free to browse my DA account for some images of the characters and more stories concerning Wanderlust (or fanart of Sengoku Basara and Kirby) No, I am not taking requests, barely have time to do my own artwork currently. As for B.E.A.S.T. it just hit page 30! WOOT!

IMPORTANT: (note to fans) For those of you requesting my updates on stories I would like to bring your attention to these simple facts: I am a senior this year and have several advanced level classes (including Psychology. I highly recommend that every author takes it. It truly aids in characterization) and am also on the edge of my imagination trying to get Wanderlust completed by late fall for its publication. It will be done this year. In addition, I am studying for the ACT which is on September 21rst. I have four weeks to accomplish this, literally. My parents and I signed me up late, unfortunately. I am also becoming an active member in my church which is awesome! I'm a part of the Creative Team! WOOOT! So, for the stories you'd like to be updated, I am considering only two primarily: Frenemies and The Life of a Star Warrior. PM me your concerns, ideas, thoughts, etc. Forgive me those of you who have been patiently awaiting their updates... six months ago LoaSW was last updated. I appologize, I need to go dig around in my trunk (like... antique chest not car) and see if I cannot locate the notebook that I took notes and such in. It's been so long I haven't written anything for it. I do promise a long chapter. However, you must wait until after the month of September. If you want to know something now about the story or have questions or would volunteer to remind me the direction the story was heading please PM me! Thank you very much and have a fabulous day! ;D Ah! One more thing, carpal tunnel will require surgery for correction. However, if I take the correction it will likely get worse anyways, so I must endure the pain. It's perfectly fine though, I am fairly used to it now and wear a brace. If you want to read more recent things, such as the Character Developement story for the Wanderlust cast (Stranger, Anonymous, Rioku, Thorn, Shade, etc) then contact me through PM or go to my Deviantart account and ask me for its location. The link to my profile is located here on my profile. I'd love to talk to you guys about such subjects, including the Kirby stories or any other story you enjoy. If you are curious how to get published, I can share.

Well heyloooo dere! _ welcome to my profile. I'm Sweey or Sweey Per, which ever you perfer. :) I have been on here roughly two and a half years and am busy at work writing all these stories as well as my novel! :) I'm very friendly and would love nothing more than to befriend you! So PM me or email me or something. I absolutely LOVE feedback! So if that's all you want to say, I'd love for you to do just that. Well, without furthur ado, my profile. X3

NOTICE: If I haven't updated in a while... please understand I'm probably going through a trial an error. I have carpal tunnel: a nerve disorder in the hand-wrist area triggered by writing, drawing, and typing. So, pretty much my life causes it! XD haha :) Or I've got a life to live and have not the time to udpate. :d Either way, both are good excuses.

You know what, several of you have said you're fans of mine. I also know that about 7,ooo of you don't leave reviews and about 3% ever talk to me. Some have said it's because they don't think I'll reply or I'll flip out or something on 'em. Truth is, I LOVE TALKING TO YOU GUYS!!! haha! So please, chat with me. I really could use some support. ;D I'm always glad to return the favor! Review my story, I'll review three times on one of yours (or however they are strewn out).

Current Story I am reading on FF.N: Pestilence by Hailfire Vulpes (Currently on Chapter 4 and loving the progress!) You should check it out! ;D

Other Accounts

Facebook: You'll have to choke it outta me! Just kidding, prove to me you're not out to get me... (I'm hard to beat)


FictionPress.com: I'm Sweey there yet again. http://www.fictionpress.com/u/770776/Sweey

General Information

My Age: Older than Edge and younger than Thorn.

My Birthday: Here's a hint: It comes out two days AFTER the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean came out.

My beliefs: I'm proud to say I'm a follower of Christ!

My Interests: I am both an accomplished author and artist. I play the piano, the irish tin whistle, and am working on the harp. I compose my music, read music, and play by ear. I enjoy hiking, archery, reading, wandering, and horseback riding but haven't ridden since my accident. :) but i still love those animals. Also, you'll probably find a plethora of historical parallels in my stories. Usually consisting of the fuedal historical periods of Europe and Japan. ;D I also have something with old Turkish names... ;3 haha

Fav Song as of now: Bliss by Muse

Fav Books: The Ranger's Apprentice which I'm currently reading book 10! DX AHH! Anything by J.R.R. Tolkien or C.S. Lewis. I'm specifically a Ranger and Elf lover. :3 obviously.

Fav Manga: All the Zelda manga, Manga Messiah and Metamorphesis (both are accurate visual books of Christ's life and the life of Paul and the Apostles, really cool if you're a Christian, and even if you're not, they are SO awesome... the Bible is NOT boring! in fact... I get some pretty epic ideas from it), the Kirby Manga, Marvel (comics), and am currently feeding my obsession with Sengoku Basara by reading the manga about it! :3 woo!!!

Fav Games: CURRENT GAME I'M BEATING: Assassin's Creed 2

I was originally a Zelda fan who took a liking to a certain masked knight. I also like Prince of Persia, Super Smash bros. Brawl, Melee and original of which I own, Animal Crossing, and many other such titles. Any Lord of the Rings game. The latest game I beat was Kirby Epic Yarn and I am impatiently awaiting the arrival of The legend of Zelda Skyward Sword. Kirby Super Star Ultra and Minish Cap. I'm fairly new to Metroid and Sonic (which I first played on an original Sega game system... gosh the cricks I got in my neck!!!) I just pulled out my Nintendo 64 today and started playing all those oldies like Banjo Kazooi and Banjo Tooie, Gex 64 (I named my gecko after the main character whose a gecko), Goemon's Adventure (which is Japanese subbed and I'm rebeating it cuz it's EPIC! :D If you ever get the chance to play, go for it. And if you have any questions [cuz the walkthroughs suck] just PM or email me cuz I know how much of a pain it is when you can't figure out what u need to do!) and Gauntlet Legends (I'm a minotaur named Mazhar which means honored in Turkish) :3 I'm officially a dork! Of course the obvious titles like Mario Kart, Beetle Battle (If you've ever played this title, tell me for I have yet to meet anyone who has), Kirby Crystal Shards, Paper Mario, Mario Tennis (did I mention that I fail epically at the regular Mario games), and Rampage...yeah... :D Another VERY huge favorite, SENGOKU BASARA!

Fav Music: Muse, Koji Kondo, Gaelic Storm, Apocalyptica, Gackt (Jap), T.M. Revolution (Jap), Michael W. Smith, a lil bit of Iron Maiden, ZREO (Zelda Reorchestrated) Audiomachine, Flook, and any epic soundtrack are my favorites. I love listening to instrumental music as it's my main genre but I'll listen to practically anything.

My policy: It is very unlikely that I write about something I don't know about, so if you read somewhere about "Thorn's special paste" or the instruments penny whistle, tin whistle, or low whistle, I play them all. :) Also, there's lot's of references in my stories about my daily life. That includes what books I'm reading. :3 haha

Swearing, Violence, and Sexuality policy: Yes, I'm pretty sure you went, WHOA! Can't believe I said it so casually... lol... well, hear me out a sec.

Cuss words: I have the curtesy of NOT putting constant cuss words in my writing... just an occasional damn. But, never just the plain old: damn it. That is the only swear word I use and I'll explain why. I find all the other words really tacky and arrogant. My opinion on cuss words: It's the substitue for an awesome come back that they could have said but instead they use a cuss word cuz they have no vocabulary. I SAY: GET A THESAURUS!!! The reason I only allow myself use of damn is because it is an old english curse word and most of my stories take place during that fuedal age or a similar medevil time era. It is rather rare that I use it, but I felt it might be best to warn you if you'd like to stay pure of such damnation. Yes, it's a real word, unlike other words. Know that I do not condem you should you use swear words frequently in your stories and will gladly read your story, but I encourage you to stray from using them constantly as they tend to sway readers away from the storyline and send them focusing on the things they find offensive.

Sexual activity: Again, I do not constantly have sex occuring between characters, nor do I do yuri or yaoi... sorry, it goes against my beliefs. If you want to do such a story about two of my characters... I can't say I'd let you less you're a REALLY good writer or a REALLY good friend of mine... hrm... but I will read them should you need my advice for your story. As I said before, I do not have constant intercourse ongoing between characters. The worst I have is mentioned things like say: That night the slept together after so long being torn apart and the rain that had seemed so cold was now heated by their love under the dark clouds of the night. I felt prompted to assure you that I am careful in such a way as to not be offensive, while still giving the characters reality in my stories.

Violence: Alright, THERE'S A FRIGGIN' WAR GOING ON in most of my stories... but, my violence is not mindless killing. Not much to say sept that it's soully EPIC, kick-butt action with some awesome characters... heh.

Odd facts about me: It takes a LOT to get me mad, but I'll tell you one thing, DON'T get on my bad side. You can do this by being a jerk to other people. :3 Pretty much it on that case. I have a cat named Eaten' Hunt (Ethan Hunt from Mission ImPAWsible) whom I nicknamed Hunter Bunter. :3 I love anything that's epic. _ I collect Breyer Horses and sleep with a pair foot long silver daggers despite the fact that I sleep on the top bunk. :3 My fan is ridiculously loud and I love peanut butter and honey and honeymilk as well as cheesy eggs... which if you know about my character Thorn... :3 yeah. haha

Fav Movies: MOST RECENTLY WATCHED: Kung Fu Panda 2

Bolto 3, Pirates of the Caribbean (The forth one was AWESOME!!!) The Lord of the Rings, Prince of Persian, Thor, Iron Man, Wolverine, Xmen: First Class, The Last Samurai, The Hobbit (animated), Hildago, Black Beauty, Dragon Hunters, How to Train your Dragon, Eregon (kinda...), Kung Fu Panda, Delgo, Kirby's Fright to the Finish, Despicable Me, All the Xmen movies...Megamind, The Emperor's New Groove, The Chronicals of Narnia (all three movies), and I can't wait till the Hobbit and The Ranger's Apprentice (the movie) come out! :) ... might I say... DON'T WATCH THE Dutchess. Very angry and twisted movie.

Fav Shows: CURRENTLY WATCHING: Moribito (anime) It's a great anime telling the tale of a female body guard who weilds a spear. Her name is Balsa. She is ordered by the Emperess to protect her son while the entire kingdom is hunting him to kill the egg of the water demon... it's an amazing anime, I just finished it! I highly recommend it!

Pucca, Mushi-shi (Ginko's mah fave) Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings (Kotaro Fuma!!! WOO!) The Angrey Beavers (I wuv me Norbert), Invader Zim (Got a funny fic coming up for dat one), Hoshi no Kaabii and even it's english dub, Kirby Right Back at ya!, Penguins of Madagascar (failed at spelling dat X3), Dragon Hunters, Avatar: The Last Airbender, the Saddle Club, Phineas and Ferb, The Legend of Zelda animated series, Spongebob, X-men evolution, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heros (Hawkeye's my fav), and a wide variety of others.


I am currently working on several stories: Alright, I've got Hawkeyed and Crosseyed going smoothly now, so I'll probably be more focused on that one for a while. Then comes the Life of a Star Warrior, which I won't be updating quite as regularly as usual because I'd like to be able to focus on it and maybe the Legend of Zelda: Tears of Twilight together. So I'll be finishing up the other stories as they come to me. Of course, that includes Clashing Colors ("Don't Look to the Eyes of a Stranger"'s sequel!!! WOO!!!) Bug me about updating, I'm a dork who forgets that I've got people waiting for me to update other stories!!! ;D I'm pretty dry of the Fountain of Dreams (creativity) and really need a LOT of encouragement. The last story (the Past of the Masked Knight) took nearly three years and nearly killed me because of the bad habits I took up. In other words, I became a work a hollic and stopped eating and drinking as much as I needed to, which caused me to get a kidney stone... at a young age! O_O As well as fully developing a form of Carpal Tunnel and due to the stress of school and the story... developed a commonish jaw disorder, TMJ. WOW! I HAVE BAD HEALTH!!!! YIPPIE!!! lol, don't feel sorry for me! Just encourage meh! :) I know a LOT of people who have it off WAY worse than me... as of now, one of em' is Stranger... X3 okay, joke time ovah!

My profile picture

That would be Stranger and Faceless. They are in fact the same person. If you wanna see more of my art (including my characters and the like, go to my DA account! Here it is:

Authors that I am currently reading their stories and befriending All the authors I've favorited are AMAZING and have written so many wonderful stories. Many of them are my dear friends. So please, go drop by and give'm a review or two. :D My dear friends:

Cripsy Pink- She has a lot of great stories that feature my characters, so if you're a fan, TAKE A PEAK and leave her a nice lil' review! ;D

Panda Warrior

(and her twin) Nighttimewhispers

Mind Seeker

The Awesome Person









Aidan Matthwes





paperlung (best SasuKasu fanfic writer EVAH)

There's a lot more... but I'm about to go somewhere. Toodles Poodles! _ :3

What to expect in The Life of a Star Warrior Part 1 Shifting Sands

Expect twice as many twists and of course, the same cast of characters from The Past of the Masked Knight. I'll warn you though, it's based closely to the anime. So think about what you know of the Star Warriors... and then think about what the ending of the story will be... that's probably the hardest part about writing this story. , anyways, we'll be adding the ninja Yamikage and his blokes as well as many characters that appear in the anime such as Garlude, Sir Arthur, and Jecra (Knuckle Joe's father... whoever came up with this name must be a millionare by now. XD Seems like everyone uses it! Anybody who knows who did tell me cuz I'm DIEING to know! haha) as well as the Battleship Halberd. I wonder though... what will Thorn be willing to do to get his precious revenge on Nightmare... and how is Meta going to become such a legend and so cocky? Well, you'll find out very soon! So keep a sharp eye out and be ready. Also, I've added another chapter to the Past of the Masked Knight but it will be more of a reference chapter with character proflies, places, species information, and other such data so that readers won't get confused. I will also be editing it soon so the beginning will be altered slightly. :3 Actually... hugely. It involves (in the very first chapter the Perfect Fantasy) an attack launched by the Satisan shape-shifters. I didn't make that very clear in the beginning but instead merely mentioned it. I also know how terribly I introduced my characters. Back then, they were underdeveloped and grew into more solid characters as I reached the end. I'd give people random titles like the Skent from Dulria! XD I don't have a clue as to what that is! X3 haha fail. well, so that'll be taking place so don't freak out when you get an email saying The Past of the Masked Knight Chapter 35 updated... yeah so SWEEY OUT! :D

You want to use one of my OC's?

:) You are allowed to use any character you choose of mine, just ask me first please. If you don't... I will shun thee and get thee into BIG trouble. So please don't do that. I don't like shunning or punishing... but I do like punning! D; And no, I'm not joking about it. Please, just ask.

My Original (Main) Characters:

Not profiles, just names and appearances -note: not all of them are listed...

(In order from most popular to least)

Sir Anduin Isan Thorn: The Master and His Shadow, The Past of the Masked Knight, The Life of a Star Warrior, Don't Look to the Eyes of a Stranger (mentioned but will be in it's sequel... when I get around to it), Joyful Morning, and Tiny Pieces of Snow (Crispy Pink)

Edge: The Master and His Shadow, Joyful Morning, The Past of the Masked Knight, The Life of a Star Warrior, Don't Look to the Eyes of a Stranger, The Lightning Knight, Tiny Pieces of Snow (Crispy Pink), and Starcrossed (Flygonrider- not updated yet).

Emit: The Past of the Masked Knight, The Life of a Star Warrior, the Master and His Shadow (not appeared yet), and Don't Look to the Eyes of a Stranger

Stranger (the Wanderer): The Lightning Knight, the Life of a Star Warrior, Don't Look to the eyes of a Stranger, Strangers in Strange Lands, Aimless Wandering, and The Wanderer and the Shadow Striders.

Jebediah: The Lightning Knight and the Life of a Star Warrior (Not appeared yet)

Shade: The Past of the Masked Knight, The Life of a Star Warrior, Meta Girl (Crispy Pink), Tiny Pieces of Snow, (Crispy Pink)

Phantom: The Past of the Masked Knight, The Life of a Star Warrior, Meta Girl (Crispy Pink), Tiny Pieces of Snow, (Crispy Pink)

Rioku: The Past of the Masked Knight, the Master and His Shadow (not appeared yet), and The Life of a Star Warrior (Not appeared yet), Don't Look to the Eyes of a Stranger (In the unupdated sequel... heh heh)

Thank you all for reviewing and reading my stories as well as taking a peek at my profile! _ Later Gators!

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