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The image I chose (made) for my profile picture means "insane" in a certain dialect of High Gallifreyan. I'm not sure where my friend who sent me the stuff found it, but yeah.

The username "Afgncaap" is a reference to "Zork:Grand Inquisitor" (which is an old computer game), and is what a character called the player during the game. It stands for:









He gives you this name because you couldn't really tell him your name because it was a game. Zork games are really great. You should play one sometime. Just make sure to bring a lamp. (otherwise the grues will get you)

I am a girl, my favorite genre is science fiction, my interests include making/listening to music, reading/writing, and learning about science and mathematics. If you have any (reasonable) questions, feel free to ask.

Favorite shows: Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Sherlock (I read Doyle's books too)

Extra: (basically random stuff I think of putting up)

I am obsessed with Doctor Who, old and new.

And you know your obsession is bad when if you see something rectangular and blue, in real life or T.V., you automatically think "TARDIS!!" only to realize its not

Just because you are under the age of fifty doesn't mean you can't be a whovian too.

You also don't have to have a bunch of merchandise. (What if you're broke?)

Who is my favorite Doctor? All of them.

K-9 is oddly adorable for no apparent reason.

River Song is the worst character ever and should go fall in a crack in space-time.

River says that the Vwoosh (?) sound is made by him leaving the parking break on. That means that every single other Timelord that ever drove a TARDIS left their parking brakes on too!!!

I finally figured out why the Doctor fancies River. Let's see, she's a homicidal maniac who is trying to kill him and likes to ruin his companion's lives. Why does the Doctor like crazy people?!?! Its bad for his health . . .

Speaking of which, there is no way the Doctor has been 900 for so many regenerations. If you do the math, he should be more like about 1300. I swear, he's having such a midlife crisis. Just look at the way he dresses and what his new TARDIS looks like. Though admittedly, it's kind of adorable how he's denying his age.

When watching the Eleventh Hour for the first time, did anybody else respond to his "Who'da man?" by giving the Doctor a double thumbs up and shouting "YOU'DA MAN!!!" before awkwardly realizing that nobody else, not even the characters, did?

The moment I heard that people were suggesting that Cumberbatch (from Sherlock) should play the next Master, with his hair in its natural, ginger shade, I was yelling unintelligible nonsense with no real meaning for a solid five minutes. I would die of happiness if that happened. ALKJOFIJELKJDOISNDMFOKNEOIFNDSKJFOIJVOIJ!!!!! But it won't happen unless we hypnotize/blackmail him. [

The Master and The Doctor are Best Enemies Forever. (BEFs)

I hope that The Master escapes the time-lock using the cracks in the universe and slaps or kills River Song. (or slaps and kills)

The Master should also put a tissue compression eliminator onto his lazer screwdriver.

First the Master goes out and buys a red cape, then he starts eating jelly babies? I think the Doctor left a bit of an impression. (What next, celery? Ooh, maybe I should implement that idea . . .)

Ten has good tastes. I completely agree; pears are disgusting, bananas are delicious.

Why don't Americans watch Doctor Who? I only know one other person outside of my family who knows what a Dalek is!!

That person just happens to be an assistant teacher who grew up in Britain, so it doesn't really count.

The TARDIS is a character, a she, a sentient being, and most certainly not an "it".

Martha Jones is annoying. (but not as annoying as River!)

I spend much of my time watching Doctor Who while knitting a Tom Baker scarf. I am dead serious. (Never mind, it's done, 10 feet long, accompanied by a whole costume, and beautiful!)

Well, that and reading/writing fanfiction

Although sometimes I knit while watching Supernatural . . .

Actually, I have also become addicted to the game Minecraft

Who is John Galt?

Sometimes stupid people scare me.

Being in band, choir, and theatre is tiring, but well worth it.

Did I just spell theatre like a British person? I think I did it again . . . I've been watching too much Doctor Who.

It isn't my fault that American T.V. shows bore me. Actually, House M.D. is pretty good.

Although, Hugh Laurie is British . . . and Jeeves and Wooster is better than House.

Why do Americans always sue people for stupid things?

Being polite to others is easy, and often earns you respect. Some people should try it sometime.

Wasting my time is just as bad as killing me, you are stealing precious moments of my life that I can never get back.

In the long run, you get payed for getting good grades. So why don't more people try hard in school?

In an ideal world, people wouldn't look at you funny if you said that you have dozens of full book-shelves in your house.

Whatever you do, do it proudly. Sing out, speak out, stick out, be weird, people worth being friends with will respect that.

It is stupid how schools baby kids by letting everyone win. Those kids are going to get pulverized in the real world.

It sucks when you have no idea what to do with your life later on.

Do what you need to do before what you want to do.

Unfortunately, I don't always follow that philosophy.

Jelly Baby?

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