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just to clarify, I'm not using L from death note as an alias. I'm using more from Code geass, L002 would be the same as LL, in the same way CC and VV are C002 and V002.

I like anime/manga , I'm interested in anime crossovers.

I have always just made my personal fanfics, where I write the story’s setting/plot, like how one writes those Wikipedia articles, but never the story itself. A sample can be found below, this is based off of Nameless Flame Wielder's FateBlack Reflection, which is a crossover with Bleach and Fate/stay night; below is at least how I imagine my own sequel to the story. I wouldn’t mind if anyone chooses to take this as a “stepping stone” to write their own fanfic.

Story (Warning: contains some spoilers from fate/strange fake and other works, this is involves a number of Type-Moon works; also, like the Visual novels, it may contain a little M rated detail [seinen level at best])

The war can take place in Snowfield where, similar to the original Fate/strange fake story line, the False Holy Grail War takes place. You can say it has a small mix of Fate Retold as different Servants are summoned, except a Great Holy Grail War takes place as part of the many anomalies. There would be three main teams: Red, White, and Blue; these are code names made by the American government. Due to the large number of Servants, that were summoned, the Soul Society sent a number of their powerful Shinigami as well as the victorious veterans from Fuyuki's Fifth Holy Grail War.


Red Faction: Also known as the "Redcoats," which is America’s code for Mage's Association due to how Clock Tower is located in the United Kingdom. This is team Kurosaki and Emiya.


Cu chulainn, Master- Bazett Fraga McRemitz

Arturia Pendragon, Master- Rin Tohsaka

Medusa- the Rider whose original Master was Ichigo Kurosaki but, when the temporary loss of his powers occurred, Sakura Matou became Medusa’s new Master. She used her Breaker Gorgon to cast an illusion on Ichigo to get him to pursue Orihime more aggressively; this resulted in Ichigo having a dream of Orihime and Medusa seducing him into a threesome.

Darius III- The Berserker of the “Original Six” summoned Servants whose master is Luviagelita Edelfelt; some of his teammates speculate that Darius is loyal to Luvia because she may resemble his daughter, Stateira II.

Mash Kyrielite- the Shielder servant summoned by Ichigo Kurosaki. She is a special heroic spirit where she can be similar to Artoria Pendragon, who had traveled from the past to the present, while Mash is a person that traveled from the future to the present using a forbidden ritual, "Grand Order," that converts the practitioner into spirit particles and sends them into the past. Thus, for the False Grail War, she was summoned by the person with the most compatibility with her, which was Ichigo in this case. Mash put up a pretense that she was “Medusa’s little sister” to hide her status as a Servant from people outside the Red Faction. At a fireworks event, on the 4th of July, Mash came to confess her love towards Ichigo.

Her mission is to ensure the success of the American Government’s experiment, in regards for the False Holy Grail War, or humanity will become extinct should the project fail because of the interference of either Mage's Association, the Church, or the Soul Society.

She possesses the EX Shield Noble Phantasm capable of blocking Enuma Elish. Mash is also equipped with other Noble Phantasms such as one that gives her flight and another that can function the same as a Spatial Transportation spell.


Ichigo Kurosaki – By someone’s suggestion to get stronger, Ichigo chose to study abroad in Clock Tower to learn how to use of the Magic Circuits he was born with. Because of a past conversation Zelretch had with Genryūsai, about Ichigo, Zelretch whimsically chose Ichigo, a person who has never even learned either Kidō or Magecraft, as his pupil when he first arrived. The tutelage involved had fluctuated between being the "pupil of a Magician” and "pupil of a magus.” In Zelretch’s own words, Ichigo was considered to be “the worst yet the most durable student he ever had.” While Ichigo didn’t turn into a wreck, he didn’t really master anything that can be considered significantly awe-inspiring, at least from Zelretch’s view, but his durability was remarkable enough to make Ichigo better than Nagato Tohsaka who could not even be called a "pupil of a magus." In the end, one of the few things Ichigo was able to at least learn was the necessary chant to summon a Servant during the False Grail War.

Shirou Emiya – Due to the Soul Society’s influence, Shirou was able to avoid getting a Sealing Designation after his abilities became known to the Mage's Association. During the False Holy Grail War he made a Contract with his sister, Illyasviel von Einzbern, allowing him to be fueled by her unlimited supply of mana so he can freely use Unlimited Blade Works, as well as being able to produce Excalibur Image, making him somewhat of a pseudo-servant. Shirou had Traced a number of Noble Phantasms needed to strengthen Berserker's Athanaton Ten Thousand, where it was then used to fight against Ozymandias's Ramesseum Tentyris. To strengthen Darius III, Shirou projects Thor's Megingjord and two copies of Mjölnir. Similar to Durindana, Shirou had modified Caladbolg into a spear by stretching the sword hilt; he gave this to Medusa which she used when jousting against the Lancer of Blue; he later gave Medusa a projected War God's Military Sash.

Personality-wise, is the Heaven’s Feel version of Shirou so his Reality Marble is a snowy region.

Luviagelita Edelfelt – the Master of her team’s Berserker. She fell in love with Shirou. During a comical moment, as she had a choice of eating either Orihime's cooking or Rin’s cooking, Luvia was poisoned by Orihime’s food. By some miracle, she was able to settle her differences with Rin.

Illyasviel von Einzbern - After the events of the 5th Grail War, her life was extended thanks to Kisuke Urahara.

Ciel – the moderator of the False Grail War; one of her goals is to summon the Ruler. She is the Ciel of the "good ending" of the Ciel's route where, after killing Roa, both Ciel and Arcueid "share" Shiki. Worried about the safety of their friend, Arcueid and Shiki both come to make sure she survives. Like Risei’s relationship with Tokiomi, Ciel plans to give some "favoritism" for the Servants of Red. Normally, she is only capable of fighting against Servants in a defensive manner, this changed as Ciel was chosen by Magical Sapphire to be a magical girl.

As she met Shirou Emiya, Ciel gave him a type of holy shroud which was recognized as the signature red overcoat worn by EMIYA.

Sieg – same Sieg from Fate/apocrypha though with a different history. He, along with others such as Hansa Cervantes, is an agent of the Church who was tasked to help Ciel summon the Ruler, Jeanne d'Arc, as well as hunting down a rouge group known as the Order of the Templars. He is really a spy for the American organization; he uses Gram, a forgery by Alexandre Dumas.

Caren Hortensia – She was approached by Uryu Ishida, who voiced his opinions in how he feels disgusted that the Church took advantage of Caren’s Masochistic Pneumatic Automatism Diathesis. Uryu questions Caren about her "exorcist uniform," especially since having no skirt was partly meant to seduce men, which in turn Caren points out that the design is meant to increase her mobility in contrast to Uryu’s insistence to wear mantle which serves no purpose other than to make him feel cooler, despite the fact that it hinders his movement; this became one of the subjects that Caren uses in her love for teasing Uryu, as she tells others how Uryu enjoys Caren’s special "service."

Jeanne d'Arc – the Ruler that was summoned by Ciel. Thanks to her Master, she was capable of understanding things such as romance which made her attracted to Sieg later. While she has God's Resolution, due to her forced summoning and other unknown factors from the False Grail, it lacks the necessary link to any of the heroes of the False Grail War. Being unable to disobey her Master’s command, she had no choice but to overlook the Servants from the 5th Holy Grail Wars of Fuyuki. She and Arturia participated in an eating contest together.

Sakura Matou- When Ichigo Kurosaki had temporarily lost his powers, sometime after the 5th Grail War, Sakura later made Medusa her Servant. She taught Rider how to cook, as Medusa wanted to cook for Ichigo.

Orihime Inoue- was lent the Kaleidostick, Ruby, to become the magical girl Kaleido-Ruby. While Faldeus and his team aware of her abilities, because they know how soft-hearted Orihime is even to her enemies, they decided to avoid killing her as both an extra insurance for themselves and for any innocent bystanders that were caught. Orihime greatly gave her team an advantage as she restored Arcueid’s original power.

Unaffiliated: the Servants, and other people, that do not belong to any of the three main teams, such as Gilgamesh who is one of the "original six servants.”

Fillia – initially just a “random” girl, that Ichigo saved from some hoodlums. Fillia described her meeting as “love at first sight.”

Gilgamesh – The new copy of the King of Heroes, the Archer of the “Original Six” summoned Servants, having no memories of the Holy Grail Wars of Fuyuki. The Servant of Tiné Chelc. He took a small interest in Ichigo Kurosaki in their first encounter as Ichigo, or so Gilgamesh thought, correctly guessed his identity, his Noble Phantasms, and the fact that he has no real wish for the Grail other than the fact that “all the world’s treasure belongs to him,” which includes the Grail; Ichigo had blabbed out this info when Ramesses II, who was initially ignorant about Gilgamesh, was present to forewarn him about Gilgamesh’s chains. He eventually fought against Byakuya Kuchiki.

Flat Escardos – Thanks to a "mysterious person" Flat was able to get a proper catalyst and did a proper ritual. He summons Moses, the Saver class servant, after hacking into the False Grail which later created more mishaps. By doing so, he was able to gain an unlimited supply of mana to materialize his Servant. Flat was given a projected Sword of Paracelsus by Shirou.

Ramesses II- A.K.A Ozymandias, the Rider of the "original six servants." He was summoned by Tubaki's parents but he later killed them as he eventually learned that they used Nefertari's necklace to summon him, Ramesses did so without remorse as he found out that the Kuruoka couple held no real love towards their comatose child. Before killing the two, he was presented with Alexandre Dumas’s forged Noble Phantasm, Merodach: The Original Sin, which Ozymandias began to use for the rest of the war. He then became the second Servant of Flat Escardos. Like Iskander, during the 4th grail war, Ramesses invites all the “monarchs" to a banquet that he hosted which took place in the Kuruoka Manor.

He was able to create a small link with Tubaki to have her dream world is modeled after his Ramesseum Tentyris along with its inhabitants. Thanks to his later allies, Moses and Scathach, Ramesses was able to heal Tubaki Kuruoka while also making her have no memories of her birth parents, preferring that she did not grieve for such awful parents.

Moses - the prophet who was a friend of Ramesses II and Nefertari, Flat Escardos was able to perfectly perform the summoning ritual, designed by a “mysterious individual” where Moses was summoned as "messiah" type Servant, known as Saver. This had caused the False Holy Grail to greatly malfunction which caused more “unexpected problems.” One of those malfunctions gave a large number people spiritual awareness, many consisted of those with supernatural powers such as Mages and Psychics; this especially affected people affiliated with the American Government or Tiné Chelc’s clan. After Ramesses became Flat’s second Servant, Moses later was able to clear about his horrible misunderstanding that Ramesses II tried to kill him and the Hebrews. To make up to his closest friend, Moses’ wish for the Grail is to prevent the death of Ozymandias’s firstborn son, who was killed by the final plague where Moses strongly believes the Grail can make it possible to have the Hebrews freed without having to kill his nephew.

Moses’ ability, Counter Hero, reduces the parameters of statistics of "hero" that the Servant faces in combat. However, it’s weaker against anti-heroes such as any of the Hassan-i-Sabbah, along with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Servants like Medusa are the best counter against Moses as they are neither proper Heroic Spirits nor Anti-Heroes.

Combine with Ramesseum Tentyris’s Divine Curse, both Moses and Ozymandias are considered invincible when inside Ramesseum Tentyris. Normally, destroying Ramesseum Tentyris requires making total destruction of both the temple and Ozymandias himself; this tasks is troublesome due to Moses putting up a defensive barrier, though only exception would possibly be Ea.

One of his Noble Phantasm, the Ten Plagues, allows him to use animals as familiars and a Medium to communicate and see anywhere in the world; the bugs are often used as a smokescreen for escape purposes.

Other than that, he has the abilities of miracles, like a typical messiah, such as turning water into fine wine which fulfill Gilgamesh’s standards.

He initially disguises as Ramesses’s Master, a ruse that is meant to keep Flat safe.

Gray – Arturia's descendent in Lord El-Melloi II Case Files; she was sent by Waver to "make sure Flat doesn't die." After meeting Shirou Emiya, who was worried about the young Gray, she was given a projected Caliburn for her use.

Scathach- the Extra Caster Servant of Gray. She was given a Double Summon skill where Scáthach possesses class skills from both the Lancer and Caster classes, thus she has the Gáe Bolg, Gate of Skye, and the Wicker Man Noble Phantasms. She teaches Gray how to use the spear while teaching magecraft to Flat. She is the feared unofficial leader of her small team which consists of Ramesses II, Moses, Flat, and Gray; there was a time that Ramesses had flirted with Scathach only to, for the first time in his life, understand fear when it comes to women.

Due to Gilgamesh being envious of Enkidu, who teamed up with the Servants of Blue, he forms an alliance with Scáthach's team. As a sign of trust, Gilgamesh gives Scáthach both Sul-sagana and Ig-Alima which she uses for her Wicker Man; this was used when fighting against Sajin Komamura, who used a projected Ig-Alima and a regular size sword, that has a healing effect, given by Shirou.

She becomes happy when seeing Cú Chulainn.

White Faction: Also known as the "Crusaders," which is code for the Order of the Templars' servants.

Sancraid Phahn- the leader of the Order of the Templars. A racist who hates Asians, Sancraid desires the Holy Grail to eradicate the Soul Society as he sees an Asian style afterlife to be a blasphemous existence as compared to the afterlife found in biblical scriptures. Ciel was tasked by the Church to hunt down Sancraid.

Isemi- same boy from fate/prototype but with different origins where Isemi was kidnapped by the Templars due to his unique lineage as not only a magi but others factors. At some point, after the Third Holy Grail War, the Order of the Templars managed to collect fragments of the destroyed Grail and implanted them into the 10-year-old boy Isemi, where much cruel experiments had taken place. He later became another Black Grail, similar to Sakura Matou, a second Lesser Grail. The cruel experiment's goal, was to hack and abuse one of the systems installed in the Greater False Grail.

By using Isemi did they secretly succeeded in subverting the False Holy Grail War's system by unlocking the reserve system. This ultimately allowed Isemi to become a master that summoned six different Servants; because they were informed in how Gilgamesh was summoned then, to counter the strongest Servant, it was believed that quantity could exceed quality. Though, after the boy's death, this causes the Templars' servants to rebel where both Sancraid and all of his subordinates were killed; while they hated Sancraid, the Servants took his idea, where Sancraid prepared to summon Vortigern as the Avenger servant as a last resort, and necessary Catalyst to summon Avenger.

Their base later became Jester Karture’s abandoned Large Villa located in the Greater Snowfield Area, Lake District. Isemi’s corpse, which still acts as a vessel that supplies the Servants of White unlimited magical energy from the False Grail, was moved here while incased in a block of ice.


Perseus: the Lancer who leads his team, he is nicknamed the “King of Happy Endings;” fundamentally the same guy from Fate/prototype. As a replacement for Bellerophon, specifically the Pegasus, Perseus mainly uses the winged sandals in order to help him fly; he still has the reins which can be used for any other Phantasmal Beast but he simply cannot summon the Pegasus. Similar to Semiramis and her ownership with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Perseus obtained the Blood Fort Andromeda through the random turn of events caused by the False Grail which he used in a large portion of the Earth, including Snowfield. He also has a special EX Riding ability that can control a dragon.

When meeting Medusa again, and also Ichigo, Perseus shows his felicitations that Medusa was summoned by a wonderful Master. He comments how regretful it would’ve been if it possible for Ichigo to take his place to save the Gorgan sisters in their first life.

Chiron- Is the Archer and strategist of his team and greatly supports his leader's desire to resurrect their dead master. Having full trust, in his team, he grants skills to his fellow team Servants as well as the soldiers that they create.

He uses Arjuna's Agni Gandiva, a forgery by Alexandre Dumas, which was stolen from one of Orlando Reeve’s police officers.

He managed to steal one of Uryū's Seele Schneider, which was studied and remanufactured by his team’s Caster, thus he uses his own variations of Seele Schneider.

Medb: a.k.a the Rider Class

She came to greatly grieved for Isemi and later fell into a great depression that caused interminably lingering effects to her personality, this resulted to her becoming more mild manner than how Cu Chulainn remembered her when he was alive. While she kissed Isemi, before his death, Medb felt angered in the little happiness Isemi gained in life and chose to support Perseus’s wish. Thus, she decides to forgo her hatred towards Cu Chulainn, going as far as to change her initial wish for the Holy Grail, which was to be unrelated to him, for the sake of her Master’s revival.

Medb is greatly hated by Bazett, who verbally abused the queen in their first encounter, but Medb did not pay any heed to Bazett’s censure which made Cu Chulainn puzzled as he saw Medb’s new magnanimous personality to be strange. Originally a woman fond of treasures, having waged war for that very reason, Medb would normally be interested in Gilgamesh’s Gate of Babylon; thus Cu Chulainn also found it very strange as he saw Medb to be uninterested when he brought up that topic. He became further bewildered as Medb made a polite comment by saying she was happy Cu Chulainn had been summoned by a good Master; Medb further commented that their compatibility means that Bazett must be a good person and it seemed assuring that she has the most reliable Servant, Medb can think of, willing to sacrifice himself ensure her safety.

During the banquet of the Kings, hosted by Ramesses II, she mentions that the reason she fight was so she can have her Master obtain the happiness that he deserves, hiding the fact that he is dead; Medb commented that she saw him as a lover and an irreplaceably cherished little brother. Her serious atmosphere causes Cu Chulainn to be somewhat worried about Medb.

She came to greatly love Perseus, when they first met, who fits her standards as a “brave warrior, generous, not envious, and knowing no fear.” In turn, Perseus had also returned her feelings. However, at the same time, Perseus also saw Medb as a means to an end for their plan to revive their master; thus, along with himself, Perseus did not mind Medb to mate with other Servants, who she was able to ensnare, in order to produce the most powerful soldiers possible. Chiron tries to hatch various plans for Medb to mate with the number of the summoned heroes; one of his main goals was for Medb to mate with Enkidu. Medb had kidnapped and raped Artoria Pendragon, where Paracelsus used magecraft to turn her into a temporary pseudo-male, in hopes of producing soldiers that would have Artoria’s unique Magic Circuits and dragon blood; to repay Cú Chulainn for returning her to Connacht, when they were alive, Medb had safely returned Artoria back to her team.

Medb mostly handles her team’s financial needs with her Golden Rule (Body) personal skill.

She had stolen Mac an Luin from one of Orlando Reeve’s police officers; Chiron became her mentor in using the spear. Taking advantage of the spear’s ability to nullify mental disruption, she is able to freely use a Hollow Mask made by her team’s Caster.

Von Hohenheim Paracelsus: the Caster who, after Isemi's death, preserved his body in a block of ice and is the one that usually guards his body. His goal is to summon the Avenger Servant, Vortigern the Dragon.

He was taught Swordsmanship by Chiron so he can have a better use of the Sword of Paracelsus.

He creates a number of weapons for the soldiers Medb “gave birth” to, Like Medea, who is capable of making healing potions that grant limited immortality, Paracelsus did the same to grant Medb’s soldiers a certain level immortality; with the collaboration of his team’s Berserker, Dr. Henry Jekyll, Paracelsus was able to boost their abilities by giving them an altered variation of Dangerous Game. This made Paracelsus, and also later Isemi’s corpse, a target for Mayuri Kurotsuchi.

Along with Medb’s soldiers, Paracelsus created a large number of homunculi to do his bidding in a short time span; each of them are connected to each other as a hive mind, this became very useful for the homunculi to be taught by Chiron. In addition to his artificial humans, he also possesses a large number of familiars used for whatever other purposes.

Despite his healing abilities, even with Chiron’s help as it further developed as Chiron taught him, Paracelsus was unable to save his master, the first person he had helped and wanted to save in his second life. Paracelsus regrets even more as he was barely able to do anything about the pain that agonized Isemi’s body, only being able to extend the Master’s life to a limited time where he still inevitably died to only one week; the reason why Isemi was such a hopeless cause was due to how he had to pay the major price, for the Templars’ actions, in tampering with the False Grail.

Dr. Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde: the Berserker and also the assistant of Von Hohenheim Paracelsus, learning alchemic magecraft from him. With Von Hohenheim Paracelsus's help was Henry able to improve his elixir Noble Phantasm, Dangerous Game: The Secret Game of Sin, where it’s effects became similar to Crying Warmonger, preventing werewolf Mr. Hyde to be unable to be killed by normal means along with allowing him to, as Hyde, avoid being completely insane and uncontrollable even under to Mad Enhancement; he was able to experiment with this when confronting Kenpachi Zaraki.

As Henry, he is equipped with the Azoth Swords.

Scylla- the Assassin who, like Medusa, was not summoned as a monster but instead as a water "Elemental" similar to Vivian, a.k.a the Lady of the Lake. She later falls in love with Dr. Henry Jekyll. She was given a Philosopher's Stone and is assisted by a number of artificial spirits by Paracelsus.

Being a type of water nymph Elemental, she presided over fountains, wells, springs, streams, brooks and other bodies of fresh water; as an Assassin class Servant, her methods typically involve surprise attacks with water involved, often times the water can form either clones or tentacles to grab the enemy; in the most simple case, her victims would just drown. To collect extra prana, or human lab rats for Paracelsus, she would go kill or kidnap normal humans that she deemed would bring misfortune to others, such as the mafia, especially any possible remnants of the Templars; one case was she targeted many loan shark companies and crime syndicate groups in order to gather energy.

Her basic primary ability is the power to merge and assimilate with any form of water so she can take the water with her when fighting on land. Because the definition of “Summoning Rituals” was vague, due to the flawed system, she was summoned with more power expected of her class where she can control all the water that is in and beyond America; thus she can create Tsunami or whirlpools if the battle took place on sea. Because of this, as all the water under her authority can act as her “eyes,” was she able to effectively find and kill corrupt people, to collect prana from, as water systems are part of modern everyday life.

Blue Faction: Also known as the "Stars," which is code for the "True" Servants of the magi that sided with the United States.

Ayaka Sajyou –this variation of Ayaka I gave a much happier past where her dad gave up on the Root and worked for the American government, so she lived a relatively peaceful childhood. She, after having five Command Spells, willingly became the master of Richard the Lionheart where Manaka Sajyou, her loving sister, acts as a secondary magical energy supply. She is the owner of the Wolf, that later became the Master of Enkidu, who greatly cares for Ayaka’s safety. Ayaka, and a number of her Magi allies, received forged items from Alexandre Dumas where she uses a forged Crocea Mors that has an ultra-high density Philosopher’s Stone attached in the bottom.

She is a Fullbringer and is able to turn crows into monstrous familiars. She uses her Fullbring on a Black Feather Quill Pen which gives her black angel wings which Gilgamesh finds it beautiful as Fallen Angels often symbolizes beings that no longer obey God.

She hatches a plan capable of defeating Shirou Emiya.

Richard the Lionheart - due to Ayaka’s allying herself with the American government, as one of the Servants of Blue, he was given Alexandre Dumas’s forged EX Noble Phantasm, Excalibur Proto. He was able to convince Enkidu and Beautiful Assassin to join him. He became interested in fighting King Arthur.

Enkidu: one of the “original six” Servants. He became the target of strong people like Grimmjow Jeagerjaques and Kenpachi Zaraki. He was given Alexandre Dumas’s forged Megingjord.

Beautiful Assassin – One of the “original six” Servants. She later allied with the American Government mainly because the Hassan of Serenity is one of the Servants of Blue. She was able to switch masters as Rule Breaker was used.

She was given two of Alexandre Dumas’s forgeries. One is the Knife of Geronimo which gave her a new Personal Skill, Bloodstained Demon, and also the geographical boost that would normally be given to Geronimo when summoned in North America. The other is Lü Bu Fèngxiān's God Force. Assassin was also given a Hollow Mask, made by her team, which she can easily use thanks to her Zealotry.

A number of the Soul Society’s seated officers wanted to gather data as they fight against the Assassin class, supposedly the weakest class, only to be killed and later revived by Orihime; this caused Cu Chulainn and Suì-Fēng to be interested in fighting Assassin.

Beautiful Assassin later made a name for herself, in modern times, as she appeared in the news media.

Flueger – a Mage that is occasionally hired by the American government for Counter-terrorism purposes in the Middle East, especially if it is to prevent magic to be used by terrorists. He became the new Master of the Beautiful Assassin; Flueger uses his fortune telling to determine his Servant’s chances in winning. He was given the forged Knife of Jing Ke.

Watcher- The Servant of Sigma who able to shape shift into different people, with Helena Blavatsky is the usual form she takes during casual times. Watcher is able shape shift into powerful forms such as Artoria Alter where she can also use Artoria’s Noble Phantasms such as Rhongomyniad and Llamrei; other forms include Joan Alter, where she was given a forged Noble Phantasm that can summon an army of dragons, Cú Chulainn Alter, and Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern (Black Iri). Watcher can fly in any of the taken forms.

She believes that it is necessary for herself to kill Ichigo Kurosaki.

Nikola Tesla - Archer of Blue or “true” Archer in this case. His master is Faldeus Dioland. He was equipped with Alexandre Dumas’s forged Rho Aias. Tesla eventually fought against Gilgamesh and later Tōshirō Hitsugaya.

Astolfo- the "True" Lancer, or Lancer of Blue. Was given the Double Summon privilege granted to him by the False Holy Grail. His master is Misaya Reiroukan. He was given a forged Ascalon by Alexandre Dumas. After fighting Medusa, with both his Hippogriff and Lance, Misaya comments that the fight seemed like a slave trying to rebel against a dominatrix.

He was given a custom-made motorcycle by the American Government; he uses this to fight against Artoria.

Misaya Reiroukan - is one of the number of magi whose family sided with the American Government. She is also Ayaka Sajyou’s closest friend who would sadistically kill anyone that harms Ayaka. Misaya uses Lucius Tiberius's Florent, a forgery by Dumas.

Hassan of Serenity – the Assassin of Blue, also called Mary, her master is Tatsumi Kitano. Thanks to her team’s influence there was some “adjustments” with her Zabaniya: Delusional Poison Body which prevented her from harming any allies and innocent people, making it similar to the The Mist: Darkened Misty Metropolis, as she can “direct” the poison. Thus she became able to freely choose the people she wishes to kill without killing her allies by accident. Mary became happy as she was able to embrace the person she loves.

She is equipped with Alexandre Dumas’s forged Arrow Protection Amulet and Fragarach

Elizabeth Bathory- the "True" Berserker, her master is Francesca. She fell in love with Faldeus Dioland.

Due to the strong mental image of many people, of her and her great Uncle, Elizabeth Bathory had “inherited” a variation of Vlad III’s Noble Phantasm, “Kazikli Bey: Bloodstained Queen Demon” where her weapons are the stakes she shoots out from her body. Other than wood, the material properties also include bones, flesh, shadows, hair and etc. It is also possible to take in objects that are within the shooting range and turn them into stakes; thus this became perfect for stealing a number of Gilgamesh’s Noble Phantasms where the stolen items turned into the "stakes" are generated inside Elizabeth’s body. She first experimented this by taking Alexandre Dumas’s forged Arondight. During Tesla’s fight, with Gilgamesh, Elizabeth secretly stole a great number of Gilgamesh’s Noble Phantasms that the Gate of Babylon shot out.

Alexandre Dumas- the Servant of the “original six” and the Caster of Blue. His Intelligence-Gathering Skills becomes useful for planning what proper approach is needed and when going against the Soul Society’s Shinigami.

Achilles- the "True" Rider, or Rider of Blue. His master is Merlin. Achilles is meant to be the ultimate counter against Gilgamesh where, combined with Diatrekhōn Astēr Lonkhē and Dromeus Komētēs, he could kill Archer with one attack when unguarded; but this was before Enkidu sided with the American government, so Achilles became a spare. He was ordered to not fight against Cu Chulainn. Achilles greatly desires to fight against Ramesses II who is a similar existence as him, being capable of harming him, and is a king. Thus they went into a big dogfight in their first encounter; when fighting, Ramesses tells Moses to not interfere with his one on one fight.

He was given Alexandre Dumas’s forged Durandal, which Achilles can use it with one hand and swung his hero-slaying spear with the other. Achilles, having Durandal, caused Astolfo to befriend him further as he tells him about his time with Roland.

Merlin: He who joined the American government after he was, through unknown means, able to escape his imprisonment. The only reason he joined is to "get involved in something interesting." After joining the American Government he, and another magus, started to felt the need to remanufacture the Dragon Smoke which made him friends with Touko Aozaki. Merlin also took in students such as Sigma, Tatsumi Kitano, and Ayaka Sajyou. Merlin became happy when seeing Artoria gaining happiness, and was further happy that his Servant, Achilles, was not interested in fighting her as he does not do well against female opponents due to an awful amount of regret from killing the Amazon Queen Penthesilea with his spear.

Because of his abilities, he can effectively fulfill the role of Caster where his team’s Caster of Blue fails to do to an extent. Merlin is equipped with Alexandre Dumas’s forged Jeweled Sword Zelretch.

He had voluntarily slept with Medb.

Atalanta – the Beast class Servant. The Noble Phantasm, Agrius Metamorphosis, is automatically activated by default, granting her its abilities. Being summoned in the Beast class somehow gave Atalanta the ability to nullify any mental disruption, making her completely sane. The reason for her calmness, even during in the normally effects of Agrius Metamorphosis is unknown, at least to her. Her bow, Tauropolos, and any other usual abilities is still usable despite Agrius Metamorphosis being active. Her Master is Touko Aozaki; due to Touko’s influence, Atalanta believed that it would be a good change of pace to try to learn what it is like to be a woman.

She was given Alexandre Dumas’s forged War God's Military Sash.

Touko Aozaki- Is one of examples of one of the magi, with a Sealing Designation, that was given protection by the American Government. She likes her team, mainly due to how they have the title “Blue” in their name. Touko was given Alexandre Dumas’s forged Cloth of Concealment. She picked up Lugh Beowulf, who was under the care of Kisuke Urahara, to be used during the False Grail War; she also bought a number of devices from Kisuke.

As a payment, for Kisuke, Touko mailed two of Alexandre Dumas’s forgeries, the Kanesada Kuji and a pair of brass knuckles capable of using Kintoki's Golden Spark, to the Urahara Shop which Kisuke gave to Ichigo incase he needed to fight in his human body; Ichigo, as a Shinigami, usually lets Shielder hold onto the Kanesada Kuji while letting Tatsuki Arisawa have the brass knuckles. During the war, Touko made a friendly visit with Orihime to fix the broken original Kanesada Kuji, which was repaired in perfect shape, and mailed it back to Shiki Ryougi.

Lugh Beowulf – Came to participate in the False Grail War to “fight the greatest Mystery” he can find; thus leading him to be interested in fighting against people like Arcueid. Lugh, equipped with a forged golden chain mail shirt of Sun Wukong, then fought against Yasutora Sado during the War. There was a time when Enkidu befriends Lugh which causes Gilgamesh to become jealous.

He was kidnapped and raped by Medb, while also holding him hostage to pressure Enkidu in mating with her, and later released Lugh. Lugh did not hate her, rather he later shared his thoughts with Cu chulainn, saying that he was worried about Medb as she carried a peculiar "scent" that makes Lugh solicitous about her.

Alphard Alshua (Canaan)– Touko’s latest human familiar, who gained spiritual awareness and was given a Magical Prosthetic Arm; the Prosthetic was given some extra functions, by Alexandre Dumas, where it can use the Zabaniya: Delusional Heartbeat and Cyber Phantasy. She was tasked to kill any of the American Government’s enemy Magi, a number of which Faldeus had information about, this resulted to Alphard fighting against Sealing Designation Enforcers where she emerged victorious. Eventually, she fought against Bazett. She was given Alexandre Dumas’s forged Carnwennan, King Arthur's dagger.

Canaan – the elite mercenary hired by the American government; one of her goals is to make sure Alphard doesn’t die. She was also tasked to kill any of the American Government’s enemy Magi and Executors. To protect an ally magus, Canaan had a fight against Shiki Tohno.

During the False Grail War, Canaan gained spiritual awareness. She was given Billy the Kid's Thunderer, a forged gun by Alexandre Dumas, which has the extra function to gather magical/spiritual energy from the air to use as ammunition; it also grants Canaan the Personal Skills and geographical boost that would normally be given to Billy the Kid when summoned in North America. Canaan was also given another forgery, Sun Wukong's cloud-walking boots.

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