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just to clarify, I'm not using L from death note as an alias. I'm using more from Code Geass, L002 would be the same as LL, in the same way CC and VV are C002 and V002.

I like anime/manga , I'm interested in anime crossovers.

I have always just made my personal fanfics, where I write the story’s setting/plot, like how one writes those Wikipedia articles, but never the story itself. A sample can be found below, this is based off of Nameless Flame Wielder's FateBlack Reflection, which is a crossover with Bleach and Fate/stay night; below is at least how I imagine my own sequel to the story. Disclaimer, I do NOT own Nameless Flame Wielder's fanfiction, I don't know how his fanfiction would end though I look forward to see him continue one day, I just really liked his story and decided to make a sequel that seemed interesting to me; I also do not own Bleach or any other Type-Moon products.

I wouldn’t mind if anyone chooses to take this as a “stepping stone” to write their own fanfic.

Title: Fate/Bleach Fake

Story (Warning: contains some spoilers from fate/strange fake and other works, this is involves a number of Type-Moon works; also, like the Visual novels, it may contain a little M rated detail [seinen level at best]. Please also finish at least to Bleach manga chapter 515 before reading, also read Fate/Apocrypha manga ch 2, and Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Drei! chapter 42, for extra fun maybe Fate/Extra - CCC Fox Tail manga chapter 12.1) This is also constantly modified BTW so I plan to still modify it as we see new stuff from Fate/Grand Order.

The war takes place in Snowfield where, similar to the original Fate/strange fake story line, the False Holy Grail War takes place; this occurs sometime after the Quincy Blood War. You can say it has a small mix of Kent Vonce's Fate Retold, as different Servants are summoned, except a Great Holy Grail War takes place as part of the many anomalies. There would be three main teams: Red, White, and Blue; these are code names made by the American government. Due to the large number of Servants, that were summoned, the Soul Society sent a number of their powerful Shinigami as well as the victorious veterans from Fuyuki's Fifth Holy Grail War.


Red Faction: Also known as the "Redcoats," which is America’s code for Mage's Association due to how Clock Tower is located in the United Kingdom along with the fact that King Arthur is one of the Servants of the Red Faction; the phrase "The Redcoats are coming” is a common code to alert those affiliated with the American Government when the Red Faction attacks. The color also reflects those that were sent by the Gotei 13, due to how a Shinigami's Spirit Ribbon is red. This is team Kurosaki and Emiya.

Cu chulainn -the Servant of Bazett Fraga McRemitz. He and his team received projected items, from Shirou who was aided by special individuals like Senjumaru Shutara, such as the War God's Military Sash.

Artoria Pendragon- the Servant of Rin Tohsaka. Both Artoria and Rin had, as they met Ichigo again, began hitting him (in the comical Bleach way) and demand to know why he never asked them for help during the Quincy Blood War, being angry when they heard of the casualties. Though they had calmed down as Rukia noted this was the Soul Society’s problem, Artoria still felt upset as she believe Ichigo did not have faith in them, as they would have immediately helped without question.

Artoria was given a custom–made motorcycle, by Urahara, which can gather Reishi in the air underneath the wheels, so Artoria can fly, and is able to propel herself forward like a rocket with a continual blast of energy. This motorcycle was used when Artoria had clashed against Ozymandias.

Medusa- the Rider whose original Master was Ichigo Kurosaki but, when the temporary loss of his powers occurred, Sakura Matou became Medusa’s new Master. She used her Breaker Gorgon to cast an illusion on Ichigo to get him to pursue Orihime more aggressively; this resulted in Ichigo having a dream of Orihime and Medusa seducing him.

Similar to Durindana Pilum, Shirou had modified Caladbolg into a spear by stretching the sword hilt; he gave this to Medusa which she used when jousting against the Lancer of Blue. In addition, Medusa’s Pegasus became stronger after it was given a name by Ichibē Hyōsube.

Medusa’s Pegasus became stronger after it was given a name by Ichibē Hyōsube.

Very much later, during the False Grail War when she was permitted to touch the Ark of the Covenant, Medusa was able to become a Divine Spirit, boosting her abilities such as how her Mystic Eyes evolved to the point where they are capable of stopping time and space. The newly incarnated Earth Mother Deity later became pregnant with Ichigo’s daughter, who she plans to name Anna. As a Goddess, Medusa becomes powerful enough to bend space to shift the order of cause and effect to change the possibility of "one day the child will be born" to the result of "a child has already been born", allowing Medusa to temporarily “summon” her unborn Child to the war, appearance-wise think the Fate/Grand Order young Medusa (Lancer). This action occurred due to the advice of Shunsui Kyōraku who believes a child born from a Divine Spirit and Ichigo Kurosaki to be a very essential war potential; Shunsui regrettably noted that while Anna’s powers will not be needed once an era of peace begins, it was needed now during crucial times of warfare.

Darius III- The Berserker of the “Original Six” summoned Servants whose master is Luviagelita Edelfelt. Some of his teammates speculate that Darius is loyal and protective of Luvia because she may resemble his daughter, Stateira II.

Shirou had Traced a number of Noble Phantasms needed to strengthen Berserker's Athanaton Ten Thousand, where it was then used to fight against Ozymandias's Ramesseum Tentyris. To strengthen Darius III, Shirou projects special axes. Senjumaru Shutara had also made special clothing for Berserker, the War Elephant, and the immortal Athanatoi corps.

Mash Kyrielite- the Shielder servant summoned by Ichigo Kurosaki. She is a special heroic spirit where she can be similar to Artoria Pendragon, who had traveled from the past to the present, where Mash is a person that traveled from the future to the present. Thus, for the False Grail War, she was summoned by the person with the most compatibility with her, which was Ichigo in this case. Mash put up a pretense that she was “Medusa’s little sister” to hide her status as a Servant from people outside the Red Faction.

Her mission is to ensure the success of the American Government’s experiment, in regards for the False Holy Grail War, or humanity will become extinct should the project fail because of the interference of either Mage's Association, the Church, or the Soul Society.

At a fireworks event, on the 4th of July, Mash came to confess her love towards Ichigo. However, she later secretly laments that her love will likely be unrequited as she eventually may become an enemy for the Red Faction. From time to time, as Mash wonders if she will be allowed to return to the future, she ponders if Ichigo will have a son.

She possesses the Lord Camelot, which can reach the same protective level of an EX Shield Noble Phantasm, making Mash capable of blocking Enuma Elish or the Dendera Light Bulb. Mash is also equipped with other Noble Phantasms such as one that gives her flight and another that can function the same as a Spatial Transportation spell.

Ichigo Kurosaki – By someone’s suggestion to get stronger, Ichigo chose to study abroad in Clock Tower to learn how to use of the Magic Circuits he was discovered to be born with. Because of a past conversation Zelretch had with Genryūsai, about Ichigo, Zelretch whimsically chose Ichigo, a person who has never even learned either Kidō or Magecraft, as his pupil when he first arrived. The tutelage involved had fluctuated between being the "pupil of a Magician” and "pupil of a magus.” In Zelretch’s own words, Ichigo was considered to be “the worst yet the most durable student he ever had.” While Ichigo didn’t turn into a wreck, he didn’t really master anything that can be considered significantly awe-inspiring, at least from Zelretch’s view, but his durability was remarkable enough to make Ichigo better than Nagato Tohsaka who could not even be called a "pupil of a magus." In the end, aside from excelling in Breathing and Walking, one of the few things Ichigo was able to at least learn was the necessary chant to summon a Servant during the False Grail War.

Ichigo’s relationship, with Zelretch, could be considered “very negative”, at least on a one-sided level, especially as Zelretch made a crude joke that had it not been for the Soul Society’s protection then Ichigo would have been taken, forcibly, to the "Bottom of the Bridge" and be confined for being "dangerous for having talents that are too outstanding" where Ichigo could potentially be locked in a room next to Gazamy the "Evil Spook"; while the jest was meant for Zelretch to lighten up Ichigo, for his “unremarkable” learning performance, it only furthered Ichigo’s disgust towards the Mage's Association when hearing that some notable comrades, like Shirou Emiya, would have been locked up, with the many sealing designated magi, yet were spared thanks to the Soul Society’s influence.

Overall, Ichigo notes that, like his training with Urahara, he had a much greater uncontrollable urge to kill his mentor as there were cases when Zelretch nearly killed Ichigo. Thus, out of sheer impulse, Ichigo had sometimes attempted to kill Zelretch; all of which failed yet it amused Zelretch on an occasional basis, especially when seeing how Ichigo could bring “more trouble” compared to the amount that Rin and Luvia could cause when together. While Ichigo admits that he respects Zelretch, for at least being angered with those who are evil, he had become annoyed in the number of good things that Zelretch could have helped with by using his “godly” abilities where the Dead Apostle instead uses it to frequently spark many worldly conflicts. The two at least ended, in good terms, as Zelretch voiced his personal opinions that he would like Ichigo to avoid any “possible future” that involved making a contract with the World, in order to be empowered by the Counter Force, and end up like EMIYA.

The only people that Ichigo could get along with in Clock Tower, outside of the ones he already knew, were Flat Escardos, Gray, Hishiri Adashino, and Pemetrekis. Others, that wanted to see “what makes Ichigo tick,” included Nazica Pentel and Radia Pentel. Ichigo had met Lord El-Melloi II, who attempted to connect with him by discussing about video games along with playing them; the conversation had interested Lord El-Melloi II as Ichigo brought up about Yukio Hans Vorarlberna’s Fullbring ability which could be used on the Admirable Great Tactics game.

This version, of Ichigo, I’d imagine by now that he was able to fully regain any of his lost powers and reached, at least nearly, complete mastery over his still growing powers such as being able to use Fullbring while in his human body, fire a Cero, use Blut Vene, and can use telekinesis on Zangetsu, where he can move the sword without touching it.

Ichigo's natural enemy would be Athena.

(Ichigo when he chants the specific Incantation, which Zelretch taught him, for a Servant summoning ritual in the outdoors, near the Red Faction’s base, which later resulted into a large explosion that required Hachigen Ushōda and Orihime Inoue to use barriers that protected everyone who was watching the ritual) - Fill. Fill. Fill. Fill. Fill. Let each be turned over five times, simply breaking asunder the fulfilled time. Let silver and steel be the essence. Let stone and the archduke of contracts be the foundation. Let red be the color I pay tribute to. Let my great ancestor the Reiō be the master. Raise a wall, against the wind that shall fall. Close the four cardinal gates, be bound to the circle, and follow the three columns of the Sephirot to descend from the Crown to the Kingship. Set– I shall declare here. Your body shall serve under me. My fate shall be with your Shield. Submit to the beckoning of the Holy Grail. If you will submit to this will and this reason…… then answer! – An oath shall be sworn here! I shall attain all virtues of all of Heaven. I shall have dominion over all evils of all of Hell! – From the Seventh Heaven, attended to by three great words of power, come forth from the ring of restraint, Protector of the Holy Balance!

Zangetsu – usually now appearing in the merged manifestation that represents all of Ichigo's spiritual powers. Despite how Medusa was linked to another Master, Sakura, Zangetsu was still able to link himself to Medusa, freely confabulating with her, by controlling the leftover remnants of her previous contract with Ichigo.

From time to time, Zangetsu shows strong concerns with Shielder.

Shirou Emiya – Due to the Soul Society’s influence, Shirou was able to avoid getting a Sealing Designation after his abilities became known to the Mage's Association. During the False Holy Grail War, he made a Contract with his sister, Illyasviel von Einzbern, allowing him to be fueled by her unlimited supply of mana so he can freely use Unlimited Blade Works, as well as being able to produce Excalibur Image, making him somewhat of a pseudo-servant.

Personality-wise, he is the Heaven’s Feel version of Shirou so his Reality Marble is a snowy region which is an ideal environment for allies such as Tier Harribel and Tōshirō Hitsugaya.

He had worked together with Urahara to materialize specific Noble Phantasm armaments with a more permanent and tangible existence.

Due to how the women, that love Shirou, later became possessed by Divine Spirits, Shirou gained the Affections of the Goddesses skill. The skill’s greatest weaknesses is that should any of the goddesses, that blessed Shirou, be killed during the False Grail War then the Skill would weaken and disappear when all of the goddesses are killed.

After Illyasviel begins to use the Dress of Heaven, both Shirou and Ichigo gained an Affections of the “Holy Grail” skill. This skill boosts the rank of the LUCK of the wielders at the merciless expense of the enemy’s happiness. Someone, like Ichigo, could call it the greatest curse in the world if he is fighting against enemies that he doesn’t truly hate and wants to “save” by defeating them; though people, like those of the Gotei 13, note that they don’t have that sort of luxury.

Illyasviel von Einzbern - After the events of the 5th Grail War, her life was extended thanks to Kisuke Urahara.

With the help of Senjumaru Shutara, the team was able to find a way to have the Dress of Heaven materialized without the need of sacrificing Leysritt.

Sakura Matou- When Ichigo Kurosaki had temporarily lost his powers, sometime after the 5th Grail War, Sakura later made Medusa her Servant. She taught Rider how to cook, as Medusa wanted to cook for Ichigo.

Later, after when Shirou barely returned alive from fighting a powerful Servant, Sakura "offered" her hair to him. Because hair is a female magus' best possible weapon, ingredient, or item, as it can amplify spells and the like, Shirou was strengthened as he ingested some of Sakura’s hair, via force-feeding.

Later, during the war, Sakura becomes possessed by a Divine Spirit, Parvati.

Rin Tohsaka- She, and other girls, became stronger after being coached by Yoruichi Shihōin.

Before the war, Rin lends Zelretch's Treasure Chest, an heirloom of the Tohsaka House that Rin is reluctant to open due to the fearful possibility of being trapped in the chest, to Kisuke Urahara so that he may get the contents out while also researching the Treasure Chest to understand Second Magic.

Later, during the war, Rin becomes possessed by a Divine Spirit, Ereshkigal. In this form, Rin/Ereshkigal makes proficient use of the Jeweled Sword Zelretch, that Shirou was able to Project thanks to Illyasviel and the blueprints owned by the Tohsaka family; the sword was also studied and modified by Kisuke Urahara, who attempted to see if he can make it close to, or better than, the original.

As Queen of the Underworld, Ereshkigal can summon the indestructible chains of Hell on Earth, call forth an army of skeletal Hell Guard soldiers to fight in the world of the living, open the Gates of Hell, control the Kushanāda and, by stripping them of their free will, also force the Togabito to fight against enemies that have entered Hell.

Luviagelita Edelfelt – the Master of her team’s Berserker. She fell in love with Shirou. During a comical moment, as she had a choice of eating either Orihime's cooking or Rin’s cooking, Luvia was poisoned by Orihime’s food. By some miracle, as Rin had nursed back to health an ill Luvia where one of the treatments involved Rin feeding medicine to a nearly unconscious Luvia via mouth-to-mouth, Luvia was able to settle her differences with Rin and the two became close lovers.

During one night, Rin willingly makes a contract with Luvia where they did a mana transfer, as they transplant magic seals on each other, to avoid the worst possible scenario that overusing Athanaton Ten Thousand could potentially drain and kill Luvia.

Later, during the war, Luvia becomes possessed by a Divine Spirit, Quetzalcoatl. Being influenced by Luvia’s deep love towards professional wrestling, Quetzalcoatl is not against using locking techniques. Due to Luvia’s new romantic attachment to Rin, Quetzalcoatl is often seen playfully groping and kissing Ereshkigal. Because of Rin and Luvia’s earlier transplantation with their magic seals, Ereshkigal and Quetzalcoatl had strengthened each other because of that contract.

(when Quetzalcoatl is caressing Ereshkigal/Rin, who is too stunned and confused to move) – "Ara ara? I thought it would be a naked priestess, but instead it looks like this body’s owner is allured by a pretty cute señorita, and she is also possessed by a goddess to boot. Heheh, do you dislike a big sister with a beautifully built figure? It seems the owners, of our bodies, have a very deep touchy-feely history of dalliance with each other. Is it wrong for the two of us to do the same? I always wondered what an extensively randy mana transfer is like when it involves two goddesses, shall we spend a long round in bed with each other tonight? You better prepare yourself, cause this big sis isn’t gonna let go of you once our time begins in every night! Ara? It seems you are getting excited, since I’m getting excited too then that must mean these bodies’ owners must do this often. Let’s do things in a much grander way since we’re both Divine Spirits. Don’t mind if I do a bridally fashionable way to carry a princess, like yourself, to the bedchamber as we go begin our big private lovemaking like how newlyweds do. Ara? You aren’t denying me but, based on that unmoving bashful silence, I’ll take that means that you’re more excited than I thought! Let’s hurry then, this train isn’t going to stop on any brakes!! I’m sure there are plenty of things that we are itching to do once we begin!!! As our personal nighttime begins, I am going to be like the hot sun with rough wild fire as I keep ourselves going while using every second we have!!!!"

(when Quetzalcoatl meets Shirou Emiya) “Since this body’s owner is also attracted to you, then that surely means that you must have what it takes to save the world. However, I heard from others that they want you to avoid a certain bad future for yourself. Thus, like the other goddesses who have done so before me, I shall bless you so that such an event would never happen, especially as such a tragic path would forcibly separate yourself from the ones that love you. May our blessings prevail against any future unfortunate fate that rampantly tries to pursue and bind you! However, in exchange, you must prove to me that you are someone who is worthy of the affections from even goddesses!!”

Ciel – the moderator of the False Grail War; one of her goals is to summon the Ruler. She is the Ciel of the "good ending" of the Ciel's route where, after killing Roa, both Ciel and Arcueid "share" Shiki. Worried about the safety of their friend, Arcueid and Shiki both come to make sure she survives. Like Risei’s relationship with Tokiomi, Ciel plans to give some "favoritism" for the Servants of Red. Normally, she is only capable of fighting against Servants in a defensive manner, this changed as Ciel was chosen by Magical Sapphire to be a magical girl.

As she met Shirou Emiya, Ciel gave him a type of holy shroud which was recognized as the signature red overcoat worn by EMIYA.

Shiki Tohno – He, along with both Ichigo and Shirou, share about their negative outlook when it comes to having too many girls that are romantically interested in them.

Arcueid Brunestud – She gets along well with Orihime, who greatly gave her team an advantage as she restored Arcueid’s original power. Normally, Arcueid can only reach her peak during the full moon. This was fixed when she was given, by Shirou, a projected blade that has some relationship to the moon where, regardless what time of the day it is, it envelops its user in a domain of “eternal night under the full moon.”

Sieg – the same Sieg from Fate/apocrypha with a different history, being born earlier and was nurtured differently, where he becomes an agent of the Church. He, along with others such as Hansa Cervantes, was tasked to help Ciel summon the Ruler, Jeanne d'Arc, as well as hunting down a rouge group known as the Order of the Templars. Sieg is really a spy for the American organization where he gathers information about the Red Faction; he later uses Balmung, a forgery by Alexandre Dumas that was secretly sent to him, which is considered to be a special EX rank Noble Phantasm meant for a Homunculus like Sieg.

He is a disciple of Hansa Cervantes so Sieg has a high level of martial arts and is able to use the Black Keys. Sieg was also imbedded with the Sōkyoku shards, which the Blue faction stole in the past, allowing him to use the Mana Burst (Flames). His skills would make him a potential candidate to replace Mr. Dawn, the tentative number six of the Burial Agency.

Due to the “special conditions” of the war, which includes the anomalies of the False Grail and the forged Balmung, Sieg was able to perform a special “pseudo-summon” where he can “became” a living Siegfried; Sieg was able to summon an alternate possible version of Siegfried that didn’t had a single linden leaf stick to his back when he was bathing in Fafnir’s blood (his appearance is the same one in stage four of Fate/Grand Order, so he can fly). Very much later, when Sieg’s true allegiance was discovered, Sieg uses this form after betraying the Red Faction as he tries to eliminate Artoria Pendragon but was stopped by Ichigo Kurosaki.

Sieg admits that he admires Sella and Leysritt who have chosen to be loyal as well as to protect Illyasviel, out of their own free will and not because it was a forced commission as homunculi, to the point where they are fine with fighting and dying for Illyasviel’s sake. Thus, Sieg finds his own choice to be no different as he swore loyalty to a certain someone, within American government, who gave both Sieg, and his brethren, a more meaningful existence. Therefore, Sieg sees that his perfidy was part of his own free will because of how the Red Faction were the enemies of his and his own brethren. While he had developed a relationship with Jeanne d'Arc, where the two fell in love with each other, Sieg warns Jeanne that he hopes that she will try to stay as neutral as possible or he would be forced to fight against her.

During a large scale battle, Sieg fights against Tier Halibel.

Yunyun – same girl from the Canaan anime. Currently Luvia’s newest maid where Yunyun is often a comic-relief as she envies Luvia, and other people with big breast, while Yunyun herself is almost-flat chested. However, Yunyun was greatly liked by everyone, especially Orihime Inoue where Yunyun was able to eat Orihime’s food.

Yunyun is really a spy from the American government where she sends information to the Blue Faction, the “American organization" that answers to the American government, via email where she lies by saying she has a friend that she keeps in contact with; she was able to support this fact by showing a photo of Maria Oosawa. Much later when her, as well as Sieg’s, true affiliation was discovered did Yunyun made a successful attempt to escape after infecting the Red Faction with the Ua virus; however, comically, the Red Faction manage to survive thanks to Mayuri Kurotsuchi’s treatment.

During the False Grail War, Yunyun develops spiritual awareness and later Fullbring. She later becomes the maid/familiar of the Blue Faction’s Misaya Reiroukan.

Caren Hortensia – She was approached by Uryu Ishida, who voiced his opinions in how he feels disgusted that the Church took advantage of Caren’s Masochistic Pneumatic Automatism Diathesis. Uryu questions Caren about her "exorcist uniform," especially since having no skirt was partly meant to seduce men, which in turn Caren points out that the design is meant to increase her mobility in contrast to Uryu’s insistence to wear a mantle which serves no purpose other than to make him feel cooler, despite the fact that it hinders his movement; this became one of the subjects that Caren uses in her love for teasing Uryu, as she tells others how Uryu enjoys Caren’s special "service."

Uryu later tries to convince Caren to leave the Church and later become a nurse in the Karakura Hospital, this later lead to Caren teasing Uryu by telling others that Uryu has a nurse fetish. Caren agreed, wanting to be a nurse that specializes in children, though this causes Uryu to regret his mistake as Caren said she made such a choice since it allows her to indulge in her interest in observing the sufferings of children close up.

Ayako Mitsuzuri – the girlfriend of Yasutora Sado who gained spiritual awareness. After being trained, to a certain extent, she decided to participate in the False Grail War.

Issei Ryuudou- after gaining spiritual awareness did he, and others like Ayako and Kaede Makidera, were recruited and trained by Kisuke Urahara.

Issei has a positive relationship with Tatsuki Arisawa, who he sees as a good person.

Kaede Makidera- had, along with her friends, gained spiritual awareness which resulted from the strange occurrences of the 5th Grail War.

She idolizes Yoruichi Shihōin, who trained Kaede to a certain extent.

While she, and other people such as Ryūnosuke Yuki, initially took the role of a mere helper, because Kaede voiced her desire to fight and protect her friends, Urahara later gave Kaede an experimental Class Card, which contained Nezha, that Urahara made through “secretive” means.

Normally, Class Cards possess no reason and, when installed, the user only becomes a weakened version of the Heroic Spirit as their parameters are generally decreased by one or two ranks. However, after it was modified by Urahara, the Class Card has a “program” where a “Bond Level” system was involved as the Heroic Spirit was given a certain level of sentience and can freely talk to the users. The higher the Bond Level then the more power the user can extract from the Class Card. To a degree, depending on the compatibility, the Class Card can act independently where it can possess the user should he/she be knocked unconscious. Because of their compatible personalities, Nezha can freely interact with Kaede and became willing to lend as much power as she can give.

Jeanne d'Arc – the Ruler that was summoned by Ciel. Because Ruler was called forth, under forced conditions, she was summoned in a stranger manner compared to how EMIYA crash landed into a random room when summoned by Rin; though Ruler still had a successful link with Ciel, the summoning involved her possessing a human girl named Laeticia in France which required her to take a plane trip to America.

While Ruler has God's Resolution, due to her forced summoning and other unknown factors from the False Grail, it lacks the necessary link to any of the heroes of the False Grail War. Jeanne frankly admits that she doesn’t even know if she is the Ruler that was summoned by either Snowfield’s False Grail or the Grail that the Red Faction had brought with them, leaving her completely confused in what to do. However, Ruler made an initial decision to try to make sure chaos doesn’t occur for the Snowfield Holy Grail War.

Being unable to disobey her Master’s command, she had no choice but to overlook, and tries to cooperate with to a certain degree, the Servants from the 5th Holy Grail Wars of Fuyuki. While she wants to stay as neutral as possible, Jeanne is unable to do this due to Ciel showing a level of favoritism. However, she did obtained some merits by staying with the Red Faction such as how she was given a projected Ascalon from Shirou.

Thanks to her Master, she was capable of understanding things such as romance which made her attracted to Sieg later. While she has God's Resolution, due to her forced summoning and other unknown factors from the False Grail, it lacks the necessary link to any of the heroes of the False Grail War. Being unable to disobey her Master’s command, she had no choice but to overlook the outside Servants brought by the Red Faction. She and Arturia participated in an eating contest together.

Orihime Inoue- was lent the Kaleidostick, Ruby, to become the magical girl Kaleido-Ruby. While Faldeus and his team aware of her abilities, because they know how soft-hearted Orihime is even to her enemies, they decided to avoid killing her as both an extra insurance for themselves and for any innocent bystanders that were caught.

Francis Drake –a.k.a. the King of Storms. The Gunner class Servant that was summoned, unexpectedly due to the False Grail’s later occurring anomalies, by Orihime Inoue who she treats like a little sister. While Drake often points out Orihime’s flaws, she often regrets doing so due to how Orihime always seems to take them to face value deeply. Due to Orihime’s kind and merciful nature, Drake is often worried in how her Master is someone that can easily be take advantage of; thus, at least to a certain degree, she tries to refrain herself from overindulging in her hedonistic tendencies, fearing it may be a bad influence for a “pure maiden” like Orihime.

Someone, like Rangiku Matsumoto, would be a great drinking buddy for Drake where the two would often talk about Orihime when drunk. Like Rangiku, Drake is capable of eating Orihime's very strange food, where people note that this shows high proof of Orihime’s positive compatibility with Drake. Drake notes that “seafarers should never be picky in regards to food served before them.”

Being summoned by the False Grail as the Gunner Servant, Drake was granted a Double Summon skill where she possesses Class Skills from both the Gunner and Rider classes so she can use her Golden Wild Hunt and has a high Marksmanship Skill where she can accurately fire and hit very long-distant targets with her Flintlocks and Golden Wild Hunt.

Attached to her pair of Flintlock style pistols, which were upgraded by Kisuke Urahara and Helena Blavatsky, are two projected invisible knives that were specially modified by Shirou. One of the knives can freezes the space that it cuts, allowing it to cover the target in ice even if they manage to dodge the actual strike. The other knife is able to control Drake’s fired bullets where it has the ability to change the bullets’ path after being avoided by the target, allowing the bullets to turn around in mid-air towards the target at a speed that allows them to match the pace of a jet. During a large scale battle, a substantial number of Shinigami had accompanied Drake on her fleet of flying ships as an extra insurance in case the enemy somehow manage to get on the ship by maybe teleporting.

Being summoned in America, Drake receives a potent geographical boost from the cultural sphere around the United States.

Gin Ichimaru – By Urahara’s instructions, Gin was secretly revived by Orihime. He initially worked in the Urahara Shop until he was later sent to fight in the False Grail War.

Shunsui Kyōraku – is currently in charge in being the judiciary authority of the Soul Society due to how Central 46, because of the extensive damage done during the Quincy Blood War, was indefinitely unable to take command as the Supreme Judicial Body of the Gotei 13. Nayura Amakado, one of the surviving members of the Central 46, helps Shunsui in making decisions.

Shunsui gave Kurotsuchi the approval to summon additional servants, by using a flawed Grail that the Gotei 13 obtained, for the False Grail War. He had also ordered that any Shinigami captains and lieutenants must go into the human world without their Spiritual Limiter as Shunsui did not want to take any risk, especially after it was discovered that Gilgamesh, as well as other powerful Servants like Enkidu, was summoned.

He was given a powerful Mystic Eye, by Zelretch, as a gift to replace his lost right eye. Shunsui had invited Zelretch over, to the Seireitei, for some tea and a game of shougi as they discuss about the False Grail War and other important matters.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi- had gained an interest in the Servants, especially after his Bankai was defeated by The Sphinx of Abu el-Hol. He had also gained an interest in Magi where one of his test subjects was Shinji Matou, who Mayuri saved/abducted during the 5th Grail War and experimented with him and his atrophied Magic Circuits for a long time; later, in Sakura's request, Mayuri decided to let Shinji be released when Mayuri decides to focus on his other test subject, Rottweil Berzinsky.

Much later, as an agreement was made by all warring parties for a scheduled large-scale warfare, Mayuri had created a nearly exact replica of Snowfield while the Gotei 13 had moved the real suburban town to the Soul Society. A few minor miscalculations were involved such as how some of the random Magi, that were still in the city and had later awoken from being unconscious, ended up learning the existence of the Soul Society.

Kiyohime – an outside Servant from a subspecies Holy Grail War, which summoned a maximum of 5 Servants, that was interrupted by the Gotei 13 before it even started. She had made a contract with a zombified Shinji Matou.

Kiyohime was given a Hollow Mask made by her team, which did not negatively affect her much due to already having an EX rank Mad Enhancement, increasing her skill with the spear.

She was also given, by Shirou, the projected "Green Dragon Crescent Blade” which is the guandao of Guan Yu.

Shinji Matou- Was originally thought, by both his family and friends, to be dead during the 5th Grail War only to make a reappearance for the False Grail War, where he was ordered by Mayuri to help. Through Mayuri’s experiments, he was turned into a sturdy Zombie that has self-awareness and also gained some new abilities such as Fullbring. Shinji was implanted with a modified "defective" Holy Grail which had forcibly open Shinji's atrophied Magic Circuits; this allowed Shinji to have the needed mana to maintain the materialization energy for Kiyohime. He is rigged to grab a nearby enemy and explode should Kiyohime die, thus Shinji has to make sure Kiyohime stays alive whether he likes it or not; humorously, Kiyohime had misleadingly interpreted that Shinji, who she believes is the reincarnation of Anchin, cannot live without Kiyohime and would kill himself should she die.

Rin humorously noted that “too honest” people, like Shirou or Ichigo, would naturally have the worst compatibility with Kiyohime and a “dishonest” person, like Shinji, is “perfectly compatible” with her.

There is a trigger that, when pressed, can deliver an electric shock to Shinji's brain. Rin Tohsaka was given an extra trigger, by Mayuri, which she is prepared to use incase Shinji misbehaves; however, for fun, she usually abuses the trigger when Kiyohime is not looking.

During this time, Shinji is disillusioned about being the head of the Matou family and has finally realized that being a Magus is not worth it. He is also nicer to Shirou now, as he does not consider him a rival anymore.

His later guilt, towards Sakura, made him envy Ichigo Kurosaki, seeing him as a model example of an older brother.

Yuika Suse – a person that was sent by the Church to act as a watchdog on Ichigo Kurosaki and Medusa. Yuika later grew fond of Ichigo, having a mix feelings about him as she doesn’t understand if her attachment towards him is either romantic or maternal.

Yuika is usually seen sparing with the weakest members of the Red Faction, such as Tatsuki Arisawa.

She is given artificial Mystic Eyes, by Urahara, so Yuika can see.

Ritsuka Suse –had recently married Ryūken Ishida, making her the step-mother of Uryū. She came along because she wanted to strengthen her motherly bond with Uryū.

When things later became too dangerous, Uryū immediately teleported Ritsuka back to Japan.

Maiya Hisau - one of the latest retainers, of Kūkaku Shiba, that was sent to help. She uses a number of spiritually powered military devices. Her knowledge in modern warfare is exceptionally useful, especially against the American army.

Maiya acts as a maternal figure for both Illyasviel and Shirou. She later seeks Ichigo for advice as she becomes hesitant when learning her son works for the American Government.

Natalia Kaminski – a new retainer of Kūkaku Shiba. She is technically given a semi-retired type of job where Natalia does not take part in engaging in combat but rather she simply coaches the Red Faction using the training methods she learned from Urahara and Kūkaku. Natalia is the new love interest of Shūhei Hisagi, where Natalia sexually harasses him occasionally.

Merem Solomon- Sometime, after the 5th Grail War, he was able to prevent the Church to not see Medusa as a target, though did not stop some Church agents from monitoring Medusa and Ichigo Kurosaki after they gave their “we’ll be watching” warning; this was the reason Yuika was sent to Karakura Town where she later followed Ichigo to America. This later invokes a sense of friendship with Merem and Ichigo. Merem aids the Red Faction for the False Grail War.

He gets annoyed by Ichigo, who constantly forgets about Merem’s actual age. Merem later develops a relationship with Isane Kotetsu.

On his spare time, Merem is usually seen playing with Kukkapūro.

His Lady Windup is equipped with a projected True Nine Lives.

Kon- Due to how Kon had angered Ichigo very badly, Ichigo later allowed Kisuke Urahara to do “whatever the hell he wants” to the Mod-Soul. Kon then got involved in an interesting experiment.

Kaie Karyou - an alternate possible version of the character from DDD where he didn’t lose his limbs and helps the Red Faction. After a recent experiment, with Kisuke Urahara, Kaie later had Kon fused into his mind where the Mod-Soul exists inside Kaie as a separate personality; Kon’s personality causes some "positive" influence to Kaie where Kaie gains a sense of morals, lust, and other human-like emotions.

He recently gained the affection of the Tres Bestias.

Kaie is a Fullbringer that can control Hollows where he can summon Gillian-class Menos to either use Negación, in order to save allies, or fire multiple Ceros at enemies. Like Merem, Kaie can materialize imagine beasts; preferably, Kaie can materialize Kon’s bulky plushie form to fight. Being fused with Kon, Kaie has access to Kon's enhanced leg strength & speed.

Kurōdo- the Mod-Soul that is able to make himself effectively useful by taking the forms of “weak” Servants such as Kojirou Sasaki, for close combat, and Hassan of the Cursed Arm, for stealth and support purposes.

Kurōdo was given a high quality katana made by Ōetsu Nimaiya.

He, and other Modified Souls such as Ririn and Noba, were refashion by Urahara to serve as a Servant detectors.

Yūshirō Shihōin- willingly came to participate, for the False Grail War, to impress his older sister.

He uses Rama's Brahmastra (sword version), a forgery that Yūshirō stole from one of Snowfield’s police officers.

Yukio Hans Vorarlberna –Notably became business partners with Van-Fem, who became interested in the youth after Yukio showed him his Fullbring. Due to how Van-Fem and Merem Solomon are in friendly terms, Van-Fem promises to give Yukio a sizable amount of help, for Yukio’s company, if he helps the Red Faction.

Yukio, along with the Xcution and remaining Visoreds in the human world, were sent to help the Red Faction. He usually uses his powers to help his team train.

Boudica – an outside Servant from a subspecies Holy Grail War, which summoned a maximum of 5 Servants, that was interrupted by the Gotei 13. She had made a contract with Yukio Hans Vorarlberna. Boudica thinks of Yukio as her own son and likes to tease him where she is often seen shoving Yukio into her breasts.

In relaxing times, Boudica interacts with Artoria as an elder sister figure where Boudica often likes to hear how Artoria had obtain happiness in her second life.

There are occasions where Boudica tries to teach Orihime how to cook as the Servant has the girl help her when baking sweets, such as galette.

She is equipped with a projected armor, meant for her, made by Shirou in his attempt to recreate Gilgamesh’s Golden Armor; the attempt was successful because of a short visit by Senjumaru Shutara, who also gave it an additionally ability to increase Boudica's statistics, especially agility.

Boudica’s Sword became more powerful when Ichibē Hyōsube renamed it, turning it into a perfect sword of wishes. Thus, becoming a Divine Construct capable of clashing against Excalibur. Ichibē made the sword’s strength to be proportionate to the will power of the user where "so long the heart remains strong, the blade shall cut a path towards victory."

The same had occur for Boudica’s Chariot, along with other things such as Boudica's shield and crown, as Ichibē Hyōsube renamed into a “Chariot with Promised Protection.” If Boudica were to meet a scenario with an unexpected attack, similar to how Lancelot had used a F-15J Fighter Jet’s flare dispenser to take down Gilgamesh's Vimana, she and the chariot would survive.

Helena Blavatsky –an outside Servant from a subspecies Holy Grail War that was interrupted by the Gotei 13. She had made a contract with Tōshirō Hitsugaya. Helena, much later, was able to find a way to transform into an older version of herself, doing so when Tōshirō's Daiguren Hyōrinmaru reaches completion.

She is given some special items which helps Helena’s difficulty when she tries to use ancient magecraft. Helena receives help from Kisuke Urahara where her automata were upgraded to be more suitable for war and other purposes. She was also given a custom-made anti-tank rifle, modified by Kisuke, that would be used in place of a broom so that Helena can use broom flight; Kisuke admits this was partly done, out of fun, after watching a certain anime. Like the automata, the rifle has an intelligent A.I that is capable of flying by itself and come to Helena’s aid, especially if she is in danger.

Tactical-wise, which causes her to be mistaken as a Master by enemies, Helena usually does a support role such as how she would use a Reinforcement spell on Ikkaku’s Ryūmon Hōzukimaru in order to make it both stronger and less frangible. Reinforcement spells would also be ideal for weak teammates, such as Tatsuki Arisawa.

As she received some help from the Twelfth Division, Helena later created a number of automata that were modeled after the Wandenreich’s BG9 where it can concentrate both spirit energy and magical energy in order to transform them into weapons such as missiles, blades, and firearms.

As she had grown stronger, after more collaboration with Kisuke and other people, Helena was able to make very formidable Dragon Golems that are fueled by powerful cores, called the Jōkaishō, harnessed by the Twelfth Division.

She cannot utilize a Reality Marble, but Helena had gained the potential to construct "another world" of the same scale by precisely constructing small magecraft and large magecraft. While the time and expenses required to do so would be very vast, this was remedied as Helena had worked in the Dangai and was helped by others, especially Gilgamesh who had covered the “expenses” with his inexhaustible treasury. The created “world” was named Lemuria. Helena ultimately made her own Neo-Noble Phantasms where she was able to create a large amount of flying objects meant for a large scale battle.

Marie Antoinette - an outside Servant from a subspecies Holy Grail War that was interrupted by the Gotei 13. She had been summoned and made a contract with Yūshirō Shihōin. Marie sees Yūshirō as the perfect knightly individual that would always protect her; often times, Marie would be seen pampering Yūshirō where she would go as far as to either feed or kiss her Master. Marie notes that, in terms of being adorable, Yūshirō resembles a six years old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart when he confessed to a seven years old Marie.

She made a polite comment about Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi, seeing him similar to Mozart in terms of musical talent.

Because they originate from the same country, Marie develops a strong bond with Jeanne d'Arc; occasionally, Marie tries to convince Jeanne into seeking happiness in her second life rather than to completely dedicate herself to her status as the Ruler Servant.

Marie is equipped with healing items where she is one of the people, along with Isane Kotetsu and Hanatarō Yamada, that helps heal her allies.

During a large scale battle, Marie had teamed up with Rōjūrō to combine her Beautiful Voice of Fascination and his Kinshara Butōdan.

Ushiwakamaru - an outside Servant from a subspecies Holy Grail War that was interrupted by the Gotei 13. She had made a contract with Rukia Kuchiki. The two share the same understanding in how they both wholeheartedly adore their older brothers.

Ushiwakamaru can smoothly loan her horse, Tayuuguro, to others.

She was given a projected Durindana by Shirou. Ushiwakamaru was also given a device, by Urahara, which creates a platform of Reishi under the user's feet.

When learning of Ushiwakamaru’s high ranked Riding Skill, Ōetsu Nimaiya decided to forge an “ownerless” Zanpakutō that is similar to Shinken Hakkyōken, in basic terms of being able to switch ownership, yet similar to Retsu Unohana's Minazuki in its Shikai state in regards to basic transformation abilities. The created sword was a “version 2” of the Sōkyoku that can transform into a second Kikōō, a large phoenix-like Divine Beast that willingly acknowledged Ushiwakamaru as its master. The “Zanpakutō” can take the form of a small bird or a Tantō. Naturally, the flames will only blaze what the wielder wishes to burn; thus, the phoenix can be freely ridden by Ushiwakamaru, along with any of her allies, who would have no fear of getting scorched. The phoenix has multiple abilities such as the ability to store items and add a flame effect to any weapon being used by Ushiwakamaru. Ushiwakamaru’s Zanpakutō is also meant to protect herself, and allies, from the blast radius of Rukia’s Hakka no Togame; it is also meant to save Rukia from being killed by her own Bankai.

After the war, as she was able to gain a “spiritually incarnated” body, Ushiwakamaru becomes married to Byakuya Kuchiki where she is able to produce an heir for the Kuchiki Clan.

"Hephaestion" - The Faker-class Servant from Lord El-Melloi II Case Files. She made a contract with Reines El-Melloi Archisorte where the two came to aid the Red Faction.

Hephaestion was given a projected Doujigiri Yasutsuna.

Caligula – an “extra” Heroic Spirit that was summoned for an unknown reason during the False Grail War. Though it later was discovered to be a "prank” from a Divine Spirit that presides over the moon, Diana, where she possessed Sella and takes advantage of the Einzbern homunculus's superb magic circuits; in terms of ability, most of Diana’s powers are the same as her Greek counterpart, Artemis of the Olympian gods, though she has the ability to summon certain beings like Caligula, who is not an “official” Servant summoned by the False Grail War, and a powerful Boar that embodies Divine Punishment, should the two go all-out then Caligula can fuse with the Boar.

One of Diana’s goals is to find a way for her, or specifically Sella in this case, to mate and become pregnant with Caligula’s child. Because of how Kisuke Urahara had promised the goddess that he would make sure this happens, Diana gives her cooperation with the Red Faction. Due to Sella’s influence, which causes the goddess to be competent in household chores, Diana has a predilection towards Illya and hopes to that the child, which she gives birth to, would be as adorable as her.

Diana herself does not wish to enter the battlefield, especially once she is able to get pregnant, rather there is no need to since, regardless where she is, any arrow that Diana fires would be able to hit the enemy even if she relocates herself to the Soul Society while the battlefield took place in Snowfield. Having a high Clairvoyance skill, Diana can see what is going on anywhere in the world; thus, while using a Noble Phantasm similar to Phoebus Catastrophe, Diana can send a "torrential rain under the name of catastrophe," accurately hitting the enemy while not having allies harmed.

While Caligula was initially uncontrollable, at least when Diana does not bother to restrain him, he had mistaken Artoria Pendragon as Nero Claudius which made him controllable. Despite Artoria’s insistence that she is not Nero, Caligula still calls her Nero out of instinct; most would probably understand that, because of Caligula’s Mad Enhancement, this sort of misapprehension was hard to fix anyway.

Caligula is given, by Shirou, the projected Nine Lives Blade Works: The Shooting Hundred Heads which he can use thanks to his Imperial Privilege skill. To strengthen the projected sword, Diana carved the following enchanted inscription: regnum caelorum et gehenna (the kingdom of heaven and hell).

(when seeing Jeanne d'Arc) "You are beautiful, like Nero ... ... Ah ... ... Ah ...I hope you find happiness in this world."

(when seeing Illya wearing the Dress of Heaven) "she’s beautiful……yet seeing her with such tragic brilliance can make one understand how this child shall be burdened with unavoidable hardships."

Katō Danzō - a karakuri doll manufactured by the sorcerer Kashin Koji. At a certain point, while she was put in a state of dormancy, Katō was discovered by Kisuke Urahara who had constantly modified the karakuri kunoichi over the years where she was later used for the False Grail War.

Katō was later used as a vessel to help summon Mochizuki Chiyome where the summoned Heroic Spirit inhabits the doll's body.

Osakabehime – Was living off from Van-Fem’s financial support and is now forced to help the Red Faction because she was ordered by Van-Fem.

Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg – Made his own contributions in the Quincy Blood War by stealing the medallion, which held the stolen Zanka no Tachi, during the time when Yhwach was asleep. Being the only one, aside from Yhwach, that can use Zanka no Tachi did Zelretch decides to keep the medallion to help his preparation to fight against a revived Crimson Moon. While the senior members of the Gotei 13, especially Shunsui Kyōraku, are aware of this, they were not against this. The reason why is because of how the deceased Genryūsai made a promise with Zelretch, should Crimson Moon be revived and threaten humanity then both Zelretch and Genryūsai are to fight together. Thus is the reason why Zelretch was allowed to keep Ryūjin Jakka, possibly forever as Ryūjin Jakka accepted Zelretch as his new master. Zelretch, when he oversees certain events, sometimes asks Ryūjin Jakka for advice. There are occasions where Ryūjin Jakka threatens to burn Zelretch for choosing a “lousy route.”

During their time as a master and pupil, he had gave Ichigo a preserved juvenile hydra as a parting gift, before Ichigo returned home, something which Ichigo initially didn’t know what to do. Zelretch jokingly said to Ichigo that he could just sell it to Urahara, who would use it for a cloning attempt that could result into a full grown hydra to give to Medusa who could tame it due to her high affinity to snakes. This later happened due do Ichigo’s recent need for money. The cloned hydra became a Divine Beast, on the level of an unconquerable "super weapon,” after it was given a name by Ichibē Hyōsube; if needed, somewhat similar to Yumichika's Ruri'iro Kujaku, the hydra can freely lower its rank to a Phantasmal Beast, doing so makes it immune to Gilgamesh’s chains. It can be enhanced further when Medusa uses her Bellerophon, the bridle, on the Hydra.

The “route” that Zelretch had initially chosen, for the False Grail War, was interrupted and changed by a “certain someone” but he decides to go along with it since it still have positive results. Zelretch mainly did so because Ichigo was involved, wanting to observe Ichigo as he develop his powers and get more involved in the world of Magi.

Currently Zelretch is simply a "spectator" for the False Holy Grail War of Snowfield, where he observes how the Red Faction will fight, though Zelretch sometimes calls the Red Faction to give them some advice. He often calls from either Clock Tower, the Soul Society, or from his "special room."

Lev Lainur Flauros- assists the Red Faction as he becomes the occasional advisor for the young warriors. Lev shows his seemly earnest desire in ensuring the Red Faction's victory. His motivation supposedly derives from how the Association sees the American government, at least the ones that are aware of Magecraft, as a threat that must be eliminated in fear that the government may reveal the existence of Thaumaturgy to the general public; thus, Lev serves as an “overseer” in regards to the task. However, in reality, because the Blue Faction’s actions will lead to humanity’s salvation, Lev only gave his assistance because of how the Red Faction is unknowingly assisting the end of humanity.

Lev is acquainted to Kisuke but the former Captain does not trust him, at least a “part” of Lev, as Kisuke sees the similarities between Lev and Aizen; however Kisuke wasn't able to find anything to confirm possible betrayal from Lev. Mash is aware of Lev's true nature because of how, in her time, Lev had already revealed his dark personality and intentions; Mash had told this fact to Ichigo who, in turn, later informed Kisuke. Mash greatly hides her hatred towards Lev as he was a man who killed two people that she loved dearly and tried to protect; one was Olga, who Lev sacrificed, while the other was Fujimaru, Mash’s close friend, who tried a suicidal attempt to save Olga but failed and was murdered.

Lev has no relations to the Animusphere family in this world, at least until much later when he would have forged a relationship had it not been for Mash’s interference.

He later notes that, because of the level of absurdities that is occurring because of the False Grail War that constantly surprises him, Lev himself will not be shocked if everything will anyway ultimately lead to the Human Order Foundation’s collapse and the destruction of the modern world.

Lev is able to call forth Baal, one of the 72 Demons of Goetia, as a last resort. Baal was summoned as Lev, much later, needed to escape when the Red Faction begins to attack him as they completely confirmed his treacherous motives.

It was then that Jeanne d'Arc had decided to be less neutral and fully cooperates with the Red Faction in matters regarding Lev Lainur.

Kisuke Urahara – takes a “come and go” role where Kisuke would appear, before anyone in the Red Faction even notices, and disappears after he had finished what was needed to be done.

Thanks to Zelretch's Treasure Chest, an heirloom of the Tohsaka House which Kisuke continues to borrow and had modified it with Rin’s permission, Kisuke was able to contact multiple versions of himself from the different futures of parallel worlds. Doing so had allowed Kisuke to quickly perfect research that would have taken years to complete if he had worked alone.

After the Dismantlement of Fuyuki’s Holy Grail, which occurred earlier due to the Soul Society’s involvement, Kisuke Urahara was entrusted with the core of the Greater Grail, which held the remains of Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern; the reason Kisuke was given the core was due to Zelretch’s advice, for the Mage's Association, to help with the agreement to the Holy Grail’s Dismantlement, only if Urahara was given the core. The core was used on Urahara’s research involving the remains of an alien lifeform, Velber 03, where the Greater Grail’s core had fused with Velber 03’s remains. The experiment’s result, because Justeaze still exists as the core of the Greater Grail, had allowed Velber 03 to be “revived” with Justeaze’s will being the one in control; appearance-wise, the revived remains resembled a big version of Justeaze. The reason Zelretch gave his help, for this secret project, was mainly due to how he wished to prepared for a possible scenario if Type Mercury was awakened from his slumber.

As Urahara continues to modify her, Justeaze had later connected herself with Illyasviel to learn what was happening in Snowfield. Later, as a very large scale battle occurred in the False Grail War, Urahara takes Justeaze to Snowfield where she is completely linked to Illyasviel, who was wearing the Dress of Heaven.

(Urahara when he explains, to Ichigo, about parallel worlds.) “Well, to simply put, we have 'distant relatives' who experienced certain incidents, that we didn't have to go through, such as resolving conspiracy problems that involved a high ranking noble family from the Soul Society, a Zanpakutō Rebellion, the purloining of a treasured artifact of the Soul King, and a lot of other unique events. Since you are friends with Shirou Emiya, then you would have a good understanding when you compared the present him and his ‘future’ version. Fun fact in one world, where the Tohsaka family managed to avoid from being completely destroyed in the 1990s and started to live together with the Edelfelt family, Luviagelita and Rin got into an earlier relationship and managed to make a kid together. In another world, Shirou apparently made a kid with a woman named Taiga Fujimura, who was possessed by a Divine Spirit and later their relationship began to deepen when the severely injured Taiga needed to replenish her low magical energy via sex. As much as I like to lecture deeper on this topic, you should focus on the present problems you are trying to resolve and obtain the desired future you want to achieve.”

Chloe von Einzbern – With the help of certain people in her world, which includes her world’s Kisuke Urahara, a duplicate puppet of Chloe was manufactured and Chloe is able to indefinitely place her mind into the vessel of the world where the False Grail War took place; in short, she is doing exactly the same thing as Touko Aozaki, which is considered to be safe where, even if Chloe happens to die, her consciousness would be transported back to her world. The reason Chloe wishes to help is partly because of how she wanted to repay her world’s Kisuke Urahara for helping her gain an incarnated body.

Chloe had caused some moments of confusion and jealousy after kissing Shirou and Ichigo, when she first met the two who greatly interested her after hearing so much about them, then later kissed Illyasviel von Einzbern and Orihime Inoue.

Chloe was able to make a link with this world’s Illyasviel von Einzbern in order to gain an unlimited supply of mana.

(when Chloe sees a certain enemy) "That gun, that voice, no doubt that person is …... he certainly continued to be an assassin to the end, he walked a path I could not imagine. From the looks of it, it seems he doesn’t want my older sister, of this world, to learn who he is yet. That’s his choice, however I will make my own decision to reveal who he is eventually. Right now, it’s reassuring that we will gain such a powerful ally that is hiding in the shadows."

(As she saw Shirou Emiya wearing Ciel’s red holy shroud) "That cloth on his arm ... I am familiar with it. I am much well informed about that fact more than anyone. While the path he has chosen is different, that straightforward nature of his doesn’t seem to ever change no matter how painful things get. While I am not sure what sort of path this Onii-chan will find in the end……as long as I am here then I will absolutely make sure that he will not enter any sort of ill-fated path!

Unaffiliated: the Servants, and other people, that do not belong to any of the three main teams, such as Gilgamesh who is one of the "original six servants.”

Fillia – initially just a “random” girl, that Ichigo saved from some hoodlums. Fillia described her meeting as “love at first sight.” Later, at a certain point, Fillia becomes possessed by a goddess that held affections for Ichigo. Her identity was later discovered to be the goddess Benzaiten, a Divine Spirit who is one of the Seven Gods of Good Luck, where her Noble Phantasm is Saraswati Meltout: Benzaiten's Five-String Biwa; she is also capable of calling forth the demonic sword Tsumugari Muramasa and use it.

Having the ability to control "things that flow," which includes the flow of time and the flow of someone’s power, Benzaiten later gave Ichigo a special Blessing/Contract where Ichigo can freely activate the Final Getsuga Tenshō, and use Mugetsu in an endlessly continuous manner, without having to risk losing his powers as an end result; in this form, during a large scale battle, Ichigo had also received sublimated Blessings of other Goddesses such as Medusa, which gave Ichigo a variation of the Cybele that are capable of bringing about paralysis on the target, and also Ereshkigal who used a Kushanāda to boost Ichigo where Ichigo’s left arm is clad in a skull-like armor. Sajin Komamura was later given the same type of contract, by Benzaiten, so he can freely use Kokujō Tengen Myō'ō: Dangai Jōe.

Jester Karture – After losing his contract with his Assassin, Jester then returns to his true form, which is that of a small girl. She takes advantage of this form to seduce Ichigo Kurosaki; however, this fails many times due to how Jester is frequently harassed by Chizuru Honshō.

Gilgamesh – The new copy of the King of Heroes, the Archer of the “Original Six” summoned Servants, having no memories of the Holy Grail Wars of Fuyuki. The Servant of Tiné Chelc. He took a small interest in Ichigo Kurosaki in their first encounter as Ichigo, or so Gilgamesh thought, correctly guessed his identity, his Noble Phantasms, and the fact that he has no real wish for the Grail other than the fact that “all the world’s treasure belongs to him,” which includes the Grail; Ichigo had blabbed out this info when Ramesses II, who was initially ignorant about Gilgamesh, was present to forewarn him about Gilgamesh’s chains. He eventually fought against Byakuya Kuchiki.

Flat Escardos – Thanks to a "mysterious person" Flat was able to get a proper catalyst and did a proper ritual. He summons Moses, the Saver class servant, after hacking into the False Grail which later created more mishaps when he unlocked the extra class Servant. By doing so, he was able to gain an unlimited supply of mana to materialize his Servant. Flat was given a projected Sword of Paracelsus by Shirou.

Ramesses II- A.K.A Ozymandias, the Rider of the "original six servants." He was summoned by Tubaki's parents but, a while later, he killed them as he eventually learned that they used Nefertari's necklace to summon him, Ramesses did so without remorse as he found out that the Kuruoka couple held no real love towards their comatose child. Before killing the two, he was presented with Alexandre Dumas’s forged Noble Phantasm, Merodach: The Original Sin, which Ozymandias began to use for the rest of the war. He then became the second Servant of Flat Escardos.

Because he calls himself the “King amongst Kings,” Ozymandias had somewhat provoked Gilgamesh’s ire. Like Iskander during the 4th grail war, Ramesses later invites all the “monarchs" to a banquet that he hosted which took place in the Kuruoka Manor.

He was able to create a small link with Tubaki to have her dream world be modeled after his Ramesseum Tentyris, along with its inhabitants, and can visit Tubaki in her dreams where he grew fond of Tubaki due to her innocent nature. Thanks to his later allies, Moses and Scathach, Ramesses was able to heal Tubaki Kuruoka while also making her have no memories of her birth parents, preferring that she did not grieve for such awful parents.

Thanks to the False Grail, he was given a Double Summon skill where Ramesses has the abilities of a Caster Servant. He uses his high Territory Creation skill to modify the area around the Kuruoka Manor, where he even put up a powerful Bounded Field that would make the Blue Faction hesitant to, even though they perfectly know his location throughout the war, recklessly launch an attack for Ramesses’s betrayal. Ramesses also uses his Item Construction skill to make powerful tools for the use of his allies. Much later, Ramesses works together with Helena Blavatsky, who is familiar with the magecraft of ancient Egypt, and was able to get along nicely with her.

Moses - the prophet who was a friend of Ramesses II and Nefertari, Flat Escardos was able to perfectly perform the summoning ritual, designed by a “mysterious individual” where Moses was summoned as "messiah" type Servant, known as Saver. This had caused the False Holy Grail to greatly malfunction which caused more “unexpected problems.” One of those malfunctions gave a large number people spiritual awareness, many consisted of those with supernatural powers such as Mages and Psychics; this especially affected people affiliated with the American Government or Tiné Chelc’s clan. After Ramesses became Flat’s second Servant, Moses later was able to clear about his horrible misunderstanding that Ramesses II tried to kill him and the Hebrews. To make up to his closest friend, Moses’ wish for the Grail is to prevent the death of Ozymandias’s firstborn son, who was killed by the final plague where Moses strongly believes the Grail can make it possible to have the Hebrews freed without having to kill his nephew.

Because Moses was beginning to choose friendship over his faith did his guilt, towards nepoticide, continues to weigh heavily on his mind to the point where Moses would be willing to use cold and merciless means; Moses notes that “if God was willing to sacrifice my innocent nephew, then I should see no reason in hesitating to choose whatever methods I deem fit.” Due to later frustration, Moses may show hatred towards God, who he was willingly to call a “monster with no emotional sense of mercy to innocent non-worshipers and such a monster should be made to submit, be trampled upon, and ruled over by the power of Man." From time to time, Moses gives off an atmosphere that shows some willingness to recant his faith, if his wish is not granted, and is willing to worship any other deity that can grant his wish.

Among all the Heroic Spirits summoned, in America, Moses is likely the most famous due to how Christianity is prevalent in the United States.

Moses’ ability, Counter Hero, reduces the parameters of statistics of "hero" that Moses faces in combat. However, it’s weaker against anti-heroes such as any of the Hassan-i-Sabbah, along with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Servants like Medusa are the best counter against Moses as they are neither proper Heroic Spirits nor Anti-Heroes. Combine with Ramesseum Tentyris’s Divine Curse, both Moses and Ozymandias are considered invincible when inside Ramesseum Tentyris; however, this was bypassed by the Red Faction as they used Marie Antoinette's Crystal Dress.

Normally, destroying Ramesseum Tentyris requires making total destruction of both the temple and Ozymandias himself; this tasks is troublesome due to Moses putting up a defensive barrier, though only exception would possibly be Ea.

One of his Noble Phantasm, the Ten Plagues of Egypt, can be used as a continuously active-type Anti-Country Noble Phantasm. However, Moses mostly uses the Plagues for smaller purposes where the Noble Phantasm allows him to use animals as familiars and a Medium to communicate, as well as see, anywhere in the world; the bugs are often used as a smokescreen for escape purposes. Moses is also able to summon the Angel of Death, Azrael, who is the “final plague” that is capable of imposing "the concept of death" upon immortal existences; Azrael is also capable of calling forth and lead an army of over 12,000 elite angels. While this can be one of his trump cards, Moses somewhat dislikes summoning Azrael due to how it was responsible for killing the firstborn son of Ozymandias.

Moses is also able to transform his staff into a giant snake, Leviathan, which would be as stronger than Cleopatra's Uraeus Astrape. The more the snake eats, the stronger it becomes; for example, if the snake were to eat a number of Menos Grande then it becomes stronger and would be able to fire a powerful Cero. Thus, if the snake ate the remains of Hooleer and Nnoitra Gilga, it would become significantly stronger.

While he often gives off the impression of being a Caster-like Servant, the biggest mistake any enemy can make, against Moses, is to be careless when engaging him in close combat as Moses has the Jacob's Limbs skill where he can easily be a challenging opponent for someone like Kensei Muguruma, Suì-Fēng, and even Yoruichi Shihōin. If someone, like Chad, ignorantly tries to engage Moses in close combat then Saver can naturally deflect a La Muerte punch and, even if Chad puts all his focus in blocking it with his Defensive Shield, a punch from Moses would put Chad through a near-death experience. Moses can be considered to be an exceptional genius in close-combat where he can even copy Hakuda techniques, such as Raiōken and Sōkotsu, by just simply observing; Moses later developed a penchant to the Oni Dekopin, where he uses the technique to “flick away” any enemy he deems weak, especially when he can do so in really long distances and at multiple targets.

Moses is also given a special Hollow Mask made by Ozymandias where, along with being imbedded with a magically powerful Scarab of Wisdom, the holy inscriptions carved on the mask are used as a method to allow Moses to keep his sanity. Moses first uses this when going against Quetzalcoatl's Lucha Libre as Quetzalcoatl made her first appearance when she begins to suddenly possess Luvia. Quetzalcoatl comments that the mask makes Moses look like a luchador.

Other Noble Phantasms include the Pillar of Fire where, similar to the Sacrifice: Flames Upon the Altar, thunderclouds and mist gathers overhead and fire descends from the heavens to continuously incinerate all those who oppose Moses.

He also has the Ark: The Ark of the Covenant. Under the control of David, the Ark’s effect would normally be narrow, but when used by Moses, who obtained the original engravings of the Ten Commandments, the Ark of the Covenant has wider effects. Should Moses permits it, the Ark of the Covenant has the power to turn someone, with the needed potential like Medusa, into a Divine Spirit; it is also possible to turn Artoria Pendragon, even if she has no Divinity, into the Goddess Rhongomyniad if she touched the Ark of the Covenant while holding Rhongomyniad. While Ozymandias has the required prerequisites to turn into a Divine Spirit, the Great God Amun-Ra, he did not wish to do so before settling the matter with the Blue Faction’s Achilles but Ramesses II had changed his mind where he had become a Divine Spirit to prepare for a large scale war. The result differs for everybody; in a smaller scale, a Servant could just gain true incarnation so that he/she can become a human again. If someone, like Jeanne d'Arc, touches the Ark then she probably would turn into an archangel where her powers could be on the same, or higher, level as the strongest angels of the highest order, enhancing her powers to the point where Ruler can use La Pucelle without the need of sacrificing herself. Overall, the Ark may be considered to be a “Holy Grail” created by God; however, it lacks the ability to grant Moses’ wish. The Ark and other Noble Phantasms of Moses, such as Leviathan, are considered to be special where, while Servants’ Noble Phantasms would typically disappear when the owner dies, they can still continue to exist even if Moses dies.

Being a messiah of God, he also has Skills related to this trait such as Divine Protection and Divinity. Other than that, he has the abilities of miracles, like a typical messiah, such as walking on water as well as turning water into fine wine which fulfill Gilgamesh’s standards.

He initially disguises as Ramesses’s Master, a ruse that is meant to keep Flat safe.

After learning how to paint, Moses would sometimes make a portrait of Nefertari on his spare time.

Gray – Arturia's descendent in Lord El-Melloi II Case Files; she was sent by Waver to "make sure Flat doesn't die or do something impossibly Stupid." After meeting Shirou Emiya, who was worried about the young Gray, she was given a projected Caliburn for her use.

Very much later, as an alliance begins to occur, Gray gives Rhongomyniad back to Artoria Pendragon where Saber later became a Divine Spirit, the Goddess Rhongomyniad; she was also lent Medusa’s Pegasus where, as it was ridden by the Goddess, ascended into the Divine Beast rank. Originally, Rhongomyniad can barely qualify as a Noble Phantasm due to how the Holy Spear's original power is limited by thirteen restraints. This was fixed by Orihime as she gradually “rejected” the restraints' existences.

Scathach- the Gatekeeper Servant of Gray. After the Land of Shadows itself eventually became completely sundered from the mortal world, similar to Medea’s condition, Scáthach mentions that she has no true memory after that point. While Scáthach knows for sure that she died in the Land of Shadows, Scathach does not know when or how she met her quietus. However, a living Scathach still exists, in modern times, and the Servant Scathach is able to make a telepathic link with the extant Scathach that domiciled herself in the Land of Shadows.

She becomes happy when seeing Cú Chulainn.

As the Gatekeeper Servant, Scáthach was given a special skill privilege where she possesses class skills from multiple classes such as Lancer, Caster, and Assassin. Thus she has the Gáe Bolg, Gate of Skye, the Wicker Man, and other Noble Phantasms such as being able to summon a Púca or Bicorn that has advanced to the Phantasmal Beast rank due to its age.

Scáthach teaches Gray how to use the spear while teaching magecraft to Flat. She is the feared unofficial leader of her small team which consists of Ramesses II, Moses, Flat, and Gray; there was a time that Ramesses had flirted with Scathach only to, for the first time in his life, understand fear when it comes to women. Scathach decided to name her team the Crimson Lotus Alliance; though the American government refers to it as the Black Faction.

Due to Gilgamesh needing his own team, as Enkidu teamed up with the Servants of Blue, he forms an alliance with Scáthach's team. As a sign of trust, Gilgamesh gives Scáthach items such as the Ig-Alima which she uses for her Wicker Man; this was used when fighting against Merem's Lady Windup, who received a major upgrade by the Red Faction. Gilgamesh also lent the Merodach to the living Scáthach, partly out of curiosity to test and see if the living Scáthach was worthy of later going against Ea. He also did the same with Moses where Gilgamesh gave him a pair of gauntlet and greave Noble Phantasms, as well as equipping Moses’ entire army of angels.

(Scáthach when speaking to Ozymandias) “Just to be sure, you don’t refer yourself as the ‘King amongst Queens’ right?”

Sir Kay – the spiritual being that exists within Gray's lantern. He often shows some level of joy when seeing Artoria living a much happier life compared to the time when she was king. Kay would sometimes cower in fear before Scáthach if he unintentionally angers her.

Lord El-Melloi II – had come to America, much later after he had completed “a LOT of work that was in his way,” where he was initially in a “neutral" stance as he begins to observe things. El-Melloi II later tries to negotiate with Gilgamesh, and his team, to join forces with the Red Faction; this succeeded as both Tiné Chelc’s clan and the Mage's Association were notably considered enemies of the American Government.

What sealed the deal was how Gilgamesh’s recently formed team had, as the King of Heroes wanted to test the Red Faction’s worthiness in being suitable confederates, clashed against most of the members of the Red Faction in an appointed dual. The battle took place in a Reality Marble, made from Ramesseum Tentyris and Unlimited Blade Works, where Gilgamesh’s team skirmished against a large portion of the Red Faction. People like El-Melloi II, Flat Escardos, Gray, and Tiné Chelc, along with her clan, had stayed with a smaller portion of the Red Faction, which mostly consisted of Masters, such as Rin Tohsaka and Sakura Matou, and a few others in a mansion, mostly constructed by the Edelfelt and Kuchiki family, that had been tweaked by Kisuke Urahara’s advanced engineering and Helena Blavatsky’s Territory Creation skill. As the fight took place a powerful Bounded Field was made, by both sides, for the non-aggression party’s protection, mainly against erratic attacks from Hollows; however, because information was leaked by Sieg and Yunyun, the Blue Faction launched a coordinated attack to kill the Masters that were nearly unprotected due to the low number of Servants around them. The two fights were nearly ending with Gilgamesh’s team winning, mainly because of Moses, and the Blue Faction cornering the other group. It was then the goddesses appeared where Quetzalcoatl possessed Luvia to deal with Moses as well as how Ereshkigal and Parvati, possessing Rin and Sakura, had helped everyone in driving out the invading Blue Faction. Because the Red Faction also protected the Masters, of Gilgamesh’s team, did Gilgamesh see the Red Faction to be trustworthy in both reliability and in power.

Other matters, that Waver discussed with Gilgamesh about, was lending Noble Phantasms to the Red Faction, such as lending Helena Blavatsky the Dup Shimati, and some of the various Mystic Codes from his treasury to strengthen Helena’s UFO, as well as equipping Boudica's Chariot with the parts of Vimana, that Gilgamesh doesn’t normally use, such as the variety of weapons ranging from ancient machine guns to ancient nuclear warheads that all of which, thanks to Urahara’s help during a short visit, had led to a major upgrade for the chariot. This was done partly out of Gilgamesh’s curiosity, to see the other abilities of the Red Faction that could possibly intrigue him, such as how the reason he lent Marie Antoinette the Harp of Healing, a Noble Phantasm that later became David's harp (kinnor), was to test and see if Marie’s singing can sooth Gilgamesh whenever he is in a bad mood or prevent the sort of stress that would lead to “death from overwork.” As everyone, both the Red Faction and Gilgamesh’s team, made more modified upgrades in Merem’s Lady Windup, with Gilgamesh’s assistance, she became a more bigger, more powerful, and a more intelligibly compliant Demon; the revamp made Lady Windup into a very large-scaled Noble Phantasm, a giant floating citadel, capable of utilizing Melammu Dingir and other powerful abilities.

Because of the alliance, as information about it was secretly leaked by Sieg, it later caused the White Faction and the Blue Faction to create an alliance against the Red Faction; the scenario was later commented to have turned into a perfect “all-out war between two sides” due to how have more than two warring teams would have made each side initially hesitant to make a move. After realizing this, El-Melloi II later sulked and began to have noted that he had perhaps unleashed an even greater “chaotic disaster” than what Flat could have ever accomplish.

To alleviate his stress, Waver is often seen playing video games with Yukio Hans Vorarlberna.

He was given a medallion that held the spirit of Gonryōmaru, where it was saved by Zelretch before Genryūsai had the chance to destroy it during the Quincy Blood War. The medallion was modified so that Kōkō Gonryō Rikyū can be used by even an exceptionally weak magus, such as El-Melloi II. Other modifications, done by Zelretch, had turned Gonryōmaru into a sentient Mystic Code, similar to the Kaleidosticks, where Gonryōmaru can freely move and voice his thoughts; out of playfulness, Zelretch also added extra functions such as how Gonryōmaru can act as a wireless communication device complete with live video chat.

Trimmau - the Mystic Code of Lord El-Melloi II that was later modified by Kisuke Urahara, who experiments with the golem by fusing it with a wraith that originated from the Hassan of the Hundred Faces, the Child Assassin. The result, as it was successful, had allowed Trimmau to turn into a young girl. In terms of assassination abilities, she is better than Zayd the Base. Kisuke had also inputted more functions in Trimmau where she is able to eat and experience warmth.

It was noticed that, due to a strange reason, the Child Assassin wraith wasn’t summoned during the Fourth Holy Grail War so she didn’t had any grudge on Waver Velvet, who she calls “Onii-chan.”

Sajin Komamura – was restored back to normal, thanks to Orihime’s Sōten Kisshun. As an extra sign of trust, between the Mage’s Association and the Soul Society, he was given the special mission to be Lord El-Melloi II’s bodyguard and assists him with whatever plans.

As the Soul Society witnessed the recorded fight between Gilgamesh and Enkidu, Sajin notes that neither the Mage’s Association, the Church, nor the Gotei 13 can predict the amount of casualties that would occur in the war. He voices the strong possibility that he will have to sacrifice himself.

He was lent, by Gilgamesh, the Sul-sagana as well as a regular sized projected sword, by Shirou, that has a healing effect.

Kiritsugu Emiya – an assassin, who rarely shows his face, that was incarnated as an agent of the Counter Force after his death that occurred before the fifth Holy Grail War. As he was summoned by the World, Kiritsugu was ordered to kill Ichigo Kurosaki during the False Grail War. While he was able to corner Ichigo, in their first encounter, Kiritsugu failed to deliver the deathblow due to the intervention of Illyasviel and Chloe von Einzbern. When seeing how close Illyasviel was to Ichigo, Kiritsugu decides to put his duty on an indefinite suspension and continues to observe how the False Grail War progresses. While he is willing to completely go against the World’s orders, where Kiritsugu secretly helps Ichigo protect Illya and everyone around her, Kiritsugu did accounted for the possibility that he may have to kill Ichigo if the situation deems it necessary.

While Kiritsugu constantly continues to work alone, he is not lonely as he talks to the spirit of Irisviel von Einzbern. As Kiritsugu sees Shirou, he voices in how he is proud of the fact that Shirou, even if he did stray from the path of being a “Hero of Justice,” had remained a “hero” in the eyes of his loved ones.

After doing up some research, and later discovered that the Blue Faction’s Sigma is the biological son of Maiya Hisau, Kiritsugu later secretly informed Maiya after saving her from an enemy.

(Kiritsugu’s first words to Ichigo, before retreating, during their first encounter) "Boys, who make a girl cry, will end their life in ruins. Remember that kid."

White Faction: Also known as the "Crusaders," which is code for the Order of the Templars' servants.

Sancraid Phahn- a Heretic Hunter that became the leader of the Order of the Templars and completely made the faction into a splinter group from the Holy Church. A racist who hates Asians, Sancraid desires the Holy Grail to eradicate the Soul Society as he sees an Asian style afterlife to be a blasphemous existence as compared to the afterlife found in biblical scriptures. Ciel was tasked by the Church to hunt down Sancraid.

Aro Isemi- same boy from fate/prototype but with different origins where Isemi was kidnapped by the Templars due to his unique lineage as not only a magi but others factors. At some point, after the Third Holy Grail War, the Order of the Templars managed to collect fragments of the destroyed Grail and implanted them into the 10-year-old boy Isemi, where much cruel experiments had taken place. He later became another Black Grail, similar to Sakura Matou, a second Lesser Grail. The cruel experiment's goal, was to hack and abuse one of the systems installed in the Greater False Grail.

By using Isemi did they secretly succeeded in subverting the False Holy Grail War's system by unlocking the reserve system. This ultimately allowed Isemi to become a master that summoned six different Servants; because they were informed in how Gilgamesh was summoned then, to counter the strongest Servant, it was believed that quantity could exceed quality. Though, after the boy's death, this causes the Templars' servants to rebel where both Sancraid and all of his subordinates were killed; while they hated Sancraid, the Servants took his idea, where Sancraid prepared to summon Vortigern as the Avenger servant as a last resort, and necessary Catalyst to summon Avenger. Sancraid’s head was delivered to Ciel as a present much later.

Isemi was put in a unique state of death where his soul is unable to leave his body, forever doomed to never enter the Soul Society or even enter the reincarnation cycle unless a miracle is granted, while his conscious is put in complete “slumber.” In the final stages, after his death, Isemi was meant to become a medium to slowly “repair” the broken Holy Grail where Isemi’s corpse would later take the shape of a true "Wishing Device that can grant any wish” after gathering the Magical Energy from the slayed Servants.

The White Faction’s base later became Jester Karture’s abandoned Large Villa located in the Greater Snowfield Area, Lake District. Isemi’s corpse, which still acts as an anchor to the world for the White Faction’s Servants, was moved here.

The White Faction’s Servants can best be described as the “ideal” team of Servants. Each of them are neither threatened nor coerced into working together. Their teamwork is entirely voluntary, to the point where it reached a dangerous level where all of them had gave up on an individual victory in order to obtain a group victory and have their one wish granted.


Perseus: the Lancer of White who leads his team, he is nicknamed the “King of Happy Endings;” fundamentally the same guy from Fate/prototype. As a replacement for Bellerophon, specifically the Pegasus, Perseus mainly uses the winged sandals in order to help him fly; he still has the reins which can be used for any other Phantasmal Beast, and he is also able to swiftly lend Bellerophon and other Noble Phantasms to any of his allies, but he simply cannot summon the Pegasus.

Similar to Semiramis and her ownership with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Perseus obtained the an EX rank Blood Fort Andromeda skill through the random turn of events, caused by the False Grail, which he eventually used in a large portion of the Earth, which included Snowfield; the bounded field is flexible where it can be adjusted to collect magical energy without necessarily killing bystanders, who would be unconscious. He also has a special EX Riding ability that can control, or even assimilate, a dragon.

When meeting Medusa again, and also Ichigo, Perseus shows his felicitations that Medusa was summoned by a wonderful Master. He comments how regretful it would’ve been if it was possible for Ichigo to take his place to save the Gorgan sisters in their first life.

(Perseus when making a speech to his faction) “We have but only one wish, which is to resurrect our Master and grant him the greatest happiness that he should experience!”

(Perseus when he talks to Medusa) "I won't ask for your forgiveness. If you wish to take revenge, I won’t hold it against you. For in this Grail War, it is likely that I will play the ‘villain.’ I frankly feel that should have been how this world should have perceived me, especially as you were even refused to be seen as a tragic martyr by the ignorant many throughout the ages. If I die by your hands then, should this world permits it, I hope you will be venerated again as the sublime goddess who became the ‘hero’ that had slayed this ‘villain.’”

(When privately talking to Medb, as he looks out a window, in regards to their Master and Ichigo Kurosaki) “Being summoned in this world again made me realize, no matter how much time is spent in this world, an era of complete peace and harmony will never come. The more I see the significance of our Master’s wish, the more I wish to resurrect him. The altruism and execrable death of our Master is something we cannot permit this world to be ignorant of. Ichigo Kurosaki, while I thank you for being the ultimate salvation that has saved not only Medusa, but others like her, even you will be shown no mercy if you become an obstruction to us. In Grail Wars, regardless if they were either villains or heroes in life, Servants can go down in any path, and I am no exception for choosing the role of a ‘villain.’ After learning of your impactful exploits, I will see you as even a greater threat than the King of Heroes! Nameless hero of this era, Ichigo Kurosaki, will you stop this now fallen hero from the Age of Gods?!”

Chiron- Is the Archer and strategist of his team who greatly supports his leader's desire to resurrect their dead master. Having full trust, in his team, he grants skills to his fellow team Servants as well as the soldiers that they create.

When Chiron and Perseus first met, Perseus had apologized for the terminal mishap that his descendant, Heracles, had caused that later led to the former Divine Spirit’s death, though Chiron had already long forgave his student for that misadventure. Often times, as they trained together, Chiron had told Perseus the many things about Heracles which included his weakness as well as other things.

Chiron was identified by Illyasviel, who remembered him from seeing Heracles’s memories back in 5th Holy Grail Wars of Fuyuki.

Later, as he temporarily changed back into his centaur form, Chiron later fought against Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, who was carrying many projected spears that can be used as Broken Phantasm when she throws them while in her Resurrección form.

Chiron notes that the False Grail War would likely be a war that is an even greater conflict compared to the Trojan War due to how the war has grabbed the attention of even Divine Spirits because of the abnormally large amount of “heroes” that have gathered to fight alongside different opposing armies.

Chiron often develops a lot of frenemy relationships with certain people, such as Scathach.

Abilities: Chiron uses Arjuna's Agni Gandiva, a forgery by Alexandre Dumas, which was stolen from one of Orlando Reeve’s police officers.

He managed to steal one of Uryū's Seele Schneider, which was studied and remanufactured by his team’s Caster, thus he uses his own variations of Seele Schneider.

Medb: a.k.a the Rider of White

Initially, Medb mainly saw her Master, Aro Isemi, as a means to obtain her wish for the False Grail. However, like her fellow summoned Servants, Medb came to greatly respect Isemi where she then grieved heavily when Isemi’s death occurred; this caused Medb to fall into a great depression and became borderline catatonic after losing her Master. While she recovered, Medb’s extremely distraught state caused interminably lingering effects to her personality, this resulted to her becoming more mild manner than how Cu Chulainn remembered her when he was alive. While she kissed Isemi, before his death, Medb felt angered in the little happiness Isemi gained in life and chose to support Perseus’s wish. Thus, she decides to forgo her vindictiveness towards Cu Chulainn, going as far as to change her initial wish for the Holy Grail, which was to be unrelated to the Child of light, for the sake of her Master’s revival. Medb’s devotion, towards this cause, can be considered more like an obsession where, from time to time, she may show heavy emotion when it comes to her deceased Master. What partly fuels Medb’s drive is how, because she is still connected to her "living deceased" Master, Medb experiences Isemi’s memories as she sleeps; to the perspective of some, this can be considered a heavy malediction due to how most of Isemi’s memories contain mostly woebegone memoires that is practically devoid of any idyllic history yet, to Medb and her team, this can be considered the greatest benison as it allows the White Faction’s Servants to feel closer to their Master. Medb also experiences the dreamt memories of her allies, especially Perseus’s.

While the current Medb can put up a cheerful personality, she suffers from somniloquy where she mourns for her Master in her sleep.

Medb is greatly hated by Bazett, who verbally vilified the queen in their first encounter, but Medb did not pay any heed to Bazett’s censure which made Cu Chulainn puzzled as he saw Medb’s new magnanimous personality to be strange. Originally a woman fond of treasures, having waged war for that very reason, Medb would normally be interested in Gilgamesh’s Gate of Babylon; thus Cu Chulainn also found it very strange as he saw Medb to be uninterested when he brought up that topic. He became further bewildered when Medb stated that she no longer hated Cu Chulainn and even made a polite comment by saying she was happy Cu Chulainn had been summoned by a good Master; Medb further commented that their compatibility means that Bazett must be a good person and it seemed assuring that she has the most reliable Servant, Medb can think of, willing to sacrifice himself ensure her safety. Overall, Cu Chulainn was left confused, knowing that he would be the first person that the old Medb would want to kill, no matter the cost, whereas the new Medb voiced her wishful thinking that she hopes to avoid any direct conflict with Cu Chulainn during the False Grail War.

While Cu Chulainn clearly remembered Medb to be an irascible lady-who-can't-be-honest-with-her-self type of queen, her drastic personality change caused the former supercilious Medb to become a lady-who-can-be-honest-with-her-self to where she is capable of expressing her feelings directly and sometimes openly voices her personal thoughts, such as how Medb admits that she still loves Cu Chulainn yet accepts the fact that he can never become hers. Cu Chulainn, comically, begins to doubt if the Medb, that he can peacefully interacts with, is really the same "warmongering lady" who hated having to back down, especially as Medb was not the least bit offended when people blurted out the negative traits that Cu Chulainn initially described about her where she instead just laughed it off out of playful amusement and petted Cu Chulainn’s head in a manner that looks like Medb was petting a dog she has not seen in a while. A joke was later made that involved how if the current Medb had read a very well-written monograph, scrawled by Bazett where it puts heavy negative detail meant to lambaste the Medb that was remembered in Cu Chulainn’s memories. In response, rather than feeling besmirched, the current Medb would just make a polite reply by telling Cu Chulainn it is wonderful that he made a contract with a Master, who was angry at the queen for killing her childhood hero, that greatly treasures him and hopes that Bazett will write more about Cu Chulainn, as she continues to dream about the hero’s past, so that Medb would read it as she didn’t try, in the past, to personally get to know the hero that she once wanted yet still loves where Medb laments the fact that she never truly did get to know Cu Chulainn, not as the famed hero, as simply a man who won her heart. While some would see this as a good improvement, if they have a tacit understanding of the queen’s old negative personality, Cu Chulainn sees the current Medb to be “broken” and could tell that something must have happened to make her mentally “shattered beyond repair.” While the old Medb strongly prefers to copulate with men, in order to take in the valuable genetic information to “manufacture” warriors, the current Medb no longer cares about gender and would be willing to mate with powerful female warriors; Medb admits that she finds someone, like Bazett, to be attracting while also a good target to mate with due to Bazett’s Sorcery Trait.

The only time Cu Chulainn had momentarily angered the present Medb was when he audibly pondered if Medb’s master used some sort of Magecraft to forcibly change Medb’s personality and brainwashed her, which was responded by a short upset outburst, by Medb, who then stated that her beloved Master would never do such a thing; after giving an apology, which Medb easily accepted, Cu Chulainn continues to be surprised with the new Medb, whose new personality also caused Bazett to be somewhat curious about.

Originally having the atmosphere of a proud and prideful queen, Cú Chulainn notes that Medb no longer exhibits this. While Cú Chulainn would normally be wary of a Medb, who originally had an imperiously vindictive relationship with him, he sees the new Medb as the type of woman Cú Chulainn needs to monitor, out of constant concern, due to how she becomes the type of “ideal” Servant that is willing to “discard her own happiness and life for the sake of achieving her primary objective;” because of this, Cú Chulainn would sometimes ask Blavatsky to have an automata to spy on Medb. While others may not have noticed about Medb, Cú Chulainn often gets displeased to see when the former unyielding queen shows a “forced smile” as opposed to the usual “condescending smile” he clearly remembers when they were both alive.

During the banquet of the Kings, hosted by Ramesses II, she mentions that the reason she fight was so she can have her Master obtain the happiness that he deserves, hiding the fact that he is dead; while some had a mix sense of surprise and disappoint at her answer, as they originally thought along the lines that Medb wants the Grail because it’s a treasure, Medb comments that it should be natural for Servants to fight for the sake of their Master’s happiness and that alone is all the treasure she needs. Medb continues that she sees him as a lover and an irreplaceably cherished little brother. Her serious atmosphere causes Cu Chulainn to be somewhat worried about Medb as he correctly speculates that she must have been summoned by an exceptionally tragic Master. After the banquet, Cu Chulainn noted that the new Medb seems to have become “smarter” as she did not bother to use her Noble Phantasm, My Red Mead: My Dear Honey Alcohol, on Gilgamesh or anyone at the event, knowing that it wouldn’t work.

She came to greatly love Perseus, when they first met, who fits her standards as a “brave warrior, generous, not envious, and knowing no fear.” In turn, Perseus had also returned her feelings. However, at the same time, Perseus also saw Medb as a means to an end for their plan to revive their master, something she is aware of but doesn't mind; thus, along with himself, Perseus did not mind Medb to mate with other Servants, who she was able to ensnare, in order to produce the most powerful soldiers possible. Chiron tries to hatch various plans for Medb to mate with the number of the summoned heroes; one of his main goals was for Medb to mate with Enkidu. Medb, with the help of her team, was able to seize and rape Artoria Pendragon, who was fettered with a special restraint that Paracelsus constructed for the purpose of rendering transportation ordered by a Command Spell to be completely useless and nullified, where Paracelsus used magecraft to turn her into a temporary pseudo-male while Medb used her “My Red Mead” Noble Phantasm as an aphrodisiac in order to make Artoria mate with her, in hopes of producing soldiers that would have Artoria’s unique Magic Circuits and dragon blood; comically, because Rin was still able to see the ribald event through Artoria’s eyes, Rin was initially discombobulated with how Medb would "lavishly slap her love onto a partner with all her energies, without minding public attention," which made it hard for Rin to explicate the incident as she saw Medb fornicating with Saber "sternly, relentlessly, just like the whip she holds." To repay Cú Chulainn for returning her to Connacht, when they were alive, Medb had safely returned Artoria back to her team. The result eventually created a special female soldier, that resembles Artoria completely, named Lily the Knight Princess; more Artoria clones were made while having their DNA mixed with other people Medb slept with. Artoria admits that she does not hate Medb for the experience, rather she had become worried about Medb as Artoria was able to understand why Cu Chulainn was concerned about her; Artoria was also curious if she had developed feelings for Medb.

During their free time, Medb often spends romantic activities with Perseus where she easily becomes amused as Perseus easily gets teary-eyed from time to time. Because Perseus tends to overindulge in the things that he likes to the point, that he consumes them all at once, Medb comments that she constantly wishes that a resurrected Isemi would enjoy life the same manner and no longer experience misfortune. Because the two are aware they will possibly die, they had participated in obtaining a marriage certificate, along with having marriage photos be taken, so that their precious time together can recorded in modern times.

Medb one time talked privately to Cú Chulainn saying that, as long as it’s for the sake of her Master, she doesn’t mind dying so she wouldn’t have a grudge, towards Cú Chulainn, if he killed her in the Grail War. She felt a little happy when Cú Chulainn complimented that Medb looks more attracting now compared to how she killed him in life. Eventually, Cú Chulainn’s commiseration for her had caused him to consummate his new positive relationship with Medb, who wanted Cú Chulainn to have a three-way with her and Bazett; Cú Chulainn later told Medb that he hoped the soldiers that she produced, from his genetic information, will protect her and not let her die. A photo was taken, by Cú Chulainn where he used an iPhone given to him by the Soul Society, so he can remember his time with Medb even if she died.

Abilities: Medb, during an early part of the False Grail War, had stolen Mac an Luin from one of Orlando Reeve’s police officers which can make the wielder "unparalleled under the heavens;" Chiron became her mentor in using the spear. Taking advantage of the spear’s ability to nullify mental disruption, Medb is able to freely use a very powerful Hollow Mask, made by her team’s Caster, that boosts Medb the same way Visoreds wear their masks. Both of these items were used when Medb fought against Lisa Yadōmaru and defeated her where Lisa was later used as a hostage for the White Faction’s plan when they captured Artoria.

Medb was also lent the Bellerophon, by Perseus, where she uses the shining golden bridle and whip to enhance her two bulls of the Táin Bó Cúailnge.

Normally, if she had her original personality, Medb would fight in a manner that makes her look like a sadist that is toying with her enemy in a sexually seductive, yet abusive, manner. The current Medb fights more like a straight-to-the-point-in-finishing-her-enemy-as-soon-as-possible type of cool-headed Servant with an “efficiency over elegance” calculative whatever-it-takes mindset where she is willing to punch, kick, or even bite to win over her opponent. She also developed a habit of showing her new trademark "dark unmerciful face" every time she engages an enemy, where she would give a look as if she was disposing an annoying obstacle. When fighting against her, Cú Chulainn sometimes wonder if Medb was summoned as a Berserker due to how she often shows little to no rationality when it comes to her own life; while her actions may not be considered reckless, as she carefully plans out her survival, there were cases when Medb becomes heavily injured yet still shows a strong desire to fight which makes some see Medb's deep obsession when it comes to reviving her "dead" Master.

Because of the custom-made Hollow Mask, Medb is able to use a unique Skill that combines Battle Continuation, High-Speed Regeneration, and other elements that makes her a very deadly fighter, especially when her strength and endurance become absurdly enhanced. Under the influence of the mask, Medb slowly develops new techniques, such as Sonído, which would surprise even Medb whenever she uses such techniques out of instinct.

Medb uses her EX rank Luck to solve her team’s financial needs by winning in casinos.

(Medb crying while cradling Isemi’s corpse) "I can’t accept this! I just can’t accept this tragedy at all!! He was so pure! He was so kind!! So selfless!!! He generously wished for the happiness of everyone, yet why….why of all people didn’t he experience the happiness that he should have deserved?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

(Medb’s speech during the banquet of kings) “I will make myself clear, we will be the ones that shall obtain the Grail. Our master had suffered greatly because of this Grail War so, without fail, the Grail will be ours to obtain for the sake of our Master."

(When privately talking to Perseus after they went on a date to a bridal fair for a mock wedding) “Do whatever you need to in order to realize our goal. I am yours so you can use me however you see fit. This queen of Connacht shall willingly devote herself to the greatest warrior and king most trusted by the gods of his homeland.”

(Medb when privately talking to Cu Chulainn, after she tells him about her master) "I completely understand my master’s wish. However, I cannot tolerate the fact that, for the sake of summoning me and my allies into this world, my master - and only he alone- had to suffer so much for the selfish wishes of those villains that used him. He wasn’t able to live even though I thought 'I want him to live.’ Even though I was there with him, asked him if he wants revenge for the injustice caused to him. That angelic character of his continued on until the very end as he died with a beautiful smile that was telling us he was ‘seeing a world where all live in harmony.’ I love him. I love him so so so so much that I can’t stop loving him! I don’t care if he hates me. I don’t care if he won’t forgive my actions. But I won't forgive myself for letting him die so tragically! Won't forgive, won't forgive, won't forgive, won't forgive, there is no way I can forgive myself if he doesn’t experience the happiness that he should have deserved! Absolutely, not him! My Beloved Master!!!!!”

(when talking about herself, about love, and in regards to her Master to Cú Chulainn, who tries to reason with Medb’s choice) “What is love? Is it to want something? If that so, I have been in love many times. At least……that is how I originally thought. After I had met my Master did I, for the first time, felt something so profound that made me learned the love, which I always had in mind, was mostly meant to make me happy. Only recently did I discover the type of love where I want to be devoted to make someone else happy while not caring whatever happens to myself. What I had in life, was it truly love’? Right now, the answer doesn’t seem to matter to me. All I know now is that the Master, that I care about, is definitely someone who I dearly love. Ah, my Master, my beloved dear Master. My wish, for the Grail, is to forever bless him with happiness. I will gladly sacrifice myself for the sake of that goal. My only possible regret is that my Master will show grief and sorrow for my end. I wouldn’t know how I would feel about that. Regardless, it also showed that my Master also loves and cares about me. So I'm sorry, Cu Chulainn of Ulster... I know this is wrong but... I have decided to continue to walk this path instead. I will not blame you if you want to condemn that as a choice of evil. If that is considered evil...then let me become evil! I know that I will fail to grant my master’s wish, so ... maybe this choice is a mistake as well. But my wish ... has never been truer."

Von Hohenheim Paracelsus: the Caster of White who, after Isemi's death, preserved his body in a block of ice and is the one that usually guards his body. His goal is to summon the Avenger Servant, Vortigern the Dragon.

When his identity was later discovered, Paracelsus was labeled an extreme threat, by the Mage's Association, due to his old history when the living Paracelsus attempted to reveal magic to the public.

Despite his healing abilities, even with Chiron’s help as it further developed as Chiron taught him, Paracelsus was unable to save his master, the first person he had helped and wanted to save in his second life. Paracelsus regrets even more as he was barely able to do anything about the pain that agonized Isemi’s body, only being able to extend the Master’s life to a limited time where he still inevitably died to only one week; the reason why Isemi was such a hopeless cause was due to how he had to pay the major price, for the Templars’ actions, in tampering and making a strong link with the False Grail. Paracelsus admits that he does whatever necessary, for the sake of his team, because he is currently seeking for atonement for letting his Master die.

Paracelsus greatly admires the deceased Isemi where, upon meeting him, Caster’s initial wish was for all humans in the world to be like his Master. Caster saw his Master to be the embodiment of the ultimate form of love that is beyond what the world can possibly permit where Paracelsus would often say Isemi’s sense of human affection far surpasses both his own or any mage in existence. Thus, Paracelsus supports Perseus’s wish where Caster desires a resurrected Isemi to be remembered as a great figure that will forever be beloved by the people of the present and the "children of the future."

Paracelsus often likes to spend time with Dr. Henry Jekyll, who he sees as both a little brother and loyal apprentice.

After spending some time, Paracelsus was able to reproduce all the materials, which includes the mountains of catalysts and experimental notes, that the Mage's Association stole from Paracelsus, when he was alive, which includes the tome that Paracelsus had wished to publish in order to reveal the existence of magic to the world. Paracelsus uses these to bribe the Blue Faction into having Alexandre Dumas make a specific forgery, Excalibur Morgan, which would be given to Vortigern.

He was taught Swordsmanship by Chiron so Paracelsus can have a better use of the Sword of Paracelsus.

Paracelsus creates a number of weapons for the soldiers Medb “gave birth” to. Like Medea, who is capable of making healing potions that grant limited immortality, Paracelsus did the same to grant Medb’s soldiers a certain level immortality; with the collaboration of his team’s Berserker, Dr. Henry Jekyll, Paracelsus was able to boost their abilities by giving them an altered variation of Dangerous Game. This made Paracelsus, and also later Isemi’s corpse, a target for Mayuri Kurotsuchi.

Like White, who was created from the souls of many Shinigami as part of Sōsuke Aizen's research, Paracelsus had used Medb’s Clan Calatin to help him as he studied Hollows. The result had created a stronger elite group warriors that can neither be classified as either Hollows or Arrancars but more simply special soldiers whose transformation was influenced by Hollowfication research.

Along with Medb’s soldiers, after studying the DNA blood samples of Uryū Ishida and Ichigo Kurosaki did Paracelsus created a large number of modified homunculi to do his bidding in a short time span. Along with powerful Magic Circuits, all of the homunculi are born with a significant amount of spiritual awareness and are capable of using unique techniques such as Blut Vene; they are also gifted with special mass-produced weapons such as Paracelsus’s variation of a modified Seele Schneider and other types of Spirit Weapons, such as a Reishi Pistol, as well as other things such as the Azoth Sword. As each of them are connected to each other as a hive mind, this became very useful for the homunculi when being taught by Chiron as simply teaching even just one can be very effective where teaching many, each trying to master a different weapon, can allow all the homunculi to master different fields. These homunculi were able to prove their worth when fighting against Trhvmn Ortenrosse, who sided with the Red Faction, and his large group of Dead Apostles.

In addition to his artificial humans, he also possesses a large number of familiars used for whatever other purposes.

(Paracelsus negotiating with the Blue faction, much later, via magic projector.) “Needless to say, if at least three warring teams exist then each side will be hesitant to make any move. Attacking one team is risky, as the weakened attacker would fear the third team making a move, and to attack both teams, at the same time, is even worse. In the end, no one can afford to take any action beyond the minimal needed. However, this changes if there is only two sides fighting against each other. As they say, ‘the enemy of my enemy can be a friend.’ All your other enemies have no intention of siding with you, but we are the exception. Since we can’t rule out that all your enemies won’t start allying with each other, then it is only natural that we should make an alliance of our own. Please contact me, using the device I just gave you, if you have a final answer for us.”

Dr. Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde: the Berserker and also the assistant of Von Hohenheim Paracelsus, learning alchemic magecraft from him. With Von Hohenheim Paracelsus's help was Henry able to improve his elixir Noble Phantasm, Dangerous Game: The Secret Game of Sin, where its effects became similar to Crying Warmonger, preventing werewolf Mr. Hyde to be unable to be killed by normal means and can convert the any damage taken into Magical Energy to make Hyde stronger. The elixir is able to allow Henry, as Hyde, to avoid being completely insane and uncontrollable even under to Mad Enhancement; he was able to experiment with this when confronting Shūhei Hisagi, being repeatedly cut to shreds by him, and later Ayon. Edward Hyde had gained Hollow abilities, such as Sonído and Cero, after defeating and eating Ayon; the effects had also extended to Henry, who favors in using Pesquisa, Bala, High-Speed Regeneration, and Hierro for close combat.

As Henry, he is equipped with a number of Azoth Swords, and other items given to him by Paracelsus. Henry was also given a mask, made by Paracelsus, which not only increases the Presence Concealment skill, of Dr. Jekyll, but also has the ability to make the user take the appearance of others, similar to Lancelot's For Someone's Glory, for identity theft purposes or simply to hide his face. When on missions, Henry sometimes takes the simple appearance of the Assassin that appears in the Class Card.

He occasionally asks Chiron for advice, finding his wisdom to be comparable to Sherlock Holmes, in matters such as close combat and making medicine.

Not being a properly trained fighter in his first life then, to increase his combat abilities, Henry Jekyll had sought guidance from Chiron in order to create a good fundamental foundation for his fighting skills. To further this field in knowledge, Henry utilized his talents, as a scholar, to extensively study various martial art forms found in either books, the internet, as well as making appointments with martial art masters; his constant determination, to fulfill his team’s wish in reviving their deceased master, pushed him to master close combat in a very short time, while it would take years for normal practitioners. In particular, he studied greatly in T'ai chi ch'uan and Qigong, as well as others such as Ying Zhao Pai and Gōjū-ryū. He was able to train to the point where he can use the Azoth Sword copies, while being attached to a rope made by Caster, in the same manner as a Chinese rope dart, doing more than merely just throwing them. At a certain point, he later became acquainted with Tatsuki Arisawa, who was unaware that Henry was her enemy, and had an occasional friendly practice spar with the teen; he gives Tatsuki a story, explaining his reasons on why Henry recently wishes to learn how to fight, where he has a certain girl he wants to protect.

Scylla- the Assassin who, like Medusa, was not summoned as a monster but instead as a water "Elemental" similar to Vivian, a.k.a the Lady of the Lake. Like her compatriots, Scylla was very moved by the pure nature of her deceased master as she believed it was that which allowed her to be summoned back into her desired form. She later falls in love with Dr. Henry Jekyll. Scylla's codename, by the American government as they couldn't determine her identity, is "Rusalka."

Abilities: Being a type of water Elemental, she presided over fountains, wells, springs, streams, brooks and other bodies of fresh water; as an Assassin class Servant, her methods typically involve surprise attacks with water, often times the water can form either clones or tentacles to grab the enemy; in the most simple case, her victims would just drown. To collect extra prana, or human lab rats for Paracelsus, she would go kill or kidnap normal humans that she deemed would bring misfortune to others, such as the mafia, especially any possible remnants of the Templars; one case was she targeted many loan shark companies and crime syndicate groups in order to gather energy.

Her basic primary ability is the power to merge and assimilate with any form of water so she can take the water with her when fighting on land. Because the definition of “Summoning Rituals” was vague, due to the flawed system, she was summoned with more power expected of her class where she can control all the water that is in and beyond America; thus she can create Tsunami or whirlpools if the battle took place on sea. Because of this, as all the water under her authority can act as her “eyes” and "ears," was she able to effectively find and kill corrupt people, to collect prana from, as water systems are part of modern everyday life.

Scylla is able to summon a number of Kelpie and other type of water Phantasmal Species. She also has a Reality Marble which is an Ancient Greek oceanic scenery; Scylla is able to allow her allies to breathe in or walk on the water.

She was given multiple Philosopher's Stones, and is assisted by a number of artificial spirits by Paracelsus, which boost her ability to fight greatly. Much later, when an alliance took place, after some negotiations with the Blue Faction did Scylla receive the forged Banana Leaf Fan of Princess Iron Fan; the fan can create control the weather and, which greatly helps Scylla, create extremely heavy rainfall storms and giant whirlwinds. During a large scale battle, Scylla went to counter against Moses’ Ten Plagues of Egypt, where Moses starts to use it to its full potential as an Anti-Country Noble Phantasm; the battle involved trapping Moses, and a majority of his Plagues, in Scylla’s Reality Marble while Scylla, and the allies she brought with her, fought against Moses and his allies.

After making a pact with the White Faction’s later summoned Avenger, Scylla had also gained the ability "P" - "The Plunder” which allows Scylla to steal the abilities of other people, that she either defeated or killed, and can either use the ability for herself or bestow the stolen ability to other people. For example, after stealing Moe Shishigawara’s Jackpot Knuckle ability, Scylla later gave the stolen Fullbring to Medb who is able to invoke the Fullbring’s full potential with her EX rank Luck. After defeating a large number of Shinigami, Scylla had purloined their powers and bestowed the stolen Shikai’s abilities to her team’s soldiers; how the ability is bestowed can differ such as how a soldier can simply use Zennosuke Kurumadani's Tsuchinamazu, while holding the Zanpakutō in its Shikai weapon form, or the Shikai Special Ability can be granted in a fashion the same way Psychic Powers are used by humans.

Jubstacheit von Einzbern – the current head of the Einzbern family. He personally came to the False Grail War with a number of goals in mind where some of them involve slaying Shirou Emiya and Ichigo Kurosaki, both of whom Jubstacheit blames for the snafu of the Fifth Holy Grail War and the later dismantlement of the Holy Grail, where Acht wishes to have them die while having their necks cut off. Another goal involves the retrieval of Illyasviel von Einzbern, where the initially bemused Jubstacheit had recently discovered that she is alive, to use her in order reclaim the lost Third Magic by turning Illyasviel into a core of a new Greater Grail.

Later, the White Faction had proposed a deal, to Jubstacheit, which allowed Old Man Acht to become the anchor for the Avenger Servant.

Afterwards, when an alliance with the Blue Faction had taken place, Jubstacheit von Einzbern was later betrayed where, after all of his knowledge, which includes information about the Holy Grail and other things, was stolen from him, Jubstacheit was put in a vegetative state and was later sent to the Blue Faction to be used as one of the materials to construct the Golem Keter Malkuth.

Vortigern the Dragon – the Avenger and the last Servant summoned through very unorthodox means. He was meant to be what the Einzberns intended to summon during the Third Holy Grail War, a “king of demons” that will be a living calamity made for carnage. Vortigern had undergone a transformation from being exposed to the mud of the Fuyuki Grail, that the Order of the Templars managed to obtain in the past, resulting to his dragon flesh being dyed red; this had allowed Vortigern to understand what had transpired in the Fuyuki’s Holy Grail Wars, especially with Artoria. During his summoning he had absorbed a large number of Menos Class Hollows and the vestiges of Yhwach's Reiatsu, both of which were discovered and encapsulated by the White Faction as they prepared them to make Vortigern gain more power. The exposure had ultimately made his human side resonate with the will of Yhwach and Isemi. Thus, Vortigern desires to make a world without fear by fusing the Human World with other realms, which includes the Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, and the Reverse Side of the World; doing so will create a new age of mystery like how he initially wanted in life. He does not need the False Grail in order to achieve this goal.

Vortigern is cooperative with the White Faction because he needs capable captains to aid him for the False Grail War.

He has a Shapeshift skill where he hides his Dragon Form and chooses to take the appearance of a young Yhwach. In this form, he uses Excalibur Morgan, a forgery from Dumas obtained by his team, where he can use the technique/Noble Phantasm Vortigern: Hammer of the Vile King; out of playfulness, he named one slash attack Getsuga Tenshō.

Because of the form he took, Vortigern was initially mistaken, by Ichigo, to be a resurrected Yhwach that was summoned as a Servant.

Like Yhwach, Vortigern is able to give everyone in the White Faction, including Medb’s soldiers and Paracelsus’s homunculi, a unique ability such as how he gave Medb the designation "G" - "The Goddess,” which made her into a Divine Spirit, and himself the designation "A" - "The Apocalypse.” Extra abilities, such as being able to use the Wandenreich's Shadow, are also included.

Vortigern can freely summon and command an inexhaustible army of Hollows whose numbers are an extreme threat; notably, in regards to this ability, Vortigern commented the irony that “as long as humans exist then this army of ‘weaklings’ is practically infinite.” Anyone who is granted Vortigern’s “Authority over the Hollows,” such as those in the White Faction, are also able to call forth and control them.

As he begins his rule, Vortigern had made Perseus to be the “Crown Prince,” as a potential successor should something happen to Vortigern, and gave him the designation "A" - "The Avatar” which allows Perseus to make full use of his status as the son of Zeus where, similar to Tamamo no Mae who could tap into a portion of Amaterasu’s power if she has nine tails, Perseus became able to tap into a portion of Zeus’s power which increases his Divinity and strengthens both his body and weapons. The result also gave Perseus a new Noble Phantasm, Zeus Thunder: God's Judgement which can be considered an attack version of Alexander's Zeus Thunder: God's Blessing where the method simply involves Perseus firing lightning, in any manner such as a slash attack, that is capable of going against, and cancel out, a Getsuga Tenshō fused with a Gran Rey Cero. Similar to Medb's Conchobar My Love, because Perseus is the warrior most trusted by the gods at the time in the Greek world then he is able to temporarily borrow multiple abilities, related to the Greek Gods, like summoning the "Watchdog of Hell Cerberus" which has Hades' divine protection making it a Divine Beast; it is possible for Perseus to summon and lend the god-owned Noble Phantasms such as how the Trident of Poseidon can be lent to Scylla, who is very compatible with the polearm due to her relationship with Poseidon, along with how Hades’ Cerberus was given as a mount for Perseus’s clone/son, who Medb gave birth to. Skills, such as a weapon reforging skill from Hephaestus and a Wisdom of Predicament skill from Athena, can also be applied where Perseus had upgraded his Harpe into a god-killing holy weapon and had altered the blade’s shape where the Harpe looks like a Fang Tian Ji (2 Crescent Chinese Halberd); it is also possible to imbue the Harpe with the concept of Athena's spear which "paradoxically led to the downfall of the fortified city of Troy" though it ultimately fails to pierce Ichigo when he activated the Final Getsuga Tenshō. In the most extreme case, Perseus can summon Typhon where the Heroic Spirit would use his EX Riding ability to assimilate with the "super weaponish" Divine Beast; Perseus begins to use this method to fight against Ichigo, during their final battle against each other as a large scale war took place, when he activated the Final Getsuga Tenshō. To avoid unintended destruction to either allies, both Perseus and Ichigo fought in Poseidon’s Reality Marble, Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

During a time when Vortigern had defeated Ichigo Kurosaki, who was using Shikai while being in his Merged Hollow Form, by using Vortigern: Hammer of the Vile King technique did Vortigern later gave the immobile Ichigo the designation "A" - "The Apportion." An ability that was given to Ichigo because Vortigern wanted to thank him for defeating Yhwach, which contributed greatly to his summoning. However, it was considered a “short-term benefaction” since Vortigern calculated the likelihood that Ichigo will need to be killed, for the sake of the White Faction’s goals, and take back the gift he gave; though Vortigern did voice of the better possibility that Ichigo could be controlled if he transform into his berserk Hollow form. While Ichigo did not like the “gift” that was forcibly given to him, he did not hesitate to admit its beneficial use. The ability allows Ichigo to make use of his constant excess/extra energy by sharing it to his teammates, in a similar manner Kūgo Ginjō did when Ichigo’s Fullbring was stolen and distributed to the Xcution members; because this mainly uses Ichigo’s extra energy, it could be considered no different from the “distribution of one’s hair which would eventually grow back.” Those, who made a pact with Ichigo, would be able to use their own variation of a Getsuga Tenshō. The vice versa can also occur such as how, if Ichigo makes a pact with Shirou Emiya, then Ichigo would gain a link to Unlimited Blade Works where the Reality Marble will be able to invade Ichigo’s body to replace and reinforce Ichigo’s bones and muscles with numerous blades, this ability was used to counter against Perseus’s Harpe which prevented Ichigo from using his High-Speed Regeneration during Ichigo’s final fight against Perseus; due to Zangetsu maintaining the flow of power, effectively suppressing Shirou’s Reality Marble while strengthening Ichigo, Ichigo doesn’t have to worry about any consequential results.

Eventually did Vortigern fight against Ereshkigal, who dragged both him and herself into Hell as a strategic means to aid the Red Faction, as they were fighting a very large scale battle against the Blue Faction and White Faction, where Ereshkigal continued to engage in an intense battle against Vortigern while utilizing her Jurisdiction to weaken him and to reinforce the capabilities of her front-line combatants as well as her allies outside of Hell. While Ereshkigal had defeated Vortigern, and had claimed Vortigern’s Excalibur Morgan as a trophy, she restrained herself from killing him in fear of the possible negative consequences should Avenger die and becomes absorbed into the False Grail, Instead, Ereshkigal decides to summon numerous lengths of chains to envelop a weakened Vortigern and drag him down even further into the deepest bowels of Hell, hoping to seal him for eternity. However, while it seemly worked for some time, this later backfired due to how Vortigern used his ability, the "Apocalypse”, in order to overthrow Ereshkigal’s Jurisdiction over the Underworld; Avenger was then able to absorb all the spiritual inhabitants of Hell, as well as the large amounts of malefic Reishi that existed there, which turned him into an even greater amalgamation of evil.

While this gave Vortigern the needed strength to immediately achieve his goal, to fuse multiple worlds and create a “utopia” without fear, his plans were stopped when Lev Lainur Flauros had appeared. While Lev could not control Vortigern, by using a type of fusion, Lev instead became a "virus" that infected Vortigern’s mind with the goal to destroy humanity. Ironically for Vortigern, because he had absorbed the countless egregious spirits of Hell, Lev became very successful as his mental invading “viral program” had synchronized with countless of negative souls that wish to bring hell on earth. Thus, this had turn Vortigern into a “mindless monster that seeks to destroy humanity” by using his powers to begin the ultimate destruction of the Human Order Foundation, which takes longer because of how Vortigern was trying to prevent his power to be “redirected” from its intended goal along with how it requires more energy by killing everyone in the False Grail War.

Lily the Knight Princess – the “clone” of Artoria Pendragon, created and loved by Medb, her mother. Unlike her “father,” she makes full use of her Magic Circuits after being taught by Paracelsus, who took part in her creation by genetically modifying her and her siblings through several magical treatments. She was also taught how to fight, and other things, by Chiron. The overall tutelage made her a great healer.

She is one of the "special" soldiers, created by Medb, that can potentially fight against Servants.

Though negotiations, with the Blue Faction, Lily was given a forged Excalibur Galatine; both user and weapon were further boosted after being blessed by Medb, who became a Divine Spirit.

While she prefers to avoid doing so, Lily understands the logic of sacrificing lives in order to save lives. Thus, as Lily obeys her mother’s desire in order to resurrect her deceased Master, she is willing to sacrifice the random lives of those, not important to her, to save the lives of people that are important to her. Overall, having a sense of realism, she is willing to use any methods in order to achieve an objective; however, Lily would usually prefer the path that has the least amount of personal casualties.

Lily also was given, by Vortigern, the designation "H" - "The Hope" which gives her the ability to counter any situation, regardless how hopeless it is.

She later fought against Gin Ichimaru.

“Cú Chulainn” – a “clone” created by Medb, who shares the same name as his “father.” He was taught magecraft by Paracelsus and how to fight, along with other miscellaneous things, by Chiron. Though negotiations, with the Blue Faction, Cú Chulainn received a forgery, Gungnir: The Declaration of the Elder God; both user and weapon were further boosted after being blessed by Medb, after she became a Divine Spirit. He is protective of his older sister, Lily, and "mother" where he would get very angry at anyone that harms them; their relationship could be described as a “mad dog and dotting owners.”

Compared to his “father,” possibly more like Shirou Emiya, Cú Chulainn may not be mature enough to admit that the world is unreasonable, possessing a balance of good and evil. However, he believes that it is the duty of a child to listen and obey the orders given to him, by his loving mother, no matter how questionable it is. Thus, he will not hesitate in eliminating all obstacles, even it is his own “father.”

Cú Chulainn also was given, by Vortigern, the designation "R" - "The Rune Master " which allows him to effortlessly use the Primeval Runes, to the point where it be considered completely natural to him, and possibly create new Runes, much like Odin, that no one knows about. This also make him skilled in Runecraft to the point where he is able to put runes on any weapons, such as machine guns or even bullets, on a mass produced level. Thus, having an EX rank skill with Runes that allows “Cú Chulainn” to employ multiples of these Runes simultaneously, “Cú Chulainn” can easily use the Ochd Deug Odin.

“Merlin” – the female “clone” of the mix-blooded incubus that Medb slept with, and was given the same name as her “father.” Appearance-wise think the Merlin from Fate/Prototype. As an alliance took place, with the Blue and White faction, an overjoyed Merlin personally begins to teach his “daughter,” who already received teachings from Paracelsus von Hohenheim and Chiron, about everything he knows.

Merlin continues to “spoil” his “daughter” from time to time where, out of “fatherly love,” Merlin tries to make a Kaleidostick by, with the help of others, reverse engineering Zelretch’s “Second Magic” Mystic Code; this became possible after Merlin mischievously "borrowed" Magical Ruby and Magical Sapphire, who he gave back later, for the Blue Faction to study and create a sentient wand that can turn “Merin” into a Magical Girl. One of the constituent, that were used to make the wand, was the Argon Coin: The Golden Fleece that was provided by the American Government, where the coat’s strange Guardian Spirit inhabits the Kaleidostick; the main reason Merlin did this was so his creation can turn into a “cushion” that can allow one to recover while likely making the person say "Fluffy! The healing of the spirit has surpassed the body!” The created Kaleidostick can lead Merlin’s “daughter” to a large Reality Marble workshop, Kingdom of Starfield and Crystals, which exists outside of the universe and outside of time, located in the space of imaginary numbers. The Reality Marble workshop, which is powered by the Kaleidostick, also has a unique environment that is overflowing with Mystery where it’s on the same level as the time when Mystery was at its peak during the Age of Gods. Death in this space does not "count" in reality, so it is possible to revive those who die in this space with enough magical energy. Because of “Merlin’s” commanding personality, the Mystic Code’s spirit has an obedient relationship with her user/master; however, the newly created Kaleidostick sometimes wishes to have fun with his sisters, Ruby and Sapphire, who he had only met briefly after he was born. Like a Zanpakutō Spirit, the Guardian Spirit can physically manifest for whatever reason; his skill, Golden Fleece, allows him to materialize a golden-furred bed that both he and his master sleep in together.

“Merlin” was given, by Vortigern, the designation "D" - "The Dream." Her power’s basic ability is to put people to sleep, enter into people’s dreams, and/or create powerful illusions; more powerful abilities, such as “hacking” into a person’s mind, are also possible. Depending in how strong “Merlin” wants the illusion to be, she can go as far as to make an “illusion” that surpasses even the environment to deceive the very texture of the World. It is even capable of causing a target to hallucinate where the victims would believe that they have been imprisoned in a Reality Marble; like a real Reality Marble, the “illusion” can even go as far as to invoke an invasion of reality based on the diagrams made by “Merlin.”

The extreme use is that the “illusions” can even control the World where “Merlin” can even create “errors.” The logic is similar to Ciel’s formal immortality where Ciel was unable to die because the World, recognizing her soul as Roa, caused a contradiction to form and granted Ciel immortality that lasted until Roa was killed by Shiki Tohno. Depending what “Merlin” does, she can even go as far as to make the World recognize her soul as one of the highest deities related to Magic which can empower her so that she can use the Fifth Magic.

Other extreme uses, when controlling the World, include how “Merlin” can control the state of existence for herself and others. The method involves how, while “Merlin” remains physically real while fighting, she is capable of turning any occurrence, including injuries and even death, into mere "illusions." Whenever “Merlin” receives a fatal injury, she will automatically fade away before returning back to reality; physically real and unscathed as she “invalidated” the “event” that had occurred. As “Merlin” is able to affect a large area, and the people within it, then it is also possible to trap a person, or everyone in the False Grail War, in a loop until a certain requirement is met. The “Restart Point”, for the entire War, would be the day “Merlin” was born where she received her powers from Vortigern; the requirement set would be the resurrection of Isemi, who she cannot use her powers on and revive him due to how he “died” before “Merlin” was born.

If she wanted to strengthen herself then “Merlin” can use her “illusions” to control the Counter Force, and make it see any of her enemies as threats of planet destruction or human extinction, in order to empower herself or any of her allies. If the Sword of Rupture, Ea, is a completely unique existence that only Gilgamesh can use then, as “Merlin” makes the World see Ea as a “threat,” the World can give “Merlin” an equally unique sword that can rival Ea where she can use in however way “Merlin” sees fit, even if she isn’t planning to fight Gilgamesh.

“Alcides” - the “clone” of Perseus that is named after Perseus’s descendant, Heracles. Appearance-wise, think the Perseus from Fate/hollow ataraxia. He has a mother complex, thus some decided that his nickname would be Oedipus; Perseus comments that he wasn’t surprised about this trait as Perseus noted that, when he was alive, his actions were driven from the desire of wanting to protect his mother.

Through negotiations, with the Blue Faction, “Alcides” was lent the forged Boneless Man of Mori Nagayoshi. In addition he was also given, by his father, the Mirror-shield that was upgraded by Paracelsus where, similar to Nanao's Shinken Hakkyōken, Perseus' Mirror-shield has the extra function to reflect any power, including that of godly opponents such as how the shield can reflect/redirect Ishtar’s An Gal Tā Kigal Shē, or even store the power for later use such as how the Mirror-shield was able to block and absorb the explosion of Suì-Fēng's Jakuhō Raikōben to later convert as Mana used to replenish “Alcides” or his allies.

Artoria Quadruplets – the youngest of siblings, born at the same time. They are the four special soldiers, each having the blood of Artoria Pendragon, that are some of the most noticeable among the army of mass-produced Artoria “clones.” Each have a mixed lineage where each have the blood of “special” people like Enkidu, Chiron, and more. Their names are Artoria W, Artoria X, Artoria Y, and Artoria Z; or simply W, X, Y, and Z for short. Appearance-wise, think Mysterious Heroine X, Mysterious Heroine X Alter, Ultra Heroine Z, and Master Artoria.

Their names also correspond with their letter designation, bestowed by Vortigern, that gives them unique powers.

“Fergus” – the “clone” of one of Medb’s lovers, Fergus mac Róich, and was named after his father. Appearance-wise, think the Child Fergus.

Blue Faction: Also known as the "Stars," which is code for the "True" Servants of the magi that sided with the United States.

Ayaka Sajyou – this variation of Ayaka I gave a much happier past where Ayaka’s father, Hiroki Sajyou, gave up seeking the Root and decided to have his family move to America to make a fresh start in his life; Manaka and Ayaka were born some time later. Hiroki is also indebted to a certain someone, in the American government, for preventing his wife’s death because of the leftover strain from Ayaka’s birth; while Hiroki works for the American government, this did not hinder his intentions in being a good father to Ayaka and Manaka. Thus, Ayaka lived a relatively peaceful childhood when her family lived in America. Ayaka, after having five Command Spells, willingly became the master of Richard the Lionheart where Manaka Sajyou, her loving sister, acts as a secondary magical energy supply for the Saber Class Servant. She is the later owner of the Silver Wolf, that became the Master of Enkidu, who greatly cares for Ayaka’s safety where the two of them often spend some time in the “Garden,” the botanical garden made by Ayaka’s mother.

In terms of personality, I made Ayaka more of a girl who is more confident about herself compared to how Type-Moon typically had her. Read Fate/Extra - CCC Fox Tail manga chapter 12.1 to get a clearer idea. She can best be described as the type of girl “who prefers to die rather than to let her own friends die.” Like the Heaven’s Feel version of Shirou, she may be the type who is willing to sacrifice others, who not important to her, to save the people that are important to her. However, Ayaka still has a sense of justice and is willing to save random people, as long as it’s within her abilities; she may be closer to Ichigo Kurosaki, after a couple of days when he became a Shinigami, willing to save an innocent life simply because she “felt like it.” Ayaka’s natural enemy would be Jubstacheit von Einzbern.

Ayaka, and a number of her allies, received forged items from Alexandre Dumas where she uses a forged Crocea Mors that has an ultra-high density Philosopher’s Stone attached in the bottom. The forgery’s "history" was somewhat altered where Dumas “fabricated” that the Crocea Mors is same the golden long sword used by Tawara Touta; thus, this gave Ayaka beneficial skills such as the Protection from Arrows, Protection from the Divine Dragon, and Magic Resistance. Ayaka’s fighting style consists of using the Crocea Mors in one hand while her other hand holds something else, such as black feathers; as she throws the feathers like darts, Ayaka uses a smaller variation of Touta's Hachiman Prayer which strengthens the feathers as they attack her enemies. The Crocea Mors’s Philosopher’s Stone boosts Ayaka in a number of ways where she can control plants at a more dangerous level; it also helps Ayaka with her difficulty in cultivating medicinal plants.

She is a Fullbringer and is able to turn crows into monstrous familiars. Ayaka uses her Fullbring on a Black Feather Quill Pen which gives her black angel wings where Gilgamesh comments that he sees Ayaka's appearance to be beautiful, especially when she is glasses-less. Her Fullbring can be used on an iPhone where one of the “apps” can act as a detector that possesses sonar and radar functionality, capable of displaying the surroundings onto itself, showing the layout of an area as well as the magnitude of power, along health conditions such as heartbeats, of any life present in the location; the “app” can also identify specific people, based on their mana signature, along with determining if the person is a Magi, Psychics, Shinigami, Hollow, and so forth. Other small things, like Ayaka’s glasses, can also apply where using Fullbring on her glasses can allow Ayaka to see very far away and even through objects.

She hatches a plan capable of defeating Shirou Emiya where Ayaka’s abilities can be considered the antithesis to Shirou. The tactic was able to work when Ayaka first fights against Shirou Emiya. Because of this, Ayaka eventually fights against Momo Hinamori who tries to keep the magus preoccupied and not fight against Shirou.

Richard the Lionheart - due to Ayaka allying herself with the American government, he became the Saber of Blue. Richard was able to convince Enkidu and Beautiful Assassin to join him. He became interested in fighting King Arthur. Richard also later fought against Boudica, who he refers to as a loving yet “can-be-scary mother.”

Richard was given Alexandre Dumas’s forged EX Noble Phantasm, Excalibur Proto: Sword of Promised Victory Without the Restraints of the Round Table; the sword grants Richard an "Absolutely Survive" skill which guarantees the user’s ability to survive, regardless how hopeless the situation is. Saber was also given a special fighter aircraft, made by his team, which is enhanced by his Excalibur ability; this was used against Boudica, and her upgraded Chariot, during a large scale battle.

The small group of Heroic Spirits, that were summoned with Richard, were also given forgeries such as how Robin of Loxley was given the bow of Sir Tristan.

Manaka Sajyou – the older sister of Ayaka Sajyou who, due to some experimental mishap, retained her childlike appearance. In this world, Manaka deeply loves Ayaka and wants her little sister to not experience the sort of tribulations that magi commonly go through.

Manaka is equipped with the Spellbook of Morgan le Fay, given to her by Alexandre Dumas. The forgery’s constitution is considered to be very special where the book can be described as a "condensedly colossal compilation of Magic Circuits that is in the form of a book,” having an EX rank Circuit Quantity. The Book’s Magic Circuits, as the book becomes linked to the user which makes it freely manipulatable, are also capable of transforming their Circuit Quality and Circuit Composition in the same level as the wielder's, making the book exceptionally powerful in Manaka’s hands.

Manaka is also capable of Fullbring.

Enkidu: the Lancer of the “original six” Servants. He became the target of strong people like Grimmjow Jeagerjaques and Kenpachi Zaraki.

He was given Alexandre Dumas’s forged protective “cure all” noble phantasm, the Bowl of Hygieia which was assimilated into Enkidu’s body, that can restore and safeguard the user, both the body and soul, from any negative influence such as poison, disease, curses, mental interference, fatigue, and so forth; thus, it can easily block or dispel the curses made from Paracelsus von Hohenheim or Ramesseum Tentyris. The forgery also heals fellow allies back to perfect shape, and has a wide range effect as Enkidu sings a song that shakes the earth, which causes all allies in the area to be healed. In addition, the Master also gets benefits and, being connected to the Noble Phantasm, can heal nearby allies. The forgery’s most devastating use is that it can allow Enkidu to temporally regaining the former power he lost, by sealing his humanity for a certain amount of time, and reach the level of a god.

He contributes greatly for his team by making them divine weapons, such as how he made knives and gauntlets for his team's assassins. The Divine Constructs are also studied, by the American Government, and distributed to each US military soldier.

Beautiful Assassin – the Assassin of the “original six” Servants. She later allied with the American Government mainly because the Hassan of Serenity is one of the Servants of Blue. She was able to switch masters as Rule Breaker was used.

She was given two of Alexandre Dumas’s forgeries. One is the Knife of Geronimo which gave her a new Personal Skill, Bloodstained Demon, and also the geographical boost that would normally be given to Geronimo when summoned in North America. The other is Lü Bu Fèngxiān's God Force. Assassin was also given a Hollow Mask, made by her team, which she can easily use thanks to her Zealotry.

A number of the Soul Society’s seated officers wanted to gather data as they fight against the Assassin class, supposedly the weakest class, only to be killed and later revived by Orihime; this caused Cu Chulainn and Suì-Fēng to be interested in fighting Assassin.

Beautiful Assassin later made a name for herself, in modern times, as she appeared in the news media.

Flueger – a Spellcaster that is occasionally hired by the American government for Counter-terrorism purposes in the Middle East, especially if it is to prevent magic to be used by terrorists. He became the new Master of the Beautiful Assassin; Flueger uses his fortune telling to determine his Servant’s chances in winning. He uses the forged Blood-sipping Bestial Axe which assists the user with Gunnhild’s curse which causes the parameters of enemies to be decreased by one rank.

Watcher- The Servant of Sigma who able to shape shift into different people, with Maiya Hisau is the usual form she takes during casual times. Watcher is able shape shift into powerful forms such as Artoria Alter where she can also use any of Artoria’s Noble Phantasms such as Rhongomyniad and Llamrei; other forms include Cú Chulainn Alter, Medusa/Gorgon, Emiya (Alter), Illya Testament (Orihime Testament as another possible option), and Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern (Black Iri and “Regular”). "She" can fly in any of the taken forms.

Watcher believes that it is necessary for herself to kill Ichigo Kurosaki where “she” almost succeeded in doing so, in the different forms that Watcher took, only to be repeatedly interfered by Ichigo’s allies.

She was given a forged Noble Phantasm, that can summon an army of dragons, which Watcher uses when she turns into Joan Alter, who shows a more romantic side with Sigma, as she engaged in a large scale warzone. During this time, by doing exactly the same thing as Touko Aozaki, Watcher had used manufactured puppets that can transform into the different forms that she took. As she uses this method, Watcher had transformed one of the puppets into Tensa Zangetsu’s former daitō form where, as Joan Alter, she begins to wield the Japanese long sword. Watcher, as Joan Alter, later fights against an angelized Jeanne d'Arc during a large scale battle.

Nikola Tesla - Archer of Blue or “true” Archer in this case. His master is Faldeus Dioland. Tesla is equipped with Alexandre Dumas’s forged defensive Noble Phantasm that is capable of having the user utilize a dimensional shift on himself and others. As Faldeus was also given a forged Noble Phantasm, that gives him access to Gilgamesh’s Sha Nagba Imuru, the forgery's abilities had extended to Tesla.

He eventually fought against Gilgamesh and later Tōshirō Hitsugaya.

Misaya Reiroukan - The Master of Astolfo, the Lancer of Blue. She likes Astolfo when hearing how one of his personal mistakes lead him to be nearly killed by a woman, which made him the perfect Servant that made him compatible with Misaya.

She is one of the number of magi whose family sided with the American Government; her influential father has strong ties to political figures in America and Japan. Misaya is also Ayaka Sajyou’s closest friend who would sadistically kill anyone that harms Ayaka; in her childhood, she grew up with Ayaka, Haruri Borzak, and also Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia who played with Misaya’s dogs in the past. She has an adopted sister, Miyu Sakatsuki, who was taken into the Reiroukan family, before the Great Fuyuki Fire had occurred, and grew up with Misaya; during this their time, Miyu unknowingly activated a certain wish that involved having Misaya, and everyone dear to her, be destined for happiness. While Misaya also cares about Miyu, she allows her adopted little sister to help and fight as Misaya knows that this is what Miyu wants. With the help of Watcher, who had transformed one of its manufactured puppets into a Kaleidostick, Miyu was able to transform into Miyu Testament and can use attacks like Quintett Feuer or the Unlimited Prisma Corps.

She has an intimidating reputation due to how Misaya one time had beaten Celenike Icecolle in a match where she later broke Celenike’s vindictive personality and pride, turning her into a masochist who would obediently became Misaya’s loyal attendant/slave; part of the reason Misaya did this was because Celenike made a rude comment towards Ayaka and Fiore. The American government did not mind this as they saw it an effective way to “reform” Celenike, who originally had a “troublesome” personality. Attending her masochistic needs would be female homunculi of the Yggdmillennia, Althea and Toole, where Toole would be the one to be the dominatrix to give Celenike pain/pleasure while Althea records every humiliating moment. Celenike was later used as an extra source of magical energy replenishments for Astolfo. Out of curiosity, with the guidance of others, Misaya had also made a small experiment to see if Celenike can get pregnant with Astolfo’s child in order to make a hybrid of a Servant and a Magus; Astolfo agreed to do so, partly out of curiosity, after being told that the child can serve as a memento should he die in the war.

Misaya uses Lucius Tiberius's Florent, a forgery by Dumas which has a number of abilities like boosting Misaya’s physical abilities comparable to a magical beast. She is a Fullbringer that can turn her savage black dogs into Werewolf-like creatures. Like Rin Tohsaka, both Misaya and Ayaka are skilled in self-defense.

Much later, during the war, Misaya became possessed by a Divine Spirit, Ishtar. Because the goddess’s personality is receiving a great influence from Misaya, even though Ishtar is usually both compassionate and cruel, her cruelty has withdrawn deep down and her good side eventually came more to the surface. She initially treats Astolfo as her “precious little dog” but changes it to “my precious knight, whose future is worth watching over.” Ishtar, because of Misaya’s virtuous personality, also sees Fiore and Ayaka as “people she must protect.” Initially, the goddess came with intentions to rule over humanity now that she has descended, but Ishtar changed her mind and cooperates with the Blue Faction.

Ishtar summons the Bull of Heaven, Gugalanna, which went against the Red Faction’s cloned hydra. She also summons Humbaba, also known as Huwawa, which went against Ozymandias's Sphinx Wehem-Mesut.

(When Ishtar is asked by Ayaka, Fiore, and Haruri Borzak if she wishes to avoid fighting Ereshkigal) “What? You recently became maidens in service to me and you are already worried about my safety? What a good girls you are, the owner of this body had made fine comrades. My sister is one thing, but ………. I think Quetzalcoatl is the scariest. I mean, that girl isn't just a monster, she's a goddess that uses pro wrestling moves on you. What's more, they're ridiculously painful! I don't even want to imagine a god who puts you in a cobra twist. How is my sister and her so attracted to each other, there are limits even it’s because of the bodies that they are possessing?! Well, of the people around that False Grail thing, they just chose the ones with the most compatible nature. That enough is quite an accomplishment. However, to lead to this sort of highly abnormal development, is that even the same Ereshkigal I know of?!! They even continue to do such amorously intimate things with each other that I never imagined would have happen, did that body’s owner affected my sister this much?!!! *sigh* It’s hard to say what I should be concerned about out of the many things involved, especially that plain-looking man who made an impossible miracle by attracting even goddesses. He’s quite a terrible sight to behold, they need to be sure to tell their paramour to keep his cool act within limits, otherwise he will surely burn himself out at the end. Try not to fight him, or rather fight and defeat him but don’t kill him. …. ... Huh? I’m not worried about HIM, I’m worried about you two! Even I can’t imagine the dreadful storm of rage that will happen when he is killed in front of those goddesses…. Ah, damn, I'll just confess already. Here's me confessing! I don't want anyone to die, you hear!! I'll become your goddess of victory, meaning I won’t leave either of you two alone even it’s against all those goddesses!!!!"

Astolfo- the "True" Lancer, or Lancer of Blue. Was given the Double Summon privilege granted to him by the False Holy Grail. His master is Misaya Reiroukan. After fighting Medusa, with both his Hippogriff and Lance, Misaya comments that the fight seemed like a slave trying to rebel against a dominatrix, due to how Astolfo was mostly on the defense.

Astolfo likes Misaya, knowing that she is a “really good person in heart even though it isn’t that obvious.”

He is able to call forth a griffin and Rabicano. Astolfo was also summoned with other Mystic Codes, such as “gifts” from Logistilla, which he doesn’t normally use but can be used by his team as Astolfo lends them. The mounts can also be lent to others where Rabicano, after he was blessed by Ishtar which gave him abilities such as flight, was lent to Achilles to boost his Troias Tragōidia which was modified to allow Rabicano pull the chariot along with Pedasos, both taking supportive roles to aid Xanthos and Balius.

He is given a forged Ascalon by Alexandre Dumas; the sword also grants Astolfo the skills of Saint George, such as Battle Continuation, Guardian Knight, as well as the status as a Dragon Slayer which makes Astolfo an extremely dangerous entity to all dragonkind and any Servants with dragon attributes like Artoria Pendragon. Astolfo was also given a custom-made motorcycle made by his team; he uses this, and Ascalon, to fight against Artoria who also uses her special motorcycle. After his retreat, from Medusa, Astolfo was given the forged shining golden bridle of Bellerophon, the man who tamed and rode Pegasus in Greek mythology, where he begins to uses it with his Hippogriff after Misaya became possessed by Ishtar, who later gives the Hippogriff divine protection that allowed it to reach the strength of a Divine Beast. The two forgeries are capable of resonating and strengthening all of the Noble Phantasms, in Astolfo’s possession, along with the wielder; effects include allowing Astolfo to use the Interfectum Dracones on any weapon he holds, such as Astolfo’s shining golden lance, along with turning the Hippogriff into a “noble being of draconian origin” where it reaches the pinnacle of the Phantasmal Species. Astolfo, and his Noble Phantasms, were further boosted as he gained an Affection of the Goddess skill by Ishtar.

In a large scale battle, he later begins his rematch against Artoria, after she became the Goddess Rhongomyniad, who initially tried to engage a battle against Ishtar, which involved a brief clash with Misaya's Florent and Artoria's Excalibur, only for Astolfo to intervene and begins to fight Artoria while Ishtar fights against Arcueid Brunestud, who was taken over by Archetype:Earth. Astolfo muses if maybe he can become a “God-Slayer.”

(when fighting against Ichigo Kurosaki) “Strongest Master of this Grail War, prepare to fight against the Weakest Servant that was ever summoned!”

(Astolfo’s inner thoughts about Ishtar) “Ah, I should be careful now that my kind now-possessed master doesn’t lose her mind. Or, at least, I should find a way to make sure no one gets hurt by her. Must make sure she gets to touch me as much as she wants. Ah scary scary, I shouldn’t be careless when asking her requests, what sort of unreasonable offerings would she demand?”

(When beseeching Ishtar) “Oh Divine Goddess Ishtar, while I am not against you devouring a weak maiden such as me, I plead that you must have my Master’s consent before doing so. Because the woman you possess is someone precious to me then, as her Servant, it is my duty to protect her precious Chasity!”

(After intercepting the Goddess Rhongomyniad as she initially attacked Ishtar) “Great Lion King, I have you know that I am my Master’s sword, her blade, her arrow! Because she put her trust in this weak me until now, I’ll answer her trust with all my power. May it be men, giants, dragons, or even deities, this Hero shall continue to protect his mistresses until the end. Thus, as a knight, I must display my valor to the very end for my Master. Let us grant each other the finest dual found in this warzone of hell. I pray, to my goddess, that this battle will be a very memorable one for the King of Knights. Come! Let us dance to show my Goddess the greatest battle that she will eternally remember from this weak knight!!!"

Ōi Katsushika – the Foreigner class Servant, that was summoned with her father, Hokusai, who takes the form of an extraterrestrial octopus. One of the special Servants whose unpredicted Class is part of the False Grail’s anomalies. Her Master is Miyu Sakatsuki, currently known as Miyu Reiroukan, who Ōi treats like her own little sister; Hokusai and Ōi are often dependent on Miyu in regards to managing money. Ōi gets along well with the Blue Faction’s Leonardo da Vinci, where Ōi and Leonardo discuss greatly about painting and other art related topics.

Hassan of Serenity – the Assassin of Blue, also called Mary, her master is Tatsumi Kitano. Thanks to her team’s influence there was some “adjustments” with her Zabaniya: Delusional Poison Body which prevented her from harming any allies and innocent people, making it similar to the The Mist: Darkened Misty Metropolis, as she can “direct” the poison. Thus she became able to freely choose the people she wishes to kill without killing her allies by accident. Mary became happy as she was able to embrace the person she loves.

She is equipped with Alexandre Dumas’s forged Arrow Protection Amulet and Fragarach

Elizabeth Bathory- the Alter Ego Servant who is the younger incarnated existence that was split off from her older aspect. Her master is Francesca. She fell in love with Faldeus Dioland. She apparently likes to be called the “Idol Class Servant.”

Due to the strong mental image of many people, where she was given the status as "Countess Dracula," Elizabeth Bathory had “inherited” a variation of Vlad III’s Noble Phantasm, “Kazikli Bey: Bloodstained Queen Demon” where her weapons are the stakes she shoots out from her body. Other than wood, the material properties also include bones, flesh, shadows, hair and etc. It is also possible to endlessly take in, and cache, objects that are within the shooting range and turn them into stakes and/or possibly reconstruct them to other types of weapons; thus this became perfect for stealing a number of Gilgamesh’s Noble Phantasms where the stolen items turned into the "stakes" are generated inside Elizabeth’s body. She first experimented this by taking Alexandre Dumas’s forged Arondight. During Tesla’s fight, with Gilgamesh, Elizabeth secretly stole a great number of Gilgamesh’s Noble Phantasms that the Gate of Babylon shot out.

Francesca Prelati – One of the Masters of the Blue Faction. In this world, Francesca had met and had later grown attached to a young Ritsuka Fujimaru, who freely interacts with her, in the past three years when she had gotten her latest body, which causes Francesca to turn gradually different from usual. Because of this, when using the relic to summon Elizabeth Bathory, Francesca ended up calling forth the 14-year-old Elizabeth from before she had committed any crimes instead of the older aspect that came to be known as the vampire Carmilla.

Alexandre Dumas- the Servant of the “original six” and the Caster of Blue. His Intelligence-Gathering Skills becomes useful for planning what proper approach is needed and when going against the Soul Society’s Shinigami.

He was ordered to carefully modify every forgery that he creates. For example, if he creates a Gáe Buidhe forgery then, unlike the original, the fake is perfectly capable of dispelling the effects caused by its damages, whenever the user deems the need to; the other option is, instead of canceling the curse, the user can suspend the effects and reactivate the curse for a later time. In Dáinsleif’s case, where the original was meant to curse to the owner, the forgery instead has the ability to drives the fate of the possessor's enemies to ruin where it can jinx an enemy into a damaged and helpless state; the forgery also doesn’t have the cursed requirement to always kill a man once drawn, instead it grants a blessing where the user doesn’t have to actually fight at all.

Achilles- the "True" Rider, or Rider of Blue. His master is Merlin. Achilles is meant to be the ultimate counter against Gilgamesh where, combined with Diatrekhōn Astēr Lonkhē and Dromeus Komētēs, he could kill Archer with one attack when unguarded; but this was before Enkidu sided with the American government, so Achilles became a spare. He was ordered, by his team, to not fight against Cu Chulainn to prevent Achilles from suffering any unwanted casualties from Gáe Bolg; instead, Achilles was tasked to deal with the betrayal of Ramesses II, which he gladly accepted. Achilles greatly desires to fight against Ramesses II who is a similar existence as him, being capable of harming him, and is a king. Thus they went into a big dogfight in their first encounter; when fighting, Ramesses tells Moses to not interfere with his one on one fight.

Achilles, when utilizing his Diatrekhōn Astēr Lonkhē’s Duel Field, had one time challenged Ichigo Kurosaki into a fist fight where he lost as Ichigo knocked Achilles unconscious. Achilles was spared from a killing blow due to how Ichigo needed to rush to save his allies. Since then, Achilles was one of the people, among his team, that saw Ichigo Kurosaki as a very exceptional threat.

Abilities: Achilles was given Alexandre Dumas’s forged Durandal, which Achilles can use it with one hand and swung his hero-slaying spear with the other. Achilles, having Durandal, caused Astolfo to befriend him further as he tells him about his time with Roland. While Achilles’s mana consumption is considered costly, especially when he is using Troias Tragōidia, this was hardly a problem with Merlin as the Master. After the Troias Tragōidia, specifically the chariot, was damaged by an enemy attack, the Noble Phantasm was later repaired and upgraded by the Blue Faction.

After losing to Ichigo Kurosaki, which caused Achilles to lose in a bet that he made by a certain someone in the Blue Faction, Achilles agreed to have his Andreias Amarantos be modified by a certain Noble Phantasm, which had a similar ability to Shūkurō Tsukishima's Book of the End where it was able to alter the history of Achilles, that ultimately gave Achilles complete invincibility.

(When talking to Ichigo Kurosaki, who accepted Achilles’s challenge in having a fist fight within Diatrekhōn Astēr Lonkhē’s Duel Field) “Let's have a fair fight! I am Achilles, son of the hero Peleus and the sea goddess Thetis. Should you win this dual then you will be rewarded by knowing my True Name!”

Merlin: He who joined the American government after he was, through unknown means, able to escape his imprisonment. One of the reasons he joined is to "get involved in something interesting." After joining the American Government he, and another magus, started to felt the need to remanufacture the Dragon Smoke which made him friends with Touko Aozaki. Merlin also took in students such as Sigma, Tatsumi Kitano, and Ayaka Sajyou, giving them the curriculum on the "level of a magus." Merlin became happy when seeing Artoria gaining happiness, and was further happy that his Servant, Achilles, was not interested in fighting her as he does not do well against female opponents due to an awful amount of regret from killing the Amazon Queen Penthesilea with his spear.

Merlin admits that he would like to avoid waging war against Artoria. However, Merlin also admits that it would leave a really bad taste if he does not fight with his current comrades because he doesn't see a reason to betray the Blue Faction that he has agreed to fight with. In the end, Merlin notes that he is still a “foolish man, who continues to playfully meddle with the fate of a single girl.” As Merlin was able to have the opportunity to speak with Chiron, the two talked greatly in how there are plenty of merits, for a teacher to fight against a former student, since it would allow a teacher to find ways to make a student continue to grow.

Merlin had voluntarily slept with Medb; this allowed Medb to create a female “clone” of Merlin, appearance-wise think the Merlin from Fate/Prototype. Merlin becomes happy as he personally teaches his “daughter” about everything he knows.

He gets along well with Urahara, who secretly communicates with the Blue Faction on his own leisure.

Much later, in a large scale fight, Nikola Tesla and Merlin got into a battle with Tōshirō Hitsugaya and Helena Blavatsky, both in their adult forms as their rematch begins.

Abilities: Merlin is equipped with Alexandre Dumas’s forged Jeweled Sword Zelretch. The Blue Faction sees Merlin as the “ultimate obstacle” for Zelretch should the vampire try to intervene in the war. He is also equipped with a special charm that prevents Merlin from inadvertently biting his tongue during long incantations.

Despite how he possesses outstanding Clairvoyance, Merlin admits that even he cannot foresee the outcome of the False Grail War.

Bedivere – the Bedivere that, due to King Arthur staying alive in the modern world with Shirou Emiya, never returned Excalibur at all. His right silver prosthetic arm, which is a modified Excalibur made by Merlin, resulted to his long lifespan. Not an actual Heroic Spirit, but rather someone who has lived for centuries and later joined the American Government to work with Merlin. He was tasked by Merlin to join and fight with the Red Faction as a way to make sure Artoria stays safe and to have her avoid fighting directly against the Blue Faction; during this time he found out about Artoria’s true nature as a woman. Bedivere had also thanked Artoria's friends as they have given her the peace Bedivere wanted her to have.

During his time, with the American Government, he began protecting Altrouge Brunestud who lost two of her personal bodyguards, Rizo-Waal Strout and Fina-blood Svelten, and later developed feelings for her. Because of this, for obligatory reasons, he was unable to give the Red Faction any info about the Blue Faction.

He uses Rizo-Waal Strout's True Demon Neardark, on his left hand, and also Alexandre Dumas’s forged Vimana which is supercharged by Bedivere's right arm. During a large scale battle, Bedivere uses Vimana to fight with Ushiwakamaru, who was riding her phoenix and was equipped with several projected weapons that can be used as Broken Phantasms.

Altrouge Brunestud - Arcueid Brunestud's "older sister" that sided with the American government. Her relationship with Bedivere began as he swore to protect Altrouge from Merem Solomon and Gransurg Blackmore. Because of this, Bedivere’s time with the Red Faction was cut short as he discovered Merem’s involvement with the Red Faction; though, before leaving, he had informed the Red Faction about Ozymandias's Ramesseum Tentyris.

She is indebted with Touko Aozaki, who used her connections with Kisuke Urahara in order to perform a special “surgery” on Altrouge where she was able to achieve the common goal of all Dead Apostles, which is to achieve perfect immortality by not relying on the ingestion of blood. She was also able to gain immunity to the two "weaknesses" common to all Dead Apostles which are sunlight and bodies of water; this was playfulness on Kisuke’s part as he wanted to see Altrouge wear a swimsuit and go to a sunny beach.

Cath Palug – A.K.A Fou, Formally Merlin’s familiar. Even while being owned by Altrouge Brunestud, Fou still has his squirrel-like appearance. He is also attracted to Bedivere and other "peculiar" people such as Leonardo da Vinci and Ichigo Kurosaki.

Atalanta– the Beast class Servant. Her Master is Touko Aozaki where due, to Touko’s influence, Atalanta believed that it would be a good change of pace to try to learn what it is like to be a woman.

The reasons, that she was summoned into this class, is part of the False Grail’s anomalies where Atalanta is considered to be an “extra” outside of the expected seven Calamities positioned to enact the annihilation of Man; it could be considered somewhat “forced” due to Touko having a catalyst to summon Atalanta and the False Grail simply decided to place Atalanta into this class. Atalanta had noted that she considered herself to be more like a beast, rather than a human, to the point where others saw her as “one who can be called a beautiful beast in human form.” Thus, the False Grail may have taken the Servant Class’s name in a more literal sense.

The Noble Phantasm, Agrius Metamorphosis, is automatically activated by default, granting her its abilities. Being summoned in the Beast class somehow gave Atalanta the ability to nullify any mental disruption, making her completely sane. The reason for her calmness, even during in the normally effects of Agrius Metamorphosis, is unknown at least to her. Her bow, Tauropolos, and any other usual abilities, such as the Phoebus Catastrophe, is still usable despite Agrius Metamorphosis being active. Along with a good Clairvoyance skill, Atalanta also has the Clairvoyance (Beast) skill which allows her to see through deceit and look into the truth of anyone. Should there be a moment when Atalanta is about to be killed from an attack, that can annihilate her, the Pelt/Armor of the Calydonian Boar can be sacrificed to activate a conceptual defense to save Atalanta.

Overall, Atalanta does not know if her circumstances is a miracle or a unique part of the flawed ritual.

She was given Alexandre Dumas’s forged war banner of Ares which was, like Irisviel von Einzbern and Avalon, disassembled and sealed inside Atalanta.

Atalanta eventually fought against Grimmjow Jeagerjaques.

Touko Aozaki- Is one of examples of one of the magi, with a Sealing Designation, that was given protection by the American Government. She likes her team, mainly due to how they have the title “Blue” in their name. Touko was given Alexandre Dumas’s forged Cloth of Concealment; to satisfy Touko’s taste, the Cloth’s color was made to be Blue. She picked up Lugh Beowulf, who was under the care of Kisuke Urahara, to be used during the False Grail War; during her visit, Touko also bought an exceptionally sizable number of products from Kisuke. Touko used her connections to get help from other people she know, such as Kairi Sisigou.

Francesca Prelati reluctantly agreed to have Touko be a Master. The two still continue to remain to have a hostile attitude towards each other, but a certain someone was able to prevent any skirmishes from occurring and ensured a permanent ceasefire; this was successful partly because of how the magical items, that Touko stole from Francesca and later sold to Kisuke Urahara, were returned back after Kisuke had studied and revamped them, along with building Francesca a secret underground workshop that Kisuke made Touko to promise that she will not plunder, in exchange for having Francesca to keep in touch with him. Touko has a mixed feeling when Francesca informed the younger members with somewhat exaggerated tales in how “scary” Touko is; while it is unlikely she would be called Scarred Red, Touko grows uncomfortable when seeing the youngsters act awkward around her though Touko quickly shrugs it off.

Touko cooperates with one of the Blue Faction’s Servants, Leonardo da Vinci, as well as the Ainsworth family, who sided with the American government, to make puppets that incarnates Heroic Spirits; this is one of the reasons she joined the Blue Faction, as it piqued her interests, along with how a certain good friend, in the American government, asked her to join. These puppet bodies are used help the Servants maintain their body, lessening the needed Mana cost, especially after the False Grail War. They are also used by Watcher.

As a payment, for Kisuke, Touko mailed a few of Alexandre Dumas’s forgeries, such as the Kanesada Kuji and a pair of brass knuckles capable of using Kintoki's Golden Spark, to the Urahara Shop which Kisuke gave to Ichigo incase he needed to fight in his human body. Other received forgeries include the Syamantaka, Arash's crimson longbow, Benkei's naginata, and the Knife of Jing Ke; all of which were added to Urahara’s recent collection of Noble Phantasms that were gathered from the 4th Grail War, which the previous Gilgamesh left behind in a lake after they were "stained" by striking the summoned creature of Gilles de Rais. Ichigo, as a Shinigami, usually lets Shielder hold onto the Kanesada Kuji while letting Tatsuki Arisawa have the brass knuckles. During the war, Touko made a friendly visit with Orihime to fix the broken original Kanesada Kuji, which was repaired in perfect shape, and gave it back to Shiki Ryougi to take home.

Because Lev Uvall was still “alive”, as they were reunited, Touko often talks to him in frequent occasions during the day as they discussed about magecraft in great length and details. When discovering that Lev Lainur Flauros was helping the Red Faction, Touko felt a sense of “obligation” to put an end to his life when the time comes. During one of their conversations, Lev Uvall entrusts Touko with blueprints that would create the CHALDEAS.

Touko plans to, after the war ends, participate in another expedition, sponsored by the American Government, by working as some kind of doctor in an orbiting satellite.

Penthesilea- The "True" Berserker. Her master is Kairi Sisigou, who she is compatible with because of how he doesn’t treat the Amazon Queen as a woman. Later with the help of certain individuals such as Nigel Sayward, who works with the American government as they gave refuge to the Sealing Designated magus, Penthesilea had later drank a potion, which Kairi was told that it was wine meant for royals, to tweak her Mad Enhancement and cause her to forget why she was so angry at Achilles. Even though Penthesilea knows she was killed by Achilles, based on basic knowledge provided by the Holy Grail, the Amazon Queen is under the impression that she was killed and remembered as a warrior and not as a beautiful woman. Penthesilea's wish is to kill Heracles therefore, when activating Outrage Amazon, Penthesilea would now shout "HERACLEEEEEEEESSSS" even if the enemy is not Heracles.

While the Blue Faction’s Achilles is grateful that he will not face Penthesilea, as an enemy, he is hesitant to be around her. Someone like Atalanta, who the Amazon Queen would view as a “big sister,” can potentially help manage Penthesilea. For sparing purposes, someone like Enkidu would be a great practice partner.

Penthesilea is equipped with Alexandre Dumas’s forged Megingjörð, doubling her power. Because of her very prodigiously motoric might then someone, like Izuru Kira's Wabisuke, would be a very bad mismatch due to how, rather than incapacitating her, continuously doubling the weight of Penthesilea’s weapons would only make her a more destructive enemy as she wouldn’t even notice the increase of weight on her weapons; this mistake later caused Penthesilea to do heavy damage on Kenpachi Zaraki while he was using Shikai and later Bankai; the fight ended where Kenpachi was savagely bitten on the neck, which resulted to his death but was later revived by Orihime, where Penthesilea had received a heavy brain injury, that caused her to lose more of her memories of the past, but was able to survive after Achilles used his Dromeus Komētēs to transport Penthesilea back to the Blue Faction to be healed. While Penthesilea’s personal weapons were destroyed, by Kenpachi, they were replaced with divine armaments made by Enkidu.

In a large scale battle, Penthesilea later fought against Caligula in Hueco Mundo where Penthesilea’s Goddess of War: War God's Military Sash was able to exceed its usual point due to Mystery in Hueco Mundo being very strong.

Kairi Sisigou – He is grateful to a certain someone, in the American government, that saved his stepdaughter; he is acquainted with Ikumi Unagiya and left his stepdaughter under her care, Kisuke Urahara also monitors the area to ensure nothing happens to Kairi's stepdaughter. In the past, as he normally wanders from battlefield to battlefield recovering the corpses of magi and plundering their Magic Crests, Kairi had often sold the purloined Magic Crests to the American government.

Kairi is willing to cut his ties with the Mage's Association and openly side with the American Government. Another incentive, as to why he had joined, is because Touko requested his help. He was somewhat “bribed” since he heard that Touko is willing to give him another box of Dragon Smoke.

Due to a certain past incident, Kairi had gained spiritual awareness. He was lent the Dynamics of an Asteroid: Ultimate Crime, one of Alexandre Dumas’ forgeries that received extra modifications by Leonardo where the mechanical forgery has an advanced AI. Although it would be a very pessimistic guess, some people noted that it probably shouldn’t be wrong to think Kairi was compatible to such a forgery due to how his methods, and appearance, would be suitable to villainy. Kairi was also free to ask anything else, from the US government, such as military weaponry; in return, Kairi had given the Blue Faction some advice such as arming the Blue Faction's homunculus with special firearms made by Leonardo da Vinci. Along with Penthesilea, Kairi is accompanied by his own team of homunculus, armed with modern weaponry and also the divine armaments made by Enkidu, and he was given permission to “recycle” any homunculus that has died in battle.

During his missions, Kairi frequently fights against Maiya Hisau. Kairi, much to his displeasure, had gained the immense hatred of the Red Faction due to how there were cases that he was able to nearly kill Orihime Inoue; the reason he purposely targeted Orihime, a couple of times, was because of how he concluded that Orihime’s powers were troublesome and was given permission to kill her.

(When Penthesilea, as she was about to face Kenpachi, asked if Kairi is ordering her to stay alive) “Listen, this isn’t an order, but rather this is a request from a comrade in arms. I know that you’re fine dying a warrior’s death, but don’t assume that no one is going to not moan for you if you die. You can go all out, but please take into account in how others feel when you die.”

Lugh Beowulf – Came to participate in the False Grail War to “fight the greatest Mystery” he can find; thus leading him to be interested in fighting against people like Arcueid. He is usually ordered to avoid fighting "abnormal" people, that he does not have good compatibility against, like Shiki Tohno.

There was a time when Enkidu befriends Lugh which causes Gilgamesh to become jealous.

When off-guarded, he was kidnapped and raped by Medb, who was holding Lugh hostage to pressure Enkidu in mating with her, and later released Lugh. Lugh did not hate her, rather he later shared his thoughts with Cu chulainn, saying that he was worried about Medb as she carried a peculiar "scent" that makes Lugh solicitous about her.

Lugh, equipped with a forged golden chain mail shirt of Sun Wukong, is more than capable of taking a head-on attack from Yasutora Sado. He is also given the forged Nameless Bone Sword of Ibaraki Douji which, similar to Curruid Coinchenn, has the ability to summon forth the skeletal armor of the demonkin, whose bones were used to craft the sword. The armor raises the user’s parameters and has a number of other abilities such as materializing Demon Arms as well as emitting and shooting uniquely shaped "Flames" with unique effects. The skeletal armor is not simply armor but rather a power that has become connected of Lugh’s will where, along with the golden chain mail shirt, it can change shape depending in what form Lugh Beowulf takes; if Lugh decides to "blow up" then, not only would the armor increase the explosion’s capabilities, the armor would naturally appear perfectly fine, along with the golden chain mail shirt, as Lugh takes a physical form.

Lugh later fought against Moses, in close combat.

Alphard Alshua (Canaan)– Touko’s latest human familiar, who gained spiritual awareness and was given a Magical Prosthetic Arm; the Prosthetic was given some extra functions, by Alexandre Dumas, where it can use the Zabaniya: Delusional Heartbeat, much like Shaytan's Arm, and Cyber Phantasy. Alphard was also given Alexandre Dumas’s forged gun of Calamity Jane, which creates ammunition by gathering the magical/spiritual energy from the air, and the Carnwennan, King Arthur's dagger.

Touko is an old friend of Siam, where the ex-mercenary learns the existence of supernatural beings because of Touko. Thus, Touko tries to give Alphard a purpose in life in honor of the deceased Siam.

She was tasked to kill any of the American Government’s enemy Magi, a number of which Faldeus had information about, this resulted to Alphard fighting against Sealing Designation Enforcers where she emerged victorious; eventually, she fought against strong superhuman people like Bazett and Hansa Cervantes.

Canaan – the elite mercenary hired by the American government; one of her goals is to make sure Alphard doesn’t die. She was also tasked to kill any of the American Government’s enemy Magi and Executors. To protect an ally magus, Canaan had a fight against Shiki Tohno.

During the False Grail War, because of the anomalies occurring, Canaan had gained spiritual awareness; later, like Yasutora Sado, Canaan begins to develop Fullbring which she uses on the black tattoo on her left arm. She was given the Thunderer, forged by Alexandre Dumas where it is the Noble Phantasm of Billy the Kid that is sublimated into a “physical form,” which has the extra function to gather magical/spiritual energy from the air to use as ammunition; the bullets, like the Church's Black Keys, can have the ability to intervene spiritually against "evil,” such as Hollows, along with even affecting powerful spirits like Servants to some degree. The Thunderer also grants Canaan the Personal Skills and geographical boost that would normally be given to Billy the Kid when summoned in North America. Canaan was also given two other forgeries, Sun Wukong's cloud-walking boots and Ruyi Jingu Bang.

Maria Oosawa – an outsider that forms a friendship with Orihime, where they met as Orihime had gotten lost when she was trying to buy groceries and was unable to ask for help, due to the thick language barrier Orihime had with the people of Snowfield, until Maria showed up to help.

Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia – Due to the failure of being able to plunder the Holy Grail during the Third Holy Grail War, rather than letting the Yggdmillennia clan simply fall into ruin, Darnic had chosen to betray the Nazi army and join the American magi’s offer in the development of the False Grail. This caused the entire Yggdmillennia clan to secretly work for the American government while Darnic continued to gather recruits while fooling the Mage's Association into thinking that the Yggdmillennia clan was content with the duty of being a receptacle for drop-out magi.

However, before the False Grail War had began, Darnic met an unexpected death by the deceased Yhwach, who killed/absorbed Darnic due to how the former elder was uninterested in aiding the Wandenreich in the Quincy Blood War.

This later allowed Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia to take over the Yggdmillennia clan.

Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia - the current elder of the Yggdmillennia clan and the Master of the second Caster of Blue, Leonardo da Vinci.

She is close friends with Ayaka Sajyou, Misaya Reiroukan, and Haruri Borzak; Fiore’s friendship with them is one of the reasons why, despite how she hates Darnic, Fiore continues to have the Yggdmillennia clan work for the American government even after Darnic’s death. Fiore is loyal to a certain someone, that works with America, who gave her the miracle to take back the full function of her legs while keeping her Magic Circuits as they are.

After an alliance with the White Faction took place, Fiore begins to socialize with Chiron where she respects Chiron’s devotion in regards to abandoning his initial wish in order to support his comrades’ wish to revive their dead Master. In turn, Chiron praises Fiore for having the courage to make the Yggdmillennia clan an enemy of the Mage's Association, a decision which is mainly centered around her friendship with Ayaka Sajyou and Misaya Reiroukan; Chiron noted that Fiore chose wisely where, if she had instead chosen to side with the Mage's Association, the worst case of scenario would be that she would likely be forced to be both the enemy and killer of her dearest friends. The two had also congratulated each other where Chiron was happy to hear Fiore’s old wish, to fix her previous inability to walk, was granted whereas Chiron was given, by Vortigern, the designation "I" - "The Immortal" which gave Chiron the necessary immortality that had allowed him to regain his complete Divinity. Initially, Fiore was empathetic towards Chiron since his new immortality was not the same one that was a gift from his parents; however, Chiron reassured the young Magus that becoming a Divine Spirit again was enough and his new immortality was a symbol of his troth for the White Faction’s goal in reviving their Master, Isemi, who Chiron saw was a child that likely had a father and mother that loved him yet he tragically never became aware of their parental love.

Abilities: She was given King Arthur’s Prydwen, forged by Alexandre Dumas, a "wonder tool" that was fused into Fiore’s Mystic Code, thanks to Leonardo, which upgraded it into the ultimate attack and defense Noble Phantasm with exceptionally high mobility. Leonardo, and other people like Tesla, gave the Bronze-Link Manipulators a few extra functions such as how it is capable of Spatial Transportation and can shoot lightning.

Fiore and her brother are able to use Fullbring.

Fiore later fights against Orihime Inoue.

Leonardo da Vinci – the second Caster summoned by the Blue Faction. Her master is Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia; Leonardo acts as a loving older sister for both Fiore and Caules.

On her spare time, she usually is seen either talking with Touko or teaching Roche Frain Yggdmillennia, who calls her master (先生, sensei), while helping him in creating his dolls, especially when the dolls had originally lacked in artistry somewhat as they were not known for their appearance and design until da Vinci started to help; the dolls were upgraded to the point where they can replicate Archimedes’s Katoptron Katho Phlegon or Mozart's Requiem for Death, making them suitable for war to the point where the dolls can pilot magically enhanced armoured fighting vehicles and fighter aircrafts. Leonardo pretty much socializes with everyone, especially with Nikola Tesla and Merlin when it comes to inventions or improving Fiore’s Bronze-Link Manipulators. Leonardo is greatly appreciated by her fellow Servants, especially Tesla, where they meet to upgrade his Arm of Thunder/Lightning, and Richard I who received a custom-made electric guitar. Leonardo greatly contributes her team as she studies the devices Touko bought from Kisuke Urahara.

She is given Alexandre Dumas’s special forged “Book” Noble Phantasm, from a time way before the Age of Gods where it is made with concentrated photonic crystals and other materials from an alien civilization, which is capable of many things such as showing the “Truth” to Leonardo; it also contains contents from many legendary books such as those from the Dup Shimati, the R'lyeh Text, written works by Archimedes, and lost literature from Atlantis and the Library of Alexandria. It is a common saying that “knowledge is a treasure” thus the true treasure found in the “book” can be considered "the very essence of ingenuity that is above the realm of humans and even gods.”

Leonardo also uses the forged Paintbrush of Ma Liang where, especially when it is combined with her puissant “Book” Noble Phantasm, she uses the forgery to create a mix army of Servants which includes some of many "Robin Hoods", the Fuuma Ninja Corps, Blackbeard's pirates from the Queen Anne's Revenge, and Leonidas's Thermopylae Enomotia. A “weak” Heroic Spirit, like Ryōma Sakamoto, would be used to call forth something that still exists in modern times, where Ryōma can call forth Oryuu, who vanished into the bottom of a hidden ocean and still exists. Mythical creatures, such as Akuji no Takamaru and Otakemaru, also can be made. Other “random” things include extinct non-mythical creatures such as an andrewsarchus, a gigantopithecus, and various dinosaurs such as an Archaeopteryx; Leonardo is also able to “summon” legendary fauna, such as Gringolet and Jörmungandr, or bring to life completely fictional creatures, such as Godzilla, and can use her own imagination to create any kind of soldier, such as her own variation of a "killer robot from the future." Many of the created creatures can be used as both Leonardo’s familiars and mounts for her allies. Powerful Phantoms, such as Hessian Lobo, and wraiths are also possible. It is also possible to specifically summon particular Noble Phantasms, such as the Apneic Beauty which can seal and suffocate enemies that Leonardo trapped inside. In addition, the Paintbrush allows Leonardo to “create” a more powerful version of a Noble Phantasm that is "far more absurd and ridiculous" than the real thing. A form of “resurrection” is possible where Leonardo can call forth a soul from the cycle of transmigration, where she did so to revive a stronger Ulquiorra Cifer and have him fight against Moses’s Angel of Death, Azrael. Leonardo is also capable of doing a temporary “resurrection” where she can briefly revive the Gilles de Rais, who was killed during the Fourth Holy Grail War, to have him return the Textbook of the Sunken Spiral Castle to Francesca Prelati on a spiritual level.

Depending on the circumstances, Leonardo can keep certain creations, such as François Prelati, on a “tight leash.”

Leonardo often fiddles with the Noble Phantasms that were excavated by the American government. Other uncovered things, which Leonardo fiddled with, include the preserved DNA of Phantasmal Species, such as a Bašmu, for cloning purposes. Leonardo also convenes with certain people, like Sialim Eltnam Re-Atlasia who joined the American government for the sake of humanity’s survival and later wanted advice from Leonardo, where their conclave had resulted into the creation of many powerful items.

After her team made a deal with Paracelsus, Leonardo then studies and ameliorates all the stuff Paracelsus gave them where she mentions that, after the war, the very abounding materials was enough to have America create an organization, that would have magi and possibly other types of people with supernatural abilities, that can easily rival the Mage's Association. An organization Leonardo would like to help lead after the war.

Paracelsus, while being ignorant of Leonardo’s identity, notes he is attracted to Leonardo and, after his short interaction with her, wishes to continue to do long distance conversations with Leonardo from time to time where they bring up a wide variety of topics about ideas that would benefit humanity after the False Grail War. Due to the unexpected coma of Gordes Musik Yggdmillennia, which had resulted to Merlin and Sialim Eltnam Re-Atlasia being the ones to manage and ameliorate the production of the Yggdmillennia homunculi before the False Grail War began, Leonardo was later put in charge in helping the development of advance homunculi, as well as educating Gordes’s son; Paracelsus’s involvement had also contributed, especially after he had manage to steal the Einzbern’s alchemical knowledge.

On her spare time, with the assistance of Ōi Katsushika, Leonardo has often been updating her portrait remake of the Last Supper that has all the participants, of the False Grail War, in the portrait; each person, drawn in the portrait, has a specific purpose such as how Lev was placed as “Judas.” However, Leonardo is debating who to put in the middle of the portrait where potential candidates include Richard the Lionheart, Vortigern, Ichigo Kurosaki, Jeanne, Shirou Emiya, Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Medb, or Artoria Pendragon.

The Phantom of the Opera - was “summoned” due to the result when Leonardo fiddled with the Phantom of the Opera's gigantic musical instrument, that was excavated by the American government, where she was able to repair and upgrade the gigantic musical instrument to the point where it can move on its own and is equipped with advanced high-tech weaponry that are able to store unique magical energy; the musical instrument, as it was turned into a player piano with a highly sophisticated artificial intelligence, can prove to be extremely deadly when combined with the Báthory Erzsébet and Elizabeth’s singing talent.

Similar to the concept of Fullbring, where material objects also possess memories of their previous owners, the gigantic musical instrument contained the lingering soul fragments of the Phantom of the Opera, which was reawakened by the False Grail and Elizabeth’s singing, where the A.I. was eventually taken over by the vestiges. The Phantom becomes emotionally attached to Elizabeth while saying "what a wonderful lovely voice" where he mixed her up with the songstress of the past and will probably care for Elizabeth more than anything; however, because he fused with the A.I. created by Leonardo, the Phantom continues to remain obedient to its creator, possibly due to the influence of some failsafe loyalty system of artificial intelligence. Sometimes, a transparent ghost could be seen playing the gigantic musical instrument while Elizabeth sings.

As an experiment, the Leonardo tries to fuse Araya Souren’s soul with the Phantom.

Being somewhat of a program, the Phantom can make copies, of himself, that are able to covertly enter, corrupt, and spy on any computer network and access the Internet at any point in time; through clever means, as the Shinigami’s Denreishinki is able to connect the World of the Living to the Soul Society, he was able to hack into the Gotei 13’s Communication Research Section and copied all the precious collection of data, from the Shinigami Research and Development Institute, to deliver to Leonardo. Because the Phantom had also stole data related to the Gotei 13, and their allies, this gives the Blue Faction a huge advantage over the Red Faction. In addition, due to Mayuri Kurotsuchi’s extensive analysis on certain people, the Phantom is also able to mimic the thought patterns of very sagacious people, like Sōsuke Aizen, for strategic purposes.

In terms of ability, his worst possible enemy would be Yukio Hans Vorarlberna.

Frankenstein: the homunculus created by Victor Frankenstein. Differentiating in one version from the published Fate/Apocrypha novel, I used the initial version Type-Moon had for her where Frankenstein drowned herself in the icy waters of the Arctic. With the help of Robert Walton's logbook, Frankenstein’s body was eventually excavated and obtained by the American government. With the combined work of Leonardo da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, and Merlin, Frankenstein’s soul was summoned, from the Throne of Heroes, to be inputted back into her body. Caules Forvedge was then hired to monitor Frankenstein, where he became her love interest. Her code name is “Eve” by the American government; this later became part of her new name as “Eve Fran.”

Because of the way she was summoned, Ruler can’t identify Frankenstein with her True Name Discernment skill.

After Frankenstein’s blueprints were studied, her abilities were improved, by the Blue Faction, such as how she can use her Blasted Tree for defibrillation purposes. Frankenstein used this ability on a dying Sieg so he can avoid death; Sieg later gains some of her abilities as Frankenstein put a piece of herself within him, granting him the perpetual motion machine ability of Bridal Chest and a weakened version of Blasted Tree.

Frankenstein was given Alexandre Dumas’s forged Mjölnir, which was disassembled and fused inside Frankenstein. Doing so had drastically increased her abilities where she can freely use Blasted Tree, to its maximum output, without needing to sacrifice herself. Frankenstein is also immune to electrical attacks, as she absorbs them, such as a Shinigami’s Hadō #11, Tsuzuri Raiden. Her upgrade had given her new electrokinetic abilities. One example is how Frankenstein can wrap her body in a layer of lightning Mana which, along with being an armor for defensive purposes, is used to electrically stimulate the user's nervous system. The technique speeds up neural synapses to react faster, and to push physical prowess to the absolute limit, allowing for tremendous raw speed. Because Frankenstein’s will is imbedded within the lightning, any allies touching her wouldn’t receive shocks. The Mjölnir, made by Alexandre Dumas, is unique in many ways where it doesn’t require Thor’s Divine Core to use the hammer. In addition, should there be a moment when Frankenstein is about to be killed from a death-dealing attack, Mjölnir can turn into a conceptual defense to block an attack; during this time, Frankenstein can choose to have Mjölnir activate Ragnarok, where the hammer will separate itself from Frankenstein yet it still obeys her will, to launch a devastating attack on Frankenstein’s enemies and the surrounding area.

Thanks to Nikola Tesla, and others, her Galvanism Skill was drastically further developed. Her ability could be considered closer to ESP, Electrokinesis, as Frankenstein can freely manipulate the electricity where she can use electromagnetism to make and manipulate iron sand which can turn into blades that vibrate many times stronger than a chainsaw; if needed, she can form weapons, like heavy war swords or katars, out of the iron sand.

The Bridal Chest, after it was studied, was upgraded with extra functions where it can be used as a powerful railgun after being charged and launched with electromagnetism. Because the mace can be mass–produced, along with Frankenstein being upgraded with Thaumaturgy, Frankenstein can repeatedly bring forth another Bridal Chest, and any other tool provided by her faction, for her use.

Frankenstein’s Scream of the False Lifeform (Scream of Terror) was drastically increased as Frankenstein can create powerful beams of concentrated sound energy that can destroy anything in its path. The strength of these beams can be controlled. Because of how the hearable sound is capable of stunning an enemy, without strong mental resilience, the beams will likely hit when targeted correctly. Frankenstein can also create high-frequency sound waves to form a defensive barrier for repelling enemy attacks.

Other bonuses, provided by Leonardo as she upgraded Frankenstein with more cybernetics features, included being inputted a special “program” in Frankenstein which increased her intelligence and, as she was provided combat knowledge such as Chinese Martial Arts and in magecraft, battle capabilities. Caules commented that Leonardo was probably trying to make Frankenstein more human, and less of an animated corpse, by turning her into a “super cyborg” where the cybernetic enhancements gave Frankenstein human features such as shedding tears. Thus, Frankenstein became very grateful to Leonardo, who she refer to as “Mother.” She also refers Merlin and Nikola Tesla as “Uncle.”

To increase her mobility, Frankenstein’s bridal outfit was replaced where she wears a tight form-fitting suit with a cutout revealing her lower back; along with this includes a knee high boots, which can create a platform of Reishi under the user's feet, and long clinging gloves covering the entirety of her arms before reaching her shoulders. The entire outfit was woven with very special fabrics where it can provide Frankenstein with extra protection such as Magic Resistance and Presence Concealment. Because of how titillating it looks, Leonardo often playfully teases Caules when he tries to avoid looking at Frankenstein, or tries to cover her with a long coat, when she wears such an outfit; Leonardo and Merlin jocularly mentions that they plan to make a special underwear, for Frankenstein, that would give her a certain Pheromone skill.

Frankenstien can be described as the “ultimate bio-weapon” where she has nanomachines that circulate throughout her body. Thus, she can transform her body to look completely human. The grand thing, from Leonardo’s view, is how Frankenstien was modified to the point where she is perfectly capable of even giving birth when mating with someone. Thus, Leonardo was able to grant Frankenstien’s wish by making her as human as possible so she can procreate and be loved; Leonardo notes that she does think of Frankenstien as her own child, thus she tells/teases Caules to be a “good boyfriend.” As a “mother,” Leonardo notes she would have, if given the opportunity, liked to thwack Victor Frankenstein, the “father,” while exulting the fact that she was able to succeed in something Victor could not, or even tried, to do to help his “daughter.”

To fight close combat with more "heavily armed" enemies, like a Bankai Ichigo Kurosaki in his merged Hollow form, Frankenstein was also given the forged Axe of Marduk. Frankenstien can increase the Axe's power by wrapping it with lightning which moves around the blade's edges to vibrate at an extreme rate, increasing its cutting power and allowing them to deflect spiritual particles. In basic terms, the Axe becomes a unique molecular cutter with the capabilities of a super high-voltage electric gun where even clashing against, or having a slight cut from, the electrified Axe will cause a high-voltage current to pour through the enemy’s body and the victim’s movement may be temporarily paralyzed. The Axe can easily have a direct clash against Kūgo Ginjō or even Ikkaku's enhanced Ryūmon Hōzukimaru while the dragon crest is completely dyed crimson. Much later, she later fought against a Bankai Kenpachi Zaraki; the situation could be compared to a precious gem, which was molded and decorated into appealing perfection, competing against a large raw uncut diamond.

(to an enemy) “For the sake of my mother, who has given me so much love, I shall defeat you.”

Golem Keter Malkuth: the unfinished work of Solomon ibn Gabirol. Unlike regular Noble Phantasms that can be called "complete existences," it was recorded in history despite being incomplete; it was then excavated and obtained by the American government where Leonardo da Vinci had, with the help of others, later managed to complete it and made it her own Noble Phantasm. Along with Frankenstein, who is supposedly meant to be the “perfect maiden Eve,” Golem Keter Malkuth's code name is "Adam." As opposed to its original creator, who was against creating a golem of unparalleled power as it will not allow it to become a perfect existence, Leonardo finished it with the intentions of making it an invincible "superweapon.”

The golem has a special complex core, where it was partly made with some of the Sōkyoku’s shards, as well as the Heart of a Foreign God, that were provided by Merlin as he secretly procured them at some time in the past. Other things, that were used to help strengthen the golem, include Yammy Llargo’s corpse, a unique aggregate of brains which includes that of Gremmy Thoumeaux and Moby Dick, and a Magic Crest that was salvaged from the Cornelius Alba’s corpse, which Touko had kept. The materials allow the Golem to use a Mana Burst (Flames) skill, manifest flame wings that can be used for flight, become stronger by killing enemies, fire a powerful Cero, and a lot of other abilities. The Golem is also remotely connected to the Blue Faction’s army of homunculi which caused them to become formidable soldiers with unlimited power.

It is equipped with the many divine armaments made by Enkidu.

Leonardo notes the golem is meant to be the ultimate juggernaut, mixed with science and magic, as it was also given cybernetic improvements where the golem is capable of complex calculations and is more intelligent than a supercomputer. It uses its intelligence to analyze its opponents during battle. Caules comments the golem can be considered a “Titan version of Frankenstein” due to its mountainous size and immense power which makes look like Leonardo was trying to make a god rather than a “human.”

Much later the golem, in a large scale battle, fights against Kokujō Tengen Myō'ō: Dangai Jōe.

Sherlock Holmes – a “creation” Leonardo "summoned" by using Ma Liang's paintbrush. He is the strategist of the Blue Faction. When “summoned” he was fused with a Phantom, Doppelganger, which bestows him the ability to change his appearance to disguise as others.

He later fights against Tatsuki Arisawa, who is helped with Helena Blavatsky's Reinforcement magecraft.

Nobuyuki Oda- a “creation”, who was "summoned" by Leonardo from using Ma Liang's paintbrush, that fused with a Phantom, Der Freischütz. His personality was somewhat “overwritten” by Leonardo where Nobuyuki becomes a reliable and wise comrade for the Blue Faction.

Because of how he has a "pretty face," Nobuyuki becomes capable of attracting girls such as Musashi Miyamoto.

Abilities: Nobuyuki is given the forged sword of Emperor Jimmu which puts the user in an Anti-Unit type Bounded Field that boosts any Japanese Heroic Spirit’s fame level to the highest class, even if it is outside of Japan, and increases all of the wielder’s parameters; the wielder can also grant the same type of personal field to any other Japanese Heroic Spirit that is allied with the wielder.

His personal ability allows him to summon a Giant Skeleton which is a physical manifestation of Nobunaga’s love towards her younger brother. The skeleton wields immense strength against anyone who carries the traits Divinity or Mystery.

Nobukatsu was, during a large scale war, in charge of using El Dorado: The Lost Empire of Gold. A large city, “summoned” by Leonardo using Ma Liang's paintbrush, that probably never really exist yet continues to be in the mind of the many who heard of it where it is often imagined as the crystallization of all the beauty in the world. An illusion, sought by many Spanish conquistadors in the past, now turned into a Noble Phantasm based on Leonardo’s imagination where she made it "far more absurd and ridiculous" than the real thing where it has an advanced Artificial Intelligence, that operates the city, along with being able to fly, dive into the ocean like a submarine, and turn invisible. Accompanying the empire are many highly advanced mechanical golems, especially birds, personally designed by Da Vinci. An EX rank Anti-World Noble Phantasm which can act as an Empire-like domain, similar in nature to a Reality Marble, which contains a Magical Energy furnace that can exercise infinite power to supply the Blue Faction. Inside El Dorado’s large temples are a vast number of different Guardian Beasts along with an extremely high performance defense system, being armed with ancient weaponry, capable of prodigiously long-range bombardment. Similar to the Ramesseum Tentyris’s Dendera Electric Bulb, there is a special "artillery" situated at the main temple where it is capable of great destructive potential. Inside is a throne room where Nobukatsu Oda resides in; an army of Amazons also guards the city. This was used to fight against Gransurg Blackmore, who sided with the Red Faction, and the upgraded Lady Windup.

Vlad III (fate/extra version) – a “creation” Leonardo "summoned" by using Ma Liang's paintbrush. He was part of an experiment where Vlad III had fused with a powerful wraith, Stanrobe Calhin. Because of Vlad III’s Protection of the Faith, Stanrobe Calhin had suffered from the brunt of the Skill’s repercussions which, not only kept the Dead Apostle Ancestor under control, allowed Vlad III to avoid the heavy toll that would have affected his sanity and allow him to think in a more strategic fashion.

Vlad III has a positive relationship with Nobuyuki Oda where their interactions can seem to be similar to a father and son.

During a large scale battle, because of the great trouble he posed, the Red Faction transported Vlad III, and some of his allies such as Watcher’s manufactured puppet of Cú Chulainn Alter, to the Land of Shadows where Vlad III fights against some of the Red Faction; the conveyance was successful because of how the act was done by both the Servant and living Scáthach, who are part of the party that tries to kill Vlad III and his allies. Because Vlad III was fused with the City Devourer, providing him boosts such as how the Kazikli Bey had ameliorated into a menacing Anti-City Noble Phantasm, a great amount of devastation was brought to Scáthach’s homeland which was overflowing with countless malefic ghosts and deathly Phantasmal Species such as a powerful Curruid, who fought against the Blue Faction’s Godzilla, that aids the Red Faction. Resistance was propitious for the Red Faction due to how Cú Chulainn was able to summon Castle Noble Phantasm, however Cú Chulainn Alter did the same to protect his allies, and had subsumed it with Scáthach's castle where both castles were armed with Gilgamesh’s ballistae Noble Phantasms, which are directed by the Red Faction’s automata.

Vlad III main opponent was Renji Abarai.

(when Vlad III sees Renji’s Bankai) “Mmm, that’s quite an impressive Noble Phantasm you have. Ah, no wait, I believe you pagans call it a Zanpakutō. If I had a choice, I prefer to have that Jeanne d'Arc be the one to cleanse this wretched one. Regardless, I can’t neglect my duty to fight with my comrades in arms as they are waging a war to correct all immorality and injustice!”

Bambietta Basterbine/Dahut- originally the corpse, from the Quincy Blood War, that was obtained and later experimented by the Blue Faction, especially by Leonardo. The end result was that the mended corpse was used as a container for a summoned existence similar to a Phantom, Dahut the Pirate Princess of Ys.

Olgamally Animusphere – the adolescent scion of the Animusphere family. She is also an acquaintance of Urahara, due to how the former Captain sought help from the Animusphere family about 100 years ago after being framed by Sōsuke Aizen and escaping to the Human World; Urahara still continues to have strong connections with the family, who he considers to be one of his “top customers.” After the Hōgyoku was extracted, from Aizen, Urahara gave it to the Animusphere family for safekeeping. In the past, Marisbilly Animusphere had secretly joined the American Government, who gave him the funding needed for Marisbilly to later begin the founding of the Chaldea Security Organization. The Animusphere family also acts as one of the strongest liaisons between the American government and Urahara, who helps the American government with whatever “scientific” research.

Olgamally later became the Master of an experimental female Demi-Servant, Miyamoto Musashi, during the False Grail War.

Being raised by her father, Olgamally had a more sociable personality. She has a lackey/love interest, Ritsuka Fujimaru. She is also assisted by other helpers such as Marble Macintosh.

Olgamally is given Hecate's Staff, a forgery which helps her abilities as a Magus. Because the forgery had received extra modifications, by the people of the Blue Faction, it can turn Olgamally into Magical Girl Phantas-Moon. As a magical girl, Olgamally gains an Information Erasure Skill which allows her to freely fight enemies of the Blue Faction, including those from the Mage's Association, while having no fear of her identity being revealed as well as to prevent a silly scenario of Olga “dying from embarrassment.”

Shirley/Musashi – the native of Alimango Island who, after becoming a Dead Apostle, had been captured by the American government for experimentation purposes. Initially, the American forces had came to Alimango Island to offer Norikata Emiya, a magus who received a Sealing Designation, protection in exchange for his cooperation; however, on that day, when the outbreak of vampirism occurred which inevitably led to the death of Norikata, the American forces changed their objective and chose to seize Shirley, who was was the result of Norikata’s research, to be studied.

Shirley later became involved in a project aimed to control the powers of Heroic Spirits by binding them to a compatible vessel in order to produce Demi-Servants. Many of the attempts had mostly failed until, during the False Grail War, a success had occurred. Miyamoto Musashi, as she was summoned within Shirley, became disgusted by the inhumane experiment that took place. Wanting to save Shirley, Musashi chose to form the Demi-Servant contract with her. Thus, Shirley obtained Musashi’s fighting experience, skills, Noble Phantasm, and can even take Musashi’s appearance when she is possessed by the swordswoman.

The fusion had also miraculously cured Shirley of her vampirism; what was partly responsible for this was Musashi’s wish to heal Shirley so that she can live to find happiness. After regaining her sanity, Shirley agrees in continue being the “guinea pig” for the government’s Magi, seeing it as a way to take responsibility for what had happened to her homeland.

Musashi is considered a "complete anomaly" as she is somewhat of an "outside" Servant, due to how the research was initially meant to be separate project, from the False Grail, but inevitably later became involved due to the unique circumstances caused by the False Grail. She likes to be referred to as the “Samurai Class Servant.”

Shirley/Musashi, specifically Shirley, is attracted to Ritsuka Fujimaru due to how he resembles a certain "Kerry." Being also the Servant of Olgamally, who Shirley/Musashi is also attracted to as the Master was outright appalled at the inhumane treatment that occurred for Shirley, she acts as an older sisterly figure for the two.

Musashi was given the forged Moralltach and Beagalltach, where Alexandre Dumas had gave the swords the extra function that allows the user to modify their shapes so that the blades would be completely suitable for her fighting style. The swords are usually carried on her back; Musashi first used these against Ichigo Kurosaki and his two Shikai Zangetsu blades. The two forgeries also has an affect on Musashi’s Six Realms Five Planes - The Divine Figure of Kurikara where the manifested giant will appear with 6 arms instead of just four.

She is seen as a great threat after she killed Renji Abarai, who was later revived by Orihime, where the swordswoman later became involved in a fierce melee combat with Byakuya Kuchiki, who used his Senkei.

(Musashi meeting Ushiwakamaru, taken directly from FGO Dialogue) "I was really looking forward to meeting Shanaou when I heard he was here, but isn't that a girl!? Give me back my Ushiwakamaru!! To think a famous samurai would be a girl, isn't there something wrong with this world!?"

(When meeting Kurōdo, who was in the form of Sasaki Kojirou) "Eh? Kojiro? Really? Eh, wait, what's that, is there such a Kojiro!? It's not about whether he's weak or strong, but that fella's already reached the state of emptiness, hasn't he!? Ah, is it a tanuki transformed!?"

Ritsuka Fujimaru – had met Olgamally much earlier, in this world, and developed a slow relationship with her. Both Olgamally and Ritsuka are capable of using Fullbring, which is the reason why Marisbilly wanted Ritsuka to befriend Olga who distant herself, from others, after discovering her strange power; in the past, Urahara taught the two in using their powers and how to fight.

Olga had become very attached to Ritsuka, who was the first person to have accepted and wanted to be close to her.

He is sometimes seen eating snacks with Francesca, who had often sexually teased Ritsuka within the past three years. Francesca later grew very attached to Ritsuka, to the point where she became willing to do a mana transfer ritual with him to help improve his abilities.

While his skills as a magus are average, Ritsuka shows better talents as a Fullbringer. He uses the forged Six Harmony Great Spear, which has extra abilities such as being unbreakable along with allowing Ritsuka to inherit all combat skills, experience, and techniques utilized by Li Shuwen; Ritsuka is “fond” of the spear because Olgamally personally gave it to him, thus he can use Fullbring to shrink the spear and carry it as a pendant. Dumas had gave the Six Harmony Great Spear a unique “settings” where its “true form” is Brionac, the spear of Irish Divine Spirit, Lugh, that was said to be impossible to overcome.

Ritsuka is very determined to protect Olgamally, especially after dreaming of a realistic nightmare where he failed to protect Olga and saw her tragic death.

He eventually got into a fierce fight against Tatsuki Arisawa. While he won, he was later captured and imprisoned by the other members of the Red Faction. However, after being visited by Mash Kyrielite, where she begins her betrayal to the Red Faction as Mash used a projected Rule Breaker that was obtained from tricking Shirou, Ritsuka makes a contract with Shielder. Along with the later betrayal of Sieg and Yunyun, Ritsuka was able to escape back to his comrades.

Fujino Asagami – Was recruited by a certain organization, in America, sometime in the past; during this time period, a certain person had healed her poor eyesight and had taught Fujino on how to use her powers. Fujino had also developed a relationship with a young Ritsuka Fujimaru, who became like a little brother to Fujino.

In this world, Fujino also has Fullbring which she came to eventually develop.

Coyote Starrk and Lilynette Gingerbuck – were saved by Merlin and later resuscitated for the False Grail War. As the two began working for the American Government, they began with small-time assassination or abduction with enemy Magi or with members of the Church. The two are also Olgamally's bodyguards. Starrk would sometimes be seen sparing with Musashi.

Later, in his Resurrección form, Starrk had engaged a large scale fight against Francis Drake and her Golden Wild Hunt.

Shiki Ryougi – had come to Snowfield after she received an optional letter of request by Touko. Possibly due to her impulse to kill, Shiki finds the False Grail War to be an event worth participating in.

She has somewhat of a dislike, towards Hollows, due to how Mikiya Kokutou was attacked by one before Mana was born. However, she can restrain herself if an ally happens to be a Hollow.

Normally, Shiki holds no hope in even competing with a Servant. This changed when she was given Nuada’s Airgetlám, the Sparkling Silver Prosthetic Arm forged by Alexandre Dumas who modified where it can take the appearance of a regular left arm, as it empowered her greatly and granted her several abilities such as instant recovery and nullification from any harmful substance. Shiki was also given some divine armaments, mainly a knife and a katana, made by Enkidu. She was also given a forged charm Noble Phantasm of Sitting Bull which gives Shiki a Shamanism skill where, as it was greatly aided when Watcher/Cú Chulainn Alter’s Frenzy of Spirits had awakened the spirits sleeping on America, she can borrow the spirits' powers as the spirits can warn her of danger, such as a long-range surprise attack from Uryū Ishida, and aid her in battle. Like the rest of her comrades, she was also given other things like a special footwear, made by Leonardo, which creates a platform of Mana under the user's feet.

Shiki eventually fought and easily killed Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio as well as defeating Izuru Kira and later Shūkurō Tsukishima. She later fought against the living Scathach.

Charlemagne – the leader and namesake of the Twelve Paladins of Charlemagne. He was summoned as the “True Ruler” Servant sometime later when the False Holy Grail War was turning into a "True" War; his master is Hinako Akuta. Charlemagne was summoned by using a decorative item he gave to Astolfo, who was summoned with the adornment as a Servant, where the said item was borrowed and used as a catalyst to summon Charlemagne as a Ruler Servant.

Charlemagne finds the entire situation to be “messy” when learning that there was a “False Ruler,” Jeanne d'Arc, and is unable to explain this abnormal situation. Charlemagne somewhat bluntly says that he himself is not very suitable to be a Ruler Servant since he doesn't feel like a “Saint” and isn’t against giving the Blue Faction his full support, especially since Hinako is a Master of the Blue Faction.

On his free time, Charlemagne enjoys reading books all day long in the shade with Hinako.

Hinako Akuta - The master of the “True Ruler” Servant. She was originally part of Clock Tower's Botany Faculty, however she is one of the magi that betrayed the Mage's Association and sided with the mages who allied themselves with the American government. In this world, she is friends with Olga Marie Animusphere and Ritsuka Fujimaru.

Julian Ainsworth – In this world, Zachary Ainsworth sided with the American Government and worked together with other people, such as the Animusphere family, in the hopes of preventing the "certain extinction" of the human race. As the Ainsworth family worked together with the magi in the American Government, along with the secret collaboration with Kisuke Urahara and the later help from others such as Leonardo da Vinci, did they succeeded in creating experimental Class Cards.

A couple, such as Nezha, were lent to Urahara for further experimentation purposes. In this world, Zachary is also an old friend of Kiritsugu Emiya, where they met and had a discussion about world peace which later led to the topic about the Holy Grail. Thus, Julian became surprised to learn that Kiritsugu’s son, Shirou, became the type of “villain” that is willing to sacrifice the world in order to save the people he cares about.

Abilities: Julian is able to create dolls of certain people familiar to the Red Faction such as a Kirei Kotomine, during his prime, and Heine Istari. Some of the dolls would have a Class Card.

Julian, himself, uses the Class Card of Karl der Große (Charles the Great) which was used to fight against Ciel during a large scale fight.

Angelica Ainsworth - uses the Class Card of Qin Shi Huang who has the ability to summon an army of immortal solders which became boosted after being equipped with Enkidu’s divine armaments.

Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald – One of the dolls, made by the Ainsworth family, that is built with some memories of the person he is based on where Kayneth shows strong hatred towards Illyasviel von Einzbern, who he tries to kill upon seeing her, and later Shirou Emiya when Kayneth learned that he is the adopted son of the man that killed Kayneth.

Upon being reunited with Waver Velvet, an angry Kayneth begins to blame Lord El-Melloi II for all his misfortunes, which began during the theft of the artifact that Kayneth intended to use to summon Alexander the Great, as well as stealing everything Kayneth valued, such as his position as Lord. In the end, Kayneth is killed by Lord El-Melloi II when he used the medallion of Gonryōmaru.

Abilities: Kayneth uses the Class Card of Tomoe Gozen where Kayneth uses his Volumen Hydrargyrum to simultaneously wield Tomoe Gozen’s crimson katana, naginata, and longbow when fighting against enemies. Because Kayneth greatly desired to make full use of the Class Card’s capabilities, Kayneth thinks of a number of applications such as twisting off the heads of the enemies, that he hates the most, in a both slow and painful manner. After Kayneth's defeat, Lord El-Melloi II took possession of the Class Card which was given to Ayako Mitsuzuri.

Kariya Matou – One of the dolls, made by the Ainsworth family, that is under the impression that he survived the Fourth Holy Grail War, unaware that he was long dead. Similar to how he was alive, this Kariya was also tasked to defeat his enemies. This caused him to be obsessed over victory even after he died, muttering to himself that he must win at all cost.

Abilities: He is given the Class Card of Antonio Salieri which turns Kariya into a destructive combat device of slaughter. While the Ainsworth family considers Kariya to be controllable, people of the Blue Faction find it their best interest to have Kariya fight alone against the enemy as some felt that Kariya, as he uses the Class Card, may not be able to differentiate friend and foe as he begins to indulge in certain acts like devouring Shinigami and Hollows where Kariya would even go to Hueco Mundo to actively eat until he is needed; during this time, as he continuously uses the Class Card while devouring special entities, Kariya develops certain techniques like Shunpo, High-Speed Regeneration, and Cero.

Haruri Borzak- is close friends with Ayaka Sajyou, Misaya Reiroukan, and also Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia. Despite the fact that she hates the Mage's Association, Haruri’s friendship had allowed her to retain a great amount of her reason.

Abilities: Haruri was lent the experimental Class Card, Medea Lily.

She is a Fullbringer that uses Fullbring on her familiars to make them capable of eliminating Hollows. Later, while using the Medea Lily Class Card, Haruri was able to make her created Dragon Tooth Warriors and Dragon Wing Warriors into more daunting soldiers, after they were strengthened with Fullbring, that are capable of hijacking, forcibly fuse with, and completely take over Menos class Hollows which cause them to transform into monstrous combatants.

Haruri was given, by Alexandre Dumas, the forged iconic Feather Fan of Zhuge Liang which provides a number of abilities such as the materialization and utilization of Bagua Mirrors as well as an increase of proficiency with wind, earth, and fire element spells.

May Riddell Archelot – a celebrity that eventually decides to cooperate with the Blue Faction. She was somewhat forced to participate due to how her father, a business man, had met a dilemma that involved a sizable amount of debt from the American government; in order to pay the debt, May agreed to test an experimental Class Card, Yan Qing, which she uses when fighting against Bazett Fraga McRemitz.

Mephistopheles – the Homunculus of Georg Faust that was captured and later sealed, a long time ago in the past, where Mephistopheles had eventually came into possession of the mages of the American Government. After receiving a number of modifications, such as being fused with a Phantom related to demons, Mephistopheles was later used for the False Grail War where the Homunculus had become the Familiar of Bazdilot Cordelion, one of the mages of the Blue Faction. During this time, Mephistopheles had become exposed to the "mud of the Grail" which made him more powerful while also granting him the attributes of an Avenger-class Servant. Both Mephistopheles, and later Bazdilot, are greatly hated by the Red Faction due to their repeated attempts to kidnap Illyasviel von Einzbern by using rather heinous methods such as how Mephistopheles would use his scissors to either blind or delimb llya during his abduction attempts; while such wounds were recovered, thanks to Orihime, people like Ichigo and Shirou had developed a strong hatred towards such actions.

Idea number 2: this is just some random idea I came up with out of the whim.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the works these fanfictions are based on.

Fate/Danganronpa IF

Story: Monokuma unleashes despair towards the world. As they leave Hope's Peak Academy, Makoto Naegi and his friends came in contact with a group of mages that works with the remaining American government, who were working with Future Foundation, where Makoto learns about the Holy Grail. Makoto then plans to use the Grail to save the world where he convinces the American Government to not re-create a device that has the power to grant wishes, instead he wants a Holy Grail that would allow him to utilize the ability to solely summon Servants that would help him save the world.

Edmond Dantès – the Avenger Servant of Sialim Eltnam Re-Atlasia, who often gives advice to Makoto Naegi, and the "Super High School-tier Heroic Spirit." He sometimes help Makoto with his personal love problems as he has multiple love interests with Sayaka Maizono, Aoi Asahina, Kyoko Kirigiri, and Mukuro Ikusaba. Edmond sarcastically gives his Master the simple conclusion "because humanity is becoming 'endangered species' then just make children with all of them. You would become a 'real hero' if you do so".

Edmond does see Sialim Eltnam Re-Atlasia to be a possible love interest, being fascinated by her devotion to have humanity avoid the future of destruction.

Jack the Ripper (fate/strange fake version) – The Berserker Servant of Kyoko Kirigiri. He takes the main role in assassination missions, especially missions that are meant to frame an enemy by either taking their form or possessing them, he would often take the form of one of the nineteen Hassan-i-Sabbah in order to hide his class.

Mata Hari–the Assassin Servant that works with Mukuro Ikusaba. She is in charge of gathering information. Her code name is Dancer

Solomon - King of Magic. The Caster Servant summoned by Tubaki Kuruoka’s caring doctor, Amelia Levitt.

His existence is vital for keeping the “Mystery” in the world alive after Monokuma decides to reveal to the general public the existence of Magecraft. He is vital for Makoto Naegi’s plan in being the king that would lead humanity into a new age of hope.

Xuanzang Sanzang– the Lancer that was summoned by Jean Rum. She has a Double Summon skill that allows her to possess class skills from both the Lancer and Caster classes, where she is the other Caster that helps Solomon. She was lent a Master's Noble Phantasms that belonged to Qin Shi Huang, where one of the emperor's Noble Phantasms had been recovered and could have been used as a catalyst for summoning the emperor.

Both Lancer and Jean share their love for reading.

Saint Martha- the Ruler Servant of Roche Frain Yggdmillennia.

A master of hand-to-hand combat, she sometimes spars with Xuanzang Sanzang. Her EX rank Magic Resistance makes her a great enemy to people like Zelretch.

Black Death– the Rider that was summoned by Tubaki Kuruoka. He was used to subdue armies infected by Despair.

Karna– the Archer that was summoned by one of America’s magi, Jinako Carigiri.

Altera- the King of Combat, better known as Attila the Hun. The Saber Servant of Ophelia Phamrsolone.

Zachary Ainsworth -the current head of the Ainsworth family that had sided with the American Government and created the class cards. He is a friend of Ayaka Sajyou’s father.

Class Cards:

Saber- Lancelot

Lancer – Romulus

Archer – Orion/Artemis

Berserker- Beowulf: was given to Sakura Ogami.

Caster- Charles Babbage

Assassin – King Hassan

Avenger - Nitocris: she was given to Aoi Asahina, who is embarrassed to use it where Nitocris's clothes makes it look like she is trying to seduce Naegi.

Ruler- Florence Nightingale- gained qualifications for the Class as she was one of the modern Anglican saints.

Gatekeeper – Ishtar, was lent to Rin Tohsaka.

Rider- Scheherazade – a special card that has a double class skill.

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