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Hello everyone. I go by the name of Rosie. I am 23 years old and I'm from the U.S. Virgin Islands. I'm a Virgo and am proud to be one. I am new to this, but I am learning. I love to learn new things and am interested in exploring new ideas.

I love the Twilight Saga. My favorite characters are the Wolf pack, Jacob Black being my favorite. He was the one meant for Bella and Leah, but SM screwed him over and had him imprint on the demon spawn. I really thought he would have ended up with Leah in the end but he did not. I love Leah and her attitude. She's feisty, strong, determined, yet she has the kindest heart. I can't stand Bella that much either. To me she was selfish and too whiny and she got her happiness while everyone else was left hanging. She left everyone else behind without a care in the world. Ugh..hate her, unless I'm reading a good fic in which she ends up with Jake. A fic that has her hurt emotionally and she's groveling to Jake and is the one to pursue him, I'll read it for sure. I hate reading fics where Jake is so soft on her and quick to forgive and take her back.

I must say though that my couple obsession is Jake and Leah. I love the two of them together. They are perfect for each other. They're both strong, fierce, loyal to a fault, selfless, loving, and just plain sexy. Together, they have chemistry and it's only right that the true alpha and the only female wolf be together. I always believed Leah was meant to be Jake's Alpha Female and will continue to believe so. Leah phased for a reason and her becoming the Alpha Female is exactly that.

Another character I absolutely adore and that is Seth, Leah's little brother. I love him so much and I truly think he's a sweetheart. From my two stories, it's obvious I do love him because he plays such a huge supporting role in both stories. I love to read stories where Leah and Seth have a close brother-sister relationship and support each other and are there for each other. Not only that, I don't necessarily look at Seth as a little kid. He's the youngest of the pack, however, he's still a man and he's sexy as hell. I have an idea for a story about him, but it might be in spin-off of 'Want and Need You.' I'm not sure; I'll see what my mind tells me later on.

SM truly did not know what she was doing; all she did was trash both characters and the rest of the wolf pack. It's like she was just tired of writing and decided to take the easy way out and just focus on one person to hurry up finish her books. Hopefully, in the future, she'll do better.

I am currently working on my first story and hopefully it will be uploaded soon. I hope it is a success and you readers out there love it. Thank you very much in advance for taking the time out to read my profile.


I'm back! Lol! Yes I know it's been a while, but from the author's note in my stories, I've been going through alot. Even though things are not settled, but have simmered down a little, I can continue to write. Like I said before, my stories will be going a in a whole new direction and I hope you guys take it well. I want to thank all my readers for sticking with me and for their patience. I appreciate it.

Well I have finished "I Want and Need You, But Are You Worth The Risk." The support I get for that story is awesome and I am glad you readers liked it. Now the sequel, "Worth It and Then Some" is posted. I've already gotten so much support for that one and I hope you guys continue to love this story as much as I do. Now with "Torn," it will be done soon. There's only a couple more chapters to go. Thank you to all once again.


WOW! It's been forever I know. It has been a very busy year for me so far. I moved last year December and today makes 5 months since then. On my second job and loving it. Just haven't had the time to write. Also I've been suffering huge writer's block for both stories. I started a new chapter for "Torn" but every time I finish it, I don't like it and delete it. I must say I promise to finish both stories. A chapter is in the making for "WANY" so it'll be out soon. Please bear with me guys and I hope I still have my readers.

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Stories Completed

"I Want and Need You But are You Worth the Risk."

My beta is MidnightStarr. The OC'S in there were actually her idea. Those are her names, personalities and everything. Just wanted to mention that just in case. I mean you've got to give credit where it's due. She is the best and her writing is awesome. Thanks girl! ;)

Stories in Progress

"Worth It and Then Some"

No Beta. I hope the mistakes are not too much. I'm already loving this story so much. This one will be an interesting one.


No Beta...All on my own. The idea popped into my head and I jotted the story down right away. Did not really look for a beta. Besides, I wanted to give MidnightStarr a break. Lol!

Leah Clearwater - Now I know everyone has his or her own view as to how he or she pictures Leah and I have my own as well. The link below is to a photo of who I picture Leah to look like.

Now I have no problem with Julia Jones. I think she plays Leah very well, however, Roselyn Sanchez has more of an exotic look and that's how I picture Leah. Besides, Bella's description of Leah was mindblowing.

Raynia Joseph - Now this is my own character I created and I came to love her very much. She is going to play a big role in my story so she's here to stay. I just wanted you to get a feel of how I visualize her. Remember Seth's description? Milk chocolate skin, a little thick, etc...Hopefully, it matches to it, especially the boobs. Lol!

Now I think she also has an exotic look and her mixed heritage is what's makes her unique as well. So what do you think? Tell me in a review or PM.

Oh and one more thing...Picture them a little younger. Lol!

Jacob William Harry Black - Here is JB as a newborn.

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Worth It and Then Some reviews
Three weeks to Leah's due date and she's missing. Imprint bonds still exists, new loves arrive, and loyalties are tested. Who took Leah and Why? Will she be found in time? Sequel to Want and Need You. Must read first.
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