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Hello, everybody! And welcome...to my...PROFILE!!! :-)

Age: Do you really think I'm that dumb? Let's see...I'm 643

Anyway, let me tell you a little about myself.

Gender: Female. Of that I am certain.

Location: I live on Planet Zorg where I fight intergalactic space worms for a living.

I think that's all I am willing to disclose at this time. (I really don't know what else to put... X-P)

My Favorites:

Favorite Beverage: Dr. Pepper (I get soooo high from it!)

Favorite Color: Don't have one...Though, I do like red...

Favorite Animal: I love all animals--Except some bugs, like ants.

Favorite Food: I'm torn between pizza, popcorn, and CHOCOLATE!! And brownies...yummy, warm...BROWNIES!!! I think I need a brownie...

Favorite Book: Right now...I don't know...I like lots of books! In fact, when I'm not on this website, doing my own thing, or writing my stories, I'm reading! Oooh, but I do like the Hunger Games saga by Suzanne Collins. It was one of the few books that really had me engaged the whole way through!

Favorite TV Show: Other than Pokemon, BONES!! Maybe I'll write some Bones fanfiction, too! I also like Cake Boss...although watching that show always makes me hungry for some reason...

Favorite Eye Color on a Guy (I don't know what made me think of this): Well, considering I became kind of obsessed with Drew (I know, I'm a weirdo XD), my favorite eye color on a boy is green!

Favorite Character in Pokemon: Drew (That should've been obvious), although May is a close second.

Favorite Sport: Well, to play, it has to be soccer (to everyone else in the world: football). My favorite sport to watch is football (American football).

Favorite Movies: I have to say, I like: The Ugly Truth, Knocked Up, Juno, Paranormal Activity, Mean Girls, and A Haunting in Connecticut. I just LOVE scary movies, so I'm hoping to write some fanfiction in the horror genre at some point!

Least Favorites!

Least Favorite Book: Twilight. I HATE IT with a burning passion. If anyone makes another parallel between ContestShipping and Bella and Edward, I will break something!!!

Least Favorite Foods: Onions (cooked only), baked beans, hot dogs, broccoli, and anything meat.

Least Favorite TV Show: Well, you know that show 19 Kids and Counting? I just DON'T like that show! That and Keeping Up With The Kardashians. That trash is poisoning the minds of teenagers everywhere. Go watch some Pokemon!

Least Favorite Character on Pokemon: I have to say, although I dislike Ash, Dawn, and Paul, Brianna takes the prize! I mean, she's such a bipolar freak!

SHIPS/Pairing Section!
Okay, I'm saying this ONCE and ONLY ONCE: I am very picky about the ships I support in Pokemon, and I have some pretty "unique" taste in ships. Although I am open to homosexuality (heck, some of my friends are homosexual, and I'm perfectly fine with that), I don't like some yaoi/yuri ships, just as I don't like certain straight ships (we'll get there).

Also, I'm only giving a few examples of each (mostly the ones I use in stories) so as not to bore you all too much...I do have many, many more...

First up: Ships I Support!

PokeShipping: Ash/Misty...Like most ContestShippers, I also support PokeShipping. I've actually supported this ship without knowing it for a really long time. When I was younger, I used to think: They're so cute! They're made for each other! I just got the box set of the Orange Islands episodes. There are SO MANY HINTS!!!! It's just plain adorable. Although it's not my very favorite ship, it is a good filler (Ash needs a girl, and Misty needs a boy. Perfect) *laughs evilly*.

ContestShipping: May/Drew. Now this is my FAVORITE ship! Finally, you get to find out why I love this Ship so much. First of all, I feel a certain affinity for May. I have a little brother who is exactly two and a quarter years younger than me (so, in other words, he's 640 and three quarters XP)--and his name is also Max! Plus, I have the same preferences in Pokemon as she does...I know, this is strange... Moreover, Drew and May make a great couple; they bring out the best in each other. So, of course I'd want the best for a girl who is similar to me (except she doesn't exist, and I do...), and Drew, in my opinion, is the best guy for May! AND: there are so many hints, it's almost cannon! Well, now you know. :-)

CavalierShipping: Dawn/Gary. Okay, I'll admit it: I loved Gary from the start! When I realized that there really was no girl for Gary (who showed enough chemistry), I was crushed. Then, I saw the episode where Gary and Dawn met! I fell in love with the couple, and I think CavalierShipping deserves more credit and appreciation. Who knows? Maybe I'll start a Community for it!

AgainstShipping: Zoey/Paul. I actually really like this one. I mean, Paul isn't my favorite character, and he really needs a girl to keep him in his place! Zoey and Paul hated each other from when they first met, and I think it would be kind of cute if they could set aside their differences and be together. Plus, it's a good filler.

Now that I like Avatar, I suppose I'll have to add some of those, too...

I like, above all else, ZUTARA!!! I'm sorry, Kataang fans, but come on! It's just adorable!

I also enjoy Taang, but Azuaang isn't bad, either...it really depends on what kind of mood I'm in.

I also somewhat like Sokkla, but it's not my favorite...I just think it'd be funny if they double dated with Zuko and Katara.

Next: Ships I Like/Would write...or read about

When I say, "Would Write", it means that these ships are not my favorites, and I wouldn't write them if I was in the process of writing something better, but I don't completely oppose of them. In fact, they're somewhat cute!

PalletShipping: Ash/Gary. It's not that I'm a homophobe. Please don't think that of me. In a pinch, if I was suffering from severe writer's block, I might just resort to using it in a story. But, I strongly believe that Ash and Misty belong together--and Gary and Dawn. So, it's not a ship I would support strongly--but I also don't hate it like I do another ship that is coming up. It's really funny how Gary calls Ash "Ashy Boy" all the time...I just think it's cute--and I always liked the annoying rival/very annoyed underdog dynamic (as displayed with my love for CS)

ComaShipping: Ash/Paul. Like I said, I'm not a homophobe, but I don't like Paul one bit, especially not together with Ash--not that I'm very fond of Ash, either. He just annoys me with his perpetual stupidity and perkiness. Anyway, no, I'm not a big fan.

RespectShipping: Drew/Ash. I really love ContestShipping, so why would I like this ship? Of course, I would write about it in a story--as long as it ended in ContestShipping. What can I say? I'm biased.

TensionShipping: Harley/Drew. Again, ContestShipping rocks! But still, something always intrigued me about Harley and Drew. There was always so much...I don't know...tension! It's actually kind of cute!

IkariShipping: Dawn/Paul. Okay, so opposites attract in magnetism, food (sometimes), and chemistry (as in, ions of an opposite charge. Yes, I'm a nerd), but they do not necessarily attract in people. Paul and Dawn are polar opposites, and that's why I dislike that ship so much. Also, for some reason, I don't like Paul all that much...

And Finally...Ships I DETEST!!!!

Unfortunately, I am human, so I DO dislike some ships...actually, I dislike many, but I'm only mentioning these few so you know what I'm never using in stories...

NUMBER ONE ON MY LIST: ADVANCESHIPPING!!!! May/Ash. Okay, I have so many reasons I don't like this one. Of course, I would write about it if I HAD to, but eew! The thing is, Ash and May are pretty similar--and that's the problem. They have a lot in common...too much in common. And, since I'm a dedicated ContestShipper, I think that the only guy for May is Drew--and vice versa. As you'll see, that's repeated with the other two ships I don't like. I also think that Misty and Ash belong together, so that's another reason. All in all, I really don't like AdvanceShipping. They just seem like they're better off as friends to me...

BelleShipping: Dawn/Drew. Where do I begin? I know: let me start out by saying that Dawn and Drew have NEVER EVEN MET!!!! Plus, since they haven't met, they have no chemistry (see? I told you it would all come back to ContestShipping). Did I forget to mention that THEY NEVER MET?!! Okay, enough ranting...

AdmirationShipping: Brianna/Drew. Please. Like that would ever happen. The only hint on Drew's part was "He was very nice to her, unlike how he was to May." (Bulbapedia). Well, what happened to: "When a guy likes you, he makes fun of you; when a guy feels sorry for you, he's nice to you" (my mom)? Huh? Because this ship is only onesided!!!

WaterflowerShipping: Misty/Drew. Again with the NEVER MET thing! I just hate it when my brother (he's an annoying kid, really) tells me that they're meant to be because I'm sure that if they ever met, Misty would beat Drew to a pulp with her mallet in ten seconds flat!

Kataaang. I'm sorry, but it just disgusts me like AdvanceShipping...I can't stand it at all. I have to say, it's my least favorite--other than Maiko, of course. Besides, they both get in the way of Zutara!

Okay, no more hating on ships...*sob*

And here come my thank-yous!

Thanks to everyone who reviewed What REALLY Happened in Johto. I'm so happy that I got over FIFTY (!) reviews! You guys rock!

Anyways, thanks again!


Thanks to everyone who reviewed Favorite Boy!

--Ultimate ContestShipperB2

Now for the Apologies!!!

Well, I'm afraid that I can't keep up with all three of my stories, so my updates might get a little slow...and I'm sorry for that, so I'll try harder to update on time.

Okay, it's been, like, a year since my last update. I'm really mad--and I'm sure you all are, too, but I'm truly sorry. I guess I got kind of stuck, and I didn't exactly know where to go with my stories. Also, until my other stories receive more "publicity," I'm going to prioritize Favorite Boy over my others. This is also so I can finish them all in a timely manner...Thank you for your patience.

Well, thanks for bearing with my ramblings!! XD

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Why I Hate You by Xenolicious reviews
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Love Takes Time by SweetStories11 reviews
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Valentine Kiss by Sweet May reviews
It's Valentines Day with Satoshi and the gang. Haruka seems happy until she finds Shuu. How will this day be with her biggest rival around. I suck at summaries. Feel free to critize my writing. ShuuxHaruka. Oneshot Valentines fic.
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Blending Emotions by SweetStories11 reviews
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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

What REALLY Happened in Johto reviews
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Dawn and Gary have been friends since kindergarten. Gary's been trying to hide his feelings for Dawn from her-and himself-for the past twelve years. Will he tell her how he feels, or will his friends have to intervene? Cavalier/Poke/Contest/Against, AU.
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