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My appologies if I do not update more often but I am in the middle of a lot of writing; plus I am doing some extensive research in creating a family tree,
for both the vampire side of the family as well as the shape-shifter side of the family.

Coming soon, I will be writing a short story about Marcus and Didyme's relationship; mainly focusing on Marcus's favourite moments (as I call them).

For those who might have trouble keeping up with my Fanfic Characters and their special abilities here's a little guide which I hope helps you understand them.
I'm sure some of you will find puns to some of their names; relating to other vampire movies such as Underworld or Interview with the Vampire.
Others characters will be added as the story goes on :)

Ambrogio Cyrus Voltago – Distant Telepathy & Tactical Thought Exchange & Mental Voice Projection

Talent Description: Like Renesmee, who in some ways reversed her parents’ gifts, Ambrogio has done in a similar manner to his father’s gift; for Ambrogio is capable of reading and searching through all the thoughts and memories that anyone has ever had – even forgotten memories – but has the convenience of reading minds from a distance. But upon physical contact, instead of absorbing them, like Aro, Ambrogio has the power to project all he has seen, even his own memories, into any individual he chooses.

E.g. Ambrogio could read all of Alice’s forgotten human memories and upon touching her hand Ambrogio would be able to show all of Alice’s previous life to her.

But Ambrogio is also capable of distantly projecting his mental voice into another’s mind; making it capable for him to have none verbal conversations with anyone; which he tends to do with Renesmee often. This gift easily makes Ambrogio the most powerful mind-reader in the vampire world but still as powerful as Ambrogio is, like Edward and Aro, he is incapable of reading Bella’s thoughts.

Personality: Ambrogio is rather open minded, thus leading to his powers, and takes mostly after his father; Ambrogio is fiercely protective and incredibly loyal to his father, Aro, as he is Ambrogio’s only living blood relative – the next closest thing is Marcus, whom he just as fiercely loves. But this love towards Aro and Marcus is likewise towards Renesmee; even as far as encouraging her to be with Jacob, so she would stay in Forks where it’s safe.

Physical Description: Ambrogio inherited almost everything from Aro, such as Aro’s human golden eyes, but Ambrogio did inherit the dark brown shade of his hair from his mother, Sonja, including a very potent scent in his blood – Sonja was Aro’s singer and Aro describes his son’s blood as almost over-powering his natural fragrance. Even Renesmee believes that Ambrogio is her singer; though this mostly likely because she is so in love with him.

Carlos Marius Jasmett Alward Voltago – Tactical Physical Pain

Talent Description: Son of Ambrogio and Renesmee, Carlos’s power is in some ways the opposite of Jane’s. Jane causes the illusion of pain but Carlos causes true pain but must be under physical contact; depending on how angry he is, the more intensified the inflicted pain is. For humans, Carlos is able to kill them upon physical contact – by means of causing humans to go under so much pain he causes seizures or heart attacks and they die.

The stressor of his gift was most likely caused by sharing a cramped foetus with his sister; together a property of their personalities were accidently amplified – and Carlos unintentionally used his powers – which caused Renesmee to experience extreme physical pain but because being a vampire-hybrid she was incapable of dying, but often felt like she was going to. His sister, Isanja countered this pain by helping their mother by calming her, physically, with her love for her mother.

Personality: Carlos is overly proud of his vampiric abilities and blood line, but as he is a hybrid he feels it as a weakness and not worthy to be within the Volturi; and so as he ages he urges more and more to become a full vampire, and as he is venomous, if either Carlisle or Aro don’t change him – either himself or Jane will.

Physical Description: Carlos displays many traits from the Cullen side but has interoperated them through the darkness of the Voltago side; as Carlos has dark brown hair but is cropped short and naturally sticks upwards, like Edward’s, and also as Edward’s strong jaw-line.

Isanja Rosme Alane Voltago – Distance Physical Comfort

Talent Description: Daughter of Ambrogio and Renesmee. Almost being the exact opposite as her brother’s gift, Isanja causes comfort and sound mind based on how happy she is but unlike her brother she does not need physical contact. Though similar to Jasper’s and Didyme’s power as well, she can create an atmosphere of good feeling, only not as powerful; as she can only create an atmosphere base on how good she feels, and is unable to feel what anybody else feels.
Her power is suspected to be passed down from Aro in a similar set of genes to that of his sister, Didyme.

Personality: Because of her gift, Isanja was a very pleasant child and was often reluctant at killing; Isanja finds it easiest to blend in with humans as she appears the most like one, and was often the one who helped her brother with his more vampiristic tendencies by calming him with her gift. Thus the two were inseparable as children because Carlos depended on her to be more human and she depended on him to be more embracive of her inner-vampire.
It is noticed by Carlisle and Esme that Isanja has much of Renesmee's joyfulness and Aro's curiosity.

Physical Description: Isanja inherited many things from her mother’s side, such as Renesmee's rustic hair though it is perfectly straight like Ambrogio’s, she also inherited Edward's human green eyes. And like her grandmother (Bella, when she was human) she has a small faint bite mark on her right arm, after her brother accidently bit her and was discovered to be venomous.

Didyme Amelia Voltago – No Powers

Daughter to Marcus, and niece to Aro, she was named in honour of her deceased step-mother; though Didyme was unfortunately born ungifted, she became the only reason for Marcus to be happy again – aside from Ambrogio, who in him Marcus saw a piece of his former wife. But when Ambrogio moved away, after he married Renesmee, Didyme became the main source of light for the entire coven.

Personality: Named after the deceased step-mother she never knew, Didyme became the strongest source of light for her father, Marcus, giving him reason to carry on in his life and also partially giving it back to him. Didyme is cheerful, and loves her family immensely – particularly her father – but unlike a majority of the Voltago family, she was rather welcomed into the Cullen family; relating with Alice and her drive for fashion. Even preparing Orithyia’s small wedding. But to her Uncle Aro’s, wishes, she is rather reluctant to become a full vampire; but is encouraged by her father’s worry and agrees to be changed to become stronger.

Physical Description: Like her hybrid cousins, she is very beautiful and shows quite a bit, if not the most, of restraint around blood; baring quite a faded resemblance to her mother and taking more so after her father.

Orithyia Erika Voltago – Illusion of Fear

Talent Description: She is the daughter of Caius and, unlike her adoptive cousin, Didyme, she was born gifted; reflecting her father’s attitude, she merely has to imitate her father’s scowling stare and she creates a false sense of fear into her one or multiple victims.

Later on after she fully matured, Orithyia provided a mate for Aro’s adoptive son, Alec – much as Aro had hoped for, most likely of possibly breeding gifted immortals instead for finding them – which shortly after Orithyia gave birth to a son; Viktor, who was named after Alec and Jane’s human father.

Personality: Orithyia was a fond and playful child but due to her strict father, she grew out of her childish ways quite fast; though would always smile when she was not in his sight. Eventually Orithyia became just like her father, often serious; particularly about her way of life and responsibility within the Volturi.

Physical Description: Orithyia takes greatly after her father, Caius; having inherited his human eyes – the only thing she apparently inherited from her human mother was the faint tinge of strawberry blonde in her yellow hair. But like her hybrid cousins; she is incredibly beautiful.

Viktor Armand Voltago – Sensory Numbing Shield

Talent Description: Passed down from his father, Alec, Viktor has the ability to haze senses – whereas his father can cut them off altogether – the shield is sent out in the same way; as a slow creeping cloud but for some reason, Viktor’s ability is slightly faster than his father’s (only requiring four seconds instead of seven). The effects make the body numb and haze the senses, slowing the physical and mental reactions of his victims within a distance.

The effects are witnessed during Orithyia’s pregnancy with Viktor; looking into her mind, Ambrogio explains it like a vampire trying to look into their vague human memories – reducing even the most powerful vampires to near human senses.

Personality: Viktor is like a physically older hybrid of his father, often seen as what Alec might have been if he matured to such an age; but Viktor does have a much sensitive side, sometimes not even seen as sadistic – as Viktor wishes to use his power to stop others from harming or to prevent them from being harmed.

Physical Description: Much like Renesmee, Viktor’s appearance is quite evenly divided between his parents; having Alec’s rather round face, high cheek bones, not as nearly full lips, and on his mother’s side he inherited Caius’s eyes. And with a light mixture of brown golden hair.

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