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UPDATED 2/12/07

Hi, I'm "Einmonim", which is basically my name backward with a "mo" in the middle, and don't ask what "mo" is because then I'll be forced to, uh, talk a lot. And you don't need that. My loves are Shannara, Ender, Ocarina of Time, and Troy, and thus those are the only things I drabble in.

Shannara - won't be updating the fics here anymore.

Before Wren Came - (The Elf Queen of Shannara) Complete. It's more or less a Triss fanfic. My first one, so it's really bad and corny. Beware.

Ard Patrinell: The Story of a Wronk - (The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara: Antrax) Complete. The title tells all. Definitely better than Before Wren Came - I've reread it and while it seems awkward at times, at least it's not corny, like the other one. Blergh. Kinda gruesome and more than a little angsty.

Looking Back - (The Heritage of Shannara) A collection of Shannara short stories, by moi. All have different ratings and are, for the most part, unrelated to each other. They're really rushed, but that was because there was a word limit I had to adhere to, so yeah. (Not that that's a good excuse.)

Short stories up in Looking Back:

Rain - Walker Boh ponders about his future as a Druid in Paranor. Rated G.

The Tunnels of Arborlon - Triss is lost in the tunnels beneath Arborlon and faces off with a Shadowen. Rated PG-13 for some violence, but it's really not that bad. Unless it is, oh ho!

First Encounter - Walker Boh meets the Grimpond for the first time, before he even knows about Allanon's charges. Rated PG.

Prince's Betrayal - While the others are in the Harrow looking for Eowen, Gavilan makes his decision about what must be done. Rated PG-13 for a bit of gore at the end?

Ender - won't be adding any new fics here.

Augur Shutdown - (Ender's Game) One chapter complete. (Oi vey.) Ender and Valentine Wiggin have to prevent xenocide. Whee. I don't think I'll ever get around to finishing this, since... not smart enough to write an Ender fic. I'm not a genius like Card. Sorry.

The Death That Waits - (Shadow Puppets) Complete. Bean and Petra talk to each other! What a surprise. Takes place after Shadow Puppets. One-shot. (Yeah, I forgot about the baby Petra was already carrying, sorry, heh.)

The Legend of Zelda

At Last - (Ocarina of Time, Nintendo) Complete. Link and Zelda reunite, oh how original, wot_ ;; Even though I admit, while I'm a Link/Zelda shipper, I'm quite the sucker for relationships that are implied but can never happen, so this kinda goes against my thoughts. That didn't make sense at all, did it. One-shot.

A Reason to Remember - (Ocarina of Time, Nintendo) The prologue and seven chapters done. Basically the events of Ocarina of Time in story format, with lots of angst and crap thrown in (well okay, the angst will prolly come AFTER Link grows up, since kids can't angst very well), and it's not just from Link's point of view. If I don't give up on this like I did Augur Shutdown, this could be very long indeed. Will become Link/Zelda once I get to the adult chapters and is Ganondorf/Nabooru starting with Chapter Five. Also, don't be fooled by the old old Last Updated date - I come back to work on this every summer, roffle.

Regrets - (Ocarina of Time, Nintendo) Complete. Zelda is alone in a fallen Hyrule. One-shot.


Troy: A Parody - (Troy, Warner Brothers) Part five up, out of what will probably be a lot of parts. Title tells it all, since it's very bland and uncreative. Basically a parody of the Troy movie, although parody is a little strong since they're supposed to be funny, and this one isn't, not that much, anyway. Oh well, at least I had fun fun fun writing it! (That was supposed to be corny. Indeed.) As of August 8th, I'm actually tied up with my Zelda fanfic, but I'll probably get back to this one eventually. Yay!

Things you can expect from me next: 1) A Reason to Remember updates; 2) random Zelda fics; and 3) Troy: A Parody updates, though that may take a while, since I'm lazy and can't multitask. Yay!

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