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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Danny Phantom.

Greetings all and welcome to the Harry Potter crossover corner!

Yes, that's right folks. Harry Potter crossovers are the only things I do. (With a few exceptions, but we'll get to that later, yeah? - See the bottom of my bio.)

Why you ask? Well I'll gladly share...

Those Harry Potter crossovers, I'll tell you, they're really something. If there's a crossover for anything you're guaranteed to find it with Harry Potter. The HP-verse is so versatile that it's hard to resist creating a crossover! How magical is that?

I write crossovers for one of three reasons:

1) Inspiration: pure and simple. I have a thought and I go, "Oh wow! That's really awesome, I just have to get that down on paper." And my muse runs away, I follow, and we have fun thinking up ideas together.

2) Uncreativity: woe to the community of fandoms where all of the HP crossovers are exactly the same. I flip through them all and cringe. Well-written or not, with or sans regard for English grammar as well, you read one, you've read them all. Everyone likes a little variety, right? I like to offer that to people. When I encounter a problem such as this one, I spend my time actively thinking up something different and new to share. I'm a stickler for originality, and unless I encounter an idea that's really, truly, honest to goodness amazing I promise to be as original as possible. I've found that even when I try to write something off the bandwagon, my muse shrivels and dies incredibly fast. DX

3) Harry Potter bashing: I've searched, and I've searched, I've combed the communities, gone through the official crossover category and racked the search engine for any and all possible results that meet my satisfaction... but I must accept the sad truth that this certain community of HP crossovers doesn't have any Harry Potter bashing for me to bask in. I'm quite of the opinion that every community needs some healthy Harry Potter bashing, so out comes the paper and pen.

- Of course, the reasons I write can be because of multiple circumstances. It's just that basically when it all boils down to the point, these ideas are the ones that get me going.

Writing Style:

I reserve the right to change my writing style upon a whim. There'll be a lot of different kinds of crossovers here, some written in first person, third person, in the format of one-shots or a continuing story, told by either Harry's POV or a different character's. Heck, some might not even involve Harry very much at all. Some may be more detailed than others. Please bear with me. I've been at this for a while, but I'm still trying to figure out what works best for me.

What I Don't Write:
(a.k.a. A comprehensive list of things that you won't find here.)

- Yaoi, slash, MxM, whatever variation it comes in, I don't do it. Same goes for girls as well.
- Lemons, limes. If one of my fics happens to be rated M, it's for violence and gore. Not sex.
- Requested pairings. If you read this, please don't ask me for a particular pairing. Romance is rarely ever my main objective and if it occurs, it occurs in small doses and is more often than not cannon, or my favorite pairing. I've never quite had the urge to write crossover pairings either.

Contacting Me:

Reviews = love. Every author knows that, and I'll admit, I love reviews myself. If you want to flame me, feel free. Just keep in mind, you're the one upping my review count.

I'll respond to PM's about anything FFN related. If you want to talk to me about my stories, someone else's stories, your stories or the Harry Potter crossover section in general, go ahead and click that pretty little button on the top of the page. All I ask is that you use some kind of coherent English grammar while doing so. i dont rspond 2 mssgs lyk this sentance hre

Need a beta? Go ahead and ask. Keep in mind my story preference though please.

Author's Note Corner:
Hate seeing ANs in stories, bumping up word counts and screwing up your search? I'm not a huge fan of them either, but everyone has something to say about their works, right? If you ever get a hankering to read my opinion on what I've written, then stop by here. Sometimes there won't be an AN for a chapter (which is unlikely), but I'll always have: a- the reason I decided to write the particular fic and b- replies to anonymous reviews (provied there is something to reply to). Apologies, but most of the time I can't bring myself to reply to one-liners or a simple 'Great story! Update!' because, I mean... what would I say?
Fics are sorted alphabetically.
I imagine that this section has the potential to become rather large... so this is the last section in my bio. If you don't want to see it I suggest you skip all the way down to where my stories are. :)

Flight of Death: Percy Jackson crossover. Oneshot. (4/2/10)
I decided to write this story for reasons one and three on my writing list actually. I was browsing the Percy Jackson/HP crossovers and saw Nico and Voldemort appear in the same sentence in my mind and my muse went absolutely crazy.

Sadly enough, the entirety of the Percy Jackson fanfiction community rather heavily disappoints me; and I'm not just talking about the Harry Potter crossovers. Most of the target audience are just beginning to write, which leads to some rather mind-cringing grammar, vocabulary and general document formating. (Hums in an embarassed fashion.) I'm still looking for a decent quality crossover, if you've seen any, would you let me know? I can say, however, that I've found a handful of rather well taken care of non-crossover fics; but even those are far and few between.
And no HP bashing. Can you believe it?
Though this story is not exactly HP bashing per say I did sort of undermine the whole prophecy idea that Harry has come to accept his whole life. I think I might have metaphorically ripped a rug right out from under his feet, poor Harry... But life doesn't fit into neat little glass balls you can find at the Department of Mysteries, so I sorta stole his destiny from him.
For those who are wondering about Nico's age... um, all I can say is go do the math yourself. I'm not entirely sure how old he was at the end of the last book, but this is supposed to take place four years after that. I needed him to be as old or older than Harry. And since he's definitely more mature, people see him as older than that, possibly early twenties...? And it would explain away any vague OOCness on his part. People change.
Ah, I had a crapload to say about this fic. Wow, I really didn't expect this much.
Anyway, happy reading.
Edit: Ewww, okay, for future refrence, the first version of this was written and posted at approximately 3:00 am. If you ever catch me doing that again, whack me over the head. Repition and lack of original adverbs abound... I'll fix it as soon as I get more decent sleep and a clear mind with which to correct. I'm still not sure if I like the beginning part of this fic either. Hades seems entirely too OOC for my tastes; but then I wasn't given much to work with was I? How many time does the god of death show himself in cannon? Five, maybe six times? - Finally edited on 4/4/10 (at a decent hour of the day) -
Konekoko: Aw, you're sweet. Thanks so much for promoting my story!
Edit 2: You guys are all seriously amazing. Virtual cake for everyone who's helped me get to 43 reviews for this one-shot. I never imagined it would be so popular! Another slice of virtual cake for whomever keeps nominating it for the Veritas Award. It hasn't won yet, but I love you for thinking that it should. (The Veritas Awards are now The Phoenix Awards, and I find it crazy awesome that I keep getting nominated. Somebody loves me very, very much.)

Origin of Magic: Artemis Fowl crossover.
I decided to write this story for reason number one on my writing list. I hope that my idea seems original.

Prologue: (3/30/10)
Repeat after me, “I will not kill the authoress for writing short prologues.” My prologues are short by nature, please don’t start hyperventilating because of it. All the same, I know people are going to mention it… So I’m asking you to please stop complaining ahead of time. If you don’t like it, go away.

Chapter 1: (4/9/10)
I really wanted to show Artemis’ growing relationship with his family, while at the same time outlining how awkward ‘normalcy’ still feels for him. I’m also hoping that I can properly develop this story and won’t ‘jump the gun’ so to speak. Although the scene with Beckett and Artemis Sr. does have plot-worthy significance, just in case anyone was wondering…
Ah, I need to stop overachieving. For the record though, it’s probably a good way to judge one’s limit. I was hoping for five-thousand words a chapter. I ran out of juice at around three-thousand.
Reviews keep me charged. (Hint.) At least I know what to expect from myself realistically now.
As for correcting… that brings up another fascinating point. I don’t have a beta, and I’m not going to put much hope into my request for one (yes, I’m asking, want to help me out?) because I can count without my hands the number of times I’ve seen effective beta advertising.
It just doesn’t work.
I’ll wander about FFN and find out if this site has a category for crossover betas. It probably does, but I’ve never had a reason to check before.
Why do I have so much to say? I’ll never figure that out I think. This is the reason I don’t put my AN’s in the actual chapters. Unless you’re here, you don’t want to hear me talk, savvy? (I just finished watching the third Pirates film…) Anyway, enjoy the first chapter!

Chapter 2: (5/26/10)
Er, yeah. So this chapter hasn't been reviewed by my beta yet, but after much consideration I decided that it was hardly fair to you all to not update. I did the best I could, but honestly, it's not my favorite chapter. I wrote it because it needed to be written. It's just a bunch of information really. And I'm hoping the characterizations aren't too off... emotional scenes = fail in AF-verse... but once again. It had to be done. Just... let me know what you think, 'kay? I could use all the help I can get on this one.
Edit: (6/2/10)
Finally beta reviewed! Thanks a bunch to bloocheeze for being amazing, wonderful, awesome and a whole bunch of other adjectives of a similar nature. Sorry to everyone about those line-break things. I could've sworn I put them there but... Sometimes things just happen I think.
Speaking of: FFN seems to be going a little wonky on me right now, so I have no clue how long it will take for the changes to take effect or even if they are taking effect right now. I'll check back later though because I will get this chapter fixed.

Chapter 3: (7/4/10)
The 'her' in the last sentence was intentional, of course. Artemis is a girl's name.
Thanks again to bloocheeze for editing this chapter!
Bilfron: Thanks for all the compliments! I really appreciate that you appreciate my story. I hope you continue to read and enjoy.
Satine Nuit: Yes, everyone seems to love that line. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

State of Suspended Mortality: Danny Phantom crossover.
Let's see... I'm writing this for reason number one mostly. You know when ideas just attack you? Yeah, that's what happened here. (For more details, read Prologue AN.)

Prologue: (7/5/10)
Short prologue is short.
An idea about Danny snowboarding combined with his ice powers spawned this fic. Don't ask me how. I'm not even sure why it's related. It just happened.
This fic is going to be very loose and freestyle. Updates will be sporatic, occurring whenever my imagination strikes. As such, there will be no beta. Apologies for grammar mishaps in advance. Please don't harangue me about updates either (like PM-ing me and such, I can deal with 'update soon!' in reviews). Updates will happen when they happen.
Anyway, point: DP - HP crossovers generally follow one of two directions. One, Danny gets sent to Hogwarts for whatever reason. (Usually Clockwork is involved. And though the Master of Time is a great plot-device, he is a greatly over-used plot-device. Been there, done that. Blah, blah, blah.) Two, people from the HP-verse get sent to America, usually in search of Danny Phantom. There isn't anything really wrong with this, many of such stories are well-written. I just think it's stretching the facts a little.
I wanted to create an action fic while keeping Danny out of Hogwarts as a student, but still in Europe somehow. I think a manipulative!Dumbledore will come in handy for this. We shall see. Oh, and please don't ask about that either. I don't actually have a solid plot yet. The story is writing itself.
Random Flyer: You left me such a great review, why didn't you log in? Now I have to reply to you here. :P But seriously, thanks. I tried hard to make it sound like Danny, I'm really glad it turned out that way.
lol: Thanks!
As of recently I have realized that the motivation to finish this story isn't going to magically come back. I'll leave it as a one-shot and call it complete. If you want to take this idea and expand upon it feel free! Just send me a little link so I can enjoy your story too.

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