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Author has written 8 stories for Naruto, Lord of the Rings, and Final Fantasy VII.

Hi I'm DreamingIn2Eternity!

My status notes:

4/4/14 Hello everybody! Wow, sorry it's been so long between updates... I can't believe how quickly the time has gone! On a happier note, I've finally found a job in my field and will be working normal hours. I'm hoping with a regular schedule again, I can get back to monday night fanfiction writing. Hope everyone is doing well!

7/6/13 - Hiya! I'm back! I finally finished my bachelors degree (graduation was backed up to this summer due to a mess up with classes) and I can't wait to hold that degree in my hands! I'll be writing in between looking for a job, so hopefully you can expect more regular updates! Thanks for your patience with me!

3/29/12- Hey! So, I'm extremely busy and have nearly no time for writing (I graduate in December!) I apologize in advance, my stories might be updated once or twice between now and the end of the year. I'm taking summer classes (four at a university and one at a community college), have a full schedule planned for the fall semester (which includes marching band!), I'm starting my lab internship (which will continue through December), am needed to help the marching band uniform manager prepare for the season, I am the manager for the marching band's 'community service' coordinators (and we have big changes planned for this year), need to get a job, take the GRE, research and apply to masters programs, and eventually spend some time with my family, just to list a few...

... so yeah, updates are not looking good this year. My apologies, but I can't wait to start another chapter of my life, and frankly, that story, is my absolute favorite. :) When I have time to write I will, but please don't get your hopes up-I really am way too busy.

I hope everyone has a nice summer!

1/2/12- Happy New Year everyone! So guess who's up at 1 am and probably NOT going back to sleep anytime soon... yep, that would be me. Why? Because of a stupid phobia-ish thing. Is it pathetic for a 21 year old to be unable to sleep because of a spaz-tastic lightbulb? Seriously, I just woke my mom up, asking her to check and see what was going on and if it would cause a problem (fire). She tried fixing it but it wouldn't stop spaz-ing so she just took it out... now I'm afraid to turn on my ceiling light(with the three other light bulbs left in it)... maybe I'll be able to do some writing. Well see...

12/16/11- So, dropped my physics class mid semester and failed my organic chem class... no updates anytime soon... This break = studying and preparing for next semester and working. Sorry, school comes first...

11/21/11-Hiya! So if I'm really good about getting my work done, I might be able to get a chapter of MMiME up around Thanksgiving. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until Christmas break. Happy 'early' Thanksgiving everyone!

9/18/11- Well, first of all, it's weird to see that tomorrow marks a year for my status notes. Anyways, it's that time of year again-Marching Band (which is awesome), classes, life... yeah, per usual updates will be sporadic. Right now Modern Me in Middle Earth is my main focus-I had two really good review/critiques that got the creative juices flowing again. Others are on temporary hiatus, unless someone comes up with a critique that challenges me like the two for MMiME... I hope everyone is well and having a good school year. Best Wishes!

6/20/11-Hiya! Sorry about the extremely long wait... uh... yeah... please don't kill me! Updates are in progress! I swear! Anywho, I'll update as much as I can but the updates will be sporadic (per usual). Hope everyone is having a good summer!

3/8/11-Hello! Sorry about not updating, this semester is going by way to fast for a 17 credit hour semester. My stories are on hold until May. Hope everyone is having a good year! Even though it is early: Happy St. Patrick's Day!

2/5/11-Hello again! Please vote on my poll displayed on this page! It may influence the outcome of Modern Me in Middle Earth!

2/5/11-Hey everyone! Sorry to tell you but I won't be updating until the end of this month. I have at least one exam every week, and mid-terms are fast approaching. My spring break starts on the 28th, so hopefully I can update after that!

For everyone reading Modern Me in Middle Earth, please read my authors notes prior to the chapter, especially the notes posted for Ch2. Thanks!

And even though this is a little early: Happy Valentines Day!

1/29/11- I give up... updates will forever be sporadic. My apologies. On the bright side I received a 95 on my first chemistry exam :D Hope everyone is having a good new year, and I will update when I can...

12/7/10- Ehhhh... backs away from upset readers slowly... 0_0 ... runs and hides... SORRY! COLLEGE HAS TAKEN OVER! Break is soon though so updates maybe? I beg for forgiveness, I can't believe how busy I have been. Good luck to everyone who will be starting finals in the next few weeks!

10/28/10-Hello again! Again the same with updates, they will continue to be sporadic. I will try to update everything starting today. Please excuse any errors you find, they are pretty common at the moment even with editing. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

10/4/10-So just to give you all a heads up, updates will be sporadic. I will not abandon the stories, but it could be months in between updates. I can't believe how busy I am.

On a happier note, I'm being published! Some of the work I submitted for publication through my community college was accepted and will be found in a local magazine and on a website-my work might also be used in some of my community colleges classes as an example! :D

Again my most sincere apologies regarding updates-but school must come first.

9/19/10-Well, I sort of Live... Sorry about the extremely long delays. I graduated from the community college with an Associates in Liberal Arts (big smily face :D), and now I am at a University 2.5 hours away from home. The change took place in about 8 weeks, from the time my community college classes ended to the start of the university semester, so I was and am much busier than expected. I'm in a MARCHING BAND and FINALLY playing a piccolo again (though I am terrible compared to the 26 other piccolo players, as well as the rest of the 300 member band)! I'm having a ball and working much harder than I could have ever expected. As of right now updates will be sporadic but I will update when I can (or chose to procrastinate studying for a test-don't ask me why since I enjoy studying, I think it's more along the lines of 'if I don't study then the test won't come', again like I said, don't ask, I'm quiet confident that I will come up with anything and everything to procrastinate because of stupid test and performance anxiety). Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying school. Best of Luck to all of you!

About Me:

I love reading, writing, playing(flute, piccolo, piano), dancing tap and ballet, dressing up (formally and for make-believe...yes you read that correctly), studying(no I'm not kidding), painting, drawing, ceramics, nature, camping, taking pictures... the list goes on and on.

Dislikes: people being ignorant and inconsiderate, spelling, spiders

Some Random Stuff:

I don't watch a lot of TV, if I do I'm watching Naruto. I prefer to listen to and create music (usually I like to find new music I can listen to online), or paint, draw, read stories 'cough'-fanfiction-'cough' a.k.a anything from the above likes list!

If you ask me my age I'll tell you that I'm four. Yay! Carefree and creative life is the best!(In reality I'll be 21 at the end of October '11) Yikes! I'm old!

I love animals and painting abstract images with acrylic.

I want to grow my own pair of wings! Like a bird! (I really want to fly like a bird-wouldn't that be awesome?)-I am so jealous of the birds on my college campus, all day and every day, they get to just fly on the wind coming off the lake, just for the joy of it(you can tell the difference between a hunting flight and one for pleasure if you watch the birds for a little while)

Have been told I have the patience of a saint-though I'm sure my siblings would argue against that claim. he he :)

I love playing piccolo, ballet, biology, and calculus!

I decided that playing the piano is very difficult compared to flute. -Stares at piano- It knows I have trouble with my memory... stupid keys and different hand positions... grrr

Umm... I guess that's it for now.

Please take a look at my works, I really want to become a better writer. If you could give/leave me constructive criticism, I would REALLY appreciate it!


About me and my stories;

For many of my stories, I am focusing on/exercising a certain aspect of writing that I wish to improve upon. Unfortunately, this means that not all of my stories are my 100% best. I want to give a list of my goals for my stories, in hope that, should my readers wish to assist me in achieving my goals, they can do so.

So I've found a trick for those of you that want me to update faster. As much as I appreciate all reviews, I found that I update fastest if there is a review that is challenging me to improve/think further into/change/edit my story. If a thought about something (left from a review) keeps nagging at me, I'll get it out of my system by fixing/changing/updating that part of the story. Two really good examples are the reviews in Modern Me in Middle Earth from Ragnelle and ObscureBird. Just thought I'd let you know :)

In Progress:

1. Dangerous Assumptions

Summary: Follow a classroom of high schoolers as they journey through middle earth, where things are in no way what they expected. The students quickly learn that not everything is as it seems, and their knowledge of Middle earth is dangerous knowledge indeed.

Goals: Focus on working with modern day characters and multiple (near 30) individual OC's. I want to develop the story enough so that none of the OC's are in the story for convenience.

Notes: editing in earlier chapters

2. Diary From a Father's Aching Heart

Summary: Thranduil's thoughts after his wife's passing to Valinor.

Goals: In depth character description and emotion from the characters point of view

Notes: Editing in earlier chapters

3. Letters in Valinor

Summary: Thranduil and his wife communicate between letters while she resides in Valinor, and he in Middle Earth.

Goals: Light Romance between characters and focus on the strain of the separation on the family.

Notes: Editing in earlier chapters

4. Modern Me in Middle Earth

Summary: I have always loved reading stories of a girl falling into Middle Earth. However unrealistic, they have always been a joy to read. My name is Danielle, I am a 20 year old American, and yeah, somehow I have ended up in Middle Earth.

Goal: Keeping the story realistic for the main character and her thoughts, experience and reactions.


5. My First Diary

Summary: Little Legolas's first diary.

Goals: Focus on Legolas's character and experiences from the age of 50-100 (about 6 to 13 in human years).

Notes: Editing in earlier chapters

6. Crystal Clear

Summary: Shisui's point of view of Itachi's life to Shisui's Death.

Goals: Record major life changing events in Itachi's and Shisui's lives. Focus on working the story from Shisui's point of view

Notes: Need to change the title


1. Children of War

Summary: A short poem written from Shisui's point of view

Goals: To write a poem

Notes: Originally written without characters, but since I need to include characters to post it they were added.

Some General Notes:

Below I have listed my estimation of elven age vs human age/years (this should help with some of the ages listed in my stories):

Human years are listed on the left, the elves 'age' is on the right













After 2000, I think that the elves most drastic changes in age and appearance slows/stops by then in this timeline. The timeline Tolkien has given (reaching majority by age 50) seems to be way, way too short for an IMMORTAL creature, so yeah, artistic license...

Thanks in advance if you have read (and especially if you have reviewed) any of my works! I really do appreciate anything you have to offer to my story and I DO MAKE CHANGES in my stories BECAUSE OF REVIEWS! If you leave a review with some form of criticism, and I feel the advice is relevant to my goals for the story I will make a change.

Best Wishes!

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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 7 - Words: 42,133 - Reviews: 595 - Favs: 489 - Follows: 478 - Updated: 8/21/2012 - Published: 3/4/2011 - Itachi U.
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He was late. He was very late. And she was not happy.
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