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Author has written 3 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.

name: natalia

nom de plume (pen name): TheStarsAreMyGuide
(And if you can't read it, the pic says: YU-GI-OH SCHOOL UNIFORMS: The least amount of clothing you will ever see Kaiba wear. ...Which is frankly true...unless you read the manga of "Blue Eyes, White Lies" I plan to start putting on DeviantART soon. :3)

fave shows: NCIS, CSI:NY, Yu-Gi-Oh! (i like watching the subs for content, and the dubs for laughs and to hear seto's smexy voice ;] ), Bones, Burn Notice, Glee, Avatar: the Last Airbender

fave movies: Titanic, Indiana Jones, Phantom of the Opera, Blades of Glory, Mulan (haha!), Air Force One, Scent of a Woman.

fave sports teams: baseball - - tigers. basketball - - pistons. hockey - - red wings (seeing a trend here?). football - - bucaneers (haha NO not the lions they suck). college - - university of florida gators (GO GATORS BABY!!)

where i want to live: florida, easy. great place, great weather.

about me: as you can probably tell, i REALLY like YGO. like seriously a lot. i got into the mangas and japanese subs (SOO much better!) and decided i'd get into the swing of the 'geek squad' again, since i honestly hadn't given it a seconds consideration since i was like ten. but i have a freakin sweet deck...(did i mention three blue-eyes white dragons...?) haha, watch out for me at youmacon 2010, i will most likely be the girl dressed as serenity/shizuka. more likely than not i will be wearing the 'kid in a candy store' look. haha. i plan on learning japanese with rosetta stone so i can watch subs without actually using the subtitles...and so i can insult people without them knowing... wish me luck on that one.

on that subject, you can probably also tell that my fave character is seto kaiba. there's no changing that. he's the biggest dick in the whole show, yet fangirls everywhere (myself included) can't get enough. and really, if it weren't for him, a lot of stuff (duelist kingdom, b/c of pegasus taking over kaibacorp; battle city, b/c its HIS FREAKING TOURNAMENT; and the virtual world, b/c it was basically all a big plot to steal kaibacorp and kill seto) would not have happened. yeah... people don't give him enough credit.

i live in a nice little house in an undisclosed location, with my mom, dad, little bro and fat-ass cat. no seriously, she weighs almost twenty pounds. i am polish, german, and english in background. i enjoy sketching, listening to alternative and pop music, along with some country, going out dancing with my friends, and randomly quoting YGOTAS with my pals. even my teacher is semi-aware of our obsession. it's funny.

well. that's me in a nutshell.

so, before i close this, i must add my personal philosophy:

"SCREW THE RULES, I HAVE GREEN HAIR!!" (okay i don't but wouldn't that be so cool?!?!)


luv, peace, and screwing of the rules,



these are the stories that i've got locked inside my crazy head right now:

~"Blue Eyes, White Lies" - Celeste Dawson always wanted to be a reporter. When the opportunity of a lifetime - - the first ever face-to-face interview with the Seto Kaiba - - comes along, she can't resist the challenge. When she stands up to the cold CEO, an impressed and fascinated Mokuba can't help but convince his brother to hire her as a new PR manager. Celeste is left to repair a company's tattered image, while juggling school, her parents, and her new boss, who may not be as cold as he seems. While sparks fly between the pair, white lies may be the only defense they have to keep the truth from getting out to the public... (Seto Kaiba X OC; romance/drama/comedy; rated M for sexual scenes, language, and mild violence)

~"You Saving Me Saving You" - During a heavy storm, Yusei Fudo finds refuge with Mara Aoyama, a girl living on her own after her brother's incarceration and her parent's apparent disappearance. Though she attempts to keep her secrets from Yusei, Mara will learn that her houseguest is more than just a little concerned by the bruises and scars that she so desperately hides... Inspired by "Face Down" by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (Yusei Fudo X OC; romance/drama; rated M for sexual scenes, language, physical abuse, and violence)

~[untitled as of yet] - Little Khepri always dreamed of life in a palace. She thought it would be simply fabulous, the lap of luxury. Her perspective changes when her parents, deeply in debt, must send her to the royal palace to serve the young prince Atem to pay back the money they owe through her servitude. They become quick friends, and he makes her new life easier with his bright smile and compassionate nature. As the years pass, Atem becomes Pharaoh, and keeps Khepri as his favored maid. She is comfortable with the status quo, until her fellow servant girls inform her of the ritual she must undergo - - given by the attractive and feared high priest, Seto, who has apparently been showing great interest in her. What is this strange test, and will Khepri pass? Will Seto realize that perhaps this 'morning sun' can finally break the darkness of his seemingly endless night? Partially inspired by "Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)" by A. R. Rahman and The Pussycat Dolls featuring Nicole Scherzinger. Yep, I know it's not Egyptian, but I got the idea while listening to it. (Priest Seto [Set] X OC; romance/drama; rated M for sexual scenes and violence)

~[untitled as of yet] - Ever wonder what would happen if you brought together all the YGO characters and asked them their perspective on their adventures? That's the plan with this. Think children's card games, inappropriate jokes, feuds, and all in a Jerry Springer-style show setting. Hosted by yours truly. I don't mean to intrude on LittleKuriboh, just to let you know! (ALL characters; humor; rated either T or M, depending, for sexual innuendos and language)

and that's all. btw, 'khepri' means 'morning sun.'


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