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So I am new to this whole writing/story thing and am currently working on one story of my own. I will first start by saying that I originally created this profile to read fanfictions since reading books and such became somewhat boring. I don't consider myself a writer but now and then I will start working on something usually inspired by others. That means that there will be mistakes, I proof read everything but I am not perfect. I will give credit/thanks in the stories I post to the authors that inspired me. I love reviews and constructive criticisms but Flames/Trolls are not welcome. In terms of adding favorites, I will add and keep a favorite story that is really good. If I add a favorite then delete it, don't take it personal, I'm just organizing the list and I still read the story and liked it. I usually remove a favorite if it is taking extremely long to update or I finish it and move on. With that out of the way, now on to the interesting parts.

I love FF VII. It is quite possibly the best series ever, although I usually don't count Dirge of Cerberus, it just wasn't good, so sorry if you liked it or like me, thought it would be good and it turned out aweful. Crisis Core is ridiculously good and introduces my favorite character of all time...Zack Fair. I love Zack, he is a true hero I think. Cloud is amazing too but just not on the same level. Also, I love Sephiroth as a villain, perhaps the greatest villain. Those of you who don't think so, shoot me an email and I will show you why, but the short version is that in his insanity, he's truly evil...he kills Aerith, has a god complex, and enjoys tormenting Cloud. He also doesn't hesitate to kill others (i.e. Nibelheim). In my stories Sephy will be a very evil person so sorry to those who love him and wish he was a hero.

Also, other games I like are the Kingdom Hearts series and Diablo II, although there is no story n the works for either of these yet. I have read a few Avatar fanfics as well and favorited some of them. FF VIII was really good but I didn't care for Squall too much. He's really emo but lacks a tormented life like Cloud. Also, RTS games are fun.

Now, some of you may be wondering when you look at my Favorited list so here it goes. I don't consider myself a fan of yaoi usually, it just isn't appealing and I like traditional pairings, hence Jake/Neytiri from Avatar. However, for some reason I cannot explain myself yet, the Zack/Cloud pairing is adorable. I love all the other pairings as well like Zack/Aerith, Cloud/Tifa, Sora/Kairi, etc. But Zack and Cloud together just feels good. Also, thanks to the story Tenacity on my favorite list by strangeandintoxicating -rsa-, I hate Reno paired with Zack. Reno torments Zack and is just out to get some. I will most likely love the story if Zack and Cloud are together with Reno being bad trying to steal Zack. And in terms of a good storyline, Sephiroth raping Cloud is evil, but cool if Zack saves him hehe. I have yet to find any other yaoi pairings I like, including in all of Kingdom Hearts. Traditional pairings are always good.

With that, if you made it this far reading my incoherent babbling, I thank you. If not, thanks anyway for visiting and I will update this profile as my tastes/stories change.

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