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Decided to finally add a little about myself.

My name is Susanne Alexandra(myeah I know it’s the name of my Oc char in my sup fics, I like the name) Maathuis. I was born may 9th 1989, Taurus, Pisces acceding and some more signs is you draw a chart(I know them a little o-O) I'm Dutch. I've written fanfiction before years ago, but forgot the account long ago. I'm dyslexic, but not bothered by it much. I love to read, so anyone have some decent books, drop em a note and I'll look into them.

I love anything that'll go for realism and logic in strange ways. I adore Terry Pratchet’s outlook on the world(or his world, which parodies ours alot) I like Tad Williams view on Fearies(they're never quite nice.) I always like to be put on the wrong foot.

this is probably why I like supernatural. It's not your 13 in a dozen supernatural/ghost/vampire show. The main characters aren't Geeks, they're not religious, they're not even all that nice half the time. They’re human, which makes them lovable. Also I like things where everything goes from bad to worse. Rock-bottom with hidden bottoms. Besides, shooting at ghosts with shotguns? awesome~!

I'm nuts, I'm intense and I've got an overly active imagination. My mind scape would be one hell of an acid trip for most people, because I'm simultaneously the biggest emotional roller coaster you've ever been on and incredibly rational and logical. I'll just.. apply my ratio and logic is very strange ways. Also some parts are almost maniacally happy and cheery and nice and fluffy, and other parts are pretty damned dark. Especially the places where those parts meet, are scary. I've got quite a flexible grip on reality, so...

I'm also not religious. I love religions story-wise, but never seemed to be able to believe myself. Sure I believe there's things out there, especially ghosts, spirits, energies bla, but I dunno. Monotheism doesn’t make sense to me. Multiple gods is more my thing, besides the ancient Greek and roman gods were awesome: they were basically over powered petty humans. I love them! I just don't like it when religion is meant to be the answer to everything. Just think please? the core values are cool, but use your head.

So yeah: I'm obsessed with the human psyche. I love to figure out how minds worked, especially dysfunction after stress and ordeals ect. It fascinates em to see how far people can stretch in certain ways. I'm a bit manipulative in real life, but don’t worry about that on here. I'll play nice.

Also: I love mythology. I've always bene fascinated by paranormal stuff, lore folklore, the ancient civilizations ect, so don't be surprised to see those kind of reference in my future work. think harpies, sphinxes, Fauns, Gorgons, mummies? We'll see. Ideas are welcome. I also fact check. Wikipedia is my friend, and I'll attempt to link stuff as good as I can, because I like the whole idea of people thinking "shit.. This COULD really be out there... kinda.".

Also my music is a huge influence on me. I have lost of it, but always enjoy new stuff. Things I like are usually more alternative. some pretty awesome bands are: Queen of the stone age, MSI, Morningwood, Eagles of death metal, Elecctric six, the gutter twins, 16 horsepower, Bohren und der club of gore(especially recommend this is you're going to write dark things) Otep, Oomph, ect. If I go on here this will become one hell of a list.

Woah I do ramble on o-O Uhm yeah -;; bla?

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