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Hey y'all :D

My name is Krissy, and I'm a young woman who loves writing and Pro-Wrestling.

I am a rookie at one of the wrestling schools in my country, and I am a manager to an Indy tag team, so anything I write about matches, backstage politics, training and so on is based on my own experiences and knowledge.

Some of my favorite wrestlers are:

CM Punk
Daniel Bryan
Dean Ambrose
Seth Rollins
Chris Jericho
The Undertaker
Dolph Ziggler
Sami Zayn
Kassius Ohno
Antonio Cesaro
Corey Graves
Adrian Neville
Bully Ray
Austin Aries
AJ Styles
Sammi Callihan
Adam Pearce
Samoa Joe
Matt Cross
Colt Cabana
Cliff Compton
Brian Kendrick
Paul London
John Morrison
Mick Foley
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin
Shawn Michaels
Triple H
Nigel McGuinness

Trish Stratus
AJ Lee
Sara Del Rey
Serena Deeb
Summer Rae
Mickie James
Gail Kim

Now about my stories:

Beyond Hell, Above Heaven is the first story I started posting here, but I never got round to finishing it. It is on permanent Hiatus, and if anyone is interested in finishing it for me, send me a PM, I'll let you know what direction I was planning for it to go and give you what I had typed for it :)

Broken Bones is a CM Punk oneshot I posted, which I decided to write after listening to Rev Theory's 'Broken Bones' on repeat for a couple of hours xD Hope y'all like it though :)

Wrecking Ball is a multiple chapter fanfic I have just started posting. It is inspired by 'Wrecking Ball' from Miley Cyrus, and a lot of my own real life experiences. And oh, what is not to love about the resident bad boy Ambrose ;) The story will be following him and my OC Jessica through some tumultuous years. Hope y'all enjoy ,

Love, hugs and kisses


Inspired by WWE Superstars, some of their moves and Fozzy's greatest songs of all times: 'Broken Soul' and 'Watch Me Shine'.

My world was ripped away from me,
As sudden and vicious as an unexpected RKO.

My life was turned upside down again,
As mercilessly as a well-performed GTS.

Again I'm forced into the corner,
Brawler fists pounding into me.

All around me the world seems to crash down,
Like a hard clothesline, knocking the air out of my lungs.

And as I lay recovering a Sharpshooter is locked into place,
Almost forcing me to tap out of life.

Guttural screams and my last left strength reverse it,
Only to be almost K.O.'ed by a spinning heel kick.

As I half-consciously lay wondering how much more I can take,
A perfect Starship Pain is landed across my heart.

The pain is excruciating, slowly scaring away hope,
Just as the last fraction of my sanity is shattered by a 450 Splash following a Wasteland.

My broken body is sprawled across the mat and the three-count is hit,
Making me loose a match with life itself.

The broken pieces of my soul a last reminder of my former self,
Left behind for someone else to gather and glue back together.

For I have no strength left, my last chance to shine crushed.

But before I head off into the peacefully quiet and ignorant oblivion,
I hope you see how much I needed you to heal my broken soul...

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