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x_I spend too much time living in fantasy, because I can't face reality_x

I never know what to write here...

If you want to know anything specific, you could always ask. My e-mail and facebook is listed so you could always just add me on that or send me a message. I like making new friends :)

I'm a pretty random person. I live my life on guesswork, it works out alright, but maybe I should study up on finer details. I'm the type of person who will be hyper when everybody is down, or i'll suffer from sleep deprivation when everyone else is sleeping and then sleep when everyone's awake. I'm either just slow or a hell of alot faster than everyone else. Either way, i'm certainly different.

I think i'm easy to get on with. I avoid confrontation; i'd rather say nothing than something bad, but don't get me wrong. I won't sugarcoat it when i'm forced to confront. I'll speak my mind. However, I avoid mean people, purely cos i'm a sensitive soul. I'm nothing special, pretty average.

I'm a big fan of games. Silent Hill, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Kingdom Hearts, The Legend of Zelda, Harvest Moon, Resident Evil, much, much more...I have far too much time on my hands. :)

I enjoy reading too. Harry Potter, Twilight, The Time-Travellers Wife, The Interpretation of Murder, Angels and Demons, I think you get the picture :)

I love writing, not only fanfic, but my own stories. But they all seem to relate to the stories I read or the games I play. Which is why I decided to write some fanfics. :P

Feel free to email me or review my stories. Criticism is welcome and compliments definately are :) I would love to know your views. Suggestions of ideas would also be appreciated :)

Just incase, my e-mail address is- Add me to msn or facebook or whatever, I don't mind.

If you don't like my work, don't read it. Simple as. If you want to be picky and point out all of my mistakes and be critical to the point where you're no longer helping me improve, but just to be nasty, go ahead. I'll just reply with my excuses. It's no waste of my time, just yours. I have far too much free time sometimes, any excuse to fill it up when i'm bored is fine by me.
If you want to be critical to help me improve, then it's very much appreciated. It's nice to hear what you did/didn't like about my stories.

LSI is now finished :( It was good whilst it lasted and i'd like to thank everyone for reviewing :)

Especially Mileyangel321. Your'e an absolute treasure- your kind words and compliments have meant so much to me :) Any fic of yours you would like me to read, I will gladly do so. Thank you so much for all the support.

Anyways, Evolution is in progress and A.C will be continued pretty soon.

In my short time on this site, I have found many great stories. The pokemon ones that I have found, have inspired me to carry on writing, despite the lack of reviews. (Thank you to all those who have reviewed- you are amazing!) I have learnt that it is not important to have millions of reviews or people liking your work, as long as you enjoy writing it. Write for yourself, no-one else, and the rest will fall into place. :)

Lastly, I would like to thank EssenceOfPhlegm for my first ever review. It means alot :) And also thank you to so-they-say, KiwiGuy2010, Frizz.22, Syzdoth and many others for your support. I greatly enjoy your stories and i'm glad you like my pokemon one. :)

Anyway... Enough rambling from me :P

Enjoy :)

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Tobius thought his Pokemon journey would be a typical one. Together with his troublesome partner and batch of flying misfits, he finds himself on a path with unexpected dangers in a world much darker then it seems. Now he's caught up in a prophesized war that has guardians and psychic at each other's throats. **being updated**
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By the Swing of the Pendulum by Yuzernaime reviews
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Deciding On A Victor by Anthem's Hero reviews
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Animal crossing reviews
It was just a dream...or is it? When Aimee boards the train, thinking she's headed home, she ends up in the amazing world of walking, talking animals; Animal Crossing! My first fanfic, hope you enjoy! Reviews welcome.
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Lost Souls, Intertwined reviews
Kelsie and her typhlosion have been together for 6 years, never separating. When a storm suddenly hits and separates them how will she cope? Her memory gone, she is forced to become a trainer to find her way back home and to find the best friend she lost.
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