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Author has written 1 story for Pitch Black / Riddick.

Names Jordan.
I am an 20 year old female and I live in Western Australia.

Finally starting to upload a story called Unknown.
I own nothing to do with the movie except my characters, this also goes for my future stories.
So please don't sue me, I mean no harm. Haha :D

eminemTDGpink = Eminem - Three days grace -p!nk

When I started reading FanFiction I was never planning to write any myself even though I loved to write. I felt, and still feel, that I wouldn't get the characters from the Movie, TV Show, Book ect, right. So the characters that do not belong to me may be a bit OC. Sorry for that.

My spelling will never always be perfect, nor will the grammer, so just bear with me. lol.

i write words that have 'ize' as 'ise' for example:

realize - realise
apologize - apologise
So im sorry if that annoys anyone who prefers 'ize' way of spelling, but thats how we spell here...

I'm thinking about doing stories for:
Pitch Black
Resident Evil - Movie
Supernatural - TV
Matthew Reilly - Books (My only favourite author!!! He's fantastic)
Teen Wolf - TV (Styles and Derek :) are my fav characters)
Underworld - Movies
DOOM - movie

MUSIC - artists i listen to and artists that are fantastic! (in my opinion anyways lol)
Three Days Grace
Jessie J
Bliss N Esso (new album is bloody awesome. Running On Air)
Hilltop Hoods
Jeff Buckley
Breaking Benjamin
Eli Mattson!
Chris Brown
Tyler Ward!
Slow Kids At Play!
Ester Dean
My Chemical Romance
Thousand Foot Krutch
State Of Shock
The Offspring - always play Spare me the details!
Kaci Brown
Alison Krauss - It doesn't matter - one of my favourite songs ever
Loving Jar Of Hearts by Christina Perry.
And heaps more but they are relatively the main artist i like
(and im sure no one actually cares lol)

Favourite Movie/Tv shows
Teen Wolf
Pitch Black/Riddick
The Mummy movies
Fast and the furious movies
Underworld movies
Deep Blue See and the reef and the Jaws movies (sharks scare the crap out of me ever since my older sister pretended one was next to me at the beach when i was younger)
Resident evil Movies
Buffy the vampire slayer
Heath Ledgers Movies
Predator Movies (loved the 1st alien vs predator)
Vampire Diaries
Disney Movies. eg, aladin, Beauty and the beast, jungle book, lion king, tarzan, pocahontas, mulan and hercules (not the crap thats on tv today for kids.)
The Cube
Transformer movies
and others that i can't think of at this point in time.

TV SHOWS i wish they didn't cancel!!
Dark Angel
Wolf Lake
Tru Calling!!!
Jericho - i didn't get the chance to watch it before it was cancelled :(
Moon light

Any artists or anyone who enjoys art that have read UNKNOWN?
I would love someone to draw/paint/sketch DANTE the black panther like cat that has a scoprion tail and sabertooth like fangs.
those are the only MUST haves to his appearance at the moment, so please if anyone is interested.


Opening Credits: run the world - beyonce

Waking Up: heart shaped box - nirvana

First Day At School: not good enough for the truth or cliché – escape the fate

Falling In Love: Body on me – nelly ft. akon

Fight Song: let it go – Keyshia cole ft. lil kim and missy eliot

Breaking Up: I’ll will be – Leona lewis

Prom night: body language – jesse mccartney

Life: Bliss(o don’t wanna know) – hinder (LOL)

Mental Breakdown: sure fire winners – adam lambert

Driving: Cuz I can - PINK

Flashback: Fast car – wyclef jean

Getting back together: regret - Letoya Luckett ft Ludacris (LOL)

Wedding: violent pornography – system of the down(...)

Birth of Child: Hero – Enrique iglasias

Final Battle: the hard road – hilltops hoods

Funeral Song: Who you are – Jessie J

Final Credits: Heartbreaker - PINK

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