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Author has written 7 stories for Emil Chronicle Online, and Ragnarok Online.

About me...

1. An Indonesian girl who currently study abroad at Beijing.

2. An ordinary writers so sometimes also have a writer's block on her heads.

3. Is fall in love with Ragnarok Online, Emil Chronicles Online, Grand Chase, also Wild Arms 3 story now.

4. Not a really good writers so need many critics and comments.

5. Choccko Arma lover (SHE'S MY LITTLE LOLI! SO DON'T TOUCH HER! DX)

6. GIVE ME ICE CREAM MOARRRR!!!! *steal your vanilla chocochips ice creams*

Currently fall in love with...

Games: Emil Chronicles Online JP (the Indonesia one is died TT), EssenceRO (retired...), Grand Chase NA (retired...), DoTA 2 (retired...), Movoda (Web Based game), Valkyrie Crusade (half-retired TT), Pazudora (Puzzle and Dragon JP)

Music: All Ar Tonelico's Hymmnos Concert (Tsukikanade, Hoshiyomi, Homura, Mio, SakiyaRumei, Suzunomiya, Claire, Spica, Ar Ciel Ar Dor) (I really love them! :3)

Picture: Anything cute and about food :9

Manga: still random to read :3 (but basically I love to read Akagami no Shirayukihime)


1. Choccko Arma (Emil Chronicle Online, the small shy loli which actually a small yellow chicken in human form.)

2. Pururu Arma (Emil Chronicle Online, the small cute active loli which actually a small pururu in human form.)

3. Atropos (Valkyrie crusade, First Alliance Goddess with nick name: Silver long hair maid ribbon girl with giant scissors.)

4. Feline Deity of Harmony, Bastet (Pazudora, main hitter team leader in rooster. One of the moes.)

5. World Tree Sprite, Alraune (Pazudora, main healer team leader in rooster. So beauty.)

6. Many moar (too many to say)


- Emil Chronicles Online Indonesia: IstharForestry [Druid] "Camellia Princess", ShairaFrestine [Marionetist] "Marionette Summoner", ArrutoEin [Dark Stalker] "Knight of Souls", ClareinsClement [Blade Master] "Carnation Princess", Maltasea [Alchemist] "Flower Garden", HildrFarore [Necromancer] "Moonlight Princess"

- Emil Chronicles Online Japan: IstharForestry [Cardinal] "Camellia Princess", ArrutoEin [Guardian] "Knight of Souls", Althesea [Force Master] "Book of Knowledge", Maltasea [Harvest] "Flower Garden", HildrFarore [Soul Taker] "Moonlight Princess", Lymnesea [Astralist] "Keeper of Time", FarahSylvan [Maestro] "Heart of Flame", AzureAirella [Eraser] "Blue Sky Princess of Asgard Dragon"

Affiliation: Aclerity Academy (Academy of Seven Elements) and Camaraderie (Sign of Friendship) (former), Pandemonium (Gate of Hell)

EssenceRO: Azure Airella (Arch Bishop), Clareins Clement (Arch Bishop), El Este Ellirene (Ranger), Ferline (Shura), Ciella Mandrake (Sorcerer), Aura Din (Genetic)

Affiliation: Rivierra (Promise Land), Aclerity Academy (Where all begins)

GCNA: isthar (retired...)

DoTA 2: Choccko

Movoda: azure airella

Valkyrie Crusade: Airella (normal member)

Pazudora: Airella

the most like quote:

1. me: "Hey guys! I got a new ideas for the next story \o/"

Fla: "You've said it for the fifth times..."

me: "Bu-but! I really got them Q_Q" *crying on the corner*

Lym: "O_O Bro! You make sis cry!" *use Esti to Fla*

Fla: *blown by Esti*

me: "O_O No! Fla! DX" *run to Fla*

Ven: "I guess she will forget her idea again if we continue like this..."

Vel: "And she does forget to put her ideas on notes. I've told her many times!"

Eur: "So there will be no continuous on the story right?"

All inside: *facepalm*

2. Ist: Yay! Finally everyone at Chronicle job!

Arru: I'm still think that Sky Emperor armor better that this one...

Althe: I'm still pettan... *sobbing in the corner*

Mal: No sis! You're cute! It's better than me which a little too tight!

Althe: *blushing*

Lym: I love this almost like miko's clothes I hope Eureka can see this

Arru: Mom... *facepalm*

Hildr: Mwahahahaha! I AM THE REAPER! *swing the Hell Scythe: Tartaros while everyone tried to get away from her*

Ist: Sis! Stop you can hurt anyone >_

Farah: My robot now is shiny black... And time for battle.

Hildr: Hell yesh! Let's go to Arena and kill those idiot dimwits!

Everyone except Ist and Arru: Yeah!

Ist: Wa-wait! @_@

Everyone went to arena except Ist and Arru who still behind.

Ist: "orz

Arru: *facepalm*

The vast land awakens from its sleep

It calls upon an end to the era of conflicts
It opens the curtain to a new era
To the tomorrow of Atonement

The sea of thick clouds is disappearing
And the dazzling light pours upon the land

Amidst the faraway time
We have faced countless sadness and suffering
But, slowly
We will understand each other
We will forgive everything

The future which you have told me
If you will try to turn it into reality by yourselves
I shall believe in your words
I shall always be waiting

The promise which you have told me
If you will try to turn it into reality by yourselves
I shall believe in it
I shall always be waiting

Sing! As if, to tremble the Heaven and Earth
Roar! With our hearts as one
With those feelings that call forth a Miracle
Let us fill the Planet

Sing! Turn the pain in our hearts
Into the seed of wishes, and carve it onto the land
Together, we shall dream of green Paradise
Let us bring up our Planet

I can hear
The rustling

Voices of happiness

Like a little bird
Happily, let us sing together
Let us dance like the warm shining sunlight
Filtering through the shades of the trees

In the silence of dawn
The clear
Ocean, its waves
Come and go in a gentle rhythm

The righteous cycle of life is born
The world's heart beats

Come, sprout your buds, oh green-colored jewels
Come, spread your roots, till they bury into the Planet
Toward the sky
Become the Great Tree that pierces through that sky

Oh Children, you who have begun running
The road you are treading on may still be rugged, but
Do not forget the promise of that day, and keep moving forward

Sing! Holding the hope that dwells in our hearts
Tie our hands together
Let the days of conflicts return to the past
And let us be reborn

Sing! As if, to tremble the Heaven and Earth
Roar! With our hearts as one
With those feelings that call forth a Miracle
Let us fill the Planet

Sing! Turn the pain in our hearts
Into the seed of wishes, and carve it onto the land
Together, we shall dream of the green Paradise
Let us bring up our Planet

Ec Tisia, Ar Tonelico III Hymmnos Concert Side Blue Sakiya Rumei

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