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Yes. Right. Simply imagine interesting stuff about me here. That I'll write soon. Maybe.

...short (because I'm still unmotivated and will do this properly some other time. really.) update: I'm not a native english speaker and sometimes may have trouble finding the right words... in any language really. I kind of fail at those. Although I'm still puzzling over how you can un-learn your own mother-tongue... (brain, you suck.) I will however notice your mistakes, no worries about that.

I'm also pretty bad at remembering things. Names, faces, things, the past, things I'm still supposed to do, you name it... (I can, however, remember the number needed to unlock a secret folder that's mentioned once in the whole movie.)

I love dragons. Always have, always will.

I love drawing. Maybe I'll manage to make a living out of it. Either that or I'll have to bother my sis a bit longer than originally planned.

I love playing games. Small and old, indie, amazing new AAA-titles, puzzle, everything I'm able to get my fingers on, really. (And I have so many games I still need to play but can't because I have no time!)

I fail at time management, btw.

I heavily dislike making decisions.

I'm also wondering if i shouldn't rather continue being lazy instead of writing this here since i somehow doubt anyone'll ever read this... if you are - why? obviously boring list about random internet-person is boring... I'll be quiet now. It's 4 am and I have enough sleep problems as it is... 'll go to bed now... good night and have a nice day, you're all wonderful...

Some "serious" (cough) stuff; things that bug me in stories ('I' - my opinion. My own. I'm allowed to have one. I know that for a fact. I think...):

OCs. Definitely not always - there are some that are needed (e.g. a villain or a random person divulging important information or whatever). However... you know, I read fanfiction for a reason. I like some character from some show or book or whatever, but there's no more canon stuff, but I'd like to read more about him and see what others see in his character and how they think he'd react in certain situations and all that yadda yadda. So i come here. I do not however come to this site to read about Miss Mary-Sue "not-a-Mary-sue" being badass/perfect/"not-perfect"-and-struggling-through-life. And even if someone managed to write a really relatable, nice character... I'm still not interested in their lives. I'm sorry. (Although there are still always exceptions!)

next; clichés. Come on, think of something new and don't use the same old ideas over and over. When I can predict the whole storyline just by reading a summary, i tend to kind of lose interest pretty soon. No matter if it's Horror, Romance, Friendship, Angst, as long as it's new = interesting (I use that word way too often, but really; what will make me curious? Only something that's new and I want to get to know more about, which can't happen if I've read the same thing a hundred times already).

no real plot (sometimes). Cliché's little evil sister *shudder*. It can actually be good, when it's not the intention of the author to have a real storyline in the first place, maybe because they're focusing on really awesome dialogue or only one specific situation or something like that - doesn't need a plot and can still be really deep/funny/emotional/... but well, you get my point...

missing logic. Can happen, I don't mind some unexplained things here and there, but if the solution's already there and the protagonists/antogonists/whoever does something completely random or stupid just because of *reasons* - aaaargh. This frustrates me way too much :D

Also, if a story is inconsistent. You even get to make the rules, at least stick to them.

OOC-ness. Sometimes I can stand it, sometimes it's really hilarious - I've read crack stories that had me laughing for hours - , and I understand that often it's not even possible to keep a character IC simply because we have no way of knowing how they'd react. However when their reaction contradicts their actions from the canon or someone from a story has nothing in common with the character I like (except for name and looks maybe), then, once more, I'm wondering why am I reading that in the first place again...?

and of course stuff like "I'll only update if i get XXX reviews!". people will review if they like what you write, and that's it. The authors with the most reviews never do these kind of things anyways, what gives the idea that it will suddenly make you famous? Aren't you writing because you have fun doing it and like sharing your work? No? Well...

BUT even though i may not like these kind of stories, I DON'T flame. If I read the story and don't like it, I either tell the author neutrally why exactly I didn't like it, so the person can, if they want to, do it differently the next time, or I simply click back and search for a different story. But telling someone that their work plain sucks is pretty lame, don't you think?

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