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Author has written 15 stories for Kingdom Hearts, and Todd Allison and the Petunia Violet.

Hello Guys! I also have an archiveofourown profile with some of my fics. If you don't have an account but wanna give me your love, you can share it with me there! Please search me up, as the link in FF(dot)net doesn't work for some reason.

Name: For me to know, and you to find out (But u can call me Nagi or Nagira)

Age: It's a secret.

D.O.B: 4 April XXXX

Nationality: Malaysian

Country I'm currently living in: Malaysia

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Drawing, Singing, Watching videos, Playing piano and Playing games!

Favorite food: Japanese Foods (especially sushi, curry, and udon)

Favorite drink: Anything with Green Tea. But fav is: Chocolate Mint Green Tea Latte (3 fav things in 1 cup! X3)


: Todd Allison x Petunia Elkwood (I'm shipping them so hard!!! Loving the webcomic as well!)

: Sakura x Syaoran (What can I say? I have been watching CCS since I was small.)

: Gwendolyn x Oswald (Cause I love using Gwendolyn and they looked so cute together).

: Tear x Luke (Um... Due to the ending I guess. But they are cute together.)

: 2D x Noodle (I don't care about the age gap. So what? Age doesn't matter when it came to love. And they are so cute together. 2D need someone like her to bring happiness to his tortured life. I love the part where 2D went to check on Noodle in the DoYaThing video.)

Favorite Pairings (OTPs):


Roxas x Xion (1314 = 一生一世 ( means 'forever and ever in one's life' in Chinese/Cantonese) My No. 1 favorite pairing! They MUST be together!!)

Axel x Larxene

Sora x Kairi

Aqua x Ven/Ventus

Aqua x Terra

Namine x Riku

Olette x Hayner

Cloud x Tifa

Aerith x Zack

and some others... I'm still not sure...

Todd Allison and the Petunia Violet:

Todd Allison x Petunia Elkwood

Elijah Elkwood & Meredith Elkwood (I adore their bromance.)

Hana Ikimoto x Cyril (this could work? Perhaps? Or Cyril could just stick to be single yet a lady(and man)-killer)

so many more mystery in the on-going webcomic, so more might add in the future.

Card captor Sakura:

Sakura x Syaoran

Eriol x Tomoyo

Touya x OC

Meiling x OC

and some others again... It's not my fault that I kinda forget some of the characters! ;P (okay, it is...)

Tales of the Abyss:

Tear x Luke

Guy x Natalia

Anise x Sync/Synch

Arietta x Ion

Asch x Natalia

Van x Regret

Odin Sphere:

Gwendolyn x Oswald

Velvet x Cornelius

Mercedes x Ingway

Gorillaz (yes, I LOVE their songs)

2D x Noodle

Murdoc x OC

Russel x OC

Least Favourite Pairings:

For all the categories above, pairings that didn't appear are either not supported or not really supported by me. Just to let you know, regarding of yaoi & yuri pairings in fiction, I'm in the neutral zone. In real life, I support them, for I don't see why we can't let people love who they want to love. I won't disagree with other's favorite pairing cause I simply don't have the rights and those are their opinions. I hope people would respect my OTPs like how I respect theirs.

NOTICE!!! Some things that you might want to take note of:

- I tend to take a very long time to update. So, forgive me for my slowness, laziness, and busy working schedule. Sorry!

- Most of my works took place in an Alternate Universe.

- Most early works are written at a young age, thus some of the stories or chapters would sound strange (or even make no sense).

- English is my second language. I am still improving it, so please pardon the grammar, vocabulary and writing style.

- All works are proofread/checked by me multiple times before posting. However, none of them is beta read by anyone else. Thus, there might still be some mistakes such as spelling and grammar in the stories.

Stories in progress...

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts

Sunset Angels (on major hiatus and wondering whether or not to re-write or discontinue)

Inspired by a short story called 'Arizona Angels'. I know. The title is almost the same. But I can't think of anything else.

Pairings: RokuShion (main), SoKai, Namiku, Larxel, Venqua, minor OC x OC (Mai x Anxo) and some very minor Rion. (Pairings might be added)

Rating: T (for later chapters)

Summary: Kairi, Namine, Xion and Xion's niece, Mai, was having a holiday at a mountain called Devil's Mount. It was supposed to be their paradise holiday until they had to bring ugly Ivy and Wren along with them. During the full two months stay on the mountain, they had to face love, jealousy, hurts, and new people. Can Xion hold on when her painful memories haunted her during the holiday? Can all of her friends help her? Or she is going to end up in a mess?

Charming And The Witch (Top priority)

Inspired by 'Beauty And The Beast'. But in my story, there will be a gender twist. Also inspired by the trailer of the movie, 'Beastly'.

Pairings: RokuShion, minor Larxel, SoKai, and Namiku, Nice!Vanitas and OC (very minor)

Rating: T

Summary: In an old castle, once lived by the Vallenharts, was now filled with ghosts. Or at least that was what everyone said. Meet Roxas, a normal boy from a normal town, who's about to meet an unexpected event that could change his life forever. Who is that girl in the castle? And is the castle really haunted? Everything will be revealed to that blond boy sooner than he thought.

Fandom: Todd Allison and the Petunia Violet

Chocolates and Roses

A Valentine's & White Day holiday special. Chap 1 took place on V-Day, while Chap 2 will take place on White Day.

Pairings: Todd x Petunia (penny-shipping), 2 other implied relationships (up to readers, but they are Hana x Cyril & Dylan x Norah)

Rating: K plus (cause Todd swore once)

Summary: Valentine's Day is tomorrow and Petunia is ecstatic to pass out friend chocolate to all her close friends. Unbeknownst to her, her gift will act as a catalyst to change her life.

Completed Stories

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts

Just One Last Time...

Got the idea when I was typing my own encounter with a ghost when I was younger.

Pairing: RokuShion

Rating: K

Summary: Roxas had lost his memories of what happened in the past two years. One night, he got an unexpected visit from his dead girlfriend, Xion. Will he remember who is she? Will he recover all of his lost memories?

Merry Christmas and A Bit Something Else

My first Christmas special!

Pairing: RokuShion (major), implied minor Larxel, Namiku, SoKai, Terqua, Haynette

Rating: K

Summary: It was Christmas and both Roxas and Xion, who has a crush on each other but have no idea about it, finally decided to tell each other what was hidden in their hearts for a very long time.

So Close Yet So Far

Pairing: RokuShion

Rating: K

Based on a short story in a manga (But ended up adding and changing a lot of stuff...).

Summary: Roxas and Xion have always been sitting right beside each other since the 9th grade. One day, Xion didn't come to high school (11th grade) for a week, and no one knew why. Worried, Roxas decided to visit her. That's how things between them started to change...

Sweet, Sweet Halloween

Prequel of 'Just One Last Time' and an explanation/companion to the Halloween photo in Chapter 3 of 'Just One More Time'. Somehow, the story turns out to be quite random... Oh well...

Pairing: RokuShion, SoKai, Namiku, Larxel

Rating: K

Summary: Halloween is coming and the gang decided to spend it in Halloween Town. What would they dress up as? Is that Axel on fire? 0.o OMG! Give me water! 0A0!!!

Urge for Ice Cream

Pairings: RokuShion, mentioned Larxel, SoKai, Namiku, Haynette. And a kinda like one-sided but not really one-sided VanShion.

Rating: K plus

Summary: Xion is an ice-creamholic. One night, she decided to sneak out for ice cream like the usual. What she doesn't expect that would happen on a certain night and change her life is started with a single word: Escapee

Winter Companion

A two-shot winter-special fanfic.

Pairing: RokuShion

Rating: K plus

Summary: As Xion sat there, she wasn't expected for such event to happen and changed her life so much.

Everybody's Got Somebody But Me

A 2015 Valentine's Day special.

Pairings: RokuShion, Namiku, SoKai, Aerith x Zack

Rating: K

Summary: After a break-up, Xion was upset that she would be spending Valentine's Day alone. However, life is just full of surprises.

Sing Me A Song

Pairings: RokuShion, Larxel, SoKai, Namiku

Rating: T

Summary: Xion and Roxas are best friends ever since childhood. But a certain popular girl in school is trying to pull them apart with lies and forces, so she can keep Roxas all to herself. Two singing competitions are coming and that's when all the troubles happened. Can both of them hold on?


A 2017 Valentine's Day special. Semi-based on my own experience.

Pairings: RokuShion, Namiku

Rating: K plus

Summary: Love knows no boundaries. Not age, time or place. But never, ever, did Xion Valentine expect her love to come from lining up to buy a ticket.

Fandom: Todd Allison and the Petunia Violet

Under One's Wing

Inspired by Inkblazers Shutdown Announcement.

Pairings: None. Just Todd and Petunia friendship. Can be romance if you squint.

Rating: K

Summary: Unable to pay the rent, Petunia found out she would be homeless. Then, someone came along and took her under their wing.

Seeking Warmth

Pairings: None. Just Todd and Petunia friendship. Can be considered as light Todd/Petunia if you want.

Rating: K plus (Cause Todd swore like... thrice?)

Summary: It was winter; cold and wet. Todd Allison and Petunia Elkwood are both seeking for the warmth they needed, yet didn't know it can be received from someone else.

Discontinued Stories (Farewell. It's my fault, not yours)

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts

Just One More Time

SEQUEL To 'Just One Last Time'!!!!!!

Pairings: RokuShion, Bit of SoKai, Namiku and Larxel

Rating: T

Summary: Sora told Roxas that dead people reincarnated to humans or animals in their next life. Later that day, Roxas found a black kitten which looked a lot like Xion waited for him on his front porch. Could it be Xion? Will Roxas be able to get Xion back to him in her human form?

Coming Soon? (Might or Might not be Published. Most of them are just ideas; doesn't even have a solid storyline yet. Plz don't steal any of my ideas. If u got inspired by any small details, plz PM me about it. Thx u for understanding.) UPDATE: 2 ideas had been dropped.

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts

Unknown Watcher

Inspired by a Chinese movie which I forgot the name and the idea of spirits that watch over us.

Pairings: RokuShion, SoKai, VaniShi, Namiku, Larxel, VaniNam (Might add or remove)

Rating: T or M (for abuse)

Summary: Roxas was Xion's spirit protector. Vanitas was Xion's insane husband. Namine was Xion's little sister. Yue and Mia were Xion's twin daughters. Abused by her husband every day, Xion always tried to keep her daughters safe from him, and to have someone to talk to. She met Aqua and became best friend. She had granted one of her wishes but she didn't know that there was another person who wanted to help her too. With a few sentences on the misty mirror every day, a forbidden love bloom between the two of them.

Changes made from 1st ver.: The role of husband is now handed over to Vanitas. Cause no one else fits it more than him.

Much Ado About Nothing

Pairings: RokuShion, Larxel (these two fit more into the story), Sokai, Namiku (might add or change)

Rating: T (Due to Language)

Summary: KH Version of Shakespeare's play 'Much Ado About Nothing'. I like this story so I decided to rewrite into KH version. Changes will be made of course. Riku, Sora, Axel and Roxas are back from the war after defeated Riku's evil step-brother, Seifer. Larxene's uncle, Xion's father, Zack invited them to a celebration. Axel and Larxene, which had fallen in love with each other secretly, continue their 'argument' every time they met. However, Roxas immediately fell in love with the beautiful Xion and soon they are engaged. What happen when Seifer planned his revenge? Will their love last? Or crumble to a million pieces?

Room For Rent

Pairings: SoKai (main), minor RokuShion and Namiku

Rating: K

Summary: Sora finally able to go back to the homey Twilight Town after a small business trip. But his best friend, Riku, just had to ruin his well earned holiday by telling him a news: He rented a bedroom in his (Sora's) grandmother's home in Destiny Island to someone else. What should Sora do since he decided to spend his holiday with his grandmother? And who is this renter?

Love Flows In Us

Pairings: RokuShion, SoKai, Namiku, Larxel (might add)

Rating: K plus or T

Summary: Merpeople and sirens will never get along. Not in friendship, and of course, not in a love relationship. However, a merboy and a siren found love in each other, and they will do anything to make it last. Will things run smoothly for this forbidden love-struck couple, or one of them have to sacrifice to make things right once and for all? Not even the God of the Sea knows.

A Walk To Remember

Pairings: RokuShion, mentioned Larxel

Rating: K

Thought of the idea when go eat dinner with my dad by the sea. And so, remind me of Kingdom Hearts, Destiny Island then my favorite trio's beach plan.

Summary: Axel, Roxas and Xion finally able to go to the beach after non-stop collecting hearts and killing heartless. Xemnas has agreed to give them a day of vacation. So they went to Destiny Island and enjoyed themselves. Will Roxas be brave enough to tell Xion his feelings? And what's with all the boxes of fireworks?

Electrify My Heart

Pairings: RokuShion, Larxel, SoKai, Namiku (might add or change)

Rating: T

Summary: Xion (aka No. i), is the world's first realistic human robot, created by the famous scientist, Mr. Vexen Nozawa. It then became a gift for the famous Strife Family. Xion serves as a maid and will do any of their orders such as cooking, cleaning, washing, etc. When the heir of Strife family turned 18, his parent gave Xion to him as a present, so it would take care of him when he left Radiant Garden and study college in Twilight Town. Kind as he always is, Roxas treated Xion as a friend, not as a robot. Slowly, Roxas felt more attached to Xion and Xion started to develop its own personalities. What happened when they fell in love? Would everyone accept a human/android relationship?

Pasta of Love

Pairing: RokuShion, very minor SoKai and Haynette, mentioned Larxel

Rating: K- or K plus

Summary: Roxas falls deeply in love with pasta after eating one dish of spaghetti in the new small pasta restaurant in town with his friends. What he didn't know is that pasta won't be the only thing he fell in love with. Meet Xion, one of the pasta chefs in the restaurant, who cooked the spaghetti that caused the love to bloom.

Take Me To The Horizon

Pairings: RokuShion, SoKai, Namiku, minor Larxel, CloTi (might change or add)

Rating: K plus or T

Summary: Xion Peruro was born in a family with a lifestyle which is a bit better than the usual commoner. Her family owned a stable, right next to their not-so-huge mansion, and a land for horse riding. Being rich ain't fun for the only child of the Peruro household; dress up and act like a young lady isn't Xion's interest. She wanted to explore, go on adventures, and just be who she wants to be. But, in order to keep the household name reputation good, she had no choice but to join 'fancy lady tea party' with her mom, Larxene Ignis. However, she felt everything was going to change when her father, Axel Peruro, hired his best friend, Roxas Lucidus as the new stableman.

My Mr. Model

Pairings: RokuShion, SoKai, Namiku, mentioned Larxel, Haynette, Terqua

Rating: K

Summary: The boys need a part-time job, the girls want to go try the new art tutor class in town. How 6 souls found their mate are all through art, poses and fate.

Namine's Deja Vu (My first Namiku Fic!)

Originally a short story for a project of mine. Might as well turned it into a fanfic.

Pairings: Namiku (main), implied RokuShi, SoKai

Rating: K

Summary: Namine was an independent florist, who never thought much of her love life. She loved her job too much to think about it. But her friends think she needs to find her partner, she was in her mid-20s afterall. Blind dates, random customers' invites, what should she do? But things changed when she found a flower on her doorstep.

Fandom: Todd Allison and the Petunia Violet

By the Cat's Side (I can't wait to upload this up too. Top priority in this list)

Pairings: Todd x Petunia (aka penny-shipping), minor Hana x Cyril

Rating: T (due to drug use, partial nudity, and profanity. Blood and violence as well. Might bump up to M if readers think it should)

Summary: A male tabby had been found and adopted by Petunia Elkwood, an energetic young lady in Melbourne, Australia. However, this tabby was nowhere near ordinary...

Pete of the Elkwood (title might change) (This won't be out for quite awhile...)

Pairings: Todd x Petunia (penny-shipping), one-sided Hana x Petunia, minor Cyril x Hana

Rating: K plus or T

Summary: When Petunia received the news of her brothers joined the infamous gang named Violet. She left Perth and set off to Melbourne, hoping to trace down her brothers and convince them to leave the organization. However, in order to gather information of Violet's whereabouts, she has to enroll into a school which some Violet's members are rumored to be in. The catch is... Charsley University is an all-male school.

This Place Isn't Home (This won't be out for quite awhile...)

This story idea was inspired by Nozmo's reply on her Tumblr regarding of adventure that Petunia would like to go on and what each characters' RPG class would be. Thus, this story would take place in the olden, medieval King and Queen era AU.

Pairings (so far...): Eventual Todd x Petunia (penny-shipping).

Rating: K or T

Summary: Once every week, livestock would disappear overnight from the villages and towns of the Kingdom Of Pardonia. The cause of the disappearance was unknown until one night, a farmer witnessed and claimed that it was the doing of the dragons. As the civilians of the kingdom panicked from the news, the King had decided to lay out a new command: find and kill all dragons. And that was how Todd Allison, a mage specialized in the earth and plants element, found himself in the team of dragon seekers. He wanted to get this extra task done and out of his life as soon as possible, but what he didn't know, was how involved he would be in this quest, and how his studies would change the fate of both dragons and mankind.

Cries of the Sea (NEWEST ONE-SHOT IDEA. Still solidifying it. Won't be out for quite awhile...)

My take on the story Cyril shared to Meredith in Chapter 3. Expect Cyril to be OOC here...

Pairings: None. But in a way, could be a light Cyril x The Girl in His Story

Rating: K plus or T

Summary: Everyone want somebody dead. So, when someone offered a huge sum of money for him to end this one guy's life, Cyril took up the offer and traveled to the quaint, quiet coastal town. However, once he arrived, he realized his target was quite a mystery person: never showed his face to anyone in the town. His only lead would be the target's wife, who he would need to flirt (or threaten as a last resort) to get some answers out of her. That was when things became interesting.

Ocean Eyes (title might change) (NEWEST IDEA. But this won't be out for quite awhile...)

Pairings: None. But can consider as an eventual light Todd x Petunia (penny-shipping)

Rating: K plus to T

Summary: According to legends, a pure-hearted female virgin, would have the highest chance of meeting a Unicorn. However, who or what, would a pure-hearted male virgin meet? Todd Allison never considered himself as pure-hearted, but he was indeed pure in that other category. In order to gain access to a remote island, he would need to work with the sea trading town's Mayor. Never once he imagined that he would meet her...

(I can't believe I have so many stories in this list... -.- How many are there? 15? More?)

Xion is the best, Roxas loves HER, not Namine. Namine knew Roxas for 2mins, Roxas knew Xion for most of his life. This is why Roxas Loves Xion.

copy and paste this into your profile if you think it's true

If you believe that Roxas should kiss Xion before she disappeared, copy and paste this on your profile.

If you support the following, RoxasxXion, AxelxLarxene, NaminexRiku and SoraxKairi, copy and paste this on your profile

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Thx for reading till the end! (Unless you skip it... But I still thank u for visiting) Stay tuned for more updates! Especially my 'Coming Soon?' list! More ideas are on the way! :D

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Since taking over when he was nineteen, Don Garrett R. Sans has run Snowdin's underground gambling and smuggling ring with confidence and finesse and few interruptions. By his side are his brother, a group of his top bodyguards and Family leaders, and his right-hand and consigliere, Katherine 'Kitten' Frisk. Mobtale & Humantale are fan-made AUs based on Undertale by Toby Fox.
Undertale - Rated: M - English - Fantasy/Romance - Chapters: 29 - Words: 68,663 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 21 - Follows: 23 - Updated: 4/20 - Published: 2/5 - [Frisk, Sans] [Mettaton, Papyrus]
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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 32 - Words: 255,778 - Reviews: 3202 - Favs: 7,656 - Follows: 9,109 - Updated: 4/10 - Published: 1/1/2015 - Harry P., Hermione G.
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Todd Allison and the Petunia Violet - Rated: K - English - Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,371 - Favs: 2 - Published: 12/7/2015 - Todd A., Petunia E. - Complete
The Love Critic by LILMISSS reviews
Meet Xion, known as The Love Critic. She goes out on dates with random men, and humiliates them in her weekly column from the date. She's also really rich and single. Meet Roxas. He could change that. RoxasXion, RokuShion.
Kingdom Hearts - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 16 - Words: 63,848 - Reviews: 259 - Favs: 152 - Follows: 130 - Updated: 4/28/2013 - Published: 12/3/2009 - Roxas, Xion
Todd Allison and Petunia's Violets by SquickWrites reviews
Todd Allison is a botanist. Australian Violets should not be blooming at the end of Summer.
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Roxas Uchiyama admired Xion Uchida from afar, while she never paid much attention to him. In her opinion, he was just like any other popular boy; cocky, annoying and definitely not someone worth wasting time with. But he was far from her definition of him. And he was willing to prove it to her through one thing: skateboarding lessons. — Roxas/Xion
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