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" When I review other fanfics I always put a smiley face at the end. Its like my signature :)"

I like Adventure Time. I enjoy both the show and stories. I think that Marceline and Finn should be the "couple" instead of him and PB.

Umm im a Girl. I love volleyball and im somewhat athletic. Umm lets see I can see the futre!! Naw thats just a lie. lol But I am a good guesser! :D I just like to meet new people and Im very good to get along with and people say im good with Advice and a good listener. :)

Im working on a story which I hope people enjoy. Thats all for now cause I don't feel like writting a lot here.

I updated this cause I was booored! So if you took your time to read this thanks. D

Ummm im not girly but im not a tomboy either but if I had to say Im closer to tomboy.

Favorite Color: I hate pink! So its Yellow cause it makes my eyes pop out.

Favorite Hobbies: Anyways I love learning about cars, but I mostly LOVE taking pictures of nature (Photography!) I suck at drawing I can only draw stick people. The closet to drawing I can get is a flower and writting out words, names, or titles, in a form of calligraphy and roman times. I love singing

Favorite Bands: NeverShoutNever and 30 Seconds to Mars.

People that Inspire you: The people that inspire me are Alex Evans because he became a famous person even though he got judged many times. Also he's a photographer.
Christopher Drew is another person that inspires me the most. He started from nothing and now he's a very talented person that makes such great music.

So thats all for now. :)

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