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So, yeah. I am also Maplefrost-232. You may be wondering where the -232 comes from? I have absolutely no idea. Random number that popped into my head when I made my account.

This is my account for The Lion King :) so you can expect every story here to be about just that. That's... about it. Well, I do have these things on my profile so if you want to, read them. Read my FanFics also if you want!

My Biggest FF Pet Peeve: I didn't write this but I agree one-hundred percent with EVERY word said here.
-Putting my stories on story alert without leaving a review. I get tons of those irritating messages in my inbox from strangers. I don't mind if you read my story and don't see it respectable enough for a review, but when you actually take the time out to put my story on alert and wait for new chapters to read when I update, I find it incredibly rude to disregard reviewing it. Especially since it takes me at least two hours to write them. I HATE when readers do that. As an author, I sympathize with other writers and ALWAYS take the time out to review a story I thoroughly enjoy. So...just remember that if you're a reader who does that to stories. If you enjoy them, please take out one moment of your time to leave a review. It truly means a lot to us authors, even if it's a simple statement. We work our butts off for you guys sometimes! It's nice to get a little something in return for the work. x_x (Originally by OverkiII)

OC Profiles (Each story is separated if I have more than one):

A Prince and a Princess: The Next Generation

Tamara(Tama): (Name meaning: Palm Tree) Tamara is the daughter of King Kovu and Queen Kiara. She is also the heir to the throne, as she is a few minute older than her brother Kota. The only way her brother would be king would be if she denied the throne, or if something happened to her (Such as she died, ect.). Her full name is Tamara, but everybody calls her Tama. Her personality is a sort of mixture of Nala's, Vitani's, and Kovu's. She's not much like her mother Kiara at all, other than how she doesn't want to be queen either. She is a sort of tomboy, and is stronger than the other cubs, even the boys (I think she gets that from Nala ;)). Her best friend other than her brother is Sekani. Tama greatly dislikes Zamani, not because Zamani's mean or anything, she just doesn't like her. She find her annoying, a priss, and a scaredy-cat. She is betrothed (much to their current disgust ;)) to Sekani, her best friend. She has a good head on her shoulders, and her contrast with Kota helps their heads work together *perfectly*. Kota is a bit naive, and doesn't think things through very often or well. Tamara is a bit better at doing this, but she too, especially when she's in an emotional moment, can act on impulse--and do things she often later regrets. Tama is decided, she knows exactly what she wants, and being queen is not it.
She looks more like Kovu, and doesn't inherit many physical traits from the royal side of the family. She has her father's dusty-brown pelt, and has a Vitani-bang. She also has her father's green eyes, although instead of being a crisp emerald, her's are more of a cool olive shade with a sea-green outline, and hazel specks flecked around the pupil.

Picture of Tama as a cub: Go here.
Picture of Tama as a cub with Sekani: Here.
Picture of Tama as an adult: Go here.

Kota: (Name meaning: The allies)
Also King Kovu and Queen Kiara's kid, Kota is the younger-by-four-minutes sibling of Tamara. He also has basically no interest in being king, which is good because there's no rivalry about that between them. There's certainly rivalry about other things, though ;)! Kota took to the royal side of the family, and inherited the golden pelt and amber-eyes. Her did get a few characteristics from Kovu though--his mane is not the same red as Simba's, his mane is more of a russet coloring. It is reddish brown, and a sort of mixture of Kovu's and Simba's. Since he looks so much like Kiara's deceased brother, Kopa, (Dang that Zira!) they named him 'Kota', a very similar name, in honor of him. He is betrothed to Zamani. He acts very tough, but he actually can kind of be a bit of a chicken at times, and is not as bold as Tama. He can be a bit of a dimwit at times, even though he's not unintelligent or anything. He just is a bit naive, and doesn't think things through very often. Tamara is a bit better at doing this, but she too, especially when she's in an emotional moment, can act on impulse--and do things she often later regrets.

Picture of Kota: Here.

Sekani: (Name meaning: Merriment; joy
Sekani is Tamara and Kota's best friend. He has a sister named Zamani. He never met his father, but according to his mother his father was an all-black rogue lion. His mother is of very light light color, almost white, which resulted in he and his sister being silver. He is more of a gray, while his sister if a beautiful shimmering silver. He is fairly laid-back, unlike his polar opposite yet best friend Tama(Tamara). He can have a temper though, and is very driven. If something threatens his family or friends, he goes to all measures to protect them. He is betrothed (much to their current disgust ;)) to Tamara, his best friend.
Picture of Sekani as a cub: Go here.
Picture of Sekani and Tama together as cubs: Go here.
Picture of Sekani as an adult: Go here.

Zamani: (Name meaning: Past; Memory)
Zamani is Sekani's sister. She is a silver little lioness, and is considered very pretty. She is very similar to Kiara as a cub, except she is a little more cautious. That is part of the reason why Tama resents her so much; Tama considers her a scaredy-cat. Tama also thinks of her as a priss, because of how much Zamani cares about her appearance. Zamani is not ill-mannered though, she's just misunderstood by Tama. She is betrothed to Kota.

Picture of Zamani as a cub: Go here.
Picture of Zamani as an adult: Go here.

The best quote ever:
"Vengeance is a scary thing. You can never tell what exactly causes it, what exactly fulfills it. Sometimes, it isn’t even something that can be fulfilled. It fills you out, destroys you. Becomes you. The darkness doesn’t falter. It changes you, into the very thing you swore to destroy. You become death, a destroyer of worlds. There is no forgiveness. There is no redemption. And there is no turning back."

Some of my other favorite non-Warriors quotes (Go to my Warriors profile to see those ;) link above)

-Of all the things you wear, your expression is most important.

-The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.

-One thing you can give and still keep….is your word.

-Ideas won’t work unless ’You’ do.

-The 10 commandments are not multiple choice.

-A sharp tongue can cut your own throat.

-The heaviest thing you can carry is a grudge.

-The pursuit of happiness is the chase of a lifetime!

-Trust takes years to build, seconds to break.

-Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning to dance in the rain.

Some stuffs about me:

Hair color: Red. The color of a new penny, actually.

Eye color: Green (they like little olives ^ ^)

Skin color: I'm fair-skinned, but not like pale or a vampire or anything. Peaches-N-Cream complexion, it's called.

Male or female: Female

Religion: Christian

Favorite animals: Lion, followed closely by wolves, and coming into third place horses.

Favorte book series: Without even blinking, Warriors. I love many though... for example, another I love a LOT Seekers. If you didn't already see it, look at the top of my profile; I have a link to my other FF account that I publish all Warrior FF's on.

Favorite movie/s: The Lion King

Interesting things: Lion King names mean this in Swahili (I translated every Lion King character's name... a few had no translation (such as Mufasa), but most did. Here are the ones that did...):

Simba: Lion

Nala: Or (I know, weird.)

Sarabi: Mirage

Rafiki: Friend

Taka (Scar's real name): Waste

Shenzi: Barbarous

Kopa: Borrow

Kiara: Was (Again, weird.)

Kovu: Scar (LOL! Makes so much sense!)

Vitani: War

Nuka: Violate

All other characters in the movie have no name meaning, or at least not in Swahili.

More interesting Lion King things:

Upendi does not mean love. Funniily enough, Upendi means “Not.” Yes, “Not.” Like, “I'm Upendi going to the movies.”

HOWEVER, Upendo DOES mean love. Maybe they thought “In Upendi” sounded catchier?

Well, they set themselves up for me singing, “In Urpanties.”

Also, Hakuna Matata actually means “No problem.” Hakuna Wasiwasi means “No worries.”

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