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Author has written 7 stories for Harry Potter, Glee, and Doctor Who.

Disclaimer: The fiction found on this page is based on pre-existing characters, plotlines and scenarios that I have no ownership over. They belong to their respective writers, originators, publishing houses and production companies. In no financial way do I profit from them nor do I claim to have ownership of them.

Now that’s over, hi!

There isn't really much to say.

I am incredibly shallow and fall in love with people, characters and fandoms every week. That said I don’t write all the fandoms I enjoy. In my mind I have a few set authors in mind whose interpretation I find wonderful and feel I would never match up to.

My goal, sort of, is to become the niche pairing author of some fandoms. I mainly write Percy/Oliver from Harry Potter as I think it is one of the most undeveloped fandoms out there and I really do like it. It has a wide support group but not much input so I thought I’d lead the way as it were.

My interpretation of Percy is different from the books and films, with him understanding the situation he was in during Voldemort's reign and going along with it. I also have the feeling that he is more suited to Slytherin than Gryffindor as he lusts for power and personal gain but is still very moral, intelligent and fair. Also…in my fiction…Percy is a whore.

No seriously he is, everything I write that is Harry Potter based is in the same Universe and follows the same timeline.

I tend to add more to Oliver as though I like him as Scottish I think Sean Biggerstaff [the actor who plays him in the film, great name] is too skinny to be an international reserve keeper. Also the notion that Percy marries some woman called Audrey can go to hell.

Also he and Hermione would be great friends, they are far more alike than anyone seems to realise. Mainly because they are both BAMF(s). The only woman I see Percy ever able to end up with is Hermione and am writing something where they have this discussion but know that they don’t love each other that way.

I watch, enjoy and try to write many different fandoms...including things like Glee, Doctor Who, Merlin, Misfits, Supernatural and Primeval but I lack the time and patience. I’ve written lots that I am refining before I post it here and hope to get most of it up before September of this year.

I prefer more unexplored pairings and series as I feel after a while an expectation among readers has been built up of what constitutes OOCness when in reality ALL fanfiction is OOC and they don't like to take on new ideas.

For instance, in any Glee based thing I've written I tend to write Finn in a very negative light which contradicts popular opinion that he is "adorkable" and too dumb to be mean or too sweet to be cruel. I supply evidence in a "canon" sense to support my characterization but got sick of some of the things people were saying so I stripped down my account.

This account currently contains a few Harry Potter drabbles and one drabble from a film I have now decided I dislike but for shallow reasons [people have commented] I won't delete it.

Personally: Do not PM me about the ethics and morality of what I write, do not try to impose upon me your ideals of what constitutes family, love and religion.

You may get angry at me for my preferred couples and state your reasons why you don’t believe this…I find this fine and enjoy hearing peoples reasons for things, providing they let me provide a rebuttal.

I am not trying to change the way people think so I see no reason why I should receive judgment for my own opinions.

If you don’t think Percy is gay then my account is not for you. If you think the word of Rowling is infallible then this is not the account for you. If you support Klaine...*shows you the door.* I could go on.

There are some things that I will never write [again in some cases] and that is rape fiction, underage sexual relationships, incest, Kurtofsky, Drarry, Klaine, straight up p0rn. The Inbetween kind of toes the line on the last one but I think that it’s just this side of explicit and far more tame then most M rated fics on this site.

I tend to have a looser interpretation than most find easy to accept, of sexuality and love, that isn’t clear yet but may become so the more I post. I have slight issues but not large ones, of writing canonically gay male characters with other women, I won’t do this often and it will be limited to one woman at a time, I am not ‘turning’ them straight. If we as writers often “turn” canonically straight characters gay then I don’t see why the reverse is SUCH a problem. I do oppose it to a degree that you can just make Kurt, Jeremy, Canton Everett Delaware III like only women because of the lack of well-written gay characters.

As a fairly confident bisexual I am well aware of the concept of falling in love with someone because of who they are, what I write is the rule of exceptions. That you can only like men as a man but allow one women in.

With my interpretation of Percy this woman is Hermione.

Pairings I support:

Harry Potter:

Favourite Character[s: Hermione, Percy, Luna and Neville

Hell to the yes: Percy/Oliver, Percy/Hermione, Harry/Hermione, Harry/Neville, Percy/Draco [there is a reason for this, Cedric/Luna, Percy/pretty much any Quidditch player

Never: Harry/Draco or Snape/any student


Favourite Character[s: Kurt, Santana, Sam, Quinn, Tina.

Yes: Kurt/Sam OTP, Quinn/Artie, Kurt/Mercedes, Kurt/Quinn, Kurt/Santana [sexual, Santana/Tina, Santana/Brittany, Quinn/Tina. Kurt/girl to me is awesome friendship tinged with sexual tension.

Kurt/awesome fruitfly friendship and cool about people knowing bisexual!sam is my favourite thing ever.

Hell to the naw: Kurt/Karofsky [because...ew...rape much?] Kurt/Blaine = yawn. Will. Sue.

Robin Hood BBC

Favourite Character: Allen, Marian, Guy

Yes: Allen/Guy [OTP] Allen/Marian, Marian/Guy, Will/Dhaq

No: Robin, Sheriff


Favourite Character: Annie Edison, Troy, Abed

Yes: Annie/Jeff

No: Britta/Jeff. Don’t get me wrong, I love Britta and Jeff but when they’re doing their rivalry snarky stuff is far better than them trying to be in a relationship.

I currently have two long AU fics in the works.

1. Robin Hood BBC in the Harry Potter Universe. This is something that I vastly overestimated my writing speed to complete for Big Bang challenge and so withdrew. It's no where near done however I have a plan so it may be completed sometime over the next year or so. I will not be posting any of it till I am within chapters of the finish.

For pairings it follows a mostly canon path...except for Guy/Allen. In the series it's quite implied but never shown and to be honest is all a bit dub/con. I intend to not write it that way. Other than that there will be some Robin bashing and some vast improvement on Marian's character. I had my sister read some of the first draft and her response was "you've made Robin a dick. He wasn't a dick. You just don't like him." So...I'm trying to rein in my dislike of the character.

This fic will follow the Merry Men and the others through their 7 years. As of yet there is an unclear adversary to overthrow. It's Vasey in some form [obviously] but I'm stumped as to how.

2. GLEE in a Wild West/Cowboy/Bounty Hunter setting. This is a very new idea and so far consists of a fairly strong beginning and then lots of asterisks and details of scenes to come. This is another thing that I don't know how to end...or even any major plot points at this point, I'm just playing with the setting and pairings and stuff like that.

Essentially Samuel Evans is a lone wolf who seeks out the Hummel-Hudson brothers to see if they can find him a job. There will be some Will bashing I confess. It'll be lots of saloon girls, flannel, haybales [and rolling in them, spurs, sharpshooting girls and horses.

Lots of sexualities being bent here. If you don't like the idea of Kurt Hummel being capable of having sex with a woman then you might not like some of the things I have in mind for him.

Other Work:

I have some more Percy/? fics in the making but they'll be shorter and one-shots.

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