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Author has written 3 stories for Big Time Rush.

Well there isn't really much to say about me. Ummm here's some basic stuff haha:

My birthday is on May 1st. I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was raised and I still live to this day in Los Angeles, California. Before you make any assumptions, let me say that I don't live in the famous area. I live in the Northeast of LA. My dream is to someday become famous and finally get out of this town and head to Beverly Hills and Hollywood! I live here in Los Angeles, but I'm several miles away from where I need to be. It's depressing isn't it? So close, yet so far. I'm not stupid either. I know the odds of becoming famous is super super slim. But I'm a straight A student. I got plenty of careers to fall back on :).

I'm also a runner. I just recently ran the LA Marathon. Sooo...yeah that's something XD.

Okay, I LOVE KOGAN. Nuff said. I mean And I can't say that Jarlos is my second favorite, because Kogan and Jarlos are just a package. Though, my Kogans won't ALWAYS have Jarlos. XD

Second Favorite: Kames...or Jagan...I can't decide. If it's smut...nope, still can't decide. I mean, with Kames there's sometimes the aspect of Kendall being the submissive one in the relationship. And that is just so romantic and sweet considering he's the leader. Whereas with Jagan...I really don't care who's top and bottom XD. They're just easily the two most attractive members in my opinion. (Sorry Kendall...You're super smoking hot, too...but I like you more because of what's on the inside XD)

(And as you may have noticed... "XD" is currently my favorite smiley. XD)

I like Cargan...It's insanely cute. But I don't think I'd read Cargan smut...I mean, I read A LOT of smut...but I feel like Cargan is too innocent to read smut. Unless they're a bit OOC and are really rough...or if it's RPS.

And Kenlos...Quite honestly, I'll only read t if it's smut and Carlos is top haha. XD

I love KOGAN! Look at that Picture there in the corner! So unbelievably amazing! I've been told that this picture was done by someone by the name "fuckyeahkogan" so thank you for this wonderful pic! It sounds really familiar now that I think of it...

Logan is absolutely my favorite. He's the hottest. He's got the SWAG. He's smart. His voice hits those notes that are oh so hard to get. What's not to love?

Kendall...he's my dream guy. I love Logan...but Kendall is my ideal match. The guy that protects me, that holds me, that comforts me...yet has a dorky side and a sensitive side. XD

James...I really used to think he was the hottest...but my tastes have changed...haha. But he's really great. In real life, he's really sweet...or at least so he seems in interviews. He's also got a great voice. Really knows how to whoo someone with his voice.

Carlos. I have a newfound love for this boy. Those videos of him singing show tunes...just...mmm! XD. He is absolutely adorable. He doesn't seem to different from his character. He especially looks hot with his hair spiked up a bit in Big Time Break XD.

Kogan is my OTP, but I love OT4 and SMUT XD.

Just FYI, on DeviantArt I'm "Optimisticly3Broken". The thing wouldn't let me put the whole thing and it also would let me put the less than sign...and I now realize that optimistically is spelled optimistcALly. Well here's a link to my profile.

Oh! And I just also have a Twitter. If you'd like to follow me it's "@Optimistically3" The picture isn't the one I have here on FF.net. It's a picture of the vampire smiley face from the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Series. I didn't put the Kogan picture because well...didn't wanna creep out BTR. Then I'd NEVER get any replies or anything. So there ya have it. My twitter. I'll mostly tweet BTR and updates on the story and how it's going. That way you won't be COMPLETELY clueless a to when I'll update. Here's a link.

Hey! I'm now on Tumblr! My blog is "Writings of OptimisticallyHeartbroken"! Catchy, right? :) Link? Oh, of course! What was I thinking. I'm just so excited that I completely forgot! I tend to ramble on and on and on and on when I'm excited! XD What? Oh! A link...right, of course! Here you go!

Ummm...I gtg soooo bye! Enjoy my fics!

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