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Hello! I'm Spiny. DEAL WITH IT!

I have a very wide imagination. add this to my burning passion to write fiction and BAM: You have an instant story machine. Of course, I need somewhere to share my work. That of course, would be here.

I hope that both you and I enjoy my work, which will be posted here on a regular Basis.

And Now, for a bunch of random crap about myself :D

Name: I go by the name Spiny on most Forums and stuff. Just call me Spiny, Spikey, That guy with no name, J, TGWNN or No.9 (Random, but cool). Preferably Spiny, though.

Orientation: Heterosexual and Male . I lieks mah ladiez XD

Status: Single. Because everybody wants a slice...

Religion: Athiest. If god loves everyone and everything, then why are we stuck in this hell hole called Life?

Loves: Video Games, Godzilla series, Reptiles, Paleontology, Cream Soda, Cookies, Sky TV, The Simpsons, Writing stories, Cake, Oops TV, Portal, Ridley from Metroid, Yoshi, Meta Knight, Many more. Being annoying.

Dislikes: Fox News, People who spam ubers on Pokemon Wi-Fi battles (Except Garchomp, because I use him :D), Dr Pepper (VILE TASTING SHIT!!), Snobs, Rick Rolls, many more.

Music: Rock, Rap, Techno, even some classical (Requiem for a dream, Preliator ect). I honestly can't stand Lovey Dovey Crap.

Personality: I'm a Love Guru/Nelson Muntz/God character, with maybe a little bit of the Joker in their too. I'm the epitome of the terms 'save your own skin' 'coward' and 'only put others before yourself when your in a queue for the guillotine'. I'm a bit insane. My motto is 'Hit and Run gets it done', which is also my main strategy for Smash Bros Brawl online matches. I'm a class clown. Don't be fooled though, I'm a nice enough guy, just a little bit...different. My younger brother has aspergers syndrome (look it up), so life is a bit harder than it should, but someone always has it worse than you.

Quotes: Jut a few memorable quotes from my life.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Diarrhea doodoo! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck It! My Balls! - The Angry video game nerds 'where it all began' special.

GIRATINA! IF YOU DON'T STAY IN THAT MOTHER FUCKING BALL I'M GONNA DRIVE A GOLDEN SPIKE WHERE YOUR GRISEOUS ORBS MEET YOUR SPEAR PILLAR! -Me on Pokemon platinum down to my last Pokeball after the fightwith Cyrus left me with nothing other than My Burnt Golduck with one turn of life left and I forgot to buy any full restores. At this point i had never heard of Turnback cave...

WILL YA TWO QUIT FLIRTING!! -A Pissed of Emerald shouting at Ruby and Sapphire in Pokemon adventures.

Yes that is a gun in my pants, but it doesn't mean I'm not happy to see you -Deadpool

Wha did ya sey 'bout the fingies and the bumbles with the blah, blargh hafrulghcum... -Me getting drunk for the first time.

FALCON...ARGH! MY NUTS! -Me countering a Falcon punch from my some guy using my own method of self defense...

Whats Better? A Life as a coward? or 10 seconds as a Hero?... -My thoughts on standing up to people bigger than you.

Finish it off with false swipe! -An Idiot

Why is abbreviation such a long word? -Me

NOOOOOOOB!!! -Me against a Kirby noob on SSBB wi-fi

FALCON PU- Yoshi! *gulp* FUCK!!!! -Me as Yoshi vs my friend as Captain Falcon on SSBB, and him getting owned

Pokemon Team: Charizard (My Signature pokemon), Feraligatr, Sceptile, Aerodactyl, Scyther, Garchomp, Salamence, Golduck, Skarmory, Rampardos, Breloom, Kingdra, Swellow, Yanmega. Porygon-Z, Kabutops, Seviper, Murkrow, Onix (Yes! thats right! I use NFE pokemon in online matches! And Yes! They work BLOODY BRILLIANT!), Ampharos, Golem, Jolteon and Rayquaza (The only Legendary I use, and it's FUCKING mean!)

And Because i'm too lazy to put it in my fics:


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