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Hhmmm... Not much to say. I'm a huge Pokémon fan and as such, write Pokémon fics. Most, however, are based off RPs, so if they seem a bit... cliché, you'll have to bear it, as the storylines won't change.

My main project at the moment is The Dreaming Dragon, which is based on an RP that's been happening for the past four or so years and is still on-going (with the end no where in sight). The chapters are first posted up in my LiveJournal, then here. But unless you mind spoilers (the RP is a year ahead of the fic and I gossip), then I wouldn't advise even visiting my LJ (it's the Homepage link).

Also be warned that TDD, as it's nicknamed, is slated to be a series. :)

Life and Nothing More chapter summaries.

Chapter One: Living for Tomorrow.
Set right after Integra left Team Rocket. When Omi questions the scientist about their uncertain future, the conversation turns into a discussion on why Project Dream seemed to fail...
Contains spoilers about Otomé's origins as well as sheds on light on some of her genetic secrets.

Chapter Two: Where the Blue Begins.
Set an unknown number of years after Jet and Otomé finally defeat Shadowflare. Life had become peaceful for the the two of them. Enough to even allow Otomé to try her hand at running a small café with the help of Miho. But the lack of Jet- and Aoi-sightings provoke a pair of customers to wonder if the two women really are telling the truth about their marital statuses...
Contains general spoilers about what happens to Otomé and Jet during TDD.

Chapter Three: Betrayal of Benefactors.
Set at some random time during TDD; at least a year after Illex Forest. Whenever Jet didn't want Omi around (which was always), the Espeon would sometimes return to her childhood home. But one such visit fills the cat with dread after she has a run-in with her late mistress's younger, scheming sister.
Contains general spoilers about what happens to Otomé and Jet during TDD and hints at future events.

Chapter Four: Another Kind of Evil.
Set a little over a year after Illex Forest (about five or six weeks after Otomé's wish, and at least a month after the PokéRus). With Jet still too heavily wounded from his torturous imprisonment in Hoenn to protect Otomé, their worst fears begin to unfold when Nightmare chooses that critical time to once again attempt to claim revenge.
Contains general spoilers about what happens to Otomé and Jet during TDD, as well as spoilers for the RP itself.

Chapter Five: A Hypocritical Life.
Set many, many, many years after the end of TDD. After spending four years without any sort of contact with his family, Cain decides it's time to go back and, if he has to, beg for forgiveness. Seth had finally beaten some sense into the now grown boy about how though his parents had done some things they'd rather not mention, they did what they had to to survive and protect their children. But there's no happy ending when Jet shows his son just where the boy got his ability to hold a grudge for so long.
Contains BIG spoilers about Otomé and Jet's pasts, as well as their future.

Chapter Six: Lost and Found. (30_fluff special story)
Set sometime after Jet regains his demonic blood. Now with the Wish Stone gone, Otomé allows herself to lament about her lack of a necklace. It felt so odd to have a bare neck after having spent years wearing something around it! But when Jet overhears, he surprises his love with a gift she had thought she lost ages ago.
No spoilers, for once. Except maybe references to One Island.
Theme: Heirloom ; Priceless.

Chapter Seven: Lotus Blossom. (30_fluff special story)
Set a few weeks after Another Kind of Evil. Wallace was a fool to think he'd get away with trying, and failing, to kill Jet. All it did was provoke the boy and make him thirst for vengeance. Though what compelled the Dragon Trainer to bring Otomé along as he sought revenge on the Emerald Champion was anyone's guess. But in the most unlikely of places, she finds the courage to go on with her life.
Contains spoilers for the future of TDD.
Theme: Transportation ; Farewell.
Don't read if you don't like blatant murder.

Chapter Eight: The Last Innocence. (30_fluff special story)
Set sometime after Jet regains his demonic blood. For someone so cold and abhorrent of physical contact, Otomé had been pleasantly surprised when Jet proved her wrong with the boldest display of affection and passion there was. Though, despite their best attempts to evade Omi in order to gain a night of privacy, the Espeon still managed to find the couple the next morning.
Only contains spoilers if you didn't see the Otomé x Jet-ness coming.
Theme: Sunday ; Morning.
Don't read if you don't like implications of sex.

Chapter Nine: Love, the Forever Kind. (30_fluff special story)
Set sometime after the final fight with Shadowflare (I suppose...). From Illex Forest, the road had been long and rocky. In some places, it was even completely gone, washed out by the trouble his demonic half always landed them in. But now here they were, after all this time, finally dedicating themselves to one another. Though Jet wasn't too pleased that the three people he hated the most had to be there, as well.
Only contains spoilers if you didn't see the Otomé x Jet-ness coming.
Theme: Night sky ; Veil

TDD picture references~

Otomé's current looks (fic-wise).

Otomé's current looks (RP-wise).

Jet's current looks (mainly both fic- and RP-wise. The only difference is that fic-wise, he should be way paler).

The Dragon and the Maiden (kinda spoilerish, fic-wise, if it's not already glaringly obvious how they end up).

Hebi Oni (reveals her real name, though, so be warned).

Nightmare and Tuusun.


10-7-07 Update:

Life sucks, but it comes first, you know? Haven't RPed TDD in at least a month, either. Arg. BUT not only have I challenged myself to write thirty short fluff stories, but I'm also in the process of drawing, inking, and hand-coloring (traditional media, ha) a series of TEN images of the ten main characters of TDD (yes, there are ten. Wwwwaaarrrrgggg) based on Tarot cards. For Jet's player for her birthday next month. So my time is pretty divided. D:
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A collection of TDD oneshots that feature various characters, both known and unknown. Extremely spoiler heavy. Chptr9: It only took the lovebirds a small lifetime to finally make it to the altar.
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