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Author has written 10 stories for Star Wars, Star Wars, Mass Effect, Dead Space, and Dragon Age.

I love Star Wars, especially the Legacy of the Force series and the Old Republic era of Knights of the Old Republic to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

My favorite two Star Wars characters would be Zayne Carrick and Darth Revan.

I probably know more about Star Wars, Star Trek, and Greek/Roman Mythology then most people (I mean, come on, who read the Illiad, the Odyssey, the Aeneid, all three Sophocles Thebian plays, and an encyclopedia of Greek and Roman mythology when they were still a kid?).

-Inheritance Cycle rocks!!!!!!!

How to detect a vampire:

-They have a strong aversion to garlic

-They don't go to church (This one is disputable with the rise of atheism. Actually, just see if they ever step foot onto blessed land. If not, most likely they are vampire.)

-They don't carry around anything silver, and avoid physical contact with silver.

-They have odd pointed canines that seem sharper than usual.

-You almost always see them at night. They are not "late-night partygoers", nor do they enjoy "partying all night" (At least, your idea of a party) If you do see them during the day, they are never in direct contact with sunlight- i.e., a raining day, inside with the blinds closed, no windows, etc.

-They are extremely pale due to only going out at night.

-Sometimes, they or their family may stare at your neck and give you a hungry look and lick their chomps.

-There are an unusual amount of bats near their house.

-You've never seen where they sleep, but you're pretty sure it's in the basement.

-They have no mirrors in their house; BUT!!!, They might just be wierd people, so hold up a mirror and see if you can see their reflection.

-When they first went to your house, they required permission to go in.

-They have a taste for blood.

If the person you suspect of being a vampire falls under 4 or more categories, then the suggested methods of dealing with them are:

1. Drive a stake through their heart- Wooden or silver (The method varies from different sources.)

2. Sprinkle holy water on them- This will cause them to shrivel up.


4. Set them on fire. If they are a vampire, then about a few minutes into the process, their body should disintigrate. If not, then you are screwed, cause you just earned yourself 5-10!!

5. Decapitate them. Easier said than done, because for some reason, a vampire has great strength immediately after being created.

6. Get a priest or any man/woman of religion to bless your house.

7. If you haven't invited them into your house, DON'T! Also, don't say anything that can be interpreted as an invitation to come in.

8. Wear a crucifix.

9. Shoot them with a crossbow if the staking is too dangerous. It is both ranged, so you don't get injured, and highly efficent.

10. Once you've incapacitated the vampire by stabbing it, slicing off an arm, drugging it, etc., chop the body up (This may seem gross, but it is effective) and sprinkle each part with holy water.


1) Favorite TV shows (both canceled and still going):




Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Star Wars Live Action TV series (When it eventually comes out within the next decade)




NCIS: Los Angeles

Criminal Minds

White Collar


Doctor Who



Warehouse 13




Robin Hood

2) Favorite Characters so far:


--Darth Revan

--Merlin (BBC TV series)

--Arthur (BBC TV series)

--Artie (Warehouse 13)

--Lupus (From The Roman Mysteries- a mute 9-year-old Greek boy from the island of Symi- his tongue was cut out...long story-)

--Percy Jackson


--Burton "Gus" Guster (Psych)

--Shawn Spencer (Psych)

--Carlton Lassiter (Psych)

--Kyle Katarn

3) I know everything there is to know about Eragon, Star Wars, Merlin, Doctor Who, Torchwood, etc. That includes popular fan theories, what characters had for breakfast, what their mothers had for breakfast, the color of the horse that belonged to the blacksmith who forged the sword for the messenger who...get my point?

4) I believe I'm the only one to call on Rick Riordan for his mistake. He said Blackjack was a mare in Sea of Monsters, but for the rest of the series, Blackjack is a boy. Riordan's response when I pointed this out when he visited our school?

-"Either Percy mistook Blackjack for a girl and Blackjack informed him, 'Wo boss, I'm a boy', or the author made a mistake, which can't have happened..."

5) Favorite books:

-The Stoneways Trilogy

--Rieffen's Choice

--Queen Ferris

--The Magician's Daughters (Haven't read it yet)

-The Roman Mysteries

-The Inheritance Cycle

-Harry Potter

-Star Wars (You name it, I know it)

-The First Man in Rome

-Deltora Chronicles

-Septimus Heap

-Chronicles of Narnia

6) Hail to Darth Revan!

Full Saga of Acheron song:

-Sent to Dromund Kaas shortly after Acheron's defeat in the nebula.

(Chorus)- There once was a woman named Acheron

Who believed she was better than men

Till one day a Jedi named Revan came

And beat her again and again

She rose to glory fighting the Torrent and was a scourge to beheld!

Her powers were renowned and feared

Even the Sith Emperor favored her

But let's face it folks, he's just wierd!


Now the Emperor had asked two Jedi for aid

To add the Star Forge to his empire

But Revan was redeemed and killed Malak

And the Star Forge went up in fire!


Now after the battle of Rakata Prime

Acheron and Revan fought for the first tiiiimmmmeeee...(Everyone glances at each other)

(Fast paced) Heeeeee beat her back with a fury like Hell

Sent her slinking back to Dromund Kaas

But she came back because she didn't know when to quit and to mope

And Revan beat her again at the Hope!


(Slowly, mournfully) Now Acheron made a fatal mistake

She slew one of Revan's old friends

But Jolee Bindo would not stay unavenged, cause Revan went at her again

He followed her back to the Sith Empire

Where he met both new and old friends

Now we've struck another victory against the withc



-At the end, Phiran walks up to the camera and smiles. "Just so you know, this is being broadcasted to every datapad, console, and news screen on Dromund Kaas. Hope you enjoy your 15 minutes-Make that the rest of your life-of fame!" Then he gives the camera the finger and the video ends.

For you fans reading this, thanks for putting the time and effort into going through the entire...wait, don't you have lives people?!

Just read the profile of Alya Mirielin. Now THAT's a laugh.

Q & A

How would you describe yourself?

Tall, handsome, not one to argue with. A great architect and artist, plus a wide range of singing talents (This is disputed). I'm a good friend, and not someone who's gonna sit back and watch people be mean. I really hate the fact that our world is so corrupt.

What would you rather meet in a dark alleyway: An Weeping Angel, or an angry Doctor?

Ok, first of all, that's a TV show. But if I had to...Weeping Angel. AT LEAST YOU'RE STILL ALIVE, OPPOSED TO WHAT THE DOCTOR MIGHT DO!

If Dinosaurs invaded the earth, what would you do?

They're dead...but if you use birds as the dinosaurs...already happened. I hate pigeons.

That didn't answer my question

Geez! ALLLLRRRIIIGHHHT...thinkthinkthinkthinkthink...Probably run and scream. There's a reason that dinosaurs ruled the earth for over a 145 million years and mammals were at the bottom of the food chain (yeah, as a whole.) Or, I'd find one hatchling, train it from birth, and have my own protector! Yeah!

Do you have any secret crushes?

Yah, but I'm not really sure that I'd share them.

What do you do in your spare time?

I usually text my friends, read, draw, play games, pine away waiting for Star Wars: The Old Republic to FRICKEN COME OUT! SERIOUSLY, SPRING 2011?!!! THAT'S LIKE HALF A YEAR! Otherwise, I ride my bike, annoy my siblings, or read the comics.

What color is your hair?

Dark brown (Everyone thinks that there is such a thing as black hair. That's not true. Put it under light and examine it closely, and you'll see that it's a dark shade of brown.)

Who is your best friend?

Hmm...I have a lot. One of which is Alya Mirielen, a fellow Fanfictioner.

Do you know when Rome was built?

It was built at night!

...Why do you...believe that?

Because everyone knows that Rome wasn't built in a day...wink, wink, nudge, nudge

Favorite food?

Katsu Curry

What in the name of Satan, God, etc. is that?

Japanese curry over rice with a fried breaded pork cutlet

I see...favorite energy drink?

You see, that's the thing. Usually, if a person doesn't get enough sleep, he or she is groggy. For me, it's the opposite. My body's way of fighting that grogginess is to go into hyperactive mode for the remaining waking hours. But it would probably by a Mocha Frappocino, a nice cup of tea, or coffee.

Favorite ice cream?

Green Tea

I'm not gonna even ask...any really embarrassing moments of your life?

Well, when I 2 or 3, my sister (Who was two years older than me) decided that I needed a haircut. So, she got a pair of Kraft scissors, and began to tear away my hair in chunks as well as cutting her own hair.

My mother, who was looking after my newly-born brother, hear loud screaming and wailing from the den, so she and our housekeeper ran downstairs to find me sitting with my hair all in a mess, and my sister standing with the same thing done to her hair.

So basically, her hair wasn't so bad and she just cut it short. My on the other hand...I had to have my head shaved. There are so many embarrassing photos of a certain 2-year-old walking around with a bald head. Of course, Korean culture says that shaving a baby's head at birth ensures that they will have thick hair. And I do. I wonder...

Do you have any special traits?

I'm double-jointed, can fold my tongue, raise my left eyebrow, do a howler monkey imitation, a wolf, a sheep, a cow, rooster (You should have seen my brother's face when I did that at 5:00 AM in his room, hiding behind the door), any raptor bird, move my ears, draw really well, I have a really extensive vocabulary and knowledge archive in my brain from picking up bits and pieces.

Blonds, brunettes, or redheads?


Who is your favorite parent?

I like both


My cousin Justin, whose's about four months older than me.

Does your real name have a certain meaning?

Um...I'm not sure about the one I use. I have two, and I think the second one means something like "Cherry blossom" in Japanese.

Do you want children?

I think that that decision will have to wait until the time is right.

Are you religious?

Well, technically, I'm an atheist. But I do believe that there is some great power at hand, and if there is a God, then he don't give a rat's ass about us. He probably looks down at Earth and the human race and shakes his head in shame and guilt.

How is your handwriting?

Horrible, though some think it good.

Do you judge a person's beauty on their appearance?

As some famous old guy "Or girl?" whose's now probably dead said, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..." Of course, I also like to judge a person on what's inside, not what they look like.

Favorite color?

Used to be purple until 6th Grade. One of our teachers loved purple. Her classroom was purple, her cloths were purple(And see-through. We think that she's too old to teach, that she is too mean and nasty, and watches child p* on her laptop.), and anything else she owns.

Did you like Barney and Thomas the Tank Engine as a kid?

Yes, and I'm sad how politics and that-seductive-smell-of-newly-made-money has destroyed them.

Mac or PC?

See, that's the thing. PC stands for Personal Computer, and even though MAC uses a different chip than PC, MAC is technically a PC. But I don't really have a favorite...actually, PC.

Play any musical instruments?

Yes, the violin and the piano. I also know a bit of the guitar and can play the recorder.

Have you ever kissed a girl?

Yes, and it was the best moment of my life (Of course, I was in kindergarden.)...and now I'm not sure whether that was just the little us accidently bumping our heads or if that a sign of affection or a real kiss. But to revise my previous statement, I HAVE KISSED A GIRL, BUT NOT A TRUE KISS. Hope it will happen now I'm a freshman or maybe at CTY.

If you lived in a fantasy world, what would you be?

Hmm...hard one...I would be either a human or elf. I actually am writing a whole series about a world like that. Probably won't come out until '11. I would wear a beige tunic with a blue leather over-jacket (Like a leather chainmail -sort-of-thing). My sword would be a hand-and-a-half, with a emerald set in the hilt and a ruby as the pommel. It would have no crossguard, but a star shaped piece of metal in its place. I wouldn't travel around with any heavy armor, and the sword would really be my only weapon (save for a small diamond dagger tucked into my belt)

Any sneak peaks on this "new world" of yours?

There's going to be a bandit lord who goes by the name of Alaric.

The main antagonists will be the Night Lords.

One of my major characters will be this cool dude named Kensei, a Rithmeran. Basically, he's old and his species looks like large dogs (Or, for any Star Wars extremists, sorta like Jedi Master Thon of the Old Republic-Nomi Sunrider's teacher).

There will be multiple stories

Do you know what Iocaine Powder is?

Isn't it from Australia?

Let's say that you are on the Hogwarts Express. There's a cabin full of noisy chatting friends, and one with someone who looks very lonely and nervous (Perhaps a Muggle-born) Which one would you join?

I would join the lonely person. Sadly, I too know what it is like to be ignored and ostracized.

Fire or Ice?


Vampire or Werewolf?

If you are referring to that Series-which-can-not-be-named, then I spit on your balding head! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberry!

My head isn't balding

Yes it is

No it's not

Oh yes it is

Forget it...wait, there's no reason to bring my parents into this!

Yes there is

No there's...forget it. I wasn't referring to Twilig-


(Loud thump of body hitting floor. Silence)


I'm fine. Next question

What would your name be if not RevanSentinel?

Aryn...still working on the last name

What team are you on, Team Jacob or Team Edward-


(Loud sound of chair hitting floor, along with bodies.)


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