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Author has written 2 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

8/22/10 - A Goodbye of Sorts - So, school's starting. I have band three times a week, and cross country every day until about seven. So, I've got to keep up wih homework, band, cross-country, and adjusting to my new school. I'm not going to make some big deal about leaving only to come back in a few days, I'm just saying that I won't be on as much until I'm completely settled in. I guess that's it. I'll probably check my PMs and such, and most of you know where to find my Formspring, skype, etc. If not, feel free to PM me. :) So, I guess I'll see you all around.

Okay. So. Karma's trying to be a "nice" person. Trying. Probably failing, but, ya know. So, Karma's not going to flame you. UNLESS. Unless you really deserve it. Which, if Karma even flamed you in the first place, you probably did.

Karma is going to just stick to the Veritas and not bug anyone else. It appears that no matter HOW nice Karma tries to be, Karma gets someone pissed off.

Welcome, welcome. This is Karma's Official Guide to Sues. Really. It's almost idiot-proof. Almost. Split into three fandoms. HP, AF, and PJO. I'll add more later.

Your Harry Potter OC may be a Mary Sue if...

-She makes Ginny jealous

-She makes Hermione jealous

-She's one of the most powerful witches of the generation

-She goes to a dance with one or more male major characters

-She breaks Harry's heart

-Ron falls in lurve with her

Your Percy Jackson and the Olympians OC may be a Mary Sue if...

-She makes Annabeth jealous

-She's in love with Nico

-She's a daughter of Poseidon

-She bewitches Percy with her unbelievable charm

-She is a daughter of Artemis

-She receives a quest only a few days after coming to Camp.

-She has a friend who is a satyr.

Your Artemis Fowl OC may be a Mary Sue if...

-She makes Artemis fo all weak-kneed and dumb. If he does not use proper grammar when talking to her, FAIL, my friend. You have FAILED.

-She is a genius

-She is named Diana. (Ha ha. You're SO clever. I'm just... wowed.)

-She makes Holly jealous

-She WOWs Artemis with her smarticularity

-She turns Artemis into a skinny-jeans-wearing, grammar-ignoring, teenager.

Here is a more GENERAL guide to Sues. Your OC should:

-Have flaws that get in the way of victory for her "side"

-Have flaws that could be potentially weaken her side

-Struggle to control her flaws

-Be dissapointing at some point

-Have an irrational fear

-Be hated by at least SOME people

-Have some physical flaws, too

-NOT have positive flaws (personally, I see "positive flaws" as flaws that are noble or beneficiary. Like Bella's clumsiness that throws her into even more romantic vampire moments. Or even Percy and Harry's loyalty. Yeah, it gets them into trouble but it's too noble...)

-NOT be involved with a main character. Well, you can do this, but if it is not phenominally spectacular, then it is a classifiable fail. Just stay away from big romances like that.

-NOT have far-out hair and eye colors. No one has blue hair naturally.

-NOT be descriped in seven hundred sixty four paragraphs of detail. Detail is good, but "Her maroon hair swung over her shoulder, and when she laughed her little tiny birthmark just to the left of her cherry blossom lips which were curled up in a smile danced." is too much.)

-Be well-thought-out, realistic, and believable.

Welcome to another rant courtesy of Madam Karma and her House of Originality.

Submit. Your. Own. Tribute.

I'mma kill someone the next time I see those four words.

Are you THAT unoriginal? Are you SUCH a failure that you need to ask others for characters?

If you need characters, PM or ask on a forum. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT post a chapter to ask for characters. If you do, I'mma hunt you down.

Not only is it a violation of the TOS, it shows the world how much of a FAILURE you are. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT write a "Submit-A-Tribute!" story.

--End Rant--

You've Got FAIL.

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