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Author has written 8 stories for Orson Scott Card, Harry Potter, D N Angel, D.Gray-Man, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and Naruto.

I hate capitalizing singular "I"s so if you find any lower case '"i"s in here i sincerely apologize. (oops)

Hi! Welcome! It's good to see another living soul once in a while. Rarely are people as bored and lifeless as I am that they would spend the time to WRITE profiles much less READ them.

But, since you're already here I hope I don't scare you away. Here, have a seat, would you like some tea? Cake? Tissues? And how does that make you feel?

I'm pretty excited; i just got a cell phone yesterday. Pretty epic. Considering i live in America, you might think I'm too young to have an account on Fanfic. Not True. I'm 14, and i just got a phone so recently simply because i'm Asian. (Chinese if you're feeling extra stalkerish) _(this was written in April of 2010. I'm keeping it because i'm too lazy to think of another way to give this information.)

Hey, maybe you can guess what gender I am. Yup, yup it's the one that takes up about 99.9 percent of Fanfic.

Ellen Potter currently holds my favorite book standing with her debut novel Olivia Kidney. Well, my favorite book is actually the Bible but for our purposes here, it's Olivia Kidney. No, not the sequels, they're not nearly as good; the original Olivia Kidney. Sure, it's a childish book but fear not! I love both the Ender and the Shadow series far more than Olivia Kidney, I just simply cannot choose a favorite out of either of the series. As i'm writing this, it's only occurred to me now how stupid i am. I don't have any stories posted up yet...but trust me, they're not going to be those tacky romance ones that girls squeal at when reading. That's why i believe at a teenage level, guys are better Fanfic writers than girls. Sorry if I offended anyone.

My stories tend to have sad, bitter endings. Most, but not all. If you would rather read happy endings (wow i sound like Lemony Snicket and yes i do love A Series of Unfortunate Events), try somewhere else and preferably stick to fairytales, which by the way, i also love.

As for my taste in music, i like to think i'm amazing at piano and for pop music, generally i'm Kpop oriented but my favorite artists are Linkin Park, FT Island and Hillsong United. By that you should probably be able to guess my religion. If you can't, it's the one that looks like a lower case "t". If you still don't know, i hinted at it above.

And yes, since you so kindly asked, i am procrastinating on homework right now. Most of us are.

Poems are not really my thing and for the most part I need them to rhyme. My favorite poem as of now is The Butterfly Effect by Rupert ColePalmer.

I also read manga...a lot of manga. Conan, FMA, DNAngel, Ouran, Naruto, and Claymore to name a few.

I've also watched Hana Yori Danga (aka Boys Over Flowers). It was pretty good except that i was rooting for Jihoo. I tend to vote for the underdog. (like Hikaharu)

Surprisingly, i don't only watch Korean dramas. I also watch Bones, Psych, Glee, America's Best Dance Crew, and Make It or Break It, depending on when each of them is in season. (or on hulu)

Expect Fanfics for all of these listed above and more, but mostly for Ender and Bean. I have a love for Orson Scott Card that can't be put into words. No what are you talking about? I'm not weird at all.

but do I have ADD or what?

What deeply saddens me is that Fanfic (note the name) is only for stories that follow other authors' ideas.

"A man without a wife and babies is a menace to civilization. One bachelor is an irritation. Ten thousand bachelors are a war."

-Han Tzu/Hot Soup-Ender in Exile-Orson Scott Card

By the way, the rate at which the stories in the Harry Potter category are updated is ridiculous.

Fluff isn't my favorite, but these are the pairings i will read. Why? Because i love them, of course!

LingxRanfan (my personal fav)



Um...yea that's about it. And, i know everyone has their opinions on Naruto pairings, but to all of you crazy people who think Tenten belongs to Lee: YOUR DEAD WRONG (in my humble opinion). Tenten and Neji are made to be. Oh, and Temari and Shikamaru is cute too (admittedly only because i think Shikamaru is awesome).

Lastly, if you want to read some of my more carefree writing, visit Brunettelamb's profile. And while you're at it, read her stories too!

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Of all the things I knew and did not tell you, Ender, there is one that I wish I had. -Jane.
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