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Author has written 26 stories for Ayashi no Ceres, Fruits Basket, Yu-Gi-Oh, Final Fantasy VIII, Harry Potter, Star Ocean, Greek Mythology, Naruto, Alphas, and Super Smash Brothers.


SSBBSwords has created a freaking masterpiece with Ambient. Chapter four, in particular, floors me with its stunningly hot imagery. If you want to follow a down-played, angsty spiral of depravity with Marth as he tries to discover not only what he wants, but what he needs, then this is definitely the fic for you.

Also, read Trump Card, chapter 9 of her one-shot collection, "Speculative Impromptu," if you love cards and medieval lore and sweat-inducingly-sexy Ike like I do.

Thank You's

this happens every morning by StarlitHorizons

OHMYGODWHAT. StarlitHorizons drew the adorable power of Lacey's puppy eyes in persuading Ike to take her on walks (or anywhere else). I can't even. I just. Can't. It'ssocuteohmygosh.

Author Status

12-25-2014: Never going to impose that much writing on myself, in such a short amount of time to boot, ever again. Never.

12-14-2014: Feel free to lob those rotten tomatoes my way. I am horrible at meeting goals. But... I bring a peace offering of horribly-written Christmas fluff? Oh, who am I kidding? This is my sadly disguised attempt at breaking a crushing writer's block. It's crap. Don't read it. D:

08-30-2014: I feel like I should have a proper update to my unfinished stories after nearly a four-month break, but unfortunately, I only have two random one-shots. One is crack humor in an attempt to make up for the obvious potential squickiness of the other. You will now all know how demented my mind is.

I know how I want to end "A Matter of Destiny," but I just haven't gotten around to it yet because I am a horrible human being when it comes to meeting goals. Feel free to throw rotten tomatoes at me if my next update (probably months down the line) is not the end of Destiny.


12-25-2014: "Marth's Twelve Days of Christmas" Chapter 12 - Super Smash Brothers: Brawl - IkeMarth

08-30-2014: "Almost Human" - Super Smash Brothers: Brawl - IkeMarth

08-30-2014: "Court of the Magically Disappearing Pants" - Super Smash Brothers: Brawl - IkeMarth

05-05-2014: "A Matter of Destiny" Chapter 3 - Super Smash Brothers: Brawl - IkeMarth

About Me

November 1, 2013

It's now been thirteen years since I first started writing fanfiction and eleven years since I posted my very first stories up on this account. I had avoided looking at or even thinking of this account for the last 6-7 years because I was so ashamed by the early pieces from my childhood. I suppose it's only understandable that writing produced at 13-14 years of age would be fairly embarrassing and a natural part of a writer's growth. Just like the human body grows, so must a writer's ability, passing through that ever so awkward and slightly painful prepubescence before finding your style—your voice.

I don't yet feel like I have found my voice, but at twenty-five my style and preferences have certainly changed since those early pieces. Therefore, I don't think it's an accurate representation of who I am as a writer to keep them up. They were an important part of my artistic development, but I think it's a chapter of my life best kept private. I have still written both fanfiction and original fiction throughout the many years I have been inactive on this site (albeit sporadically) and now I would like my account to reflect who I currently am. I'm not deleting everything point-blank, though; just the really old and objectively terrible ones.

The topics I tend to cover are still mostly the same. I still write about homosexual relationships (featuring both men and women); I still have a penchant for exploring the darker aspects of relationships, including incest, masochism, and obsession; I still write angsty and sad stories, although I tend to favor humor more nowadays because I’m generally happier than I was as a troubled teen. Stylistically, AUs and one-shots are still my preference, because it’s always the character development and relationships that interest me more than the details of canon.

I will always hold a soft spot for the fandoms of my childhood, such as Yu-Gi-Oh! and especially Fushigi Yuugi, from which I garnered inspiration for my (ill-advised) penname and where I met my best friend, LilpurplFlwr (moonlighting as SSBBSwords). I do want to do some minor rewriting on the remaining stories, but time is a precious commodity of which I currently don’t have much. But hey, who does nowadays anyway?

Feel free to drop me a line via PM or review. Unlike my sensitive, bleeding-heart adolescent self, I welcome and appreciate any and all constructive criticism that can help me develop my writing skills.

I also post unabashed smut on my alternate account (half of which are giftfics for LilPurplFlwr), if you prefer dirtier spicier fare.

Work(s) in Progress

"A Matter of Destiny" - Super Smash Brothers: Brawl - Chapter 4 in draft

"Brokering Disaster" - Super Smash Brothers: Brawl - Chapter 2 in draft

"Prototype 547B" - Super Smash Brothers: Brawl - Chapter 2 in draft

Untitled Naruto AU - one-shot from Sasuke's POV, based on the newest revelations in the Naruto manga canon. In very early (i.e. word vomit) draft.

Works on Hiatus

"Tainted" - Yu-Gi-Oh! - This was technically finished in 2004 (man, I feel old), but I never edited it completely for ff.net posting (cause it's rife with teh pr0nz). And now rereading the verbose dialogue and oh-so-adolescent situations makes me wince, so I need to dedicate much time to editing this old piece. Time I don't necessarily have.

"Sullied" - Yu-Gi-Oh! - This is so damn cheesy that I can't even bear to reread it, let alone edit and continue it. But LilPurplFlwr adores it (for reasons that still baffle me), so... it's narrowly avoiding abandonment.

Abandoned Work

"Are We Alone Yet?" - Fruits Basket - I don't even remember where I was going with this 11 years ago.

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Speculative Impromptu by SSBB.Swords reviews
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Marth's Twelve Days of Christmas reviews
Marth has never been fond of Christmas much. Ike, on the other hand, adores the holiday almost to a fault. Based loosely on the folk song "The Twelve Days of Christmas." AU, yaoi, IkeMarth, gratuitous fluff, potentially bizarre ideas. Rating varies by chapter.
Super Smash Brothers - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 12 - Words: 11,844 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 12/25/2014 - Published: 12/14/2014 - Ike, Marth - Complete
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Marth has a secret: a dark, horrible, soul-deterioratingly awful secret that he can only share with a single person in the entire world. On dealing with obsession, loss, and questionable coping. AU, yaoi, IkeMarth, one-shot, darkfic.
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Ike had the opportunity of a lifetime: training on the floor of an eminent broker-dealer on Wall Street and months away from passing his certification. Everything was great—up until he made the Biggest Mistake of His Life and got fired personally by the alarmingly handsome head of Lowell Investments. AU, yaoi, IkeMarth.
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Marth is Prototype 547B, the newest in ever-emerging emotional technology. He is no longer simply artificial intelligence—he is artificial humanity. But despite all his supposed technological triumphs, he is cripplingly lonely. AU, sci-fi, yaoi, IkeMarth. Exploring the ramifications of artificial intelligence.
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