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There are a lot more Fanfictions I want to write a review for. However, since I hate just writing one liners and prefer giving a more in depth review, it takes quite some time to write one. Me not being a native speaker doesn´t make this any easier. In order to write a review, I usually read the whole Fanfiction in question again and look for things I liked and didn´t like/ would do differently with much more awareness. Hence, this even takes more time than the actual typing of the review does, since this requires some amount of creativity on my side. With some stories, I have problems writing down a well rounded review. This doesn´t mean that I don´t like the story, it just means that I like it a lot but yet haven´t been able to grasp the essence of it completely.

Hence, sometimes I don´t find the time and the concentration to write as many reviews as I would like to.

At the moment I haven´t and plan to write reviews for the following stories of the following authors:

"Grean Tea and Pink Snow" by Badluck Koi

"Life After" by Black Silken Rose

And probably a review for at least one Fanfiction from all the other Authors in my favourite list I yet have to write a review for.

A message to all the authors on my favourite list: It´s a delight every time I see that one of you has uploaded a story. Reading your stories really makes my day(s). I just didn´t randomly add you to my favourite list. I give it a lot of thought every time on whether to add someone to my favourite list or not. Hence, think of it as a compliment.

And I think there are still some authors out there, whose stories I read but who haven´t uploaded in a long time and hence I forgot to add them to my favourite list.